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1:59 AM
Q: Brian Chen's Splash 2016 hunt #5

Jusolin(I'm here again asking questions...) This puzzle is the fifth one from Brian Chen's Spalsh 2016 hunt. I thought I can solve it but stuck at the last step (maybe). Here is the whole puzzle: How I tried: SPOILER SPOILER

2:18 AM
@msh210 REMIX?
Needs RE to be Maybe hit for an &lit
1 hour later…
3:26 AM
@juicifer @DanielS not my intention, I'm afraid
C4 hint: In the wordplay, "a thousand times" clues a single letter.
3 hours later…
6:53 AM
@msh210 REARM = REAR + M &lit
7:26 AM
@DanielS also not my intention
8:02 AM
i bet it's k for kilo, as in "i've ktold you to take out the trash"
@msh210 KNOC< + K ?
@DanielS there you go
CCCC: Business very shortly and repeatedly is back on track. (5, 7)
8:48 AM
aussie guy i know went to japan and said he was super annoyed at how often people commented on his accent (when speaking english)
must have been like "wtf, oi don't hev an eccent! you gois hev an eccent!"
1 hour later…
10:14 AM
Hi guys, I wasn't quite active on the site last year, so I went to see the best puzzles of '23 on meta. Unfortunately that best puzzles post series has not been continued since Quater2 :( Can we continue the series?
2 hours later…
11:53 AM
sure we can
12:15 PM
q3 now posted
jeez didn't even realise i had never posted a meta q before
it gave me a congratulations popup with confetti and everything
1 hour later…
1:43 PM
@Jafe congratulations!!!
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ thank you! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
The problem with this C4 is that lots of businesses and tracks (songs) must match the enumeration.
2 hours later…
3:50 PM
@DanielS COVER VERSION (track) = CO (Business) + VER (-y) ×2 + IS< + ON
oh wow, nice spot
and nice clue too
4:08 PM
Yeah, I'm with juicifer on this one.
@Stiv Just so. Came up with this while still hoping that REMIX was the previous answer.
Yeah, I'm with msh on this one
4:25 PM
I'm with oAlt on this one.
4:48 PM
user image
5:41 PM
Q: 1 1s challenge to get 1 to 10 with including symbols

Othniel Fatiregun1*1=1 1+1=2 round(square root(11))=3 roundup(square root(11)=4 round(1Ο†)+round(1Ο€)=5 round(1Ο†)+roundup(1Ο€)=6 round(1Ο€)+roundup(1Ο€)=7 roundup(1Ο€)+roundup(1Ο€)=8 1/.1~=9 1/.1=10

6:04 PM
Q: Light Up (Akari), but on a real projective plane!

CrSb0001This is a Light Up (aka Akari) puzzle, except it is on what is called a real projective plane. A real projective plane is, simply put, just a MΓΆbuis strip with a single edge except for the fact that the opposite open edges are also glued together. This is different from a Klein Bottle because a K...

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