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puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/123628/69582 uggh, clearly not in the spirit of the puzzle, but I can feel a flamewar if I comment that so I won't
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Q: Fruits and Friends

veroEach of nine friends, Adam, Brian, Chris, David, Ethan, Frank, Greg, Henry, and Ivan, have exactly two types of fruits - apples and oranges. The total number of fruits is known for 7 friends and is distinct among 10, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, and 30, not necessary in any order, and the number of orange...

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Likewise, among this list of corners' verdicts there's none with eleven letters with the fifth being W.
@Jafe @GentlePurpleRain I don't get this. How do you get the first three letters out of "twin"?
the prime letter is the first letter, and primes plural is multiple first letters?
@Jafe oh, got it, thanks
I can't think of any word, let alone an 11-letter one, for "providing both sides" (e.g. supplying people, or arguments, for both sides of a debate; or maybe printing both sides of a paper; or maybe telling both points of view of a story; or… anything).
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Q: Reasoning tests I found impossible to solve

Zam As stated on the title it is a reasoning test, the last question mark should be one of the options to the right and I tried to solve this for days, but I just cannot come up with a reasonable answer. Additionally, this is the 2nd problem I couldn't solve for like a week now lol. The other one I ...

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Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2023 (Day 12): A peaceful tree

sarsaparillaThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling Stack Exchange Advent Calendar 2023. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > I wish you all ...

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Q: Additional reasoning tests, I find extremely challenging

Zam This is a reasoning test, the question mark is what needs to be answered and the picture on the right is one of the possible answers. I have difficulty finding a pattern here that fits the grit on the right. This is the 2nd image and I do not have a good explanation on a pattern that fits all o...

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@Sphinx interesting
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Q: Can you guess the number

Chau GiangThis is an interesting question that I got from an IQ interview test. This can have multiple answers but need a good explanation.

Q: The null, quotes, and the completeness

FmbalbuenaHere's a riddle: There are three base things: The null, Quotation marks (or simply, quotes), and the completeness. The quotes inside destroy the null, and convert to quotes, and the quotes will let the completeness be complete. But outside, the completeness slowly (but surely) gets destroyed and...

Still plenty of open slots in this year's Advent Calendar - and some coming up soon that need filling... Can I interest anybody??
Q: Puzzling Advent Calendar - 2023

Lukas RotterThere are still plenty of open spots - If you wish to participate, visit this chat room! Previous years: 2021, 2022 There will be a Christmas-themed puzzle every day between the 1st and 24th of December, where the accepted answer will be rewarded with a bounty. To make this work, we need a few u...

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@msh210 Yes, that was my intention. Maybe a little iffy.
@msh210 I think a word like "impartial" would fit. Like a news article that provides both sides of a divisive issue. But an 11-letter word with W is a little harder to come by.
C4 HINT: Oracle providing base64 output
@GentlePurpleRain Just trying to give a hint as to the oracle that one should think of.
Meanwhile, I thought that I was missing at least three encodings in the softball puzzle fielder outs, strike outs and hits...
@DanielS Ah, so this one?
(or, more specifically, this one?)
7:11 PM
@GentlePurpleRain That would be a straightforward interpretation of the hint.
7:24 PM
So Oracle providing both sides would be an OUTER JOIN...
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@DanielS hits aren't really an encoding per se
if anything, it's the runs that are important
but really, none of the hits are necessary to find the final answer (and I don't just mean that in the way that you found the answer without finding all the steps to reach it)
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