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12:20 AM
@Jafe Campari and Screwdriver wouldn't have worked so well
My Garibaldi knowledge goes mountain (via this game), the biscuit then the drink, then the person.
1:09 AM
it helps going onto your own native language's stack exchange...
the first thing I see is grammatically wrong sentences.
@Stevo regarding your Discord request, I'm looking at the puzzle now.
Not sure how long it'll take to create an interactive version though.
@Tacoタコス thanks :) it was taking ages to manually turn it... using excel. I am going to learn how to code. definitely going to learn how to code.
This is a great place to start :)
Never got around coding. Always went for the maths sides of things...
Coding is math with things other than numbers
1:18 AM
@Tacoタコス added with java etc... a year ago just wasn't bothered. now... hmmmm...
I'm biased because I'm passionate about code, but I get it lol
1:54 AM
@Tacoタコス u done?
Had to pause for an asthma attack, sorry :)
All better now though :)
thats good to know :)
Gonna make this one public so you can review the code for it.
It's redundant, but that should make it easy to study.
1:55 AM
ok :)
Both of them can be found there
I made it into two separate interactive puzzles.
Also dropped them in a comment on the puzzle
@Tacoタコス :)
1 hour later…
3:12 AM
@Stevo how's it coming along?
I think I've almost solved it :)
very bad
ive taken
200 moves
to make there is
Which question, one or two?
i cant do any of them
i kinda gave up
Ah, have you figured out that the entire bottom row can be solved with two right side clockwise rotations?
for number 2?
3:14 AM
Yes :)
i noticed that
but the top
I'm chasing the relationships from that
is very annoying
I'm finding the underscore annoying currently
where does the underscore go?
3:16 AM
In the middle
Ooooooo I just noticed something :)
oh no...
white flag
i really wanted the bounty... thats all... u know... 2k...
Lol how far are you away from it now?
ok, +4 rep for 2 edits on chinese language stack. I am kinda embarrased that most posts aren't grammatically correct.
but i cant complain
because i suck at chinese
and im good at english
@Tacoタコス i noticed that there are 10 spots for reservation; basically anywhere not in the middle.
i really suck at these types of problems.
@Tacoタコス for your information, i kinda gave up.
3:33 AM
I think I'm at the end of it, brb :)
oh no
what to do after bottom row is solved...
now i forgot
how to do it
@Tacoタコス is there any way to record moves?
oh no
i forgot
how to do it
4:03 AM
i did it
but now i cant do it
4:35 AM
So that's that pesky Garibaldi C4 finally wrapped up. :>That was quite convoluted.
5:02 AM
@MOehm its your turn btw...
Isn't it Jafe's? He found the last ingrediant.
6 hours ago, by Jafe
in any case i think MOehm should go next since he did the lion's share of the solve
ill be waiting for the cryptic btw
Ah, okay then.
5:15 AM
Okay, that's the "Cliff's notes" version of my little joke ... :)
CCCC: Sheepish youngster with dubious origin circles hotel with sports car (11)
LAMB (sheepish youngster) + ORGINI* (dubious origin) circling H (hotel) = LAMBORGHINI (sports car)
5:31 AM
Yes, of course.
argh, have to copy the formatting again, why have i not saved it somewhere already?
I go out, and it’s already solved
CCCC: Radio description of two sides of Aventador, a jewel of Italian auto industry? (4,5)
Hehe, I've just done that: save the link somewhere, so I can't find it the next time I need it.
if i just linked to rickroll there i wonder how many of the following setters would just copy the link without checking
5:43 AM
Hehe. And it may be some time before anyone actually got rickrolled. (By that time, about three different people will have asked what C4 is about.)
5:57 AM
@Jafe Some stupid idea that kinda works : Fiat group (no reasoning whatsoever)
@Jafe Well, I think ALFA ROMEO (reasoning: phonetic codes for A(ventado)R) kinda works better.
@MOehm that's it, yep!
The logical next step is something with a Ford Sierra. Let's see ...
im going to wait to try beat Jafe on the next C4
probs not
6:15 AM
neither alfa or romeo in the car maker's name has anything to do with the phonetic letters, btw... alfa is an acronym and romeo was some dude's surname
...in our series of "questions i'm sure everyone was wondering"
6:25 AM
casually still waiting for C4
if you like cryptic clues, i'm posting a crossword with 34 of them tomorrow
oh uh
stiv probably solves them
@Jafe as in how many hours?
wait, you are also in Australia... nothing to be worried about :)
hehe yeah
its 5:30pm
i'm in queensland, we're one hour behind
6:33 AM
@Jafe so you are 4:30pm
that makes things easier
for me
is there any interactive way of solving the crossword? like what does stiv use to solve them?
there's no interactive way
some people open up the grid in an image editor and write on top of that
thats what im going to do then...
others make a copy of the grid in excel or whatever tool they prefer and write in that
would be nice to have type-in functionality on the page itself but oh well
6:43 AM
i just hope i can solve some of them, at least, enough to make a partial.
Q: Who? What? Where?


@Sphinx the pleasure to see stivs puzzles without it being answered... though i doubt i can solve it.
the hidden phrase must be the letters left out...
or added.
7:08 AM
@Jafe Wow. I thought I knew all the states and (internal) territories of Australia -- there aren't that many of them, after all -- but (due to your comment here) I looked up time zones in Austl. and saw something mentioned about the Jervis Bay Territory... which for all these years I never even knew existed. Mind blown.
hehe yeah that one is easy to miss
i only learned about it this year too, and i'm a huge geography nerd
Jervis bay?
its kinda part of act
but sure
i never heard of that
7:59 AM
@Jafe "I'm a huge geography nerd" Stiv: 👀
8:11 AM
@oAlt me: what is geography?
CCCC: On the mouth of the Nile, old mariner regularly spies Italian family car (6, 5)
let me think
8:41 AM
@Stevo posted a partial answer to that grid one; maybe it'll help you. I'm admitting defeat at this point.
Goodnight all!
Gotta be up in two hours 😬
9:00 AM
@Stevo Loll
@Stiv I've got the whole of Part 1 of your puzzle, but I don't know what the next part/s look/s like yet :P
Oh, so I've got to speed up my editing ... :)
Oh no hahahah
Never mind, Deusovi beat the both of us to it :P
9:15 AM
Pah. Excel screenshots, that's cheating.
Darnnn, how did I not see that Part 2 was going to be that?? :00
Cool puzzle!
^ I second
(It's easy to tell. It has "Stiv" written in the bottom left corner.)
1 hour later…
10:31 AM
Aw, unlucky @oAlt and @MOehm - glad you enjoyed it at least!
Oh, yes, that was a fun solve. Deusovi can have the rep and buy another yacht with it. :)
1 hour later…
12:02 PM
LANCIA DELTA (def of an 'italian family car'): reorder (put LANCIA 'On the' DELTA) DELTA (mouth of the Nile) LAN (o L dm A ri N er - regularly) + cia (spies)
@AncientSwordRage Ecco!
That's it.
ahhh christ i read the enumeration wrong and was looking for cars matching 5,6... amateur hour here
so it was delta not sierra hehe
12:16 PM
I don't think there's car model called Whiskey.
(I'm glad I posted the enumeration correctly. I'm very good at getting such things wrong.)
12:30 PM
@MOehm I don't understand Latin, it's all Greek to me
It was supposed to be Italian, but apparently it doesn't quite mean what I indended. At least it wasn't an insult. Hm.
12:54 PM
@MOehm :D
@MOehm was my understanding of 'on the' correct? that it changes it from DELTA LANCIA to LANCIA DELTA?
1 hour later…
2:23 PM
C4 is coming soon hopefully, just wrapping up the details
2:40 PM
We're (re)learning about deadlock prevention in class
makes pun about pacemaker OS having some really critical deadlocks
@Stiv indeed :))
proceeds to laugh so hard it triggers a race condition
3:14 PM
@AncientSwordRage No quite. "A on B" can clue both A + B or B + A, in an across clue at least. In a down clue "A on B" means A + B, of course. The standalone C4s are neither across nor down, so I'll just use the more general across rule. (I should have used "by" instead of "on", I think.)
3:36 PM
@Avi blinks
3:48 PM
@Jafe just blame it on the "fact" that Finnish reads right-to-left
ti eb tsum taht
niin neluul, ällyk
4:06 PM
I don't think I can massage the C4 anymore, and instead I'll just rub by temples >.<
I just want it dead and buried right now
CCCC: Barrage of arrows say, aimed away from the bow; you must turn aside arrowhead, and duck. Our man puts himself before family, finding goddess removed from gates of this Nile-side necropolis? (6, 2, 3, 5)
Quite a mouthful.
yes, it started out as fun until it grew unruly
slight regret at the length
Well, I'll let the cracks chew on it. I'm off now. Bye!
@Avi taps Avi, you okay?
@MOehm ciao for niao
Not sure if that C4 gave me a headache, too much coffee or my ADHD meds
4:42 PM
Oh no
There's an error with the C4
4:55 PM
well, as a mod, you can edit it, and can even hide the history....
@msh210 working on a fix currently
@msh210 fixed ? Maybe ?
The history shouldn't be visible to non-mods I think? and anyway I don't think it ruins it
5:22 PM
History of (non-purged) non-deleted chat messages are visible to everybody. History of deleted messages are only visible to ROs and mods. Purged histories aren't available to anyone except possibly staff with database access.
5:48 PM
I noticed @Tacoタコス has surpassed me for recent edits - congrats!
6:07 PM
@Stiv I owe a hat tip on my latest puzzle to you. I was relaying to my daughter your recent "Right Said Fred" puzzle, and I realized the puzzling value inherent in the title of "I'm Too Sexy".
@AncientSwordRage This is VALLEY OF THE KINGS - probably easier to explain the wordplay inline: [Barrage of arrows say] VOLLEY, [aimed away from the bow]; AFT [you must turn aside arrowhead, and duck] (O <-> A). [Our man] (HE) [puts himself before family] (+KIN), [finding goddess removed from gates] (G(-ate)S) of [this Nile-side necropolis] (def)?
ATE being this
@JeremyDover Ha, well you did well to put it to use! Once I realised what was going on (at last) I was very impressed with the songs you'd managed to find and utilise as wordplay - must have taken a lot of searching!
DBOPM.com was my frenemy, that's for sure :-)
It would have been easier if I had been willing to rely on more one-word titles in the songlist, but that felt like cheating somehow.
The fact they were all one-word was a helpful guide and also made it feel nicely constructed - it was well conceived and put together
Oh yeah, I feel the answers had to be like that...the clues were "real", just formatted differently than usual.
I was thinking one-word songs in the clues. Even hint #3 felt like the mashup was too long, but it kinda had to be given the answer.
Ah, just re-read your previous message correctly now. I can see why you would have considered that 'cheating' - you could have constructed pretty much anything you liked that way! A challenging build indeed...
6:20 PM
Let's just say I'm very glad Dodie's self-esteem capped at 6/10...otherwise this whole effort might have been stillborn. Getting #1 convinced me I could actually do this :-)
Well, your puzzle gave me great joy during an otherwise very dull day at a conference...
Q: As simple as 1,2,3?

user21820What is the next number in the sequence? $1, 2, 4, 3, 9, 5, 6, 10, 16, 7, 11, 8, 25, 12, 17, 13, 14, 18, 36, 15, 26, 19, 20, 21, 49, 27, 22, 23, 28, 37, 24, 29, 64, 30, 31, 38, 32, 33, 50, 39, 81, 34, 40, 35, 41, 42, 51, 43, 44, 45, 100, 65, ?$ Clue 1: Insert the next number into the sequence! ...

7:07 PM
@Stiv spot on
@Stiv not too much?
7:23 PM
Longest one I've seen in a while! :)
7:33 PM
I'll try to make my next one shorter 😅
8:23 PM
CCCC: Youngsters give instruction to soldiers: "Left! Right! Fall in!" (11)
1 hour later…
9:25 PM
@Tacoタコス yes, getting busier and busier, though
10:20 PM
@Tacoタコス I got the 2nd question, but I forgot how to do it. I just did Theer is_no exit, and There isino ex_it. really close...
Q: Decipher help please

Travis RoseJpxppxmusxyqbsjqfjzmrnorvokoqvtftvpmqfwbqgbvfxukntupcneul Those are the letters I have to work with. No spaces or anything.. and this is the hint. March is my month. My moment to shine. Don’t write about me or you’ll run out of time. Can anyone help me figure this out??

10:55 PM
@Jafe posted yet? :P
11:07 PM
hey avi!
just about to post, in fact!
@Stevo you had almost 2.5 hours before Deusovi got it - what happened? — TCooper 2 hours ago
I went to bed. @TCooper — Stevo 1 hour ago
11:32 PM
@Jafe I hope about means somewhat close to 5mins...
couldn't come up with a good title starting with E, so i decided starting with E is more important than it being good
guess what
i can solve
all none of them. What an acheivement.
Hmm should I continue sleeping or solve Jafe's crossword 🤔
11:44 PM
sleep is rarely the wrong choice
Q: Eurasian nomads

Jafe Across 1. Theatrical musical interrupted by a tram construction (12) 10. One-time Vatican resident's right to boycott Toyota vehicle (4) 12. Exhausted courier crammed small boxes (6) 13. Hong Kong criminals, having gotten FBI tail, scamper back (5) 14. Broadcaster broadcast its adoration (5,7) 1...

thanks sphinx.
@Jafe true
i am absolutely the best cryptic solver.
ive solved 0 of them
what an achievement

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