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3:29 AM
ah, the c4 is indeed QUEER EYE, but it's a spoonerism of "ere Kwai" (ere = before)
@AncientSwordRage so yeah, this basically
me talking in class be like
3:49 AM
@Jafe I was trying to think how 'aired' would remove an R, but what your said works much better
4:08 AM
per msh210's comment i'm going to assume that's it and post the next one
CCCC: Rose's firm pair of cheeks enthralled member of parliament (7)
4:42 AM
@Jafe CO(=firm)+MP+ASS= Rose (as in, compass rose)
5:22 AM
@Ankoganit that's right
ok school over
2 more days till first gold badge.
@Jafe yep
@msh210 uh, not to be rude or anything, but we kinda assumed it was correct :)
@Stevo I know. I was just confirming.
@msh210 I know, I was just saying.
6:01 AM
Q: The commanding Riley

Stevo My prefix is a form of money. My suffix has electrical charge. My infix is your abbreviation. Altogether I command. What am I?

Q: Rigid regular nonagon from 21 Meccano strips

Parcly TaxelYou are given 21 Meccano strips, where the distance between adjacent holes is 1 unit: 9 strips of length 10 (hence having 11 holes) 6 strips of length 18 (19 holes) 6 strips of length 19 (20 holes) By inserting nuts and bolts in the holes so as to form hinges between the strips, it is possible...

1 hour later…
7:01 AM
@Ankoganit LEPRECHAUNS = L_E + P_ + REC + HAUNS - nice surface!
@Stiv correct, of course :)
(and thanks!)
2 hours later…
9:19 AM
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 2): A Christmas Tree for broke Nerds

Lukas RotterThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling StackExchange Advent Calendar 2021. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > Question: What message is hidden inside this tree? Text Version: * >​>​>​ >

ahh, seeing 2 PSE advents in a day
Well, if you save the chocolate from 1 Dec, you get to eat two on 2 Dec.
and I believe thats what happened.
(More common to open a door on a certain day and find that the chocolate has already gone, though.)
@MOehm understand what you mean. Even still, Lukas's puzzle is getting me no ideas of how to solve.
guess I better get back to the Rudolph waiting to finish his gymnastics :)
1 hour later…
10:34 AM
Hm. I may have found something in the tree. But what next?
@MOehm hmmm, partial?
I've been trying to strain my eyes to find a pattern with the colours; now my eyes hurt.
I shall not sleep until the puzzle is solved!
starts drooping
@Stevo No, I'll wait a bit and see what other nerds come up with.
10:51 AM
CCCC: Taking a case of brandy from a baby - literally so easy (5)
11:05 AM
@MOehm oh.
@Stiv BASIC = B(rand)Y taken from BA(by) + SIC!
@Stevo Well, it's always nice to be able to solve a puzzle singlehandedly. I can't do that at the moment, but perhaps someone else can. Not everyone has had the opportunity to see that puzzle.
(And I think that's also the reasoning behind the "official" stance on partial posts.)
@MOehm that was too wordplayorific for my brain this morning
11:23 AM
Really. I thought it was BASIC. (Ho, ho.)
@MOehm Indeed. You can even throw both 'A's into the mix too if preference dictates :)
He! Didn't think of that. I alwyas like to make such trivial zero-sum eliminations first.
@Stiv nice surface :-)
11:48 AM
I'd really hoped to find something else satisfying B_Y that a baby might be interested in (and that comes in cases) but I couldn't come up with anything quickly. I figured BRANDY was more desirable than BALONEY at least...
Burgundy. :)
CCCC: I recall great intros of instrumental riffs in composition of Led Zeppelin (9)
12:03 PM
d(I (_r _i gib)<)le* - very nice
^ @MOehm
@msh210 Yes. Thanks.
I've also seen that the bounty for yesterday's C4 metapuzzle is underway. Thanks for that, too.
Ooh, that is very nice!
CCCC: Mashup entering a composition of Led Zeppelin (9)
@Stiv yep!
12:31 PM
CCCC: I am spotted in Hollywood environs by mystery man after caper results in big disappointment (10)
2 hours later…
2:22 PM
@Ankoganit Spot on, nicely found :)
2:42 PM
Q: Help with math puzzle

WantaghMommaMy niece is having problems with the attached and I can't figure it out! I think I'm overcomplicating it. Thoughts?

CCCC: Rent Seinfeld regularly — it's mature (7)
2:57 PM
@Ankoganit RIPENED = RIP (Rent) + _E_N_E_D
I was going to say, is ETENED a word?
@Stiv yep!
Nicely disguised
No seriously, IS etened a word?
3:09 PM
Because I thought the pattern started from "rent", totally would've gotten lost there
Well, even if that were true, your answer would have been only 6 letters long.
Yeah, I guess
Are sudoku type/grid deduction puzzles like this on-topic on PSE?
Hello :) yes, absolutely
3:22 PM
@LukasRotter Is this even solvable(find the missing symbols in place of I,II,III) without any context?
@Wolgwang Not sure, where did you get it from? I assume the only rules are that symbols cannot repeat in rows & columns?
CCCC: Pixar production crashes badly after heads of HR and sound editor all quit (4)
@LukasRotter From a friend of a friend. I guess we have to assume that but I didn't get much success... I should spend more time on it before asking on PSE.
My first instinct would be to convert the symbols to digits and feed them to a sudoku solver.
@Stiv CARS(- h_ s_ e_)*
3:34 PM
yeah, I see no repeating symbols in the hypothetical 3x3 boxes.
Oof! that is simpler than what I thought. Is it a $\triangle$ on I ?
Under both rules - sudoku and no repeated symbols in columns or rows - there would be a triangle where the I is.
should be, yes. if its a sudoku then II should be a an asterisk. I guess the puzzle is really just about finding the 3 symbols immediately, not solving the whole thing
*under both rules, II should be...
Looking at it is really straining, though :)
and trademark symbol in place of III?
3:50 PM
Thanks :-)
De nada :)
I am unable to find Sphinx here. 🧐
It's the other way round -- she finds you!
This is the main room of PSE?
4:16 PM
I am surprised to not find some cryptic room description.
@juicifer That's the one :)
4:43 PM
CCCC: Chucks rabbit (8)
5:30 PM
@juicifer clearly it's BUGBUNNY™
@juicifer My guess is CONVERSE, ddef. (shoes & chatter)
5:44 PM
@MOehm ahhh
@MOehm To converse is to chatter, but how is that "rabbit"?
@msh210 See verb 2 here. (I only know that term from crosswords.)
oh, right, I've seen that before
Apparently it' from Cockney rhyming slang, which I'm never very comfortable with. (But that's probably the raison d'être of rhyming slang: To make those who don't know it feel uncomfortable.)
5:55 PM
@MOehm yeah, apparently from rabbit and pork = talk
(not vetted that videos, as I can't watch at work)
@MOehm that is in fact it
did not know "rabbit" was cockney slang tho. it seems common enough that I feel like I've heard it before
and I am not the least bit cockney lol
CCCC: Place of worship for queen of many faces, dodging cunning ploy (9)
6:45 PM
@MOehm Ooh, is this CATHEDRAL? Where Queen=CAT (as in Catherine) and the rest yields (-poly)HEDRAL, poly being PLOY*
6:58 PM
Queen is also a word for a cat iinm
@Stiv Yes, that's it. And what msh210 says is also correct (see no 5).
(That means queen = cat is a definition by example. Well, never mind.)
Ah, that's a new one on me, the queen=cat (animal) one!
That's another thing I've learnd from crosswords and fifteensquared.
8:04 PM
Q: Camel-eon 8x8 tour

Misha LavrovThis question is inspired by the Chameleon 8x8 tour puzzle. A knight is a chess piece that moves by jumping to a square $\sqrt 5$ units from its location. (The more conventional way to put it is that it can move two steps horizontally and one step vertically, or two steps vertically and one step ...

CCCC: Community college kid is confused: "Put in 10 grams... Produce 1000?!" (6,7)
8:51 PM
(Warning: One of the definitions I've used here is a bit of a stretch, but it makes for something lovely, so...)
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 3): Tentai Show

JafeThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling StackExchange Advent Calendar 2021. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > Divide the grid into "rooms" among grid lines so that each room is rotationally symmetrical and contains exactly o...

2 hours later…
11:22 PM
Q: A rectangle cut into two pieces, which build a square

ThomasLA rectangle with side length a and b are in ratio $a : b = (n+1)^2 : n^2$, where n is a positive integer. Is it possible to cut each such rectangle into two pieces, which can be put together to build a square?


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