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12:32 AM
hey, nice to see the kiwi again :D
this C4 is right up your alley
"stored IP header in cookie" could also be TRACKED, maybe?
or just SESSION?
12:47 AM
hey 'borg! how are you?
doing good :) went on a road trip out of state this weekend, and have had a relatively chill work schedule this week. how have you been?
oh nice, that sounds lovely!
much less lovely in my world, first day back at work after 11 days off with RSV
oh no!!
bummer :(
did you come out of it okay?
yup, just sacrificed several boxes of tissues, and many, many strepsils (my wife had it too)
poor Mrs. Dr. Kiwi :(
1:05 AM
she got really bad vertigo too, so trying to help keep her in one place while I was slowly dying myself was tough, but we got through it, played a lot of Craftopia together to stay sane
glad you two are all right, it's a relief you had the sick days saved up.
although that might just be a particularly American problem, all things considered...
I think so yeah, we get 10 days/year of sick leave
my wife gets even more, cos y'know, she's around sick people for a job :P
ah, true :p
sometimes i forget i live in the healthcare dystopia capital of the world and have to remind myself "wait, it might not be a nightmare in other places"
yeah I count my blessings for our healthcare system, it's not perfect, but at least it's free, and accessible
cries quietly at the word "free"
1:14 AM
don't you mean cries in health insurance premiums?
or do the tears cost extra on the plan?
haha sorry, that might have been a bit too far!
aghhh, you're right, if i cry much longer i'll get a Saltwater Tax
and then i'll have to pay for the Being Sad pre-existing condition
if you ever need to be adopted to another country... ;)
you just have to learn to speak English rofl
i'm not even mad about how sick a burn that was, lmao
would i have to learn to spell "colour" correctly?
if you can colour the word favour correctly, then I'll be honoured
i can't promise anything, my inner bald eagle starts shrieking if i try to write "football" in reference to soccer
1:19 AM
we call it soccer...?
(and we don't really play it)
you will have to learn the rules to Rugby + Cricket though...
you do? i was under the impression that soccer was "football" everywhere except here
my bad
I've always called it soccer
clearly, you have embraced your inner bald eagle
I think I'd make a half-decent faux American
especially with my deep-seeded love of Hostess products
Bill Clinton is still president right? :P
oh, he definitely is, please please do not check
and besides, are you willing to embrace the One True system of measurement and start referring to things in feet and inches, like a true apple pie-blooded texan?
1:23 AM
funnily enough, I can mentally handle the distances ok, it's blimmin Fahrenheit that always confuses me
i will give you that Celsius makes much more sense
freezing point? 0. boiling point? 100. it's beautiful. poetry.
a "warm" day is 80 degrees, but to me, that's hot enough to start boiling salt water
at 32 degrees, I'm in a t-shirt and shorts, or will melt
i would kill to watch a weather channel where they recently hired somebody from Europe and they hadn't realized we used Fahrenheit yet, so they would react to 70-80 degree temperatures like the apocalypse is nigh
California hit 100 degrees today, literally all the water has evaporated
1:27 AM
out of curiousity, how far do weather channels cover? I imagine you don't get the whole country, but do you just get your state? Or the neighbouring ones too?
generally it's split into sections where they cover exclusively your state most of the time, but if there's like a hurricane or big weather event elsewhere, they'll mention it as part of the country-wide segment. i.e. around here they usually just go over the happenings in the Great Lakes and the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.
Michigan has particularly wild storms in winter, so watching the weather is a big thing
how is NZ weather usually?
in TV coverage, or environmentally?
environmentally speaking - i've never been there and was curious what your weather is usually like.
very changeable - being a tiny island it can be pouring with rain in the morning, blistering hot by lunch time, overcast by the afternoon, and windy by the evening
Winter it gets down to about -4
haha nerdy joke :P
wow - i didn't think about the island factor, that's gotta be pretty wild
in Michigan we have sort of a "lake effect" thing where we can have sudden temperature changes, unexpected rain or snow, etc. but i imagine that's multiplied over there given the ocean effects.
1:33 AM
oh wait, it's -40 when the two scales are equal, ooops!
you get kinda used to it, like if you got to the beach and it starts pouring with rain, very few people will leave, cos it'll be sunny again in half an hour
we don't get much ground snow, only up in the mountains
in fact I don't know when it last snowed in Auckland...
that's kinda hilarious. "oh, it's pouring rain? meh, it'll stop in like 20 minutes"
2011 google tells me
yup, that's pretty much the Kiwi attitude
if you'd like to experience way too much ground snow, i have just the state for you :p
I think it'd be cool to experience at least once, but I get that living it would get a bit much
like I think the idea of having to shovel your way out of your house is really neat
(mostly because I've never had that experience)
i used to really love snow, but then you get a car and have to shovel out your car every morning when you're in a hurry to go someplace and scrape ice off the windows and sometimes you have to be careful about having low gas because it will literally freeze in your gas tank... and then it just turns into AGHHHHH :p
thankfully my apartment was on the second floor and shoveling it out was not required
1:38 AM
yeah I can see that becoming a nightmare
you'd laugh at our Christmas plans I imagine
usually a BBQ at the beach in shorts :P
that honestly sounds like the raddest Christmas ever :p
flipping hot dogs and soaking up the rays while you open presents
yup, that's pretty much it
our Christmas is usually "blizzard warning: stay indoors until further notice"
maybe we need to life swap to try each other's experiences lol
I'll start practicing...
"color" (hard to pronounce it differently though)
as long as you promise i'll get to tend your tomato garden
1:41 AM
someone has to look after it!
always wanted a garden, but my apartment never allowed one :p
you better feed my cat too
the cat will be fed and will receive many belly rubs
haha your hands may suffer, but he does like chin scratches
I think I'd spend most of my time travelling though, there's so much of the US I'd love to see, particularly California
North lives over there, it sounds like a neat place to visit. great weather, lots of fun tourist spots, Hollywood, and a resident tree :D
1:45 AM
I also want to go to Texas, purely to see if they can produce a steak I'm incapable of finishing
what state is Mount Rushmore in?
if you visit the South, i guarantee you will come back with higher cholesterol than when you arrived :p
Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota, if memory serves
i would also recommend Washington D.C. and Williamsburg/Yorktown if you're into monuments and/or history, they are really fun historical stops.
oh wow, nowhere near where I would have guessed lol
oh yeah, would have to do DC, what's in Williamsburg/Yorktown?
Today I went in a bike ride down my favorite trail, with nothing but the clothes on my back, lip-synching to the track of "Can You Hear the People Sing" that was running in my head, and randomly pumped my fist from pure glee.
(caveats: that's the only trail accessible to me, I was probably wildly off-key, and I nearly ran into a car on the way back)
Williamsburg/Yorktown area is essentially a lot of historical Civil War/American Revolution and old America stuff. good place to go if you like guns, history and great Southern food :p
oh ok, it's in the South I take it?
1:49 AM
Virginia, which is essentially "South but not South"
I'm still referring to map of continental US to know where all these states are lol
also, hey bobble! sounds like an adventurous bike ride
bobble is an excellent bike-rider and has befriended many ducks :p
:o any friend of the ducks is a friend of the Kiwi <3
the Smithsonians near D.C. are another great tourist spot, if you do visit someday. i particularly recommend the Space Flight Museum because rockets and rovers are the coolest and i'm not biased at all
I don't disagree!
the launch sites are all down in Florida though... right?
1:53 AM
Cape Canaveral is in Florida, yeah. i have always wanted to go there
The pond this trail passes by has some baby turtles now
baby turtles!! ;-; <3
ok, so maybe we need "'borg and Kiwi's great US roadtrip"
Y'all are so off topic 'ere
1:56 AM
road trips are extremely on topic in puzzle chat, i don't know what you're talking about
no we're not, we're solving the travelling salesman problem as we figure out our roadtrip!
how to visit all the places we want to see in the US without going too broke
maybe we shouldn't start in Vegas?
yes, exactly! it's solving the puzzle of how to show Kiwi the coolest tourist spots in the fewest stops :p
we should definitely not start in Vegas
if we start in California, hit South Dakota for Rushmore, and then travel east into D.C. and Virginia, that hits the fewest vertical nodes and gets us to n >= 10 Cool Places
I also wanna check out the American Laserforce sites, the major ones are in Loveland, St. George, and Syracuse
but then, I have no idea where any of the places are rofl
to be honest i've never heard of American Laserforce, is it a band?
Laserforce is a competitive laser tag sport, played internationally
NZ, Australia, and the US are the three top countries
2:04 AM
@JeremyDover I think I have the definition part, but the wordplay (especially "Version 2.0 extracted") is tougher for me to crack
Australia usually win the world champs though
although Detroit took it out the last time it was actually hosted (2019)
i have never heard of it but it sounds amazing
competitive laser tag???
you may recognise a codename in there :) (also, Robinchwan, who is my wife)
the fact that this exists makes me incredibly happy
we were supposed to host the world champs in 2020, but... well... everyone knows how that year turned out cries in closed borders
2:08 AM
but legitimately this is so cool, i had no idea this was a thing. i love it. do you do it every year?
Laserforce Space Marines 5 World Championships 2019
1. Detroit A
2. Brisbane
3. Detroit B
4. Syracuse
5. Sacramento A
6. St. George
7. Loveland A
8. Auckland
9. Loveland B
10. Sacramento B
Detroit! :D
we play every Tuesday night, and the world champs are usually in July every year
that's gotta be an absolute blast
it's such good fun!
and a very tactical game variation too, which makes for intense strategising
2:14 AM
is there a ranking system? how high up is your team?
we placed 8th in 2019, 4th in 2018, so we're comfortably inside the top 10
we haven't won since 2008 though
recently have learned that the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands want to get involved too
so post-COVID, it may grow even bigger!
I ended up on the podcast a while ago, as I'm redoing the whole telemetry system to make it more modern + digestable
^ if you're morbidly curious as to what I look like/sound like
i love this, what a cool hobby. gotta be so much fun to do with friends :)
we will get 'borg along to play one time!
oh there's also a D&D game mode :)
oh dear, i'm not so good at the whole "hand-eye coordination" thing :p
but i would certainly try! lol
how does the D&D game mode work?
Warrior, Thief, Cleric, and Mage, as you shoot other players you earn XP, get enough XP and you level up. Clerics and Mages have a variety of spells available, which unlock at higher levels
2:24 AM
see, now i'm picturing a D&D oneshot where all the characters wield laser guns and all the spells are different elemental lasers :p
"i cast ray of frost with my +1 laser gun of cold!"
the spells are pretty cool,
Cleric: Heal/Injure, Bless/Curse, Dispel Magic, Spirit Link, Resurrect
Mage: Magic Missile, Magic Armour, Fireball, Stop Time
ooh, i imagine that "Stop Time" is fun
it's a nightmare when the other mage drops it, fortunately ours went crazy with random encounters last night and dropped 3 in a row lol
lmao. it'd probably be a Triple-Counterspell scenario. "i Stop Time on your Stop Time"
i watched a bit of your section of the podcast, and the system you built is really impressive - i'm assuming that's the little GUI that floats over the game to report how each player is doing
thanks :) yeah that's what gets displayed to the spectators and Twitch stream
2:34 AM
very cool. i like the nicknames :D
"Poutine Gene"
rofl, that's my brother :P
lmao :p
i relate to your brother and his love of cheese
he lived in Canada for a while and fell in love with the place
the main reason i should never visit Canada is because i would immediately inhale 9 containers of poutine and drop dead of cardiovascular annihilation
haha oh dear
so our North American road trip must keep 'borg away from Canada
3:14 AM
during a dinner conversation (don't ask) my mom said, and I quote "If you put Hugh Jackman next to Newt [Scamander/Eddie Redmayne], I'd pick Hugh every time."
3:35 AM
@JeremyDover Is it bis (version 2.0) + cu(i_)t ?
(The main reason I'm unsure is that I'm unfamiliar with that meaning of bis in English — though I see online that it does have that meaning in French.)
4:30 AM
That was also my parsing, but I was completely stuck on the BIS part
I thought that 2.0 would be 'B' or "BI" (somehow), but that didn't justify why "Version" was there or what happened to the 'S'
4 hours later…
8:31 AM
@Dmihawk oof, hope you're fully well now
1 hour later…
9:51 AM
@bobble ...makes sense?
BISCUIT - (extracted) BIS .... something CIRCUIT ?
1 hour later…
10:55 AM
does everybody else say it "version two point oh"
I do that, not sure about anyone else though! :)
11:08 AM
yeah two point oh sounds right
"point, oh extracted" is clearly pint
so it looks like we're looking at a two-pint solution
...i'll get my coat
@Jafe maybe that's important?
clearly it's CHOCHIP [sic]
@AncientSwordRage #BadC4Solutions
@Anonymus25 that's all I've got
Cookie is the nickname of: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1900–2002), given by the Duchess of Windsor Cookie Belcher (born 1978), American basketball player Cookie Cunningham (1905–1995), American football player, basketball player and basketball coach Cookie Cuccurullo (1918–1983), Major League Baseball pitcher Cookie Gilchrist (1935–2011), American Football League and Canadian Football League player Howard Krongard (born 1940), head of the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of State under President George W. Bush; resigned 2008 Cookie Lavagetto (1912–1990), Major League Baseball...
Mineral waterz (finally!) after two pints (6)
turns out every person has actually been nicknamed Cookie at some point in their life
11:21 AM
can't be a person named cookie, though... it's in lower case in the clue
@Jafe good point
in basketball a 'field goal' is 2 points, oh extracted would be 'field gal' ?
version 2.0 could be SEQUEL or something like that... not sure you'd normally add the .0 there though
making a prequel version 0.0?
@Jafe I don't think so
2.0 extracted could be TW(-o)
11:28 AM
@Jafe :-o
I was hopeful about tweel biscuits but they're spelt tuille
version can be abbreviated V or VER
cookie looks like the most likely def, although "header in cookie" could also just be the C
Q: Can "version" be used as a verb?

Lorenzo PeñaIn a software development environment, things have versions, or historic snapshots of how they evolve over time. Can I say "You need to version this or that" so as to refer that something needs historic evolution tracking?

as someone once said, verbing weirds language
(calvin and hobbes, according to google)
11:50 AM
McVitie's almost fits, but I can't get why. It's got a V in it at least
@JeremyDover BISCUIT. BIS (def repeat) + CUT (extracted) with I (ip header) stored inside = cookie
def repeat?
didn't msh post the same wp above?
Ah, like in a music sense - I get it now
@TakingNotes Pretty much, although he was unsure of it being an English phrase.
oh so 'version 2.0' === repeat => BIS ?
12:06 PM
@TakingNotes yep
when you downvote with insufficient rep you get "Thanks for the feedback! You need at least 125 reputation to cast a vote, but your feedback has been recorded."
does that mean a) that once you reach 125+ rep your downvotes automatically take effect
@Jafe no
or b) the votes don't automatically take effect but there's some other mechanism that they're recorded
or c) they're not recorded at all and the statement saying they are is a bold-faced lie
@Jafe the feedback in used somehow
Thank you for your vote in the presidential election. Unfortunately you are ineligible to vote in this election, but your feedback has been recorded.
12:09 PM
I just forget how
I think if it gets enough negative feedback it might appear in a queue?
@Jafe or d) you're now on a government surveillance watchlist...
hey, that counts as b)
Q: Puzzle storm to infinity

idunnoI have been playing Puzzle Storm on Lichess lately. Essentially it involves solving chess puzzles within a given time limit. Additionally, the player gets a time bonus for a certain number of moves. Chess puzzles are essentially problems where the player needs to find the best move (or sequence o...

@msh210 got it! In the telecom world, "bis" indicates the second version of a published standard, e.g. the old V.34bis modem standard.
Ah, so not like in a music sense - I actually get it now...
12:23 PM
makes more sense this way
The ITU-T V-Series Recommendations on Data communication over the telephone network specify the protocols that govern approved modem communication standards and interfaces.Note: the bis and ter suffixes are ITU-T standard designators of successive iterations of a standard (bis and ter are derived from the Latin for "twice" and "thrice"). == General standards == Applies to V.1–V.9 V.1 is an ITU-T recommendation, entitled Equivalence between binary notation symbols and the significant conditions of a two-condition code. V.2 is an ITU-T recommendation, approved in November 1988, titled Power levels...
> Note: the bis and ter suffixes are ITU-T standard designators of successive iterations of a standard (bis and ter are derived from the Latin for "twice" and "thrice").
Yes bis means repeat or again in various industries is what I saw. If this parsing was already given, apologies I missed it
1:06 PM
Q: A familiar sequence?

Dmitry Kamenetsky D 11876 h 18422 R 5373 G 19114 S ? What number is represented by the question mark?

@Amoz not this exact one I think
1:25 PM
@JeremyDover ah
CCCC: Carrier bearing in driveshaft/axle knocks loudly! Have suggestions? (6)
1:42 PM
@AncientSwordRage oh, oops, wrong chat; thanks
A: What happens with votes cast with rep < 15 exactly?

Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask V2 What does recorded mean exactly? Recorded in database, separate table. (Not along with ordinary votes) It can be queried via SEDE, as explained in this other answer I wrote. Can the owner of the up-voted question/answer see in any kind, that he/she got my up-vote? No, this is not possi...

It becomes a number in a database that almost no one will look at
@Artery no, that's not waste of time. The data is stored, Stack Exchange might still do something with it one day, e.g. give badges to authors of posts who got lots of those feedbacks. — Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask V2 Dec 13 '16 at 8:09
I thought something was done
1:58 PM
One time it was used as part of a justification for undeleting a post: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/384400
@bobble interesting
2:22 PM
Q: Words with dual opposing meaning

Dmitry KamenetskyWhat is the word in each case? I can attach or cut. I can be virtual or real. I can approve or penalize. I can separate or entangle.

3:12 PM
Q: Two dimensional mastermind

Dmitry KamenetskyYou have probably played the classic game of Mastermind with 4 pegs and 6 colours. It turns out that the codebreaker can always find the pattern in 5 moves or fewer. Now consider the 2D version of the game. So we have a 4x4 grid of pegs and each peg can be one of 6 colours. Each guess involves ma...

3 hours later…
6:28 PM
I'm ready to drop my drafts of audience-specific texts for the attribution close reason, any time in particular that would be good for mods/community?
Continually editing to try to make the drafts perfect would be kind of missing the point.
Probably any meta post should be up for minimum of two weeks, maybe even a month, to make sure everyone has a say in the close reason texts
2 hours later…
8:32 PM
@bobble any time would be good if you have 1-2 months to look it over
1 hour later…
9:51 PM
I'm confused as to how this isn't open-ended: puzzling.stackexchange.com/review/close/50692
bobble: I think it is not open-ended because there (likely) does exist a maximum...we may just never find it. When reading the meta-post, this was exactly the sort of puzzle that Rand Al'Thor was defending to leave on-topic.
Plus, answers are not opinion-based. If I produce one example, and you produce another with a higher score, there is no doubt that yours is a better answer.
They didn't define "word" so it's not constrained
@JeremyDover that's not the problem. The problem with open-ended puzzles is there can be clearly better answers for eternity
yes, the argument being made is that that's not possible, because you can only go up in increments of one point, and there is an upper bound on max score
personally, i don't think that should automatically free a question from being considered as open-ended - if the upper bound is far away enough, and answers incrementally improvable enough, it doesn't really make a difference
but regardless, this question is closeworthy either way because answers are subjectively correct (depending on what counts as a word). no need to worry about whether it fits that definition of open-endedness
I agree the term word should be constrained to a particular dictionary, but that seems to me grounds for correction, not closure for open-endedness. And there cannot be answers for eternity...there is a maximum, though I agree that there could be continually better answers throughout my lifetime, at least.
I made a mistake in only putting half the reason to close in my close reason... sigh
10:00 PM
@bobble i see, thanks!
But ultimately, I have no real stick in this fight. If it matters enough to enough people to close it, I don't think closing it based on open-endedness is unreasonable. I just don't necessarily agree.
10:17 PM
@AncientSwordRage thanks, yeah almost back to fighting fit luckily
morning folks, I spy a lurking bobble in here... how you doing?
Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I'll being
Inventing a time machine would probably shorten your tenure clock. — Azor Ahai -him- yesterday

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