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12:07 AM
@msh210 nah I'd rather someone else get it from hints as Stiv said
2 hours later…
1:45 AM
pack leader could be the front ball of a pack in cue sports
in 9-ball that would be the 1 (yellow) which doesn't seem all that promising
in snooker i don't think there's a specific name for the front ball (it's just like any other red), and in 8-ball it can be any ball except the 8 if i'm not mistaken
which is a lot of words for "i've got nothin'"
2:07 AM
you must have something
if nothing else, you have to have an internet connection to post a message
hard to argue with that
2 hours later…
4:09 AM
abandoning the year-old crossword for certain reasons... making a similar one in its stead
Perhaps molecule is electron? Thus, it could be E
@Anonymus25 Neither physics nor chemistry is my forte, but I do know them well enough to not think an electron is a molecule.
2 hours later…
5:58 AM
Has anyone in here tried the steganography puzzle I recently posted? If so, where did you "stop"? I get the feeling that I either dramatically underestimated the difficulty or that I should've put a higher bounty on it. I understand that the "target audience" is smaller than usual due to programming being required but I didn't expect it to last this long.
no, but then I've never tried any steganography puzzle so I'm not your target audience
"programming being required" *stops opening the link*
You can also waste hours of your life doing it manually :P
also not experienced enough with programming to do the image processing comfortably
@LukasRotter s/doing it manually/participating in an online puzzling community
6:50 AM
yeah sorry, i'm also not (qualified to be) part of the target audience
1 hour later…
7:57 AM
Q: Someone help me heal my wounds

Kabir Kanha Arora Every day, I is making such gud puzzles but received no attention. My friends is laugh at me and make things more bad. I feel wounded. My younger sister telling to me that I need something. That something is such long word I not understand so she gives me a puzzle to find it. I not able to solve...

8:21 AM
pretty sure a wolf pack leader (female or otherwise) contains h2o molecules, at least
and a few others
"walking on water" to clue "snowshoeing" - fair or not?
leaning towards no, even though technically snow is a form of water
shrugs At least put a "?" on it.
8:39 AM
4 hours later…
12:30 PM
Hey, I have a small question, which comes in the light of this puzzle that I posted yesterday, which @Stiv pointed out had some similarities to this. I have another puzzle "What is a Word" puzzle, but I wanted to be sure that something similar doesn't already exist on the site. how do you guys usually go about doing that?
12:51 PM
Q: Find missing alphabet

PyrousH | E | O N | R | ? M | T | C The options given are I, S, Y, P. Can anyone solve this puzzle I have been stuck for a long time.

1:45 PM
I posted some maths questions to maths, but @Randal'Thor told me some of them could be considered 'puzzles'...not sure I agree but happy to post links here for the mathematically minded
2:29 PM
Q: The largest Saturday number

StackMeterNo weekend love yet shown, therefore I will fix that. A Saturday number is a number in which for all $1 <= i <= l$, where l is the length of the number, the first $l$ digits divide by $l$. For example, 3816547290 is a valid Saturday number for 10, so your answer must, at minimum, be larger than o...

2:46 PM
@LukasRotter I'm with Mith and Deus - if I ever ignored a tag, would be it.
3:18 PM
@LukasRotter I'm extremely tempted to try
But I'm also very low on time
3:56 PM
@LukasRotter I did start solving it and made some progress with the red subpixels, but was unable to figure out the set. And then I had pretty much no clue what the graphics on the blackboard meant, and was spending way too much time on it, so I had to leave it.
@KabirKanhaArora it makes me think of 'first post'
And that shape looks like a sideways cursor which is also known as a pointer
And pointers are a breed of dog so.... 🤷🏻‍♂️
4:12 PM
Thanks, I'll drop a hint based on your comments in about 2 hours.
4:47 PM
Oof, looks like another late night for me then...
I'll increase the priority then and post in ~20 mins :P
5:18 PM
Having to drop 4 hints containing many subhints is usually a sign of a bad puzzle :)
Q: I wish to know somebodies maiden name

John HodgkinsonJanice Mary Ann Tedder. I wish to know her maiden name. She recently lived at 6, Eliot Place, Crowhurst, Surrey, RH7 6GD. She will have married approx 30 years ago.

6:03 PM
@LukasRotter thanks
Ahhh I'm more confused than before now 🙃
oh no
which part? everything? :D
Well I'm not going to be able to learn steganography in time, me thinks
And rather than that giving a hint, it looks like it's essential to the answer...?
I was hoping the answer was a dog breed, but the last clue seems to imply its not
I'll reword it
6:35 PM
Your ideas so far?
7:01 PM
@LukasRotter it's clearer, but still no clue unfortunately
3 hours later…
9:49 PM
Q: Is $\sqrt1*\sqrt2*\dots*\sqrt n$ ever an integer?

Hemant AgarwalIs $\sqrt1*\sqrt2*\dots*\sqrt n$ ever an integer? Although answers that need advanced mathematics are welcome, I would prefer answers that do not use very advanced, college level mathematics. Source: I came up with the above question myself after seeing the following question : Is $\sqrt1+\sqrt2...

9:59 PM
SERUM RUN fits, but both famous lead dogs (Togo and Balto) were male.
WHEEL DOG is not the pack leader, and not female.... Calling aromatic hydrocarbons wheel molecules would also be strange
The definition could even be a specific female leader, rather than something more generic - I'm sure there must have been a female world leader whose name fits the enumeration (just can't find one yet)...
10:36 PM
@Stiv Tessa May....?
10:48 PM
Never heard her referred to as 'Tessa' before, so I'd think that an unlikely choice for a CCCC...
A fictional leader, perhaps?
In terms of specific molecules I'd anticipate something common like OO (O2), NN (N2), CO, COO (CO2) - that kind of thing - inserted into something meaning 'wolf pack', like 'horde', 'throng', etc. Although the lure of 'pack leader' to clue 'P' is tempting, that would leave the definition to presumably be just 'A' at the other end of the clue, which seems especially unlikely now that the revamped hint clue has '(female)' added at the end.
Note that "pack" could also be a verb: pack "leader, perhaps" or "leader (female)" into wolf to get a molecule.
11:10 PM
Not an answer, but hopefully sparks ideas
@Stiv I hoped "...?" Indicated non-seriousness

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