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4:28 AM
CCCC: Call back in remand (4)
(sorry, I had forgotten that it was my turn)
5:16 AM
@Sid NAME hidden backward in r(EMAN)d?
5:43 AM
Q: The Unknown Calculator

HelloWorldAfter you solved the goblins' puzzle, you decided to go home. But the king of the goblins returned, now at your back door! 'You have outsmarted me, but NOT THIS TIME!!! I am gonna make you die, SAAAY GOODBYYYYE!!!!' 'No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' 'I'll give you ONE LAST CHANCE TO LIVE. (hands you pocket sci...

3 hours later…
8:23 AM
@oAlt that is correct
8:57 AM
CCCC: Weird changes: "Office opening, chief essentially set back one minute. Call back after one minute." (13)
Wanted to put "call back" at the start to imitate Sid's clue but my motivation disappeared quickly
1 hour later…
10:24 AM
Q: Magic: The Gathering – projecting images

Parcly TaxelYou are in a Magic: The Gathering commander game. It is now your first main phase and you control these permanents: One Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm exactly $n$ separate non-legendary permanents like Parallel Lives, each having as full rules text "If an effect would create one or more tokens under your...

10:49 AM
Q: Simplicity Itself?

AlteringIntegralUsual format: each ellipse represents an as-yet-unknown category. Each tile belongs in at least one ellipse - but which ones where and why?

2 hours later…
12:52 PM
Could someone pin the new C4? Thanks in advance :00
1:40 PM
@oAlt You're welcome, in retrospect. ː∞
Q: The Ultimate Liars (With Math And Directions)

HelloWorldYet again, you were stranded in a desert island, this time with 9 trolls. Each troll shares a langauge with words for yes and no, the four cardinal directions, a number system between base 10 and 60 (but you don't know precisely what) and the four basic operations (+ - * /). You are handed a piec...

2:05 PM
@oAlt Oof, think I have this at last: INFINITESIMAL (minute) = _I_ _N_ _FI_ _N_ _I_ + SET< + I (one) + M (minute) + A (one) + (-cal)L
@msh210 hahah
@Stiv Well done! Your turn
Took me a while to spot the def - and then to realise how to pronounce it!
CCCC: Without me, patient girl is unusually noisy (12)
Best HNQ of the day:
Q: If a child scooters everyday, does it make one leg of him/her larger than the other?

ZurielMy six-year-old daughter scooters every day for about an hour. She feels very comfortable scootering with her right leg on the scooter and refuses to switch legs. My question is: If she keeps doing this every day, do I need to worry that one of her leg will become much stronger (and therefore lar...

2:24 PM
@oAlt nice clue
@Stiv interesting
@msh210 thanks :0
I think I know the answer to the C4, but I'll prioritize making another stockpile of C4's so I ain't gonna answer for now
1 hour later…
3:31 PM
Q: Doesn't saying "at least 99 of you have green eyes" give new information?

Hitarth VyasThe Logic Puzzle I have found a catch in the solution of this logic puzzle. Provided that you are not allowed to give the prisoners any new information, the statement "at least 99 of you have green eyes" does give them new information. To give 'new information' can be defined as when the statemen...

1 hour later…
4:49 PM
5:06 PM
@oAlt Ouch! That's right. (nurses bruise...)
Q: Last candy question

CharlieYou are taking out candies one by one from a jar that has 10 red candies, 20 blue candies, and 30 green candies in it. What is the probability that there are at least 1 blue candy and 1 green candy left in the jar when you have taken out all the red candies? My approach: I say let Tr = last red ...

2 hours later…
7:21 PM
Q: Bullets in russian roulette

CharlieI see a similar question in Russian roulette. Now if instead of two bullets being placed side by side, two bullets are randomly put in the chamber. Your opponent played the first and he was alive after the first trigger pull. You are given the option whether to spin the barrel. Should you spin th...


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