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12:13 AM
@Stiv I've got something that I'm working on and will definitely post by the end of the month, just trying to figure some things out
Cool. Just thought it would be a shame if this one passed us by, given that the XKCD themes tend to have been among the most popular in the past.
So here's one! I'll try and get at least one more out this month too...
Q: Chemistry Nobel

StivThis puzzle is part of the Monthly Topic Challenge #16: Restricted Title: xkcd 2000-2500. When this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded, an exclusive group of 12 still-living previous recipients was invited to the ceremony as special guests. However, when the award was presented to the t...

12:57 AM
eyes the word-property tag
Hell is a funny name, there was a military chaplain named that when i was in the army
not exactly a fitting name for a man of god, but there were two of them and the combination was just perfect
because the other one was named (and i'm not kidding) Waris
can't imagine a better combo for a pair of military chaplains than Waris Hell
in case someone thinks i'm pulling that out of my a-- (and i wouldn't blame you), here's the first guy and here's the other (links in finnish)
That's awesome. Second link calls him Wariksesta and Wariksen; I assume both are inflected forms, but is there really an inflection that turns -s into -ksen or -ksesta? Well, when I feed the thing into Google Translate it turns them both into "Waris". So I guess there must be. I do not find Finnish an intuitive language...
1:14 AM
Play doh is a putty that's prefixed with PLAY and is made by mixing salt, flour and water which I guess first involves dissolving the salt?
yeah some of our word endings cause weird changes to the suffixes
like -is, but only in native names, if it was Paris or something it would be Parisista and Parisin instead of Wariksesta and Wariksen
and yeah i would probably hate learning finnish from scratch as an adult, my wife did it but she's braver than i am :P
wiktionary has the declension of varis which is the modern spelling
1:49 AM
so expletive many cases
2 hours later…
3:54 AM
@GentlePurpleRain that last statement is what I've been thinking as well
4:37 AM
@Jafe what's her mother tongue? (obviously, only if you don't mind saying)
2 hours later…
6:46 AM
C4 hint: The C4 is topically related to this puzzle I posted recently.
So you don't have to click through, here it is again: I recently saw someone checking what looked like the following list of numbers: 789, 64, 513, 2. What was he looking at?
7:03 AM
@msh210 russian, she's from belarus originally
Russian also has a rich case system IIRC.
yeah i think they have 6
So, not as rich. :-)
the finnish one might be unnecessarily rich hehe
7:07 AM
(The "2" in the picture is squished because the guy who wrote it didn't leave enough room on the pad, not because it's meant to be squished.)
@Jafe well, the cases give the nouns a nice finish
looks like a connect-the-dots instruction to draw... whatever shape that is
(Likewise, some numbers are in blackboard bold because the guy who wrote them didn't get them neat the first time so had to go over them, not because they're meant to be bold.)
7:24 AM
@msh210 interestingly, that has 9 numbers (1-9), which is also the length of the answer to the C4...
@msh210 three-legged hopscotch?
I've… never heard of three-legged hopscotch.
@msh210 I think I see. This is a baseball team positions: 1 Pitcher 2 Catcher 3-5 bases 6 shortstop 7-9 outfield
@DanielS that is the correct answer to my side-puzzle
Well found, especially for a Brit.
Yeah, nice find
And so maybe the "play" is a type of baseball play, then
...or it could still be a play about baseball
8:32 AM
maybe it's some kind of play you'd need to use a baseball metaphor to explain in polite conversation
oh i found out why discord disabled my acocunt
im "underage'
8:54 AM
dang it i didnt get to see that
9:27 AM
@Stevo it wasn't anything exciting
okay good
10:19 AM
Q: Presidential Middle Names

JafeThis puzzle is part of the Monthly Topic Challenge #16: Restricted Title: xkcd 2000-2500. Each down clue in this crossword is missing one middle name of a US president.1 The missing names are below, listed in order of prettiness to honour the xkcd comic this is based on.2 Find a place for each n...

10:51 AM
@Sphinx am so tempted to abandon my homework
1 hour later…
11:57 AM
Help. I'm coming up with a new puzzle involving a poem, and I cannot .
@DannyuNDos That happens to a lot of people, all of the .
(Anybody want a peanut?)
1 hour later…
1:30 PM
@msh210 gro(undo)ut
2:02 PM
@juicifer Ah! Well done! Isn't it two words though?
(Lovely clue in any event)
@juicifer there you go. I figured once the North Americans wake up it'll go :-)
@DanielS usually one now I think (when it's a noun)
@DanielS thanks
2:35 PM
@DanielS yeah I would use it exactly as msh describes
I'm sure opinion differs, though
3:06 PM
Jun 9 at 0:08, by oAlt
@juicifer thank you very much for putting it to rest lol
CCCC: Caught a glimpse of that woman; also heard Times reviewed a grandmother's play (6 2 1 6)
Apr 19 at 16:46, by juicifer
Apr 14 at 5:45, by Rubio
probably unfair. This is me not caring. Buahahaa
Yeah this is a sign I should go back to my homework lol
3:40 PM
Q: As short as possible

Prim3numbahWhat shape should replace the question mark? Ordered

2 hours later…
5:12 PM
Q: Counting puzzle #1: Function combinations

CrSb0001Not in conjunction with my function optimization puzzles, also sorry for the extremely difficult discrete mathematics puzzle So as you may or may not know, I have recently uploaded 2 function optimization puzzles which were only part of the inspiration for this puzzle. The rest of the inspiratio...

6:05 PM
@Jafe this made me look up the Finnish word for Hell, and I was surprised to find that it (as well as the word for Hell in the Scandinavian languages, from which it's borrowed) is the ~same as the Latin word for Switzerland. Not sure what that says about Switzerland.
6:44 PM
Q: A Hidato, but with no given numbers?

CrSb0001I can be a bit evil sometimes. Today, I am going to give you a Hidato with no numbers! It gets worse: This puzzle is on a Mobius Strip Y[1] However, I will give hints as to what the numbers are, so this isn't going to be plain impossible. Also, to make this a bit easier, this is only a 3x3 Hidato...

7:30 PM
Q: Vegas Grand Prix - Ideal Grid

JGibbersI can't wait for the F1 race in Las Vegas this weekend! As much as I like the current grid in its state, I always make a fantasy grid of all the drivers I wish was racing instead. There's a number of drivers to choose from, but I like to pick the ones that would have the best odds to win a champi...

4 hours later…
11:52 PM
@Jafe That was hard! (But fun) Thought it would have gone while I was at work, so that was a pleasant surprise tonight, thanks :)
How on earth you managed to pull together a full pangrammatic cryptic crossword, with a fully functional theme, in just the few hours after you said you would do something for the MTC, I do not know... Well done!
hehe nice job, i was already worried there might be an error somewhere when it was unsolved when i woke up...
@Stiv i didn't btw, i had the grid and most of the across clues done and just decided to add the theme last minute :)

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