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1:07 AM
A good nights sleep does wonders for anyone...
1:44 AM
For this 1000 rep bounty..., I have the damnest feeling in my gut that its impossible. Yet, I can't prove it...
CMC: Build a magic square but all the numbers are prime, or prove why it's impossible
@Anonymus25 ooh
cant use 2
for sure
This question, I am very close to finishing.
Theer is no exit.
so close...
yet so far...
@AncientSwordRage im not going to cheat.
@Anonymus25 do u have time for some... grid deductions?
3:00 AM
Maybe 30 more minutes
3:39 AM
more or less uneventful morning, time for lunch.
4:05 AM
im going to solve some bountied questions; need the rep
4:30 AM
@Anonymus25 got it.
2 hours later…
6:07 AM
@Tacoタコス the closest ive gotten to it is 1 swap away.
7:04 AM
@Stevo watch the video and you'll know what I mean
2 hours later…
9:13 AM
In lieu of an official CCCC, may I over a Just For Fun cryptic?
Spooner is sweating like someone let off a crime, just for thinking nimbly (5, 8)
How one might get crumbly cheese out of Wales we hear? (9)
Absinthe lacking in the hospital department - it's gone missing! (6)
Spooner's rough style of communication (5,4)
The smelly ones, washed? (4)
Follow march girl with turtles (5)
That should hopefully tide people over.
9:35 AM
is ENT a hospital department?
ear, nose and throat department, apparently
9:53 AM
i'm dumb
@Jafe no you're not
anyway i think #3 is ABS(-in,the)+E.N.T., #5 is NOSE* and #6 is APRIL ddef
the girl with turtles being april o'neil from TMNT
@Jafe exactly on both
My attempt at misdirection
10:53 AM
@Jafe I was thinking of a different welsh cheese btw
carefully ~caerffili?
no idea how that's pronounced, my knowledge of celtic languages is pretty much nonexistant
11:13 AM
@Jafe /kɑːrˈfɪli/ Vs /ˈkɛɹfəli/
Or something similar
11:26 AM
And it is sooooo crumbly, similar to a Wensleydale
11:48 AM
Q: Spot that puzzle

humn  This diagram solves a possibly familiar member of a well-known family of optimization puzzles.  Spots ● generalize a component that is represented variously in different statements of these puzzles. Which version of what type of puzzle is solved here?

3 hours later…
3:11 PM
I'll try and drop enough hints for the others so they're out of the way before @msh210 sets the next C4
2 hours later…
4:42 PM
I guess the fourth is MORSE CODE, a Spoonerism of "coarse mode".
4:52 PM
@MOehm yup!
So one Spooner to go.
@MOehm I don't think the last one really works, so I'm fine to spoil the intended answer?
As you like. As far as I can see, the answers are not related to each other, so we can't "backwards solve" it.
My intention was to clue 'QUICK WITTEDLY' as a spoonerism of 'WICK QUITTEDLY'
5:07 PM
CCCC: Capital card game record (10)
5:57 PM
@msh210 MONTE + VIDEO
@AncientSwordRage Oh, I wouldn't have solved that. (I thought about "quick something", but coudn't see anything.)
@MOehm yes indeed
@msh210 Queensland (queen+ lands*)?? (Probably not seeing @MOehm s)
(I was thinking Lands Registry, but without a 'perhaps')
My first thought - and probably mash210's intention - was to find something starting with "bridge". But "town" isn't a record, of course.
CCCC: One seen in Ascot regularly, jockey perhaps, has papers traded for card game (8)
6:23 PM
BACCARAT has ACT in it, but I don't see how the rest would work.
"papers traded for card game" smells like a letter exchange indicator
Papers traded for card game could be FISH, as in Go Fish.
7:12 PM
Q: Filling a grid with skinny trominoes which have arrows on their ends

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have a 10x10 square GRID with 7 empty small squares. This GRID is to be filled with skinny trominoes which have arrows at their ends (see figure 1). What is the maximum number of arrows which can point at the empty squares? You can place the 7 empty squares anywhere on the GRID. Below is a ...

@MOehm HOSTLERS: jostle, j(journal/perhaps has papers) for h(card/heart) ending in rs(game/RuneScape)
@AncientSwordRage I'm sorry to inform you that the editors' board of InjJCC (International Journal of Cryptic Cruciverbialism) has decided to reject your submission.
Hostlers ≠ one seen in Ascot regularly, though.
It's at least two.
7:27 PM
@MOehm I should have had it peer reviewed first 😑
But then it would take weeks to get the C4's acknowledged ...
1 hour later…
8:34 PM
@MOehm jockey perhaps is RIDER, change the ID (papers) into ACE GO (card + game) to get RACEGOER (one seen in ascot regularly)
i'm sure the definition was intentionally put together to sound exactly like a bunch of wordplay components there
@Jafe nice
1 hour later…
10:04 PM
Q: I was popular in the 1970s

AviI was popular in the 1970s. I can be represented by the following image: What am I?

10:27 PM
@Jafe I'm itching to know if this is correct as I've had several other half baked ideas that need proving right/wrong
11:18 PM
Q: I need help figuring out this vigenere cipher

Vakarian619I got this from TheClineFamily who are running a contest on instagram Jpxppxmusxyqbsjqfjzmrnorvokoqvtftvpmqfwbqg The only clue I have to the key is this: March is my month. My time to shine. Don't write about me or you'll run out of time. The answer is obviously Pi but I am not sure how to use it.

11:43 PM
Q: An oddly formed sequence?

Taco タコスI've been playing around with sequences lately and came across one that was rather, odd. Can you determine the next number in my sequence? 101, 123, 147, 189, 191, 213, 217, 279, ...


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