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2:56 AM
Q: My first attempt at creating a self-referential cipher

CrSb0001I recently made a self referential cipher (meaning that the key is the same as what is being decoded) a while back and was planning on putting it on here after making the cipher a bit more difficult. I actually decided to have a few more layers put on my puzzle before posting it on here as to not...

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5:57 AM
C4 hint: "Dissolve" is not being used as an anagrind.
1 hour later…
7:15 AM
im mad at discord
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9:40 AM
Q: Double Choco: Snaking

JafeRules of Double Choco: Divide the grid into rooms along grid lines. Each room contains two halves: one orthogonally connected area of shaded cells and one orthogonally connected area of unshaded cells. The two halves must be the same shape and size, although they can be rotated and/or mirrored c...

10:13 AM
@Sphinx What a puzzle
2 hours later…
11:53 AM
@Stevo why
@Stevo also, nice one
12:12 PM
@Stevo what? a puzzle?
2 hours later…
1:48 PM
Q: A never ending puzzle

Prim3numbahWhat answer is hidden below? Translate: [59111519920519195181718113131201] after. [9th]: (5)(1 11)(1 11)(1)(6 32)(5)(1 4)(1 2)(1) ...

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4:47 PM
Q: A Hidato, but with a complex twist!

CrSb0001Today's Hidato puzzle has a pretty complex twist. What is the twist, you ask? This is what the twist is: There are three different colors: Yellow: Represents a prime number Green: Represents a square number ($\sqrt x$ must produce a number $\alpha$ with $\alpha\in\mathbb N$) Purple: Represents ...

4 hours later…
8:18 PM
"dissolve" could mean the opposite of "solve", in which case it's exactly what I'm doing to this c4 right now
8:53 PM
Q: Feedback on a themed Nonogram/Hidato puzzle combo with a cell color gimmick

CrSb0001So, as you might know, the Christmas season is coming up. (17 days until Dec. 1 at the time of writing) I'm thinking of posting some Christmas-themed puzzles during that season, and just want some feedback for a test puzzle that I created around a week ago before I make the actual puzzle. I did h...

@oAlt they disabled my account for no reason
2 hours later…
10:34 PM
I feel like we're looking at straightforward insertion wordplay - a word meaning 'dissolve' inserted into a word meaning 'putty' to find the name of a play. But I haven't yet found one that works. (e.g. If 'dissolve' could be 'hi' - which I'm pretty sure it can't, it's just an example - we could get P(HI)LASTER).
"Play" doesn't have to mean "the name of a play". It could be a synonym for any of the many definitions of "play".
Never mind, I misread the clue. It says "for a play".
I suppose that could be used for a play, like props, sets, scripts, etc.

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