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12:01 AM
haha lol
I'm excited lol
I've never been drawn before
that cute :)
@Anonymus25 more nurikabe?
Sure, but maybe later, busy
I really want to make a creepy puzzle... but i cant' think of one...
12:24 AM
It’s the season of the dead, so write something about the dead 💀
it is?
are u talking about covid?
No, Halloween
> It begins the observance of Allhallowtide,[9] the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.
It's September 17, what do you mean halloween, that's like more than a month later!
12:30 AM
forgot about that
@Anonymus25 posting next puzzle oct 13
Ahhh, gotcha
There are people already setting up for Christmas around here lol
hmmmm totally not me
Not until after I feast in November
(probably my lifetime goal is mod, but for now 1k rep is good)
12:33 AM
Ran for mod on Arqade, didn’t succeed, but there’s always next year.
haha runs for mod on puzzling, but there isn't an election
Q: Puzzling rectangles

Vassilis ParassidisCan you find two unequal rectangles whose areas add to $5\sqrt5$? No computer solutions please.

hi @bobble saw you post another comment :)
That feels like homework...
time for alt text!
bobble you got to be kidding me...
just going to wait until i get +2 rep from approving an edit from the puzzling rectangles (added a tag)
Enjoy it while you can lol
I approved but others will have to too
I didn’t add it because I felt that the post should be closed unless the OP adds details to show that it’s not just a math problem.
me opens a connect wall puzzle to add alt text. Astonished to see that bobble already did that 3 years ago...
@Tacoタコス i'd press close... but still not enough rep...
12:44 AM
It’s okay lol
> Do not add clarifying tags unless the OP has provided explicit confirmation of their intention.
Create some puzzles, answer some puzzles, and edit old posts, you’ll get there :)
@bobble they do in that case
@bobble k
Oh I'm dumb
They clearly articulate no computer solutions should be provided
12:46 AM
I might have rejected on the basis of being too minor anyways...
@bobble nah, still good info for Stevo
Also, ugh I don't want to talk. Please don't ping me every time you see me do something; I was popping in for something very quick and didn't want to chat
@Tacoタコス exactly what i'm trying to do... starts going on editing frenzy (sorry bobble i didn't listen to ur advice)
I’m off to Fortnite land, catch everyone later 🙃
12:47 AM
well already answered by Deusovi :-)
Q: Puzzling rectangles

Vassilis ParassidisCan you find two unequal rectangles whose areas add to $5\sqrt5$? No computer solutions please.

1:06 AM
Figured out what I'm doing with that grid
Let's see where this takes me :)
not going to bother to solve that because i have no idea what that means
Oh that's not the puzzle; yet.
Just an idea to get me started.
1:19 AM
I think we're gonna turn that into "BOO", but we'll see.\
I have a general idea.
Time to run with it.
my idea: post my halloween puzzle on halloween.
Oh this won't be posted until then
But a good puzzle takes time lol
(i havent started thinking about it yet though i know the general idea)
its going to be taken from the alconja's 400 upvote puzzle (the same creeepy, not the same puzzle)
(gets mysteriously cut offf)
uhhh halloween taking forever to come...
(maybe leave it till next month)
1:58 AM
@Sphinx I'm still working on deriving the general case. I've almost got a mathematical hack to find the nth+1 diamond from the previous?
Bed first
Okay, so tomorrow I'll post a trial run :)
Not gonna explain it until then :D
6 hours later…
8:20 AM
well its a 100rep jump already! (eye's bravely on 2k rep)
Q: A really Annoying Problem with spoilers

StevoSo this is what happens: You have a really long answer to puzzle and have finished writing the draft. You go down to click one of the spoiler tags to see if they are working, but what happens is that you get sent back up to the page where your intersection point/cursor is on your draft writing bo...

9:05 AM
its late here (again) so I am going to say goodbye! (closing SE in 10mins)
Goodbye. I've seen that you'ver brought up the topic of spoiler editing we talked about yesterday. Let's see what comes out of it.
9:30 AM
@PuzzlingMeta so there must be an event handler for clicks that notices whenever you click on the preview, and also one for when you click on the spoiler. Because the spoiler event handler doesn't prevent the event from bubbling up (essential it hits the smaller part of the screen first, the spoiler, then like a bubble in a fizzy drink goes 'up', to the bigger region of the overall answer) the preview also receives the event.
That should be an easy fix, but I know bobble and myself have both recently requested updates we might also be able to request this.
I won't ping bobble as I know she's been ultrabusy (only a slight exaggeration) but when she joins chat she'll probably notice and might have a meta or two she can find on the topic.
9:44 AM
Q: Opt-in alpha test for a new Stacks editor

CatijaTL;DR: We are testing our new open source Stacks editor that offers both Markdown and rich text input options. If you’re interested in testing it out and giving us feedback, you can opt in by visiting your preferences page and enabling the Stacks Editor. You can opt out at any time but it will ta...

This might obsolete any requests around the preview though
3 hours later…
12:49 PM
Q: A Station Story

ChengardaA friend of mine who works with computers sent me this handwritten short story in the post with no explanation whatsoever. It raises many questions, for one he usually just emails me, and he's never expressed any interest in creative writing. The young man approached the train station, he had be...

^ Don't let the green checkmark fool you - there are still a few answers to be solved to make my answer complete. I'd be interested if anybody else can find them! :)
1:00 PM
That's a good puzzle and the story connects the items well, but it's a pity that the main "fodder" makes for poor anagrams.
The only half-useful tidbits I can offer are for the extra clues: (someone's) BIO IRKS SOL (how King Solomon probably wasn't known to his friends) and RISK OBI LOSS plus an unused KA/AK.
Yeah, two K's and not enough E's!
I first thought that the 13 letters would be unique, the first half of ETAOIN SHRDL perhaps. I also considered the idea that there were only twelve common letters and the changing thirteenth letters would spell an answer. (But the first hint rules it out.)
1:46 PM
@AncientSwordRage I've actually gone looking for metas on this topic before, planning a feature-request similar to Gareth's bug, and found nothing beyond what's been mentioned
@bobble let me know if you want a hand or anything with it?
Oh it's rather irrelevant since he's posted
Stealing my meta rep. First the answer about pinning, now this Q. How dare.
Wait, I've not seen Gareth's bug... Have I?
(also very dare. Thank you very much)
I think I confused myself some how
2:33 PM
@zcoop98 , I've definitely used it, for instance, on the very rare occasion when I'm proof reading for typos — Pureferret 24 secs ago
For the CCCC one billed makes me either think of the opposite of a toucan, or the opposite of a double feature:
The double feature was a motion picture industry phenomenon in which theatres would exhibit two films for the price of one, supplanting an earlier format in which one feature film and various short subject reels would be shown. == Early opera use == Opera houses staged two operas together for the sake of providing long performance for the audience. This was related to one-act or two-act short operas that were otherwise commercially hard to stage alone. A prominent example is the double-bill of Pagliacci with Cavalleria rusticana first staged on 22 December 1893 by the Met. The two operas have...
Because a toucan has two bills?
2:48 PM
@MOehm it's a billed animal with ~'two' in its name 🤷🏻‍♂️
Oh, I see, that's where to "opposite" comes from.
@MOehm unfortunately I don't think the onecan exists
3:04 PM
Q: Catching the Vegetable-Goose

Ichthys KingAfter an altercation involving giant bees, you have been sentence to some hard labour, specifically harvesting barnacle-lambs, a gourd-like fruit that grows geese in its shell While working, you get an overripe fruit that is old enough to fly. Based on its appearance it should be able to hover ab...

You could discover it. Ramphastos Ancientsworragensis. How does that sound?
That would be amazing
3:16 PM
😂😂😂 Imagine if "dark matter" was just the presence of black holes in between us and the rest of the universe so what we can see is distorted
that would be pretty sad
i.e., entire galaxy-sized ranges of dead stars
Monoraphastos furorislongaevigladii
or ultramassive black holes lingering alone after swallowing everything in their original galaxies
(or something)
@GarethMcCaughan What does this mean
I think there's good reason to think that dark matter can't be mostly made up of black holes.
@Avi it was a reply to M Oehm a few messages upthread, not to you :-)
3:18 PM
Might not be dark matter in the first place, if all our observations are systematically flawed/skewed
based on the presence of high mass objects at strategic locations
(trying to figure out a slightly more plausible Latin binomial for a hypothetical "onecan" discovered by someone called AncientSwordRage.
hard to see what distribution of large-mass things would e.g. make distant galaxies seem to be rotating at different speeds.
@GarethMcCaughan 🙌🏻
2 hours later…
5:39 PM
Does SE not have a dark mode?
5:57 PM
@Sid Sci-Fi and Fantasy stackexchange is only in dark mode 😁
6:08 PM
Q: Dark Mode for Stack Exchange sites

mrt181Each Stack Exchange site should provide users the option of using a dark mode design/theme. Why is this feature missing? The major IDEs are already a letdown regarding dark color schemes.

A: How do I enable dark mode on other sites in the network?

animusonDark mode is currently in beta and only available on Stack Overflow. You cannot enable it anywhere else at this time.

6:31 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I thought proper names were just given a Latin form, not translated literally. But (a) that form would probably have to end in -i, not -is and (b) wiki mentions aureipalatii for a monkey named after the Golden Palace Casinos, so, yeah, my suggestion can certainly be impoved on.
(Glad I usefully relearned the Latin name for sword, though.)
1 hour later…
7:34 PM
Q: Lost Bearings: A Puzzle That I've Designed

Benjamin CurranI'm Benjamin Curran. I'm a 14 year old puzzle lover and I come to you with this puzzle that I've made up myself. Hopefully you won't find it tricky. Two tourists have gotten themselves lost in the middle of nowhere! Luckily the remember a few things about their hike, but the rest is as hazy as a ...

2 hours later…
9:38 PM
Q: Words with a letter sound at the start but not the letter

AnushHere is a fun little word puzzle. The task, for as many letters of the alphabet as possible, is to find words that have the sound of the name of a letter at the start but which don’t start with that letter. To give one example, “euphemism” starts with the sound of the name of the letter U but s...

1 hour later…
10:52 PM
Q: Pythagorean triangle dissection

Florian FThis is a variation of Pythagorean quilts. I will make it short, this time. Pythagoras's theorem also works for triangles. This leads to following the variation: Dissect the triangles of size 5 and 12 to recompose a triangle of size 13. You are allowed to cut only along triangle boundaries, i.e...

11:11 PM
someone from puzzling was complaining about it well said Gareth, well said :)
11:24 PM
@Sphinx isn't it a bit trivial?
11:41 PM
@GarethMcCaughan i am sure its not that. I have a feeling its 4, (or 3) but for now I have another thing to tend to: my hunger.

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