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12:25 AM
any uh
highly experienced puzzle setters around
esp. Deusovi
12:39 AM
um when did my question become a hot network question? hmmmmmmmmmm
which question
cause i come back after sleep and see that apparently bobble edited it, which is fine but then i press revision and see that it became a hnq. Well, thats a first for me
my newest question
but now its gone I think
it's ok i guess
i got a kick out of it but not sure everyone will like it
became hot network question
anywyas bye
12:43 AM
Congrats @Stevo 😊
@Stevo Nice!
1:20 AM
So I’m going to try a different rhyming scheme, and it’s pretty strict so wish me luck lol
If that is what you wish
Let me send you this dish
A medley least distressing
Of luck and blessing
@Avi That's interes'ing
1:36 AM
@Tacoタコス the more I look at that poem, the more interesting it gets..
@ChrisCudmore which one? Lol
Seems like a good challenge to write this way
It's not yours.... you just had the last edit my misrake
Would be challenging
Not sure if it really flows well in English though
@ChrisCudmore oh, the Far East one?
1:40 AM
The word is dragon but I can’t figure out why it’s dragon and I’m driving myself nuts with it.
@Avi I think that’s why I find it challenging.
Or at least why I like the concept lol
I’ll have to see how it goes
Trying to think of a topic first
On the front page your name was on it, as the ge last answerer
@ChrisCudmore yeah, not sure but it seems like someone didn’t like that I posted a partial answer.
It wasn’t just a guess, it was educated based on the title and hints, I just can’t figure out how each line gets us there.
I’m to the point where I’m starting to guess which is making me feel like it’s a bit under written
But I’m missing something and I know it lol
Asking for another hint lol I’m losing my mind 😂
3 hours later…
4:32 AM
C4 hint: (1) The first letter is B. (2a) The third letter is O. (2b) There are no proper names (e.g. of singers) involved.
(I've come to notice a slight (?) inaccuracy with the clue. I think it is solvable, especially with the new hints, but I'm sorry if my slip has made the C4 unnecessarily tough.)
5:28 AM
Q: Number Box Puzzle

TSLF All digits from 0-9 as shown are 1 in. thick and within 3x5 in.dimesion except number 1. The task is to put all the numbers inside the square box with smallest dimension nxn without overlapping of segments while flipping, rotating and inserting segments are allowed. How you can fit all digits fr...

6:13 AM
@MOehm Got it! BOOTLACE = (EC(ALTO)O+B)<
Clue seems fine to me!
aaa eco- for "green", didn't think of that!
How is "falls over" reverse?
Oh wait, I'm dumb, nvm
@MOehm Btw, why is there braille in your profile pic?
Time to decipher
6:29 AM
Q: What is MOehm trying to tell us?

Beastly GerbilMOehm has an interesting (updated) profile picture: It is a lower case and italic 'm' (supposedly for 'M'Oehm) surrounded by what appears to be braille. The braille says (in UEB, may mean different in other languages): (* used to indicate braille that has no apparent meaning) ka;ak*k l*,* a,*...

Ahhhh, thanks
So there was a secret message after all :P
The braille didn't really make sense at first
@Stiv Yes, that's correct!
(My doubts were whether an alto is a female singer. I thought that it is, but lexico says that it can also be a male voice and Merriam-Webster doesn't make areference to gender at all. My simple taxonomy was that bass and tenor ale male singing voices and alto and soprano are female.)
7:13 AM
yeah young boys can be sopranos etc but i think "female singer" for alto is absolutely fine
Okay, so my musical world doesn't need a radical readjustment. Phew! I guess I was baffled by Lexico's entry, which has the boys in church music as item (1) and the female voices as a sub-item of that.
2 hours later…
9:26 AM
@Jafe darn it
9:44 AM
CCCC: Record by female singer dressed in feathery layer provokes old Turk? (8)
10:23 AM
@bobble Migration is funny that mods have to re-open questions to migrate (apologies if you've already mentioned this), but I'm 100% behind shooting first (by closing as off-topic), and asking question (about migrating) later
10:36 AM
Could I get feedback on this please:
A: The Riddle Sandbox

Pureferretknowledge computer-science limerick These strings of digits are unique My first in time and space so to speak And so, you'll find, is my second with three 'n' five names are reckoned, And fourth's the random assignment technique I don't think this is a hard one. I would definitely like help on ...

@Stiv That's EP + HE(SIA)N
I've also jotted down the timestamp of the C4, just in case. :)
@MOehm That's correct!
And ha!
@AncientSwordRage Do people even still post there?
Btw, love the new username
@AncientSwordRage re: rhythm, limericks are usually built from unstressed-stressed-unstressed triplets (it has a name but i forget what it is)
as in "there-ONCE-was, a-MAN-from, nan-TUCK-et"
10:51 AM
@Jafe I definitely knew there was some kind of pattern
And the third and fourth lines (B) are shorter than the rest (A).
does this work:
> Strings of digits unique
> str-INGS-of dig-IT-s u-NI-que
Er, "strings" is just one syllable, no?
11:09 AM
it depends on how mangledly you decide to pronounce it
So stri-hings?
> these-STR-ings of-DIG-its u-NI-que
TIL I pronounce things very differently in my head than when speaking (that's a lie, I've known that for a long time)
> these-STRIN-gs of-DI-gits u-NI-que
11:34 AM
so there's long and short limericks
12:12 PM
Offered a bounty on the Far East puzzle
Can’t seem to figure out why my answer is correct within the poem outside of little relations like fire, teeth, taking villages, etc.
But that doesn’t tell us how the answer is correct as a chosen word with relation to the OPs hints.
Based on a hint the first word of a line determines the last word for the next or the other way around; either way they’re related according to OPs hints.
12:27 PM
@Tacoタコス I took a look and noped out at the length... I'm not having a very ADHD friendly day
@Jafe @Mithical @MOehm I updated the sandbox post
I think the limerick is okay now, but when I read it, I don't pronounce it as you indicate.
@MOehm hmmmm I need to go back to limerick school
Or to stress indicator school. :) If you don't mind my posing it here, I'd say "My FOURTH has a RAN-dom tech-NIQUE", for example.
And that's the meter jafe spoke about.
I'm wondering if that guide I found is less helpful than I thought?
Or perhaps I just didn't follow it right
Well, if you read it aloud and the meter sounds like a gallopping horse, you are fine.
12:42 PM
@MOehm I might hold off doing that until I'm home from work
I mean "Aloud in your head".
2 hours ago, by AncientSwordRage
TIL I pronounce things very differently in my head than when speaking (that's a lie, I've known that for a long time)
like I'd say di-frunt-ly but in my head I might say/spell it out as di-fe-er-en-t-ly
Perhaps it's not inside versus outside your head, but reading poerty versus speaking normally.
nah, I've had it most of my adult life, I think it's a dyslexia coping mechanism
you're not wrong that it being poetry changes things, but I'm sure it's not the whole picture
CCCC: I didn't know that replacing her article in Sheraton is a cheesy thing! (7)
(The whole clue is a cheesy thing, too. Never mind.)
12:57 PM
S(her a -> TIL)TON
@Jafe beat me to it
I was in fact looking for a cheese ending in STON, so you would have probably beat me regardless :D
literally just had a sheraton hotel's web page open 10 minutes ago
@AncientSwordRage It's honestly bothering me because I'm missing something crucial for my answer to be complete as it's already correct.
1:07 PM
@MOehm ^ forgot to ping
1:52 PM
@Jafe That's correct, of course.
CCCC: Lemmy and Flea sometimes put their fingers on these ladies' undergarments (1,7)
@Jafe G-Strings
This next one might take a while
2:09 PM
@AncientSwordRage can't tell if play on guitar terminology or literal or both lol
bass terminology, in this case... would have worked equally well for guitar, though :P
CCCC: Female singer dressed with mostly tent-dress back strings ( 9 )
@Tacoタコス that's because it's a ddef (double definition), both parts are a different definition
I can see the bass too because even a standard 4 string is EADG
@Tacoタコス I know Flea is a bass player, and I thought Lemmy might have been as well?
Plus Flea is the RHCP bassist right?
2:22 PM
@Tacoタコス yup
I'll be honest, I surprised myself with that musical knowledge
I saw the relation due to Flea's name, but didn't jump to bass, probably because I play guitar and not bass lol
that being said there's no reason to restrict them to just being for ladies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@AncientSwordRage Lol 😂 people should wear what they want 😊
Clothes are clothes
2:25 PM
@Tacoタコス exactly
Bought a bomber jacket recently, I don't regret my decision lmao
@Tacoタコス nice
So much nostalgia with that sound lol
So which puzzle is being worked on currently?
2 hours ago, by AncientSwordRage
@Jafe @Mithical @MOehm I updated the sandbox post
So you're stressing syllables? 🤩
I'm not sure I understand the capitalization of an entire syllable though
Is that intended to say those particular syllables are important?
Short vs long limerick
I'm trackin' now
I need more caffeine this morning lol
2:36 PM
@Tacoタコス the question is above the line
You're asking for feedback on improving the scheme right?
> I would definitely like help on making it scan/read better as a limerick.
Based on that ^
My understanding of limericks is that lines 1, 2 and 5 have the same syllable count and rhyme, while 3 and 4 have the same syllable count and rhyme. While you're meeting the latter for each, your syllable counts are off (7, 8, 6, 7, 9).
^ Posted as a comment for others
good feedback
But, on your link, note the syllables per line portion
2:43 PM
yeah I saw that
I think I miscounted syllables?
The exact number of syllables doesn't matter, but B lines should be shorter than A lines and the counts for A lines should match, same for B lines.
@AncientSwordRage Yes, and your B lines are roughly the same length as your A lines
I'd say beef up lines 1 and 2 to be 9 syllables each
Then shrink line 4 to 6 syllables
beef is good
shrinkage is acceptable
I think that would give it a nice tone
Line 1 could be come "These many strings of digits unique"
2:46 PM
would you be able to help be with which words I'd miscounted syllables on?
@Tacoタコス takes notes
a-reckoned is 3 syllables, you counted it as 2 (I think)
Forcing strings into multiple syllables isn't common for readers
They'd likely blow through that as a single syllable (I know I did)
Space seems to be another word you separated syllables on
Unless I'm reading your breakdown wrong
3 and 5 seem correct, count wise
4 is just a-reckoned as 3 instead of 2
Again, this is all based on my assumptions with your breakdown
these STRINGS of DIG-its u-NIQUE 7
the SAME for my SEC-ond 6
THREE 'n' FIVE names a-RECK-oned 7
and my FOURTH has a RAND-om tech-NIQUE 9
^ that
Bumping line 2 by one syllable might be difficult
Additionally, shrinking 4 by one might be harder than adding a syllable to line 3
Q: Splitting the Primes

Bernardo Recamán SantosIs it possible to split the 25 primes less than 100 into two disjoint sets such that the sum of the primes in one set equals the product of the primes in the other set? If so, in how many ways can this be done?

@AncientSwordRage I can help adjust it in a different chat room and disqualify myself from answering, if you'd like.
Daw, no privacy option (I thought there was) disregard lol
Does anyone know if we have a Discord server?
I know Arqade does
3:01 PM
@Jafe thanks!
@Tacoタコス it's ok I don't want to disqualify you
Lol okay :)
going to go blow my face of with coffee, and see if that helps me function even marginally
3:17 PM
after all who needs faces?
@Tacoタコス There is no TSL Discord server currently.
@Mithical good to know
@AncientSwordRage ^
@Mithical would it be okay to create one?
I was thinking of a recent MTG card actually....
in a way, Rorschach has two faces.
@Tacoタコス it sounds good, but you'd have to remember that I wouldn't be trapped in there with you, you'd be trapped in there with me :D
@AncientSwordRage au contraire 🙃
3:32 PM
@Tacoタコス I'm sorry I don't drink alcohol, let alone orange flavoured ones
@Tacoタコス I don't think it'd have any significant benefit over using native chat at the moment.
@Tacoタコス (cointreau)
It's worth noting that a significant Puzzling.SE population can be found on the PPCG gaming server, where Contact and Codenames migrated to.
@Mithical it would be useful for private channels? But that might be too abusable... I don't know
3:35 PM
Do spoilers work in here?
>! test
@AncientSwordRage If necessary there are ways to set up private channels here as well - we even have approval for using private rooms to collaborate on puzzle creation.
So there's that benefit
@Mithical :O
Is that a mod only feature though?
@Tacoタコス We tend to use rot13 for that purpose. :)
Only options I had were public and gallery.
@Tacoタコス this has a spoiler
@Mithical that's true
I don't know the in-and-outs of it though
3:36 PM
@Tacoタコス Yes, you need a moderator to set it up. It's not hard to catch one here in the Lair, though.
oh wait I read the second part of your sentence
Can I have one? lol
@Tacoタコス a moderator?
No, a private room for puzzle creation lol
I created one, but it was made public :(
I wasn't paying attention at the time
Do you have a specific user you want to collaborate with, who's agreed to participate?
3:38 PM
I just made it private....
A: Can we use private chat rooms for collaborating on puzzles?

Jon EricsonSo the main concern with a private chatroom is that it's difficult to moderate. We really don't want to stumble across an illicit puzzle piracy ring (or much, much worse) a few months/years down the line. That's the main reason creating private rooms is limited to moderators and there's a scary w...

^The post establishing the policy, which is worth a read before setting one up. ;)
@Mithical ahh... before... good idea....
*lightly smacks ferret with a rolled up newspaper*
@Mithical Lmao
3:43 PM
Q: Microsoft interview question

Navdeep Singhy do u think u r smart This question was asked at microsoft interview. As this is an open ended question, I wanna know your views. My answer would be "I think I am smart because I can spot out the grammar error in this line.

Q: Blood Relation and food connect

Reluctant MetallurgistQuestion: "A family of eight members A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H like different dishes Cake, Pizza, Burgers, Dosa, Pav, Idli, Batasha and Maggi, but not necessarily in the same order. There are three married couples in the family. D is grandfather of the one who likes Pizza. E is wife of F and like...

@Mithical Not yet, and that's a great point; however, after reading the post, I'm willing to not have a private room IMO.
Puts too much extra work on the mod involved
@Tacoタコス I made your room private, but I think the correct (pretend glares at @Mithical) thing to do is for me to join it, star it and set it to public until you have a puzz to collaborate on
@AncientSwordRage I concur after reading the meta post. It should be public and have a disclaimer in the description that it's about puzzle creation.
so I've requested access
(that's your cue to accept that access request)
You... made it private without giving yourself access first?
3:48 PM
I know you just got the ping but ...
*tsk-tsks at @AncientSwordRage*
I have no problem with being the supervising mod, by the way, it just needs to meet the requirements for a private room.
@Mithical I'm happy to do it as well, I'm on most days, and most days I'm not like this (I hope)
@Mithical no more rolled up news papers?
3:51 PM
@Mithical I appreciate it lol just after reading the meta post, I'm not for it at this point lol
@AncientSwordRage hands Mithical a new newspaper
@AncientSwordRage added you as an owner for the room
4:26 PM
> these-MA-ny strings-OF-di gits-U-nique
is that... right?
it looks very wrong to my ferrety eyes
So you're going with 99669?
these maNY strings of DIgits uNIQUE
The stressing pattern for long limericks is: UUSUUSUUS
4:52 PM
ahh I keep getting myself mixed up
I think I keep trying to match up the Long Limerick syllable counts with the short limerick stress pattern :S
^ Puzzling SE server
We can use it or not, but it exists as a community server
Has a moderator role available
I can transfer ownership since I'm not a mod
But it's pretty filled out
Created a Discord server for the entirety of PSE: discord.gg/qQTnBzuS
^ For starring or etc so that it's clear
Tried to edit my older message to say it instead, but it seems there's a time limit on that.
5:21 PM
Can anyone think of any emoji to represent crosswords and poems, respectively?
@Tacoタコス can you use multiple?
I need one for each, so yes :)
It's for the Discord channels
❌📰 <-- would that work?
Works for me, the first is what I thought but wanted second opinions, had no idea for poems lol
same here
Those look perfect! — Taco タコス 5 mins ago
they really look very wrong to me
5:29 PM
but I think we've established I don't have a good feel for stress or meter
@Tacoタコス ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lol have you read it aloud?
Try reading it like it was hickory dickory dock
@Tacoタコス yeah, I can't get the meter right while reading out loud
It might be the placement of your syllables to be fair
It turns out I should have left work an hour ago, so I much head off
5:32 PM
For example "many" vs "made from" being one vs two words
That's usually okay, but it could be throwing you off
5:47 PM
Would others say "new" and "blue" rhyme?
6:04 PM
As in "Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue"? Sure.
Okay lol
6:30 PM
It's live lol
Q: The times they are a-changin'

Taco タコス Nude, tall and blue, Yellow's new love, Owl too, though late, Under the hood, Symmetry in motion, outlawed, good. This is my first yadu, enjoy!

uh is that fourth line really necessary
6:47 PM
@Deusovi it's part of the story line, but I'll try to change it
@Deusovi better?
I didn't even think about it until you said something
My apologies
@AncientSwordRage should've known you'd get that fast lol
Posted my making of for the relationship puzzle
@BeastlyGerbil are you okay with me trimming down the mobius sudoku challenge for golf per a mod's recommendation:
> I like the puzzle idea, I think it's neat. However I feel like as a code-golf challenge this just has a lot going on. Big challenges can be fun but the bulk of this is pretty much the same as the existing solve a sudoku challenge with a different shape. If you really want to stick with this challenge I can recommend pruning the challenge down a bit, and going with "validate a mobius sudoku instead".
> Most solutions to the existing challenge would probably do that as a sub-challenge anyway and it's the most unique part.
7:13 PM
@Tacoタコス I think I missed some bits, but that's what I can recall from the film
7:35 PM
@Tacoタコス of course! Treat it as a separate question altogether, I have no involvement in this case and I'm sure the mods and you will know what to do much better than me :)
7:51 PM
@Tacoタコス feel free to award the green tick later in case somebody has a better explanation?
@AncientSwordRage I mean that's effectively where I was
I'll untick for the views for 24 hours if you're curious to see if others can provide a different answer
@Tacoタコス was I more or less spot on then?
8:10 PM
The under the hood references the book published by the first owl which references the comedian
But that's kind of obscure
So as close as you could lol
1 hour later…
9:27 PM
@AncientSwordRage CHANged (dressed with, mostly) + T RESS (tent-dress back strings) = CHANTRESS (female singer)
@msh210 sadly not
oh, good
I didn't really like RESS for back string of DRESS; nor CHANGED for "dressed with".
So I'm glad that that wasn't your intention.
9:51 PM
I was worried that you were super-confident on that guess
Q: The messy chemist

StivThis morning I walked into my Chemistry teacher's office to ask him a question and felt my foot collide with something. I looked down at the floor and saw a load of Periodic Table element flashcards scattered about on the carpet. Presuming I'd walked into a stack of them I hurriedly bent down to ...


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