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3:19 AM
Q: Need help on a missing word puzzle

UrsusMaritimusI can't, for the love of God, find any pattern on this puzzle. I can't make any sense of the numbers or the hint/instructions provided. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

3:49 AM
When reviewing this question in First Posts, I close-voted, then started an intensive edit to clean up the title, images, tags, etc., and by the time I had finished editing Deus had closed the question :)
4 hours later…
7:40 AM
even our closed questions are well taken care of
i now realise i had misread the c4 hint as Q instead of O... no wonder i was getting nowhere
8:21 AM
@msh210 Is the answer ATOLL? ddef: A topographical feature and 'A TOLL' is taken by erosion, meaning the whole surface works as an &lit too...
9:19 AM
@Stiv yes indeed (though I meant it as a charade rather than as an &lit)
10:03 AM
Aha, okay
2 hours later…
11:38 AM
Wishing no ill towards any of our wonderful moderating team with this one...
CCCC: Careless mod dies in uproar after criminal charge (13)
12:05 PM
Q: Can GAN GES nuts can be swapped from different types of cubes

AnonymousI have been cubing for many years, and recently I got my first speed cube. I got a GAN 354 V2. It came with 4 sets of GES nuts, and I figured out what they are, and swapped my GES NUTS. I also decided that I needed a faster pyraminx, as my old one is a bit slow and I think that I got fast enough ...

12:29 PM
Eyyyy two people in here!
@Stiv @msh210 gotta admit, I still don't understand even with the link how that's "a toll" (but it's also partly on me since I'm by no means the best at this language)
@Stiv I wonder if it is IN + CON + (SIDE)* + RATE
@oAlt Think of it in the sense that 'erosion takes a toll on an atoll', i.e. it has a big negative effect on it
@Sid You wonder correctly :)
I confess I don't fully understand "mod". Is it Anagrind?
Just a synonym for 'in' (hip, trendy, chic, etc.)
12:33 PM
Ah ha. Right right
Short for 'modern'
Not implying anything about our mods with this next CCCC:
@Sid Dang it! Thought I had it as a Mod's username anagrammed (uproar) + a synonym of die all after synonym of criminal charge, def: Careless
CCCC : Mod in Ecstasy following hundred endless kills (6)
a mod's username anagrammed would be an indirect anagram, which is a no-no :)
12:41 PM
TIL :)
@Stiv ah, had to meditate on that one for a while but I understand now
@Sid MURDER is stuck in my head, can't figure out the wordplay though
i think that would be kill, not kills, though
@Sid C+hang(s)+e?
mod as in modify?
12:48 PM
I think so?
What is the def? Change...
Oh, yeah
makes sense
@Ankoganit Correct.
Well there we go
CCCC: Complicated, dry math comes in this field of physics (14)
12:52 PM
@Jafe Correct
CCCC: Boy's grandmother having a hard time after retirement (6)
@Jafe NA(T+H+A)N<?
CCCC: Acknowledged having a state of indebtedness! (8)
1:21 PM
Q: can you help me with this?

Giorgian CiocodeicaHints: 3548 - 2 correct digits, but only 1 in the right place 4860 - 1 correct digit, but in the wrong place 2356 - 3 correct digits, but only 1 in the right place 2584 - 2 correct digits and in their place

Q: Stuck in a storm. Where is Grandpa?

DrDWhen Grandpa called, he sounded very unhappy. "I am supposed to be in Paris but here I am stuck in a storm!", he grumbled. "I am in the middle of nowhere. At the end of the line, front of the lobby, standing for hours. Trying to get a room for the night!" "What city are you in Grandpa?" I asked T...

2 hours later…
3:00 PM
@Ankoganit quite neat, lol
Thanks :D
1 hour later…
4:18 PM
Q: If you don't have me you will face

risky mysteries On many minds of the human race If you do not have me you will face Turning me high at a feeding place Being considered a family disgrace

Q: Need help with this difficult riddle

Zisz TBeen trying to solve this for a while now and havent gotten anywhere "What is light but still dark,its wet but dry. It has a name but it cannot be spoken. It ends in H" Any sort of help very appreciated

2 hours later…
6:24 PM
Q: My prefix is a god, better known as arthritis

Joe KerrTake away half of me, I become unnatural But give me your honey, I'll become an animal I may ruin your day But I'll always be followed by a ray ... And my prefix is a god... although Google thinks he's Arthritis. What am I?

7:10 PM
The most recent ("ODYSSEY") CCCWC is the first I ever entered. The votes were in three days ago and the site, since then, says "Results will be out shortly". Can someone here with more experience tell me what that usually means?
7:40 PM
Q: Coloring positive integers 'black or white'

ThomasLEach of the positive integers from 1 to n is colored either black or white. You can repeatedly choose a number m and recolor m together with those numbers, which are not coprime to m. At the beginning all numbers are white. For which n is it possible to accomplish that all numbers are colored bla...

2 hours later…
9:42 PM
Is this an answer insufficiently in the spirit of the question, or is it OK?
9:54 PM
I would say the question is probably more of an issue, theres already a couple of close votes for detail/clarity. I'd say the answer is fine, the editted question states that they can use a straightedge and a compass
10:09 PM
I agree that that answer is fine.

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