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12:33 AM
@msh210 oops - right - sorry... I will post one soon
@bobble ah, it's not - thanks for the reminder! fixed!
You're welcome! I was looking through some old grid-deductions and was confused by the disclaimer.
12:53 AM
Q: Fill in a 5x5 multiplicative magic square

jxia1234Let's say you fill in a 5 by 5 square with the numbers 1, 2, ..., 25. Is there a way to fill it so that the product of the first row is equal to the product of the first column, the product of the second row is equal to the product of the second column, ..., etc?

1:42 AM
Q: Escape from Sudoku!

Jeremy DoverAn entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #50: Escape Rooms I hesitated to enter this in the Escape Room FTC, but I definitely was inspired by the challenge to create this puzzle, and it is, in some sense, an escape room. This puzzle is definitely a Sudoku, with the following indicators: Arrows -...

Ugh, as soon as I wrapped up the previous quarter's homework new ones for this quarter piled up... Guess I won't be submitting anything for the FTC after all
6 hours later…
7:23 AM
Q: Chess - Knight Mate

JKHAWhat is the fastest, in terms of moves, for a legal game to come to a checkmate, either black or white with a Knight and such that both all other cases of the checkmated King are attacked by an opponent Knight and the King isn't in the edge of the checkerboard?

8:05 AM
I have to ask, why is it that everytime I come, I either miss or there isn't a conversation
Hum - I wish I were as good at writing clues... but
CCCC: Offensive group and a leaderless movement (8)
Hey! I'm just in time for the C4!
Hopefully it is not one I get in trouble for :)
"Offensive group" brings FOOTBALL to mind, but how about leaderless movement?
I am always nervous about making the C4 :eyeroll:
8:10 AM
@Graylocke :crying_with_laughter:
heya Jafe :)
@Jafe I just saw your profile, always thought your username rhymes with cafe
Q: What is the least amount of cuts to get a square from a rectangle when bend is allowed?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: Mike has a thin sheet of cardboard which is 96 centimeters large by 24 centimeters wide and a guillotin whose maximum cut length is 80 cm. Assuming this guillotin can cut a maximum of two layers of such cardboard. What is the minimum cuts he can make in order to get fro...

@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica hehe you're not alone
8:13 AM
I have met people who have altered their spellings to get people to pronounce their name properly. ^^;
It must be annoying.
Back to the c4, "leaderless movement" sounds like a movement synonym without it's beginning leters...
@Graylocke Nervous now? Cuz this might be solved by Gareth or msh ;)
Hm? I would rather it were solvable than not?
Why make a puzzle that no one can solve? That's the opposite of the challenge... :)
They might tell you off for legality :)
i think the "a" in "a leaderless..." is relevant
Maybe, like adding an a to the answer
"group" could symbolise G
8:29 AM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica I prefer to think of that as a chance to learn ;p
... that and I am not sure either Gareth or msh would “tell me off” as much as “point out where it could have been improved” ;p
9:00 AM
Q: Least cuts can be made in a metal grid structure to get 44 rods

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: Suppose that you have a metal structure made by brass wire. Assuming that you must get 44 rods of the same size each. What is the least cuts to be made using an electric grinder asuming that you cannot bend the structure? The choices given are: 5 6 4 7 This peculiar...

9:49 AM
Q: The Thief's ®341 Name

Infinity MilestoneThis question is continuation of this one. You might want to read that if you haven't already. 'That's it' I thought. 'B3TA_Z3R0' should be the thief's code-name. Typing that in the 4th monitor's input, took me seconds. But what came after was surprising. A message. Apparently being typed while I...

10:13 AM
Q: What is the least cuts to be made in a nested star to unassemble the structure?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: The figure from below represents a peculiar structure which consists in congruent triangles and is made of an iron wire. How many cuts passing through all the dots showcased can be made at minimum to get the whole structure unassembled? The choices given are: 4 3 5 6...

10:42 AM
@Graylocke an offensive is a military CAMPAIGN. group = CAMP (as in politics) and a = A and leaderless movement = sIGN (a sign is a movement in signed languages)
(That last one, movement=SIGN, is a little weak, so I suspect mine is probably not the intended answer.)
That kinda works, to re:Gray's text, he hopes it would be solvable and hopes he doesn't get in trouble for it, so it might work
10:59 AM
I vote we continue adding to the archive btw
Just to be complete
Pin that^^^
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica I wasn't aware this was a point of contention.
11:21 AM
Well, I have a secret I want to do with the archive, but it has to be complete for that
Plus, we stopped last year, on exactly march 2020
11:44 AM
You know what, never mind, leave it just the way it is ;) My secret could still work without it
3 hours later…
2:43 PM
Q: what is the actual answer to "what came first, the chicken or the egg?

a personI remember seeing an answer for this and I want to see if anyone else can find that answer. After a few days if nobody has an answer, I will post a hint to go with the quetion.

Q: Another (simple) self-referential aptitude test

PsplNine months ago I started my journey on Puzzling on a rough way with this question. I honesty hope this time I won't generate so extended discussion...!I love self-referential questions, puzzles or tests. And I still think those make the most efficient way to evaluate the intelligence of a person...

2 hours later…
5:00 PM
Found this BBC article from today amusing, given our community's love of cryptics: bbc.com/culture/article/…
3 hours later…
8:24 PM
Q: Proving by weighting

klm123Here is the puzzle: Alice and Bob leave in a world where all diamonds are divided into 2 types: Light and Heavy. All diamonds look exactly the same. All light diamonds weight exactly 100g, all heavy - exactly 101g. Now, Bob wants to sell Alice N light and N heavy diamonds. Before he does it he h...

1 hour later…
9:33 PM
@msh210 yep.
9:54 PM
@Graylocke oh cool
CCCC: King starting a trek (8,3)
10:53 PM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica For the record, I always hope they will be solvable and I always hope I don't make mistakes, regardless of whether I think the clue is good or not.

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