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5:20 AM
@Stiv Or on the other hand, I could get Rudolph bobsleighing and give Ingrid a rest :)
2 hours later…
7:42 AM
@Stevo That's fine too
oh wat happened with the colons...
4 hours later…
12:11 PM
Q: A holiday game among friends

hb20007My name is Rozemarijn. I invited my friends Eleni, James, Helmut, Chiara and Pierre to participate in a fun game since we are all on Christmas holidays. For the set up, I asked each one of them to write a message on a piece of paper, then fold it and place it in a jar. The message is composed of ...

@Stevo got scoped
1 hour later…
1:17 PM
@msh210 (Glad I wasn't the only person whose mind went there immediately...)
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 6): Naughty or Nice?

Lukas RotterThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling StackExchange Advent Calendar 2021. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > Santa had a conversation with Alice, Bob, Charlie, David, Eve and Frank. It was supposed to be all fun and games fo...

2:16 PM
Q: Bad news keeps coming in

DrDThis rebus directs you to a 7 letter word. If you solve this, you might be able to solve It's a small word after all! What is the word? Hint

3 hours later…
5:37 PM
Q: What is a <ay.puann Word™?

Engineer ToastThis puzzle is based off and inspired by the What is a Word™ series started by JLee that have grown into Word™, Phrase™, and Number™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a <ay.puann Word™. Use the following examples below to find the rule. <ay.puann Words™ Not <ay.puann W...

6:27 PM
Q: We are both identical and contrary

C8H10N4O2Our head has two parts The first part doesn't go well with Paris and should watch what they drink. The second part may not be silent but doesn't have anything new to say. Together, they are a drop of golden sun. Our trunk has three parts The first part was originally into livestock but these d...

CCCC hint: The definition comes at the right-hand end of the clue (which in fairness might benefit from a question mark at the end...)
7:17 PM
Q: Cryptic crossword: Hydrophilia

richardbThree answers must be thematically shortened before entry in the grid; wordplay gives the shortened version. The contents of one cell in the completed grid should be suitably replaced to highlight the cause of the problem. Across 1. Kind of drunk around railhead (4) 4. Current law for H...

7:42 PM
Q: The age of three ladies

ThomasLThree ladies A, B and C have a discussion, where each lady says the truth twice and lies once. A: B is two years older than me B: C is 38 years old C: A is older than me B: The age difference between C and me is three years C: A is 36 years old A: I'm 35 years old B: At least one of A or C is yo...


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