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12:27 AM
Q: Help to calculate dimensions and angles of a 6-sectioned triangle

David Meredith Help with solving all angles and dimensions of each section to build a custom skylight. Good luck!

12:37 AM
@Sphinx I got the O but not the A
1:03 AM
@oAlt -levels? :-)
1:30 AM
blood type, i assume
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2:39 AM
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5:53 AM
@oAlt Definitely two of the three hardest ones on the board. I wasn't at all surprised they were incorrect in the first draft of the answer. O, especially, as it doesn't feature in the main article about the brain on Wikipedia or on many diagrams.
3 hours later…
8:27 AM
@Stiv I assume the third one is the J? I was able to find it without reverse image search (I used keywords only) but it took a long time too
I was thinking the Q actually, but I can see how the J would be tricky to anyone who hasn't been exposed to kids' TV in recent years!
(That goes to show how a lot of this is relative...)
In my case I didn't outgrow the TV yet during 2014, but I don't think it's ever been aired in our country, at least during that time. And re: Q, yeah tbh that took a bit of time too (although shorter than the J), I tried several different keywords there
3 hours later…
11:27 AM
@Stiv nice puzzle, anyway
impressive how you managed to make all the fallen-apart pieces
& nice touch with the colors
Thanks - it took several drafts before I found a perfect set. 'V' was surprisingly difficult to fit with the rest - never knew about sev before, so educational for me too! (Also, I originally had it without the colours and it was just too difficult, with no clear instructions how to proceed. They were definitely a necessary inclusion...)
For colour extractions with more than 7 items, I've found the electronic colour code useful in the past.
or even the twisted pair when I'm feeling particularly... twisted.
I did consider that, but it was going to be hard to use white AND black as code options when I kinda needed one of them as a default font colour :)
@DanielS yeah, I've seen that, including on PSE IIRC
Okay, my ideas for the C4, which hopefully will help someone, though they haven't helped me: First off, it doesn't seem like an &lit: I mean, what could the definition possibly be of? So it's def+wordplay or wordplay+def. Can Keith's prison be the def? Not for Keith the placename (I checked: no prisons) but maybe for some famous prisoner named Keith? But then his prison would have to by synonymous with "escape" which would be a pretty dumb name for a prison, so that's unlikely. So [continued]
11:50 AM
probably the def is "escape" or "Keith" or maybe "Keith's" or maybe "prison escape". And based on this setter's recent work, I suspect the wordplay is… weird; for example, maybe "Keith's prison" can be a word that goes around "Keith" (as others have mentioned above). Maybe "Keith's prison" can be KH or KS (outer letters), though that doesn't leave enough of the clue for other stuff. Maybe "Keith" is the def and the answer is the person's other name, either ddef or charade.
Anyone else have any ideas?
There's no indication of a reverse cryptic, so I hope none of the words do anything funny like that
I'm still betting that the answer is the person's other name
12:32 PM
if you've escaped from prison then you have access to MORE LAND #obviouslyinfalliblec4solutions
alternatively you might be said to have a NEW STEAD
@juicifer Both are ingenious; neither is the intended answer.
guess it was pretty fallible then huh
12:51 PM
wait found it
nice find too
Ace - good work
@juicifer ah, thank you
and yeah, good work
@juicifer Well done! Correct!
CCCC: Keith's in the big city (5)
1:06 PM
URBAN ddef
1:21 PM
CCCC: Chart source of immortal, ultimate power in Australia (it's a cooler Royal Melbourne Show fixture) (3, 2, 3, 4)
sorry to all the non-melburnians out there but i went to the show last night and it was a very fun time
"In 2022, The Royal Melbourne Show was rebranded to Melbourne Royal Show." and yet i still can't even get the name right apparently
Q: Colourful Scenery

JafeThis is part 41 of the puzzle series Around the World in Many Days. Each part is solvable on its own. Dear Puzzling, This is a Word Nurikabe puzzle. Shade some cells in the grid. Shaded cells must form one orthogonally connected area, and no 2x2 square can be fully shaded. Each unshaded area for...

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2:48 PM
Q: Hidden dots in the center

Prim3numbahWhat do we do with the hidden dots?

I want to ask a question on PSE about effective Bulls and Cows strategies (similar to this question). However, I'm unsure if it might be too open-ended for PSE's standards. What do you think? If it is, do you have suggestions to rephrase it to align with PSE's standards? Or should I ask elsewhere (where? Any suggestions?)
> What's the optimal human strategy for playing Bulls and Cows?
> Related question: https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/q/546
> For the definition of Bulls and Cows, refer to Wikipedia.
> This question focuses on strategies for human players, not computer algorithms.
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4:54 PM
Q: Connection between minecraft's phantom, the observable universe and teeth cavity

Himanshu Singh This puzzle was made by my friend who does not do puzzle making professionally, so there isn't source or a link I can paste here. I am supposed to find a meaningful, very particular answer that connects all these three. The answer will not contain any special characters. Nothing else is known. I...

5:20 PM
@TakingNotes PIE (chart) + I (source of immortal) + NTH (ultimate power) + ESKY (in Australia it's a cooler) = PIE IN THE SKY, a fixture of the Melbourne Royal Show.
That one required a lot of internetting, since I"d never even heard of the Melbourne Royal Show (being that I live about 15000 km away).
CCCC: Wrote of heretical thesis after first defending indulgences! (4 2 5)
MART IN LUTH'R &lit somehow
5:36 PM
I'm impressed with how you can fit his name into pretty much any enumeration! :P
1 hour later…
6:56 PM
@GentlePurpleRain d_ i_ + etofwor* MS &lit. Nice clue.
7:07 PM
@msh210 Correct. I'd never heard of it until I was looking up Martin Luther for the earlier clues. I was originally going to go for an (obvious) ddef, but this just worked out so well.
(For others who also might never have heard of it): Diet of Worms
CCCC: Perhaps Diet of Worms addresses eating relatives? (6)
2 hours later…
9:04 PM
Odd trivia question: Ian Stark and Loretta Tortelli both performed in…? Answer: Gur Tevaavat Nzrevpnaf. Vna, uggc://lbhgh.or/a2CV18coK7b ; Yberggn, uggc://rajc.bet/Yberggn_Gbegryyv
9:44 PM
@GentlePurpleRain wasn't expecting it to be solved so quickly, especially with the relative obscurity of the fixture in question - very impressive!

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