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2:47 AM
@oAlt sounds like a cryptic in a cryptic, which is a paddlin'.
oh, didn't notice that message earlier
i think it's a thing you could do, but you would need to be very explicit with your indicators
e.g. "Minor characters at the front of [L_ I_ G_ T_], with leading three overwhelmed by librarian's request"
and the order of the indicators seems to matter as well in this case
1 hour later…
4:10 AM
I finished a cryptic!! (another 5x5). Will release tomorrow, been going over the clues for a week now :)
4:22 AM
nice, looking forward to it!
I made the grid with an eye to potential wordplays, wrote all the clues, then rewrote all the clues as I found fault in each, then rewrote a few of the trickier ones again, then spent an hour fiddling with the exact wording choices for a few indicators
they're probably still bad :)
sounds like a lot of work - hope it paid off
it could also be a sign that I am bad at cryptic writing
5:28 AM
2 hours later…
7:53 AM
I am bad at cryptic; I drink (3,3)
8:38 AM
Very good @Jafe :)
9:08 AM
9:39 AM
i'm really stumped by this c4
feels like you'd have to have a short word for either "racist attacks" or "scandals" (probably the latter), and none come to mind
the reason i say probably the latter is "racist attacks" being the def would put an S naturally at the end
castle can be KEEP but if it's that it would have to be the entire first word of the answer
NINE ELEVEN would be a term for "attacks" that fits the enumeration but 1) you wouldn't really call them "racist" and 2) there's also the slight issue of none of the wp making sense
@Jafe the definition could be "Racist": I was thinking the answer might be someone's name, or an indication of group membership (like ANTI SEMITE, though it's not usually spelled that way). But I, too, haven't gotten any farther than speculation.
hmm that's a good point
9:58 AM
incidentally, the clue also reminds me of youtube.com/watch?v=2Txk6wEbhC0
1 hour later…
11:20 AM
@TakingNotes any chance to get a hint on the c4?
11:35 AM
^ same hahah
C4 Hint: The castle mentioned in the puzzle does allude to chess, but the rabbit hole goes quite a bit deeper...
Hope that's enough to stop bobble's hot pokering...
"castle with black" could be a chess term but AFAIK there is no specific notation for black castling as opposed to white (it's 0-0 or 0-0-0 either way)
having said that i realise there are other historical notations and down the rabbit hole we go...
Q: Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzle

Hauke Reddmann(In German a Jigsaw is simply called Puzzle, the pun is lost in English...) A jigsaw has to match by form and (mostly!) by color at the tile borders. Assume your basic jigsaw tile consists of $m*m$ squares. Any square of the tile may have any of $k$ colors (obviously, only colors on the border of...

11:56 AM
someone gave my 4-year-old a miniature 3x3x3 rubik's cube to play with and now i have to learn how to solve it in order to not break the illusion of "dad knows everything"
i definitely recommend this strategy if anyone you hate has small children
1 hour later…
1:22 PM
@TakingNotes interesting. I know it was called O-O(r) for kingside castling in the past. Maybe that's something to do with it?
Yeah, I just saw en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castling mention that, along with O-O(l) (which I assume would be queenside)
2:03 PM
@TakingNotes the poker has been hung up, for now
@Jafe but that's easy ;)
2 hours later…
4:06 PM
Q: Your weekend bite-sized cryptic

bobbleJust a mediocre 5x5 cryptic. Nothing fancy, no theme, and hopefully I didn't do anything funky with the conventions of cryptic clues. Clues: 1A Nothing held by fake-rich group (5) 4A Code from an alien: "Hello, Charlie" (5) 5A Band separates, retiring (5) 1D Coast announced services (5) 2D ...

4:39 PM
@Sphinx Damn. I thought I could finally solve a cryptic but I am stuck. :(
4:49 PM
@Sphinx RIP @Sid - this was my first cryptic solve lol
@samm82 glad to be of service :D
also, if you'd rather answer my comment here I can delete it from your answer
@bobble Works for me (it's a bit long lol)
hehe you did it pretty fast though
Four across was the first one I solved. I tried getting three down using pURe, but I couldn't find anything. Then I got five across, which then gave me inspiration to get three down with __C_P. Two down then came with help from the cross, but I think I would've gotten it regardless. The O made sense for "nothing held by" so a quick jumble of "rich" gave me one across.
I knew from the beginning one down was a homophone but didn't see anything, so I waited for crossing. C_E_S meant I couldn't get "chess" out of my head (lol), but a quick perusal of wordhippo for "coast" and "services" eventually gave me one down.
I'm surprised you got 4A first, I thought that one would be hard since there were three parts
5:00 PM
I'm working on a cryptic, so I've been staring at a list of abbreviations on and off for about a month now - I saw "Charlie", then "alien", and knew what was going on XD
welp that's what you get for using common abbreviations
1D was unavoidably an obvious homophone, but I compensated for that by using words that read differently in the cryptic and surface.
I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing tho - I find a lot cryptic clues in puzzles on PSE can be pretty convoluted (which also isn't a bad thing), so essentially in the context of a bite-sized cryptic, it was a nice treat :) It's nice to see puzzles of varying difficulty levels
That's one thing I like about the one I'm cooking up - there are some clues that are (hopefully) pretty easy, but some that are (hopefully) significantly harder
I really liked the misdirections in your clues: "band", "coast", "services", and even "sum" - I was looking at "add", "net", etc. to try and match with "pURe" for a bit lol
thesarus.com was my friend :)
5:22 PM
@samm82 I was stuck with CREWS actually.
3 hours later…
7:58 PM
Q: Key to the infinite

dan1stI hope you will like this riddle: I am an invisible key but I don't open a lock. I am infinite and I am growing faster than anything. You are in me but you cannot see me. You need me when there is too much going on around you. I am a physical quantity. Who am I?

1 hour later…
9:18 PM
One thing that strikes me about the C4 -- and this is probably worthless -- is that "attacks castle" in chess notation can be "xR", and an x-ray is a black scan.
9:50 PM
@msh210 that's very interesting
The hint makes me wonder if it's to do with Googles copiously King's Gambit?
10:04 PM
did the ferret try my cryptic?
2 hours later…
11:53 PM
It would not in a million years occur to me to describe an x-ray as a "black scan", and "x" in chess notation usually means "captures", not "attacks".

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