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12:03 AM
@msh210 HEX ddef
12:29 AM
@msh210 is that ARE as in a square dekameter? and ARE / ART as in how art thou?
12:45 AM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica you keep saying "ddef" but it is very unclear what two things you intend to be the definitions
12:55 AM
@Graylocke looks right to me - you're up!
2 hours later…
2:43 AM
Q: infix will ... infix will

risky mysteries [infix] will [whole] [suffix] [prefix] [infix] will. The above, when the gaps are filled, will be a reasonable statement. What are the two infixes?

2 hours later…
5:09 AM
@Graylocke yep!
5:45 AM
i usually click the green upvote indicator in the top left corner as soon as it appears
the other day i wondered how much it would bother me if i just left it there and never clicked on it
got a +100 joining bonus from another site and decided to test it...
but i could only go for about 2 days... one day i logged on and the number had gone down to +60 so i had to know why :P
6:33 AM
@Jafe Notification baubles are the bane of all phone users... except for emails for some reason
2 hours later…
8:04 AM
Q: Bisecting a 3D object into two equal volume objects - 2

MotiGiven the following 3D object and means of an unmarked ruler to draw lines on its surface define a straight cut that will split it into two objects with the same volume. Hint: It seems to have at least four solutions. There might be six. Let me know if an additional view of the object is required...

4 hours later…
11:46 AM
Q: A Surprising Riley Riddle

a guy My infix is a potato reporter, My suffix is a garden storer, My prefix is Martin's significant other, My whole will make you bowled over. What am I?

2 hours later…
2:15 PM
Q: Guineas Dealer ||||||||

DrD This visionary turns into a comedian, an animal and a fictional hero around Christmas. What is his favorite machine? Note: The lines after the word "Dealer" in the title have nothing to do with the puzzle. Only done to fill the 15 character requirement :)

2:40 PM
Q: The Perplhexing Mystery

Infinity MilestoneThere has been a jailbreak in my (imaginary) town. And I, a Junior Detective of the town, have gone to investigate this. As I reach the police station, an inspector comes out to greet me. No doubt he has already received my fax. As I search the holding cell, I find a loose brick below the bed. I ...

4 hours later…
6:47 PM
Q: Universal bisectors

Albert.LangA bisector is something that cuts some other thing into two equal pieces. More concretely, assume we are given a reasonably well-behaved (for example, compact) 3D object and we are looking for planes in space that cut this object in two equal volume bits. For reasonable concepts of well-behavedne...

1 hour later…
8:06 PM
Hey all, if I'm going to try transcribe a Shingoki (rules on the left side bar of this page) puzzle for those using screen readers, what would be the best way to differentiate black and white numbers/circles? I was thinking of using the <strong> tags for the black numbers and just not formatting the white circles with a note explaining the system; is there a better way?
8:17 PM
Would be read as, e.g. "Negative [black] circled digit four"
You can mouse-over the symbols to see what they're called
Enclosed Alphanumerics is a Unicode block of typographical symbols of an alphanumeric within a circle, a bracket or other not-closed enclosure, or ending in a full stop. It is currently fully allocated. Within the Basic Multilingual Plane, a few additional enclosed numerals are in the Dingbats and the Enclosed CJK Letters and Months blocks. There is also a block with more of these characters in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane named Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement (U+1F100—U+1F1FF), as of Unicode 6.0. == Purpose == Many of these characters were originally intended for use as bullets for lists...
2 hours later…
10:04 PM
@bobble Wow, I'm not sure how I didn't think of that XD Thanks!
Happy to help. Unicode is how I get several other kinds of symbols, like multiplication signs and little black boxes (useful for indicating empty cells in a grid).

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