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4:26 AM
I thought it would fall down immediately lol
4:49 AM
Celestial sphere… you thought it would fall down… ah, it must be METEORITE.
5:25 AM
maybe it's BRO< (rotating celestial sphere) + KE (a foreign character, e.g. a kana) + EDEN (celestial sphere?)
hm except i can't spell and brooke eden has two o's
2 hours later…
7:02 AM
Q: The shady puzzle that will keep you in the dark

Will Octagon GibsonThe image below is the horizontal cross section of a room. The bulb shows the position of the single light source. When the light is switched on, one wall (marked in brown) remains completely in shadow. Today’s puzzle is as follows: Design a room with straight walls in which there is a position ...

7:40 AM
@Jafe ORB< has been exactly my line of thinking. Alternatively though, 'rotating' may not be a straight reversal but a letter shiftalong like EART(H) -> (H)EART...
Hmm, what would be a good hint to give
CCCC hint: Part of the wordplay is indeed reversing "orb"
8:10 AM
@oAlt Bro.
4 hours later…
12:07 PM
12:23 PM
I so want this to be MAR(IO >BRO)S as in MARS with IO ORB< inside it, but I don't think they're a GREAT SINGER
unless he's used a fire flower
then he's a SINGE-r
also I'm not sure how I use 'Rotating celestial sphere' for both ORB and MARS, oh...
unless the great singer is Bruno MARS ?
then it's some sort of semi &lit. ?
@oAlt please put me out of my misery and tell me I'm wrong
@AncientSwordRage ORB with NU in it
you got it
@msh210 Oh the answer is BRUNO MARS
I should have guessed
celestial sphere (ORB) with a foreign character (NU) rotating (BRUNO), celestial sphere (MARS) = with(?) a great(???) singer (BRUNO MARS)
@AncientSwordRage oh, I thought you did
@msh210 I was too focused on making MARIO BROS work
this should be yours
anyway, you got about 95% of the way there, and I definitely wouldn't have found it without you, so go ahead
12:31 PM
oh nice
granted stepped onto the great garden rake of clues, it smacked me in the face and I kept trying to force MARIO BROS...
little-known fact: brunos are from mars, williams are from venus
@msh210 Give me sec to stop thinking of MARIO BROS otherwise the answer will be too obvious
I can stop thinking about Mario Bros any time I choose, I just don't want to
12:59 PM
@msh210 Yes. With is a wp def connector, and great is part of the def. But as the others say, @AncientSwordRage you should go next. :)
And that's the reason why I thought it was gonna fall immediately... his stage surname is exactly a celestial sphere :)
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3:23 PM
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4:08 PM
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5:40 PM
Q: Introducing Fair Chess - Scholar's Mate

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6:04 PM
@ABcDexter Hi. Depending on what time you show up here, things can be pretty dead.
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7:34 PM
Q: Sherlock's AZED crossword

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8:00 PM
@oAlt okie dokie
8:21 PM
CCCC: Reports of a lion princess (6)
8:42 PM
@AncientSwordRage aurora (~a roarer, for all you non-rhotic folk out there)
@juicifer that's it
8:57 PM
@juicifer I always thought I was non-rhotic... 🤔
CCCC: Princess trapped by ape (a chimpanzee) (5)
@AncientSwordRage if you don't pronounce e.g. the final r in "roarer", then you are
9:19 PM
@juicifer _pe a ch_
@msh210 so much for not thinking about mario bros ;)
(and correct, naturally)
9:43 PM
@juicifer oh... I forgot that final r existed
I was like "I definitely pronounce the two R's in Aurora"
it would be very confusing if there was an accent where people didn't pronounce the letter r at all
10:04 PM
CCCC: Maybe grass insert gradually paid off (4)
10:42 PM
Is useful for categorizing puzzles? puzzling.stackexchange.com/q/125696/69582
@bobble According to Wikipedia, it's a specific type of crossword published by The Observer. The tagged question does not follow the same format (barred) as the Observer's puzzles. (The name Azed doesn't have anything to do with alphabets.)
So it might be useful in general (?), but not for that question.
11:16 PM
Oct 7, 2023 at 18:47, by msh210
@DanielS ah got it. You non-rhotic folk....

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