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1:42 AM
@Stiv thanks (and to the others as well) :DD
@Stiv ahahahah thanks
(anyway, yeah it's your turn since that's the correct answer :) )
@Jafe ahahah
Before I forget to say it: I'm a bit dissatisfied, though, that I had to use another first-letter indicator. I don't want to overuse it anymore (although it's such a quick fix for a C4) lol
6 hours later…
8:08 AM
CCCC: Western Samoa's fourth king was - in the end - an evil leader, and not as good as others (5)
@Stiv W (Western) O (Samoa's fourth) R (king/rex) S (was, in the end) E (an evil leader) = WORSE :)
(Also, I think I now see what "pseudo-IQ" really means hehe)
@oAlt Yup!
@oAlt And I think you're the first to comment on that, but hopefully not the first to realise! (It was intended as a big opening hint as to where to begin, but was completely ignored in the solution!)
Ha! Now that you've mentioned it, I see what it means, too, but I didn't realize it when I read it. (In my head, I pronounce "pseudo" in German when reading, because it's easier.)
9:06 AM
@MOehm :D
CCCC: "A bunch of selfies sent"? I always must! (9)
@oAlt ESSENTIAL (must) = _ES SENT I AL_
correct :D
I like this new theme :) How long do you reckon you can keep it going?
You can always post questions and set C4's in tandem ...
CCCC: Watch American rock band taking it in the mirror (5)
9:14 AM
@Jafe Quickly done!
@Stiv It only had 2 kings while it was called Western Samoa. (Also, the ruler is not really a king.) But nice clue anyway.
@Stiv I guess as long as I can, although since titles are greatly restrictive there may be gaps between a title clue and a regular clue. :00
Which is exactly why I can't be hunted down by their royal family and accused of treason :) Bases covered... (or history not checked - take your pick!)
CCCC: Capital city's arena evacuated hosting American rock band (5)
9:23 AM
@Jafe ACCRA (capital city of Ghana) = A_A containing CCR - lovely!
that's right
Nice reuse
CCCC: Qatari leader audibly upset (5)
Sounds like shake aka what you do when you're upset
@G_as_in_Gnome Flip your reasoning around...
Shake 🤣🤣 I just saw it's 5 letters not 6
9:28 AM
@G_as_in_Gnome That's correct :) SHAKE = "SHEIKH" (to 'shake' someone can mean to 'upset' them; the definition is a direct word-for-word synonym, not anything indirect like 'what you do when you're upset'). Your go then!
Oh boy, okay ^^
CCCC: Short deputy imprisons odd ones with a special type of cell (6)
@Jafe New series?! USA not got enough capitals for ya? ;-)
@Stiv I'd like to see @Jafe clue Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.
Ha, the enumeration might give it away...
9:39 AM
@MOehm hehe (i already saw this earlier but i became busy for a while, forgot to reply to it lol)
(also could someone pin the C4? Thanks :DD)
@msh210 Injured parakeets rot away all over the place in Asian capital (3,15,5)
@Stiv how do you just come up with that so fast? That is seriously impressive
@G_as_in_Gnome (I cheated - used an anagram generator online...)
(Took a while to find a decent one in the list though, so not entirely without effort!)
@Stiv Ohh I see
@Stiv that still takes some skill, so kudos 😂
@Stiv Poor things. Someone should either nurse them to health or put them out of their misery.
9:57 AM
"Short deputy" could be an abbrev of "deputy" but I'm not seeing a promising one
Or I guess the definition could be just "short", where it's formed by "deputy" imprisoning "odd ... cell"
@oAlt or an abbr. of a syn. of "deputy"
@msh210 yeah
I have an idea what the C4 might be, but the "short deputy" is causing me trouble.
10:13 AM
@MOehm you can handle him
Yeah, but I might end up in a special type of cell.
@G_as_in_Gnome Anyway, it's AMOEBA (a single-cell organism, "special type of cell") = O(n)E(s) ("odd ones") in AM.B (abbr. ("short") of Ambassador, a diplomatic "deputy") + A.
Ahh there we go
@MOehm yep you got it!
Hm, what now? American bands? State capitals? PSE question titles?
@MOehm you're not that odd
@G_as_in_Gnome nice clue
10:25 AM
Q: Hell, as they say

Prim3numbahWhat's does the puzzle below represents and what four-letter word corresponds to the missing image?

@msh210 thank you!
@msh210 Oh, I'm the odd one. Shame!
@MOehm you're an odd one inside, affirmatively
Mhm, hm.
10:42 AM
MOehm, odd one, finally imprisoned? He is not prepared in the store, perhaps (8)
(rushed, so the surface became worse at the end lol)
Aren't you missing an A somewhere?
And have an O too many?
@MOehm "one" :D
Oh, finally applies to both "imprioned" and "he".
And my first parsing would have had "odd" do double duty.
@MOehm yeah. I've been wondering for the longest time, though: is that allowed? Like without a comma after a letter selection indicator (e.g. "initially he plays" VS "initially, he plays")?
(not just directed to MOehm but to other cryptic clue people as well)
Word of the day: "inexplicable"
10:51 AM
Depends on whom you ask, I guess. (I'm usually fine with it, at least for the C4's.)
@whiskrs nice word
@MOehm I see :0
@oAlt , Words are our friends. I was just vomiting words and that upchucked.
Words are very useful
You understand!
10:59 AM
Back to troll
Speaking of homemade stuff ...
CCCC: Superspreader's regularly taken shift on public transport leads to rage (8)
11:52 AM
The current C4 led me to write a Perl one-liner to find "regular" substrings. perl -nwe'use strict;use Unicode::Normalize;my%l;$"="";$_=NFKD$_;s/[^a-zA-Z]//g;my@s=split//,uc;for my$p(2..length()-1){for my$s(0..$p-1){my@w;for(my$w=$s;$w<length;$w+=$p){push@w,$s[$w]};$l{"@w"}=1if@w>1}}print$_,$/for sort{length$a<=>length$b or$a cmp$b}keys%l'
Well, 3-liner, apparently.
12:05 PM
Ah, Perl. Fond memories.
I often use Python's interactive mode and try the usual cobinations by hand with the [begin:end:step] syntax: s[::2], s[1::2], s[::3]and so on.
@msh210 careful, you might summon an elder being.
Perl - A write-only language.
12:53 PM
Q: An IQ test for the brave

AuribourosThis puzzle is part of the Monthly Topic Challenge #2: IQ Puzzle Parody $$ \begin{array}{|c|c|c|} \hline \text{Cr} & \text{Br} & \text{Rl} \\ \hline \text{Je} & \text{Ud} & \text{Ft} \\ \hline \text{Dr} & \text{Mr} & \text{?} \\ \hline \end{array} \\ \\ \\\text{A. Lr } \\ \text{B. Ml}...

1:39 PM
@MOehm the only word I can see working with S(up)E(rs)P(re)A(de)R('s) is SEPARATE but I can't conjure ATE up, and I don't see how that leads to rage?
1:56 PM
@AncientSwordRage taken=eaten but not ate as far as I know.
@msh210 but ... (e)ate(n) ?
@AncientSwordRage sure, if "shift on public transport" means "remove the outer letters" :-)
Q: What number is As?

RogerAWhat number does As represent? Why? Hint Please do not look at the following if you are not color blind. Thanks

@msh210 not one I've heard of before
2:38 PM
points if you can make this into a cryptic:
Q: Female lead get betrayed by her boyfriend and her best friend and get killed because of that. Then she get reborn to revenge herself

Manar AlharbiThe manhwa is about a female that has power in her necklace (the necklace is like a storage world in which she can store anything) so her boyfriend and her best friend betray her to get the necklace (the boyfriend presents the necklace to the best friend) then leave her to get tortured and raped ...

2:53 PM
Female lead got behind boyfriend for best friend (3, abbr.)
maybe someone else can work the rebirth revenge stuff in
@Jafe PEG
3:07 PM
@oAlt (My gosh, I just noticed how incoherent this is; I typed it in a rush. What I meant to say was that I won't always be able to send title clues (precisely because they are restrictive), so there will be gaps in my title clue chain, and in those gaps I will post regular clues instead.)
1 hour later…
4:10 PM
@AncientSwordRage Well, it's not "separate".
I fear that I have introduced an inaccuracy with a last-minute change .. again.
4:51 PM
@MOehm drat
@MOehm I wouldn't begrudge an edit/repost?
Well, perhaps a clarification. The edit I made was from "regular" to "regularly taken", which means that the "every other/third/etc" indicator applies to "shift". I have no qualms about that blatant revelation, because you'll get the opportunity to curse another sloppiness with my sub-par clueing again later on.
Sorry about that.
Q: Finish the ten story tower

AmozYou are building a ten story tower and it's almost complete! Here are the number of bricks in each level. Exactly how many bricks does the missing level require and why? Note: '?' does not indicate any particular # of digits Text version: 30 200003000 420000 2000 41002110 300002 1000 ? 100000 ...

3 hours later…
7:55 PM
@MOehm BUS + -H-F- + IRE
8:21 PM
Ah, well done - nice spot!
I was working with bussit* sitbus* and nothing came out of that. So challenge all preconceptions.
9:00 PM
is @MOehm done for the night?
2 hours later…
10:44 PM
Q: Radical IQ challenge

PuzzlingFerretThis puzzle is part of the Monthly Topic Challenge #2: IQ Puzzle Parody Can you find out the next one in the sequence, how it's different to the ones before it, and explain the pattern? 1 10 11 20 31 52 121 200 314 512 851 1228


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