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1:32 AM
@Ankoganit Lol why do I know this
@Mithical same, I just saw some Youtube clips
8 hours later…
9:19 AM
Different idea: An anagram of "use of Namaste", followed by a four-letter cop, which might be GAIN. (Yes, yes, I know that rebuke does not mean to buke again.)
10:13 AM
Q: Find the longest Engish anagram-homophone chain

Toby SpeightConstruct the longest chain you can by appending a new word based on the properties of its predecessor: Same pronunciation but different spelling to the predecessor. An anagram of its predecessor. You may choose which rule to apply first, but thereafter you must alternate: you may not apply th...

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1:07 PM
Q: Easy number sequence puzzle

Fraternal9274I made this puzzle on my own, feel free to solve it. Sequence is as follows: 14, 32, 69, 05, ?

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2:35 PM
@MOehm I had thought of that as well, but I couldn't come up with anything that would fit there either. I wondered if the solution might be actual words of rebuke (as opposed to a synonym for "rebuke").
1 hour later…
3:39 PM
Q: Parts of Humans

Prim3numbahWhat does the following image represent? The answer consists of 10 letters in total.

4:10 PM
CCCC hint: The 6th letter is 'H'.
So much for anagrams.
GPR was right: the answer is actual words of rebuke.
@Stiv GET (cop) BEHIND (after) ME SATAN (Namaste)*
(Could also be "Get behind me, Santa", of course. Sloppy clueing. :>)
@MOehm Exactly right :) "Get behind me, Santa!" is probably more likely to be heard when trying to save his life, I reckon...
4:30 PM
Yeah, rebuking Santa is probably not such a smart move.
4:43 PM
CCCC: Fashion designer lowers head, shifting farther away from perfection (8)
@MOehm Ooh, is this FAULTIER (shifting farther away from perfection) = (g lowered to F)AULTIER
@Stiv Yes, that's it. (Or perhaps the G-to-F lowering is done by shifting, so that it is part of the wordplay. Either way seems to work.)
That's very nice
Stumbled upon that sooner than I expected because my son and I had a conversation about him just the other day and he was fresh in my mind!
I came across that word in an anagram solver and thought: Wait, that's an English word?, because Faultier means sloth, literally "lazy animal", in German. It took me a while that it's just the comparative of faulty and not an foreign word that had crept into English like aardvark.
Wow, that poor animal really does get all the worst names all over the world...
CCCC: Heads up - I heard everyone's tail's in [a] twist about how long my latest CCCC series lasted... (3,5 or 4,5)
4:58 PM
Well, ai is A-one, no?
(FYI The 'a' is in square brackets just because it's nice for the surface but not vital for the clue, like a word in a newspaper quote)
@MOehm Well played :)
So you talk about Gaultier with your son? I pondered making a somewhat more topical clue today along the lines of TIL UEFA's currupt, right?, but couldn't really make it work.
Not often - but kids his age bandy about the names of fashion designers at school at the moment... and I am SO PUMPED for the Euros starting imminently!
Mostly we just talk football together!
Always a generous topic!
I'm not super excited yet, but I guess that will come once everything is underway.
Lots of Scots in the city in the last few days. And just now the first pink Germany jerseys start to show on the streets.
Should be a good party with the Scots. 26 years without a major tournament - they're here just to enjoy themselves, and they tend to do that pretty responsibly :)
5:18 PM
Haha. I avoid the hotspots when going home from work, but I've seen plenty of them already. Radio news ask people to avoid the town square -- it's packed.
Well, I shall be supporting the British team in tonight's game but I think the result should be a German win...
That's the natural thing to do. Tonight, the British team is the likable underdog.
As for a German win, you never know. The last tournaments were rather traumatic experiences.
True, but at home, with all the supporters in the stands I reckon that boost is worth at least a ticket to the quarter finals or beyond.
Yeah, I'm moderately optimistic.
The hope here is to repeat the 2006 World Cup, where we didn't do so badly after all and where the atmosphere was good. I think most visitors enjoyed it, too.
But expectations are so high. 2006 can't be repeated, at least not by force. Solid defending from the Scots and one of the not-so-infrequent blunders from Manuel Neuer and the shaky nation's nerves will be laid bare. :)
5:37 PM
Well, good luck for the tournament! Time for me to head home and get set up for the game!
Good luck to you, too. The bookies have you as favourites. But what will happen when Harry Kane finally wins a title? ;)
1 hour later…
6:54 PM
Thanks. Haha, poor Harry - joined Bayern thinking he was guaranteed a trophy and for the first time in years they didn't get a thing! He's cursed! Let's hope he shakes it this month...
7:53 PM
@Sphinx this OP didn't seem to understand the point of my "please specify a wordlist" comment
^^ Well, if Neverkusen can win silverware, perhaps Harry can, too.
I don't see much use in specifying a wordlist here when the pronunciation will already be contentious in many cases.
8:09 PM
@bobble frustrating
@MOehm it's just good practice
9:10 PM
It may be good practice, but you're just moving the decision whether a word is valid or not further back. And homophones aren't as clear-cut as orthography, never mind what IPA says. (That's just my two cents. I won't fight your decision to demand a wordlist or dictionary. I'm bad at homophones anyway, IPA, Shm-IPA.)

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