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12:00 AM
that's right
CCCC: Experts introduce bit of chicken: it holds up to ham (10)
@Jafe ah took me a while to get
2 hours later…
1:51 AM
@Jafe sheesh
2:02 AM
@noneuclideanisms pros + c_ + i(U)t + to
CCCC: Laid back, like Ice and Fire part 4? (9)
3 hours later…
5:13 AM
@Jafe could this be temperate (laid back) = temper (≈ice in that both can mean "equanimity") at _e ?
5:34 AM
not my intention, i'm afraid
Oh, good, because that'd be using basically the same meaning of "temper" twice.
7 hours later…
1:04 PM
Q: 160 foxes are stuck on an island with 1 chicken. Will the chicken be eaten?

CharlieAn island is filled with apple trees and other plants. The only inhabitants are 160 foxes and 1 chicken. The foxes are smart, logical, and completely aware of their surroundings. They have two food options: apples and chicken. Foxes are happy to eat apples to survive but would rather eat chicken....

1:44 PM
^ sniped
CCCC hint: The seventh letter is X
oh it's chill (ice) + axe (fire) + d (part 4)
that's right
("like ice" = chill was the intention)
I think I had even thought of chillaxed before but had convinced myself that "fire part 4" must be E lol
2:00 PM
ah, axe = fire, i like that
CCCC: Magic perhaps is part lawfulness, part anarchy (7)
Q: Turn Back the Clocks

JafeThis is part 45 of the puzzle series Around the World in Many Days. Each part is solvable on its own. Dear Puzzling, This is a Slitherlink puzzle. Draw a single continuous loop along grid lines that does not cross itself. Numbers indicate how many sides of the numbered cell are used for the loop...

this is (michigan state) _s part an_, like magic johnson
2:24 PM
it sure is
CCCC: Gaming company founded in 1960? That's a long time back (4)
yup! back to you
CCCC: Bird, once parade leaders look the other way, instead eats crust (8)
2:37 PM
Q: What is the next logical step I can take when solving the Nov. 30 2023 Sudoku in the Wisconsin State Journal?

CrSb0001Note: sorry for posting this on Dec. 1, but don't worry, I haven't looked at the Sudoku solution yet. So today I decided to try to solve the Sudoku in the Wisconsin State Journal. Now, even though this is a Level 3 Sudoku (22 clues), I have solved plenty of them in the past online and attempted ...

5 hours later…
7:38 PM
Q: Approach to solving cross-numbers with incomplete clues

DeveloperI'm wondering whether there is a general approach to solving cross-numbers, such an algorithm-like sequence of steps. I understand that for the majority of puzzles like this, trial and error serves best. I was also wondering how to tackle missing clues. An example is shown below: Assume that all...

2 hours later…
9:57 PM
Q: Ended up with 'empathise'

pmacfarlaneI started off with a one-letter English language word. For every step, I added one letter of my choice, and re-arranged the letters to make a new word. By the end, I had: EMPATHISE What was the word I started with, and how did I get to the word that I ended with? My solution is probably not uni...

10:20 PM
Q: Pantomime Ladies

sean47Cinderella was returning home from taking Bruno on a Christmas Day walk. She passed by her lounge window on the way to her front door and decided to spy on what her ugly sisters were doing inside.
 Although she couldn’t hear anything the sisters seemed to be in the middle of a big argument which ...

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