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2:03 AM
@msh210 no idea but i think they should abbreviate clue-writing with just a C and call it CCCC
3 hours later…
4:47 AM
the c4 could be a double def for CREDITED (if you're credited you're acknowledged, or having a stated of indebtedness) but i don't think that's the intended parsing
the intended one i think is C(RED)ITED &lit., because if you owe money you're in the red
@Ankoganit ^
5:33 AM
@Jafe that is indeed correct
CCCC: Maybe AlphaZero's got onset of Down syndrome (4, abbr.)
@Ankoganit Are you a Bengali?
If yes so am I.
@RajorshiKoyal yeah
Are you from Kolkata?
I'd rather not get too specific about my location, sorry
5:44 AM
I am actually seeking some help about a couple of topics in reasoning for Bank PO
Please join the room that I created.
It would be actually easier for me to have a record of the questions.
@Jafe AIDS=AI'S containing D(own)
ooh, an abbreviation
@RajorshiKoyal I can try, but I'm not great at these; also, I'm doing something in another tab, so don't expect super prompt responses
No problem take your time.
6:20 AM
@Ankoganit that's correct
CCCC: Perturbed, abnormal or weird (7)
6:36 AM
@Ankoganit WORRIED*
A triple def, nice :)
only perturbed means worried i think
@Sid Can we get in touch once in the chatroom reasoning for bank PO?
@RajorshiKoyal sorry. I have an exam in a few hours. I will be a bit busy until the end of this month
Sure..So sorry to disturb you. All the best for your exam:-)
6:54 AM
@Sid yes
You're up
7:30 AM
CCCC: Book containing characters of the sitcom Icarus (5)
@Sid _com ic_?
@Ankoganit Correct. You are up.
7:56 AM
CCCC: Damaged heart's cores with oils?! (15)
Dangit, I still haven't stocked up on c4s but that sure is ATHEROSCLEROSIS = HEARTSCORESOILS*
8:12 AM
@Ankoganit very nice
Danke :)
8:44 AM
Q: Generalization of the two-surgeons-two-patients-and-two-gloves puzzle

melfntThis is the original puzzle with $n=2$. I recommend solving it before this one to get acquainted with the mechanisms. There are $n$ patients in an hospital (let's call them $p_1 \dots p_n$), each of them need an operation of by $n$ different doctors (let's call them $d_1 \dots d_n$) -- so $n^2$ o...

2 hours later…
10:53 AM
Thought people here might enjoy this.
1 hour later…
12:05 PM
@Randal'Thor That just gave me a lot of joy, thanks :)
@Randal'Thor very nice
1:07 PM
whoops there goes my data
but the joke's on them, i'm setting a team of lawyers on them once i get my millions from this nigerian prince i've been texting
I think you meant a team of liars.
plus the odd truth-teller put in there to throw them off
2 hours later…
3:32 PM
Q: Create a folder using only the mouse

melfntYou are a programmer, you are on your way home from your boring work when suddenly a psychopath hits you on the head, kidnaps you and brings you to their secret den. You wake up in a dark room with only a laptop inside. You just located the door when you hear an electronically distorted voice: "L...

2 hours later…
5:49 PM
not sure if I should flag, close, or both
blatantly off-topic anyways
I was considering a custom close-reason of "blatantly not about puzzles in any way" but am not sure if I should even engage in that way?
I just closed it. Oddly, the user in question seems to be a "normal" user on other SE sites.
well, actually just on Stack Overflow
if they continue posting junk we can take more vigorous action :-).
Four downvotes will kick it off the front page and decrease visibility. (Somehow I expect they will want to argue in comments)
Q: If there were extraterrestrial aliens living among us, wouldn't we by able to tell who they are by their refusal to take vaccines designed for humans?

3D0GThe Pentagon is supposed to release a report on this in June 2021. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/05/10/how-the-pentagon-started-taking-ufos-seriously

6:30 PM
Q: I am made of ice but hot as fire

Zisz T I am made of ice but hot as fire, I am soft but hard as rock No other context to this riddle. What is the answer?

Q: A series of strange codes

Jake FullerI made this code series for my computer science friends--they had fun solving it, and one of them told me I should put it up in this site, so here goes. The end of the code is rather unexpected! Each code has clue for the next one--the first code is easy so that shouldn't be a problem. (if you re...

@Sphinx <3 new user responsive to feedback comments, you get an upvote
7:21 PM
Q: The answer to this code is a famous celebrity

Jake Fullersimple and fun--this is another code I made for friends Hints (how few can you use?): 3qYKTZ7zaxdMCnTgQ3xHdeQFmJpoeOwoz7h9SHJt4x4bx6BffWuK27aINRwTfQ9ulY9X2k3ZB8uOvfUHtvWZ15akYBaILzktIvCzOlsKgciTg15Kg3mfCcwlu8dywQX0zLnmzLeX3uNJSky9ouzn7sUtq8QScZE7PBl1NgsxVXxiLTZ2QOQ

2 hours later…
9:27 PM
@Randal'Thor thank you, this is very funny!

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