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4:22 AM
Q: Are circles required on the edge of the grid? Part 2

Will Octagon GibsonThis question is a follow up to a previous question: Are circles required on the edge of the grid? The image below is a puzzle from the FlowFree app. Notice there are no colored circles on the edge of the grid AND surprisingly there are no colored circles in the two rightmost columns of the grid....

5:09 AM
hah i was considering the same bounty @oAlt
5:22 AM
4 hours later…
9:44 AM
Q: Keys and Locks Puzzle

Culver KwanLet $a,b,n$ be positive integers in which $a,b\le n$. You are locked in a room, with $n$ distinguishable keys and $n$ distinguishable locks in it. You know that each lock can be unlocked by a unique key, but you don't know which key unlocks which lock. You also know each key initially has a durab...

1 hour later…
10:48 AM
Q: Torus Flow Free

Omega_3301 Rules: this is a flow free warp puzzle with a 9x9 grid. connect the respective letters together with lines that travel orthogonally through the centers of grid cells. additionally, the sides of the puzzle and the center column of the puzzle are warps; you can enter from one side and exit the oth...

11:12 AM
@Jafe visit (frequent, verb) = V (character in Alan Moore's comics) is it (must try to catch others, i.e. is "it" in a game of tag)
Wow, that took a while to spot
Definitely did not help that I was thinking of "frequent" as an adjective
Also "must try to catch others" was not an easy one to parse
Thank you Oxford Thesaurus
1 hour later…
12:40 PM
@oAlt wow, well solved
there's no way I would have gotten that in a million years
(especially because, by then, I'd have been dead for almost a million years)
12:56 PM
@msh210 thanks
yeah that was a tough one
& yet perfectly fair. Well done, Jafe
1:10 PM
2 hours later…
3:08 PM
@oAlt that's incredible, nicely set @jafe and solved @oAlt
3:23 PM
Mar 13, 2017 at 15:36, by Ankoganit
I was planning on something like "A trip...or is it?(5)"
7 years ago I tried and failed to make a legit clue with the V+Is it split
Glad to see someone did it way better
3:49 PM
Mar 13, 2017 at 15:37, by Gareth McCaughan
@Ankoganit I would strongly disapprove of "or" meaning "V". The logical-or symbol is not a letter V, even though it looks like one.
Mar 17 at 2:41, by msh210
@oAlt wanders (diverges), as w/ (with) and ('n') ϵℝ (belonging to the set of real numbers) S (series)
Oops :P
wow, nicely done, both to jafe and oalt
I was pretty sure I knew what it needed to be but I was nowhere near getting "is it"
thanks part 3 :D
4:04 PM
@oAlt v walked so ϵℝ could run
4 hours later…
8:02 PM
Q: Can you "spot" the pattern?

StivBelow are 15 words and 14 patterns of coloured spots. Each of the listed words can be matched to one of the spot patterns via a systematic rule - but two of the listed words match to the same spot pattern. For the checkmark, (i) identify which words match to which spot pattern (and which two word...

8:53 PM
2 hours later…
10:29 PM
oh and thanks guys, i was pretty happy with that one hehe
making good progress with the next gladys entry so it should be coming out fridayish
it's a nonogram plus four mini-crosswords
you'd think four 6x6 grids would result in the same number of clues as one 12x12 grid... not the case though
10:51 PM
Q: Digging tunnels in a crossword?

LezzupThe puzzle below seems like a normal crossword puzzle. However, there is an important thing to notice: The black squares aren't solid, it is possible to dig tunnels through them! Rules + example Let's say the answer to the first clue is "tunnel". You may then fill in this word in the crossword, ...

11:22 PM
CCCC: Everything's written in capital letters (3)
_al l_
@Jafe yep!
weird feeling when all the cleanup is already done and i can just post a clue
CCCC: Some Soviet names – eerily Asian (10)
@Jafe Lol
@Jafe vietnamese hidden word
11:49 PM
CCCC: Queen of second country, mostly German, is climbing Mount Everest (10)

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