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12:35 AM
@Jafe noted and thanks
CCCC: Reference for pole of constant radius returned, having unsatisfactory incoherence, ultimately (6)
Yes this one continues the theme from before lol
7 hours later…
7:44 AM
@oAlt is this possible SOURCE (a reference, as in citations) = S (=south=pole) O (=o'=of) + RC< (constant=C radius=R returned) swallowed by UE (U=unsatisfactory _E)? I'm guessing no, because "having" indicates the other direction of swallowing, but figured I should ask…
7:58 AM
@msh210 almost there
8:10 AM
@oAlt oh it's S (=south=pole) O (=o'=of) + RC< (constant=C radius=R returned) having U (=unsatisfactory) + _E
@msh210 yep!
CCCC: "A pinniped plaything is getting away!" cried a redheaded actress (7,4)
2 hours later…
10:19 AM
ive written the question out in its flavour text, but now i find myself with a funny problem: i cant figure out a title name
(and to add on to that idk my tags either)
I can't help with that sorry, but I can say that make sure to double check your puzzle, and if possible leave it out for a while then double check it again
(I want to link a relevant comment/message from where I saw that advice but I've long forgotten 1) which one of the two it is and 2) who said it. Anyway)
(its fine, ive figured out the tags... now just a title)
11:01 AM
Q: The Merchant's coin weighing

StevoYou're a merchant in the old medieval times, and a customer has come to you to buy something for 13 coins. You know him of course, like everyone in town, and you know he's a sketchy guy. Someone who would scam you sketchy. You stare him down as he pulls 12 coins from one bag, and one other coin f...

2 hours later…
1:24 PM
@msh210 Lucille Ball, "Loose seal ball!"
@oAlt just so
1:53 PM
CCCC: A part of Australia whose last 'U' may be clued this way (3 5 5)
2:13 PM
A part of Australia 3,5,5 must surely be New South Wales, but what's the wordplay? … Ah, it's whoselastu*
@msh210 Yep!
CCCC: Curiously hid by a tarp? Try; it may be a pleasant surprise (8,5)
@msh210 birthday party anagram
2:29 PM
@oAlt aye
Q: Prisoners and warden game, again?

Culver KwanThis riddle is adapted from a certain contest, which will be revealed when the riddle is solved. There are $100$ prisoners in a prison. As usual, there is a warden who loves to play games, hence offers the prisoners a chance to free themselves. He says There is a room with a whiteboard, initial...

2:48 PM
CCCC: Head of Senate to commit wrongdoing: "trouble" factor in Amazonian park (5 2 7)
3:01 PM
@oAlt S_ err ado divisor
@msh210 Yep!
CCCC: Glamour photography of a woman's buttock? At last, fortune's looking up! Excellent. (10)
say what now
Jun 4 at 9:34, by Jafe
nowadays whenever i come up with a c4 that might be too dirty i remember juicifer's camembert clue and realise i'm probably good
2 hours later…
4:53 PM
one should always consider the alternate possibility that juicifer's clue was bad
(though personally I'm pretty much unoffendable by such things)
1 hour later…
6:00 PM
@GarethMcCaughan lèse majesté
3 hours later…
8:41 PM
Q: Progressive matrix with lines and dot

Jack23This is another puzzle from Lanrt-F IQ test that was posted on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fpreview.redd.it%2Fmy-favourite-2-problems-from-lanrt-f-v0-58puclks5a6d1.png%3Fwidth%3D740%26format%3Dpng%26auto%3Dwebp%26s%3Daf3b35d7205c007bff0a8fbc8e59addc2813f24a

@msh210 I hardly think I'm worthy of that title but I'll take the compliment lol

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