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12:00 AM
New puzzle is live :) enjoy!
let me see...
@Tacoタコス not sure what the 2. rule in how to play means
thanks taco, made things way clearer :)
Q: Remove the magic from a 3x3 Magic Square

Taco タコスIt's commonly stated that there is only one solution to the 3x3 magic square. This is simply because every other variant found is simply a rotation, reflection or both of any other variant. Once such variant is: Objective Now, your goal is to make it less interesting, albeit, in an interesting w...

outside tiles mean adjacent?
They are considered adjacent for the purposes of the puzzle.
So the 8 in the top left corner can be swapped with the 1, 6, 3 and 4 tiles from the initial state.
ok i c
that makes things a little bit more complicated
its a very smart puzzle
i thought that answer was yes and u need to move 0 times
but the edge rows and columns arent 15
@Tacoタコス why can't 8 swap with 2?
12:18 AM
It’s a diagonal movemnt
still don't understand
You can’t swap 8 with 5 for the same reason, diagonal swaps aren’t allowed.
wait wheres the 8?
im thinking 8 on the bottom edbe
im still not sure where the 8 is supposed to go. On the bottom edge?
i kinda give up :(
1:21 AM
read only mode now
here it goes!
@Anonymus25 puzzliing time?
No thanks, busy, can't puzzle for the next few days, when I'm done I'll tell ya
Site's in maintenance right now
ima go make my halloween puzzle
start thinking about it
only problem is i don't know how to start
looks like site is on maintenance
1:28 AM
good time to solve puzzles
@Avi im not seeing the connection between 3 and 5
Avi, is deputy dependable supposed to be a clue or can i change it to deputy hamburger?
it's just alliteration
yeah i know
there is a connection between 3 and 5
i know there is
but i cant seem to find it
think harder
1:32 AM
maybe the cotton weapons can be placed on to no.3?
cause they are all grey
racks my brain
@Stevo 8 goes in the bottom row in the middle in a correct answer.
now i have 2 puzzles working on the same time
bit too much for my little brain to handle
Work one to distract from the other when you’re stuck lol
@Tacoタコス so does that mean if i swap 9 and 6 from the starting point 9 becomes 3 and 6 becomes 5?
How are you swapping 9 and 6 in one move?
1:44 AM
123 to 123
456 459
789 786
9 is in the middle of the bottom row and 6 is in the top right corner. From initial state you have to move one or the other to “align” them before you could swap them.
@MOehm STING walled by HAS = HASTINGS
@Tacoタコス um im confused
What’s your current state?
Its from magic square to 123456789
i read it wrong :)
@Tacoタコス can 1 swap with 9?
1:53 AM
Sorry for the delay lol watching a movie about James Brown
so, the 1 on the top middle can swap with 9 in bottom middle?
1 hour later…
3:25 AM
uh wanting to post the answer
i knokw the answer
3:50 AM
and posted
stretches arms and knuckles
hello bobble editing my work :)
4:13 AM
when u see deusovi on puzz.link
Q: KPK 2021 Leftover: Double Back (Little Killer)

athinRules of Double Back: Draw a non-intersecting loop through the centers of all empty cells. The loop passes through each region exactly twice. These two puzzles are the leftover of KPK 2021. The first one is a standard Double Back puzzle. The second one is a variant with Little-Killer clues: Di...

@Sphinx why is double back so hard
4:29 AM
@Jafe Yep! That's correct.
4:59 AM
well, i got to go for now
5:43 AM
Ugh, when will the day that I finally get an athin puzzle arrive? :P
I guess my time zone aligns pretty well with athin's :P
:P Kudos to you for having a more elegant solution (at least for the first puzzle) than i did lol
I looked at his puzzle booklet from the KPK, full of puzzles I am totally not fammiliar with, how weird because I'm also Indonesian :P
I didn't look but I'm sure there'd also be ones I'm not familiar with, just like this Double Back one
uh im not familiar with most of them except the black and white dots, called binary dots... and maybe skyscraper
but like, im already to fed up trying to answer the candy conundrum
5:46 AM
Double back seems to be in the same lines as star battle and lits, with the whole "clueless region" type
It's also first time for me solving a Double Back
@Stevo afaik binary dots also goes by the name "masyu", but not much of a deal in the end
I'd say the real fun of grid deduction is when you learn a new puzzle and find novel solution paths on your own :)
@Bubbler Looking through your solution and I didn't even realise how important corners are
Corners (and cells with two exits in general) are the easiest cells in loop puzzles
5:49 AM
i realized the corners thing too late lol
Yeah, not really my style, for loop puzzles, the only easy one is Slitherlink :P
Same although I think masyu ain't that hard either (although well, i don't have that much exposure to it so it's very likely that there are hard ones even without variant rules lol)
I think I never had a logically hard vanilla masyu, except for huge grids where tracking the strips gives sore eyes
@Jafe Can you explain how you got "has"?
I do struggle with some slitherlinks though
5:53 AM
(Also, hello. Been a while since I was around PSE)
@Sid Hey!
@Sid I'm obviously not Jafe, but HAS can mean "is the owner of".
@MOehm oh yes. That's clever.
(I'm not very happy about "walled" as a past-participle circumscription indicator. I would have preferred a present participle, a present tense verb or an adverb, but I couldn't find a good one. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough.)
@Avi maybe its time for a hint? lol but it might be too early, but my mind is still blank.
@Anonymus25 tried the 7 by 7 seven times and failed, because of the fundamental flaw in the bottom left corner :(
6:16 AM
i am gone for 5mins and the first thing i see is a +10 rep...
and the quietness of the chat
Yajilin is also a relatively easy loop genre, btw
Hmm, on Avi's Confectionery Crime Conundrum, rot13(gur svsgu cvrpr bs rivqrapr frrzf gb fpernz frzncuber, naq gerngvat gur gjb raqf bs bar jrncba nf syntf, vg fcryyf bhg "T_A", juvpu frrzf cebzvfvat naq abg cebzvfvat ng gur fnzr gvzr. Znlor jr'er zrnag gb fcryy bhg jrncbaf naq trg gur zvffvat yrggre, fb H va guvf pnfr? Hygvzngryl, V qb abg unir n pyhr ba guvf bar.)
It seems obligatory to tag you in this case @Avi , but of course it's your choice whether to comment on this or not
@oAlt oh. semaphore? ok... avi did say 3 and 5 are related
oh I missed that
Oh, I got my first Yearling badge just now :D
6:20 AM
@Bubbler nice
@oAlt 3 is a slitherlink... but not a slitherink
@oAlt wait how is it a semaphore?
I believe I expounded it in my first message, but just in case this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semaphore#/media/… might help
um G_N still don't understand... oh i c what u mean
Oh, also, it's a bit interesting that the cotton candy and the color of the shaded cells have exactly the same color (I checked the color values just now)
Gur fyvgureyvax ybbxf yvxr n fyvgureyvax. Jr gubhtug vg jnf n yvne fyvgurevax naq Niv fnvq vgf xvaqn yvxr n yvne fyvgureyvax, naq gung 3 naq 5 ner pbaarpgrq...
6:25 AM
CCCC: Food loved by many young fellows from Adelaide? (6)
Hi Jafe :0
@oAlt just to tell you, it was made with paint so it could be a coinedence
@Stevo hmm, not sure about that. like why didn't Avi make the cotton candy blue instead
for example. but anyway
@oAlt hmmm.... that could be a clue
i was toying with the idea for 4 that it might mean look closer in the slitherlink, like there's a hidden message... but i cant get anything out of it
6:28 AM
I also cannot see what to do with #3 yet
im just gonna go voting some questions (want some badges lol)
maybe 1 and 2?
look kinda lowly with small amount of badges
number 2 chr c=candy h=hour r=route?
my goals 2k rep
@oAlt my suspicions with 2 is that its not a math question but like c=candy?? h=hour r=route
still 16... pls sync puzzling sync sync sync
Hm, dunno. To me it just looks like a (simplified) formula for shifting letters by S, Caesar-cipher style, perhaps with one additional "letter" indicating space ior something.
but if it is caesar cipher i guess its ciphering no 6
6:40 AM
(The actual formula would be c = 65 + (i + S) % N, where i is the 0-based letter index, S is the shift and N is the size of the alphabet. 65 is the ASCII code for the capital A.)
ch,r=65+ S % (n+1)
c =65+(i+s) % n
2 might be indicating how to work with 6...
3 with 5, 2 with 6?
Using hard-coded ASCII values does not really explain the additonal "letter", though.
@MOehm what if we connect 3 into a tile? like we duplicate the grid of 3 and put it to the right, left, top, and bottom. That might make something
doesnt work
Yes, the sides don't wrap around.
there we go, suffrage
vox populi here i come
yes it says i have 5 more votes for today :)
now back to puzzling
@MOehm anything else coming to your mind?
6:59 AM
Well, I haven't really given that question a lot of thought. Perhaps one thing: You've noted the identical colours of the highlighted cells in #3 and the cotton in #5. Does overlaying the pictures like this do anything? I can't see anything useful, neither for the cotton nor for the handles. But perhaps it just needs to be rearranged.
i think it might, see how the cottton weapons connect some gray lines
7:24 AM
Do you know that feeling when you do a sudoku and accidentally reload the page so you lose all your progress? :(
i did that with the 4's nurikabe
do you know that feeling when you have a majestic puzzle in your dreams that gets 100votes but when you wake up and start making the puzzle nothing comes to your mind? @Anonymus25
8:20 AM
uhh better get started puzzle making
1 hour later…
9:35 AM
Q: Round n round, we go

Prim3numbahTry to figure out the answer to this puzzle. Here's a little info: Connect In order

2 hours later…
11:41 AM
@Jafe SALADS = SA (South Australia, i.e. from Adelaide) + LADS (young fellows)
that's right
For too long I tried to make RAMEN work, without having clocked the enumeration!
11:54 AM
@Stiv I too have tried to make Ramen work, but when I make it, it always feels like everything is too soggy
CCCC: Dreadfully creepy month for removal of an organ? (11)
@Stiv NEPHRECTOMY* = removal of a kidney
@Jafe Bang on :)
CCCC: What happens in the story of Lucifer being a natural landmark? (5,5)
google is pretty clever btw, i had worked the anagram into "phernectomy" and googled i to see whether it was a real thing... the first result was nephrectomy
in a few years you can probably just type a cryptic clue into google and it'll automatically give you the correct answer
12:12 PM
@Jafe ANGEL FALLS cdef+def
that's it, yep!
(What happens in the story of Lucifer) (Natural landmark)
@Jafe Impressive - auto-correct finally coming of age!
@Stiv I like
Keeping with the theme...
CCCC: "Snake!" I blurted out, calling for Noah (11)
SERPENTINE is too short, which is a shame
12:25 PM
you know there's also another one somewhere :P
12:45 PM
@Jafe I do?
@Stiv Try saying everything before "calling", I guarantee you wil say "snake I bloodied out"
Q: Orthogonal Sudokus

Dmitry KamenetskyThis a Sudoku puzzle created by Paul Vaderlind. Fill each cell with 2-digit numbers from 11 to 99 (without the digit 0) such that The first digits represent one regular Sudoku grid. The second digits represent another regular Sudoku grid. Each number from 11 to 99 (without the digit 0) occurs ex...

@Stiv Actual guess, but probabaly wrong: PROPHETHOOD - ddef: Calling for Noah, and "Snake I blurted out" would be the removal of snakes/sins as prophets are SINLESS?
1:01 PM
@stiv Boa+tbuilder
@Amoz Yes! That's the one :)
@Amoz much better than by guess :D
Stiv's c4s so far: Nephrectomy, Boatbuilder
out(iblurted) = tbuilder ?
1:05 PM
Mods, update the list when Stiv posts a new one :P
@Anonymus25 Ha! I see a suspicious mind here :)
@AncientSwordRage Using 'out' as an anagrind
@Amoz ah nice. I was looking for synonyms of mariner
@Stiv yup
@msh210 I was trying to connect prophethood -> hooded snake at one point
@Anonymus25 those and the next nine can be reordered into a word square
@msh210 Wow, the CCCC Puzzle Police are really out in force today! ;-)
1:25 PM
I'm certain this could be improved but I need to get to work:
CCCC: Picture in Genesis 1 (ram maker), of bibles. (8, 5)
1:35 PM
@Stiv Yes indeed :) I suspect that we have a new Sp 3000 in the chat
2:20 PM
Q: Do we want extended spoiler functionality?

Taco タコスOverview Our community utilizes spoiler functionality very heavily. However, it's lacking in obvious areas such as comments, chat and titles. [1] In a post, it's easy to use a spoiler by appending an exclamation point ! to the block quote's greater than symbol >, resulting in >!: > This is the sy...

2:55 PM
Q: Help solving this sudoku?

user1543042I went up in difficulty on my sudoku app. I keep getting mostly through them; however, I keep getting stuck towards the end of the puzzle. An example is shown below. Can I have an explanation of the technique I'm not using?

3:28 PM
@Amoz The definition is "picture", and it's the title _SIRAMMAK EROFB_ of the picture I just drew (for the occasion).
"C4s that didn't really have an answer at the time they were posted" [tm]
I wonder whether that concept can be made into a game.
3:46 PM
Q: Ten Numbers for 10 Words

TwoBitOperationTen words, 10 numbers. Can you: Match each number to the word it belongs with? Show the reason they are matches? Tell me a word matches with the number FOUR? WORDS NUMBERS SUIT ELEVEN SEER FIFTY-FIVE DEED FIVE-HUNDRED FIFTY DINE FIVE-HUNDRED ONE DOLE NINETY RASH ONE-HUNDRED ON...

4:05 PM
Dangit, thought I could get a late night solve but @hexomino beat me to it as well :P
This is indeed the sign for me to sleep. GameN
@Amoz MONASTIC SCRIBE: MONA (mona lisa) ram(BISCECT (in) + SRC + I (genesis + 1)) = Maker of Bibles
ram being the anagrind
I'm least confident of 'in' meaning 'bisect', but I guess if you put something in (between) two halves, you bisect it?
That's a good idea, but SCRIBE has six letters.
in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Jun 7 at 16:53, by AncientSwordRage
@Randal'Thor counting is not one of my strong points
I'll sit in the corner and wait for the grown-ups to solve it then ;-P
4:35 PM
Q: His ring and her digits

JKHAA young lady named Thea decided to change the traditional codes and asked her boyfriend to marry her at the Eiffel Tower. As he loves puzzles, she said while showing him this text, "rightly choose two consommes that appear twice in this puzzle, select the right digits among the following list and...

4:52 PM
@AncientSwordRage : ) I like MONASTIC SCRIBES, but no
@Amoz me too! Lets hope we all forget I made that connection if I ever re-use that wordplay
5:24 PM
Q: 4*4 Word Square

PiGuy314A word square is a puzzle in which letters can be placed into the grid below so that words are formed both horizontally and vertically. In this puzzle, the same four words are formed in both directions. For example, the words saw, ate, and wet can be placed in a 3*3 grid as such: S A W A T E W E...

5:49 PM
Q: 4*4 Word Square #2

PiGuy314A word square is a puzzle in which letters can be placed into the grid below so that words are formed both horizontally and vertically. In this puzzle, the same four words are formed in each direction. The clues, in no particular order, are as follows: Orderly Amish Pride Shortened name of viru...

@Amoz Nice solve for the ancient question :D
6:01 PM
@Avi Hope the fish references aren't too annoying. My mind was going loopy after two hours thinking about PI and IX.
@Tacoタコス I've noticed a pattern of recent answers which were posted without explanation, but with a promise to add such later. Could you please not do that? Deliberately posting a lower-quality answer to be quicker (calling "dibs") is... not ideal. Waiting until everything is properly written up is the better path.
@bobble I've definitely done that here! I know you weren't addressing me but I'll try not to do that either
When the edit is within 5 minutes (and no other grace-period-breaker occurs), there isn't any trace of the original answer. That leaves us with the situation where an answer appears to have been posted earlier than another, but was actually edited to have the same content as another answer after that other answer was posted.
I understand FGITW is a part of the culture here, and while it's fine and fun to race to see who can write up the answer first, it's not good when one person is doing the proper thing and writing up, posts a minute after a bare-bones answer but a minute before said bare-bones is edited, etc. etc. now the question of who was first is difficult to answer without eyewitnesses
That's an interesting edge-case
@bobble noted
Which, according to this eyewitness, is what happened here - though there's no proof I can offer besides my word.
Feel free to take time to answer that - I have to scram for a class.
6:15 PM
@bobble however, not a requirement of SE nor PSE. I don't always do it, but in this case the question asked for the words to populate the square with. My initial answer provided that information, a full 3 minutes before the other answer. I took my time to detail my thought process on how I arrived at the answer, not to make my answer better because I didn't see the other answer until I had posted my image.
@bobble I fully understand this point and it's the reason I try not to do it very often.
@Amoz The humor is actually very much appreciated :)
I wouldn't say that two posts is a pattern either. From my memory, I can recall two posts that I've done this with.
I remember one time I solved a slitherlink in 50 steps
and somebody had posted like wayyyyy earlier with no steps
This one which I thought others would appreciate my reasoning, though I didn't use much reasoning, nor record my steps so I had to recreate it.
felt really bad
6:20 PM
And this one which I posted and then updated for the same reason.
your answer had almost no trichain-style logic, though it is correct
i assume you must've done something right :P
@Avi because I didn't use logic outside of the requirement of diagonal connections. I just painted/erased/repeated my way to an answer.
trial and error is a lot less satisfying to do, I feel
@Avi as a solver, IMHO, not really. It was fun to solve it that way. Less fun for readers though I concur lol
will post intended solution path on discord, I suppose
6:23 PM
@Avi could always write a making of answer.
but that takes time
much faster with discord's image-pasting functionality
would be helpful if discord channel had a #general channel though
not sure where to put something like a solve path
assuming that is it
@bobble I'm not really understanding what you're saying here. I'm taking it as you implying that my answer was lower quality because the answer posted 3 minutes later included a grid with their initial post. However, the grid isn't required to have a complete answer, only the words are. I came back, posted my thoughts on arriving at the words. I then came back a second time after making a pretty grid to add appeal to my answer, like I like to do, which is also not a requirement.
Also, I think mods can still see my initial comment on the post history which included 3/4 of the words probably 5-10 minutes before I posted my answer.
^ not sure on that last statement.
Moderators can see deleted comments if that's what you're unsure about.
@Mithical yes, I was unsure about that.
So that further supports my case there.
However, not to minimize your point though. That can be abused, so I see where you're coming from. I'd also like to point out that established users are not very likely to steal answers from others.
@bobble "Waiting until everything is properly written up is the better path" - is this an official policy or rule? I'll just weigh in that it's very frustrating spending a long time writing up an answer only to have someone else's answer pop up. (continued)...
I really appreciate it when people post a placeholder with an abbreviated answer, warning that a full answer is forthcoming as long as it's a legitimate answer that will be followed up on, and not a guess. I'd prefer to see more of that rather than less.
6:37 PM
@Amoz this is why SE supports answers of that nature. It's better to get the answer out there, and follow up with detail by taking your time.
Er... anyone know why this suggested edit by an anonymous user got approved? To my mind it looks like it's totally messed up the puzzle - am I missing something??!
@Stiv I know I participated in that review (I remember because of the brackets). I thought it was intended to be hidden by the OP which the side-by-side was showing it did.
Oh wait, I read the tabs backwards. I should've rejected that.
I was looking at the markdown, not the side by side.
Can it be rolled back?
I will add that I agree the 'placeholder' does need to reasonably communicate the actual final answer of course; otherwise then yes I agree there is no way to know if they are just using it as a placeholder. Something like "I have the answer, coming soon" or "here are some guesses without explanation" would be bad. Maybe that is what is referred to here, I've seen some of those lately.
@Amoz I tend to do that in a comment if I do it at all.
And usually on SO, not here.
Yeah that is probably the better way
6:46 PM
@Tacoタコス Ah, okay - I do agree it probably ought to be rolled back. On it!
It's just once I did that and then by the time I was done with my write up someone else still answered.... so I get impatient and start writing my answers more hastily
Just so the time isn't a total loss in case it happens
@Amoz I try to write most of my answers as I solve it.
I also don't always write my logic for something until after the fact and focus on the solve instead.
That word square is a perfect example. To get a correct answer, all that is needed is to write down four words that meet the requirements. How I found them can come after the fact.
Sorry, that bothered me a bit, I suppose I'm beating a dead horse.
How's everyone doing this afternoon? lol
@Stiv I would but I don't have the power yet lol
Thanks for pointing it out!
@Tacoタコス No worries, I've dealt with it! :)
@Amoz I think there's a lot on the main meta about the FGitW problem. Mainly I think where the answer is never elaborated on, which is slightly different
@Tacoタコス yeah, that's fine, and it's not a problem here I think, but it's a habit that can cause issues if applied everytime by everybody
I just keep reminding myself "what's the goal of this site?"
"to have fun" I think I read somewhere. So not to let myself get worked up over things.
6:56 PM
Maybe 1 in a 100 times you realise you're wrong after seeing a more thorough answer but you still have that edit window to change your answer, not just add detail.... Maybe you aren't tempted, but the people watching don't know that, and if they then replicated it but we're tempted.... I dunno, I can 100% see bobble's logic and how it makes the site more fun for me.and probably others
@AncientSwordRage I don't disagree with that point. I think what ruffled my feathers is that it felt a bit focused. I posted an answer last night that didn't initially include logic (because it didn't exist until I thought about it after answering), and then another today that didn't initially include logic because it wasn't required but was nice to have.
@Tacoタコス it's hard to come up with examples sometimes
@Amoz print in g_ press
@msh210 Msh for the win!
thanks to Gutenberg
@msh210 ahhh so maker if Bible was the Def, I feel slightly vindicated
7:03 PM
Q: 4*4 Word Square #3

PiGuy314A word square is a puzzle in which letters can be placed into the grid below so that words are formed both horizontally and vertically. In this puzzle, the same four words are formed in each direction. The clues, in no particular order, are as follows: Company known for denim-wear. 1965 Beatles...

I'm gonna build a word square lol
in discord, at least
But not before I create a new magic square puzzle
@Tacoタコス with blackjack etc? :-P
That may have went over my head lol
Wonder if I can create a word square with a ladder effect to it? 🤔
Time to play lol
7:08 PM
Back to the previous theme (because I have it saved up):
CCCC: Female singer (in book) to burn rest; at first, manager hides from clamoring eightsome (7,5)
I would hide too
(Surface is not, perhaps, one you'd see every day in a newspaper. Sorry about that.)
@Avi ikr
Should we be accepting answers relying on trial and error for puzzles?
> A puzzle that requires formal logical deduction to arrive at the solution. This suggests more than merely reasoning through clues to find an answer (you might want [situation] for that).
I think the keywords are requires and to arrive at.
If it requires formal logical deduction to arrive at the solution, then I'd say so. But if I can trial and error my way to the answer, did it require logic to arrive at the solution?
Fat ideals, skinny reality
@Tacoタコス ... ideally
7:17 PM
@Avi I chose ideals
@Avi by saying ideally though, I think it should be a requirement for acceptance in the question itself.
@Tacoタコス infinite monkeys shouldn't invalidate the requirements
> In order for an answer to be accepted, it must provide a formal answer explaining the logic behind the answer.
would you mind if I take off the checkmark
or would you be able to uh
include some logic
in your answer?
I don't think that fits if it can be trial and errored IMHO.
@Avi no I don't mind at all lol
7:18 PM
nearly everything can be trial and errored
that doesn't make it faster, though
@Avi I think that would be cheating now that I know your intended solution?
@Avi neither does logic
I would rather you just include it
logic is generally faster than trial and error
@Avi to be fair, my logic was to test diagonal connections, though I did it through educated trial and error.
if not, then it's overconstrained
i'm not sure what you mean by testing diagonal connections, probably
Perhaps help me phrase that in a way that's more acceptable?
7:20 PM
maybe you can elaborate
1 sec
I'll elaborate
@Tacoタコス I think the requirement is imposed not derived
like, it worked, so there should be a reasonable argument as to why it does so
I solved it under the basis that the L shapes are required to be traversed using chess king movements while sticking to black tiles only. This means that the L shapes must only be connected diagonally. From there, the islands must be the exact size in squares as the square containing their number, should one exist.
So, to get to my answer:
I placed part of an L, examined the directions it could go, and how it impacted the L shapes it would be required to connect to, along with the islands.
If the L shape being placed resulted in a violation of the rules, either the one being placed, or another nearby was invalid and needed adjustment
so, logic, but flimsier
7:24 PM
@Avi exactly lol
It's not the logic you expect, or prefer, but it wasn't just, lemme place an L here and see if it fits. It was educated in that I had rules to follow and would often follow a trail out without placing anything at all, solely based on corner connections.
it works well for solving fast but leaves behind less breadcrumbs for future solvers to understand clearly
Again, I concur that it's not the desired answer, and I'm completely okay with you removing the checkmark to get the desired answer (though I recommend editing your post to show that you want specific logic).
I might even offer a bounty on it :D
I'm fine with it this time
but I think in general for logic puzzles and grid-deduction puzzles
a clear solve path is recommended
Q: Riddle: the deaths of atoms and a banker's wealth

Ricky TensorLet me tell you about myself, about the deaths of atoms, and a banker's wealth. I can be bigger than the Earth, or if you demand, I can be smaller than a grain of sand. I will even spin in circles if you know how to ask, Which will help you greatly with your wave-based tasks If you look ...

at least, those styles of answers will get you the most upvotes
so you have an incentive :P
if just solving for fun, anything flies
humor always helps in answers, too
"Baffled, you turn on your Roman computer and head to stackexchange to find out." - a gem from Amoz
I vanish now
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