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2:59 AM
Q: Sort 25 words into five groups

Luke AltArrange these 25 words into five groups of five. I initially created this puzzle for my friends but none of them have solved it yet, so I have posted it here to make sure it was not too hard! For a bonus point, can you figure out why I have changed two of the words for this online version, and w...

3:22 AM
Q: A pizza dilemma

mathlanderYou are a waiter at a restaurant. The restaurant is known for its signature dish: the Donut Pizza. The Donut Pizza is a 5-inch square pizza with a 1-inch square hole in the middle. After several customer requests, your boss has decided to create the Large Donut Pizza: a 7-inch square pizza with a...

4:21 AM
I've recently been binging the Independent crosswords and I didn't know one could put 2-letter entries in there. The one for Feb 27 (iirc) has two, although they're taken together as one word (i.e. the enumeration is 2-2)
4:35 AM
yeah i saw that, it's pretty nonstandard for sure
5:18 AM
Q: Man of note got TE Lawrence in one (7)

Dave Man of note got TE Lawrence in one (7) I guessed the solution from the cross clues and have, what I believe, is the correct answer. Please provide an explanation.

5:46 AM
@oAlt Yep, that's it, nice one. Making cryptics seems to be pretty fun, maybe I'll try some other wordplay formats
1 hour later…
7:11 AM
@Sphinx I wish some of these answers would demonstrate that the pieces in the 2 pentagons and the pieces in the 1 pentagon are identical (congruent). I mean, they look it, but looks can be deceiving.
7:31 AM
@msh210 I may know too much Turing background, but Turing machine might be : Bombe, Colossus, ACE, Manchester Baby, Manchester Mark One, or even his mechanical zeta-function calculator. Or of course "machined" could be an anagram indicator...
...or DELILAH or even SIGSALY
You… may.
Did Turing have anything to do with the Dragon?
Wasn't that St. George?
@codewarrior If you mean the BP Dragon, I don't think so. It was developed in the US at Arlington Hall and although Turing visited, I haven't heard that he was involved in that design.
(A bit Turing-fixated at the moment just joined hsm.SE to answer a Turing question and also preparing a HistoCrypt talk).
if slump can mean grunt i think the c4 is an anagram of turing minus the i (central letter of "scripts)
7:46 AM
That's the first time I've seen a milling indicator.
apparently both grunt and slump are terms for cobbler the dessert
@Jafe yep! (Well, I think a cobbler is a little different, but slump=grunt anyway.)
Well found.
CCCC: West Coast rapper worrying about silverware (7,6)
I came across that pair of synonyms and decided I had to use it in a clue somehow.
took a while to find that connection among all the meanings of both words
7:53 AM
Dec 19, 2023 at 6:58, by Jafe
Up-and-coming rapper anxious to get some cutlery (7,6)
hahah i thought enough time had passed
the Sphinx has a long memory
(for the sake of completeness, it's dessert spoons <) But I think Jafe should go next. That one doesn't count.
well i have a proper one if we're not counting that
(Not that it's a bad clue. It's a great one IMO.)
CCCC: I hear Les Claypool can lay it down straight (7)
here we go
7:58 AM
no sir
dang, I was so sure
8:16 AM
... orbiting the word UPRIGHT (which Mr Claypool plays very well) and is kinda antonymic to laying down
8:33 AM
@DanielS I can't parse that chat message.
Les Claypool can lay down a bass line, which could theoretically be (but as far I know is never) called a b-line, which sounds like beeline, which is a noun for something that's straight, so… there you go. #GreatC4Solutions
(Hm, I suppose straight is a noun itself. Wiktionary defines it as "Something that is not crooked or bent such as a part of a road or track". So that part would actually work.)
that is correct
oh — it is called a b-line?
i have heard b-line before but maybe it was nonstandard usage, can't seem to find it in a dictionary now
CCCC: I must always be excused from tithing, Sire, when it's impaired effectiveness (8)
@Jafe TIL
@msh210 STRENGTH
8:46 AM
@DanielS how's that?
CCCC: Rubber blob next to backstreet. (7)
Well, a rubber is a French letter, and a blob on a French letter is a cedilla, and there's probably a street in France called Alli d'EC (the Alley of the European Community)… this time I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.
9:04 AM
@msh210 I'm pretty sure of that too.
2 hours later…
10:40 AM
@msh210 wait but the clue was valid right
yeah, 100%. We can list in the archive if you wish, but I just didn't think I should go next for solving it
Understandable 👌
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
C4 hint: Looking back, regret to say that I should have noted a French connection.
I've never seen it, but I've heard it's a good movie.
1:13 PM
mass + eur<
1:40 PM
@Jafe That's the one, for some reason I thought rue was a loanword for street.
CCCC: Angelena rejected old copper (6)
8 hours later…
9:20 PM
Anita P. is an Angelena (viz she lives in L.A.). So the answer must be PATINA, which is what old copper gradually turns into.
1 hour later…
10:34 PM
CCCC hint: No personal names are involved
10:51 PM
Well, so much for Anita.
(So much, also, for Angelena Bonet.)
11:16 PM
Oh, it's LA WOMAN rejected O = LAWMAN.
Nice clue.
ha, nice
11:56 PM
that's right
CCCC: What's overwhelmed by hatred? Dalek, looking up staircase (6)

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