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1:22 AM
Q: Adam Smith and David Hume

Jafe Solve on Penpa+ Across 1. Politician rejecting MAGA ideology is a bit of a cliché (6) 5. Seize outspoken drunken sailor (6) 9. Cede control of European kingdom invaded by Germany (4,4) 12. Entirely committed to interrupt evacuation of Tajikistan's capital (7) 13. Outburst from Tottenham player s...

1 hour later…
2:43 AM
@Stiv If my anagramming hasn't failed, First Council of Nicaea should be an anagram of "unofficial concert is a"
2 hours later…
4:23 AM
@oAlt ah, nice find
1 hour later…
5:29 AM
Thanks. Hat tip to Wikipedia
5:53 AM
@oAlt oh nice. I saw the letter pool and tried "Saint … of …" (even though I had no idea how that would be a gathering). To no avail, obviously.
@oAlt Your anagramming has succeeded
6:22 AM
CCCC: Avoid indicter's American car (5 7)
dodge + charger
@Jafe Indeed
if people try to prosecute you but you manage to wiggle away, are you a dodge-charger?
hmm actually charge-dodger might make more sense
CCCC: Jack disappeared in a moment? That's problematic (4)
there's also a dodge ramcharger which is just three terms for LA sportsmen back to back
@Jafe (-J)iffy
6:34 AM
CCCC: Except rear end, except rear end. (3)
haha nice
this is BUT(-t)
big fan of symmetrical constructions
thanks — and yes that's correct of course
CCCC: No point, wrong choice! (6)
3 hours later…
9:34 AM
@Jafe 0 + point* = option
For the longest time I was looking at 0 pt. ion and trying to figure out how "wrong" clues "ion".
CCCC: Badly hurting but un-blacked-out? That's privilege. (5)
Toilet section built on the side of a medieval mountain castle? That's a privy ledge.
9:39 AM
Just a house or two? That's pre-village.
girth would be an anagram of hurting with the u and n blacked out but i don't see girth = privilege
oh wait duh, it's right = privilege
how did i think of girth first?
"you have the girth to remain tinsel!"
@Jafe indeed so
9:58 AM
CCCC: Presence of a ghost's forgotten about (6)
10:28 AM
@Jafe a spect(re)?
(I can't think of a sentence I'd use, personally, in which aspect=presence, but I seem to recall things like "the house had a most impressive aspect" in older books.)
10:52 AM
that's right
m-w has presence as definition #2
oh, I see. cool
CCCC: Position of this clue in a sequence you ultimately can find (3,3)
11:08 AM
(You don't need to find a sequence in order to solve this C4. There is one, though. If you're interested in looking for it, then be aware that it's not pristine: I threw in several non-sequence clues along the way in order to continue themes that others had started with their own clues.)
11:34 AM
haven't found the sequence yet but i think the answer is thee + _n + _d
It is indeed.
diving into the depths of the archive... avenge me if i don't return
Oh wow
Wonder what it's gonna be
continental drift, divide, mount, attempt, saint, lucille ball, birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom, symbiotic, but, right, the end
are the last answers
11:57 AM
hmm nothing's immediately jumping out to me
Q: tnih neddih eht kcehc

Prim3numbahbelow is a set of some sort in alphabetical order. can you figure Out what set it Represents? as Usual, Explain why... > - - - - - - < > - - - - - - -...

@Jafe "attempt" is not actually part of the sequence. I apologize for the aforementioned non-pristine-ness.
Lovely hide - "cheesecake, jelly bean, boom" is a direct lyric from tbe REM song.
"Continental drift divide" is also in there
Most pertinent verse to the recent clues (lots in there):
The other night I drifted nice continental drift divide
Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein
Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs
Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, boom
You symbiotic, patriotic, slam but neck, right, right
Lucille Ball used in the place of all the other folks with initials LB too. Lots to spot here!
oh wow
12:24 PM
well found!
oh looks like the theme answers go back a lot further
There's some debate as to some of the lyrics; I used the version from the captions of the YouTube video linked to from that ^ doc.
ahh and THE END is a lyric as well, in addition to marking the end of the sequence
very nice
(e.g. you wrote "Mountains sit in a line" but I used a different version)
@Jafe thanks
should i go next or stiv
12:44 PM
I'd think you, Jafe, since you got the previous C4.
But shrug
CCCC: Art nowadays not available in the Colosseum? (5)
are n/a
1:05 PM
CCCC: Holiday, having gained recognition, ultimately with power to dispel a bit of racism and embrace the end of discrimination? (10)
a bit of wishful thinking there towards the end, maybe, but a guy can be optimistic
1:37 PM
oh I think I know what this is... except I'm too busy, saddening
In any case I haven't thought much about what the wordplay is
2:21 PM
if jure was the name of a holiday i'd have an answer
@juicifer This is JRUE having _N+TEETH (power) without R_, embracing _N, &lit for JUNETEENTH
well i don't blame myself for not googling jrue, like there's no way that's a word right
@Jafe I was stuck at the exact same point and googled "jure holiday" and Google autocorrected it lol
@Jafe Yeah same, nice find
2:29 PM
@Ankoganit exactly right! well done finding it
Thanks! Lovely topical &lit there
apologies everyone for making yet another boston celtics reference but the opportunity to put "holiday" at the start of the clue and get three of the letters I needed was just too good to pass up lol
@Ankoganit thanks! glad you liked it
CCCC: 'Hacer' translates to 'make' (5)
well, yes
think this is reach*
2:36 PM
CCCC: Warning: Cycling salmon? (3,5)
That sure is fishy
3:46 PM
Red light is 3,5 but that's probably not it
4:04 PM
Q: More intuitive way to prove that all 101 balls have the same weight

Hemant Agarwal In a collection of 101 balls, each ball weighs a whole number of pounds. If any one is removed from the collection, the remaining balls can be divided into two groups of 50 balls each with the total weight of all balls in the first group equal to the total weight of all the balls in the second g...

@Jafe wait, is it in fact red light, with light red ("salmon?") cycling?
4:19 PM
CCCC: Parts of humans under epidermal layer, indeed (4)
e_ + yes
@Jafe e yes!
CCCC: Peter and two other apostles (4,6)
I wanted to clue it as something something + "the previous message" but I wasn't feeling quirky enough
@Jafe John + Thomas, both that and Peter being synonyms for the ween
that's right
4:33 PM
CCCC: Daffodil, coffee, and bed cover yet unfinished (7)
Ugh! That clue is broken. Jo 'n' quil(-t), but coffee is joe, not jo. Sorry about that, making a replacement asap...
That's the second time I've used the quil(-t) wordplay and had a failed clue... wonder if that gives me bad luck. Jk
CCCC: Next Friday, look back and forth and fly (9)
5:42 PM
@oAlt F ol< lo wing
That's a nice clue.
Plus, it taught me about Matariki. :-)
@msh210 yes, and thanks
Searched it and learned about it too just now
Why only half of "look"? I don't see anything indicating it should be truncated.
Or is it "Lo!" as a synonym for "look"?
@GentlePurpleRain yep
6:37 PM
CCCC: Essex area is bleeding worst, according to Spooner (6,6)
7:06 PM
Q: Finding a mystery number from a sum and product, with a twist

PreshAt a party of perfect logicians, Alzim and Era each select a positive integer and and report the number to Mufti. Mufti writes the sum of the two numbers on a card and the product on another card. Mufti hides one of the cards and shows the other card--which displays the number $2020$--to both Alz...

1 hour later…
8:13 PM
@msh210 EPPING FOREST = Spooner(Effing Poorest)
Ouch. I was just about to post that F + epping would throw us back to the bout of tee-hee clues two or so days ago ...
8:53 PM
@Stiv yep!
A surprising number of Essex locations with that enumeration once you start looking...
CCCC: Moral: "If forced, please be sorry and don't be arrogant..." (5,5,6,1,4)
10:03 PM
@Stiv Pride comes before a fall (which I'm pretty sure is an anagram of Moral…be)
The funny thing (if I'm right) is that "moral" isn't even part of the definition, yet that's how I hit upon the answer.
@msh210 It is (and it is)
and I wanted to make this one an &lit if possible but the fodder just wouldn't quite fall right for me!
Maybe it should've been proud first.
CCCC: Beef trifle a hit: a first for Tribbiani (5)

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