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2:24 AM
@Bubbler does "XX" imply concatenation or multiplication of the two values?
Kek thanks
Q: Pandigital fraction sum that evaluates to 1

BubblerFill in the nine X spots in the following equation using each of 1, 2, ..., 9 exactly once, so that the equation is satisfied. The XX in the denominator denotes concatenation of two digits. $$ \frac{X}{XX} + \frac{X}{XX} + \frac{X}{XX} = 1 $$ Source: the problem for January 1 on Mathematics Cale...

3:22 AM
Q: How to get the least number of flips to a plastic chips to get a certain figure?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: The alternatives given are: 8 movements 9 movements 5 movements 6 movements This puzzle doesn't have an official answer. But I'm getting 9. But I don't know exactly if my answer is right or reasonable, Does it exist a criteria on what to do to solve these kinds of puz...

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4:38 AM
Q: I got [prefix] [suffix] [infix] from washing the [whole]

risky mysteries I got [prefix] [suffix] [infix] from washing the [whole]. P.S. I [infix] the [whole]. The note above, when the gaps are filled, will be a grammatical and reasonable note. What is the note?

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5:46 AM
Someone doesn't like my Marching Bands!
It appears that after the bounty was placed I got two downvotes, one per puzzle, 20s apart
Only two won't trigger the script, though :(
(@Bubbler was there a neater approach intended with the fraction alphametic apart from trial and error? i tried expanding both sides but that turned out to be messy and did not take me further)
6:16 AM
I didn't have a specific approach in mind (which happens with many other puzzles of similar kind), though one can still think of "this is likely to lead to a solution"-type of guesses as Gareth apparently did
Like, you know that one fraction should be large enough to make the sum of 1, so 1 should likely go in the tens position of a fraction and its numerator must be large
and if you introduce a prime factor in the denominator, it should be cancelled by the numerator OR by adding to another fraction having the same factor
6:44 AM
Q: How to fill 1/3 of the cylinder?

MotiGiven the 3 containers - a cylinder with base radius 1 and height 1, a box with side 2 height 1 and half sphere with radius 1 in the middle, a box with side 2 height 1 and cone with base radius 1 and height 1 in the middle. The cylinder is full with water. By moving the water between the containe...

7:10 AM
Q: What do these three towns have in common?

Prime MoverWhat do these three towns have in common? "Dublin", "Blackpool", "Chernobyl".

@Bubbler ah makes sense
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8:25 AM
Q: How to get the least amount of pours to obtain a fractional amount of yoghurt?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: A dairy plant in Milwaukee is well known for its yoghurt. However during the quality control a factory worker forgot to bring a set of adequate vessels to measure the required amount of yoghurt to be sent to the lab. In his set, he has a container filled with 14 liters ...

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9:31 AM
@Sphinx Should we... limit the rate of help requests?
... from the same source?
I don't know
That particular user is repeatedly coming up with the same source, but same thing could apply to, say, repeatedly posting IQ questions from various sources
10:31 AM
Q: How to open the lock from this safe?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: The figure from below shows a lock mechanism used to store sensitive data microfilms from a certain lab. This mechanism is magnetic and consists in numbered buttons which allow them to be moved. The only valid movements are non-rotating exchanges between two contiguo...

Q: An artistic trip

KeelhaulHere are 6 places I visited in 2008: Now tell me, where was the Sun?

10:56 AM
Q: An orderly transition of power

NarushiteliSince it's the 20th of January, perhaps we can demonstrate an orderly transition from TRUMP to BIDEN? There are eight steps to get there and all words are found in the World Scrabble dictionary. One of them is not an everyday word but shouldn't be too unusual as it is used in anatomy (and weigh...

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12:34 PM
@Stiv Congrats on 60k reputation!
12:59 PM
@Randal'Thor Aw, thanks :) It just kinda happened...!
Q: gold coins robbery

sukeshI am posting an interesting problem which I find in my local magazine.At first sight, I think this will be an easy one . But I am wrong. Can anyone help me to find some logical deducation from this question? Thanks in advance The question is as follows: There are 2 thieves shub and tush and they ...

1:53 PM
Q: Ma turned 34 in 2002. Really?

DrDMy friend said to me: “In February of the year 1970 at 1:12 AM Ma turned 18. Ma turned 34 in February of the year 2002 at 2:16 AM. How is this possible?” “And yes. Same Ma!” he ended with that.

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3:08 PM
Q: Gaby's 21 students sitting around a circle

Bernardo Recamán SantosGaby numbers her 21 students with the primes between 11 and 97. She now asks them to sit around a circle making sure that any two of them sitting next to each other have either their tens or units digit equal. In how many essentially different ways can they so sit?

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4:16 PM
@Sphinx The specifications here seem awfully like a programming competition, same as this one from the same user
Dec 20 '20 at 16:50, by Gareth McCaughan
(Spoiler: yes, it is from a programming competition.)
(that's Gareth the previous time)
4:34 PM
Also, if we have any 10k'ers here, could you check out the programming competition website from the previous question? Maybe the more recent question is from the same place.
I don't have time to look through everything there right now, but the site in question is codeforces.com in case anyone wants to take a look.
(codeforces.com/contests more specifically)
bah, i couldn't find anything with a quick search
5:15 PM
Q: math quiz question to be a math teacher

ExtrazloveIf I have a multiple choice question where $\int_ {e} ^ {2e} \frac {x} {\ln(x)} dx $ is equal to: a) 6.55... b) 7.28... c) 7.93... d) 7.96... e) 8.10... f) 10.10... the ... means that there is another numbers or not. What is the exact value of this integral? What's the fastest way to find the ri...

6:05 PM
Q: This Sudoku takes a step up! - SS#11

Beastly GerbilAn entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #47: "Wacky Sudokus" Other puzzles in this series Welcome to the eleventh puzzle in this series! For more information about the series, see the first puzzle and the introduction. Enjoy!               Can you ascend this puzzle and reach the top? Google ...

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7:37 PM
Urgh, I voted to reopen this question from the queue because I thought it really does somehow involve connecting integration with ZFC axioms, which would be an interesting challenge. Then I clicked through and read the answer, after which I concluded it's more likely the OP is just talking nonsense.
Apparently I can't undo a vote to reopen, so I cast a vote to delete instead.
I find it a sort of fascinating that their answer contains the line "Thank you for your answer. Can you give an example of a MCQ or this simplification of Axiom Z does not work?"
They're thanking themself, for their answer... within their answer
8:36 PM
Q: A triangle inside a triangle

ThomasLAll sides of a triangle T1 are shorter than the shortest side of a triangle T2. Is it always possible to put triangle T1 completely inside triangle T2?

Q: What is this puzzle?

Beth MusicI received a bag of wooden pieces, but cannot figure out what the puzzle is supposed to be. I've tried several burr options and several Alketruse puzzles, but cannot find the correct configuration. All pieces are the same. There are 23 total (not sure how many it should be because it could be ...

9:06 PM
I need to place one more Pentominous clue in the Pento-Doku, and that should adequately specify the rest of the puzzle. Struggling on how to do so in a way that doesn't A) cause a contradiction and/or B) allow an easy way to skip over too much previous logic.
9:52 PM
Q: cross sum arithmetic puzzle

John LFill in the numbers 1 through 9 in the 9 empty cells (each number appears exactly once) to make the row and column expressions equal to the number at the end of the row or column. Regular math operations rules apply; multiplication and division before addition and subtraction. A solid B means it ...

2 hours later…
11:39 PM
CCCC hint: Starts with C
11:53 PM
@Graylocke Is the answer CLOSED ddef?
I do not see how either definition would work, even just part-of-speech wise
Could you provide example sentences where the Substitution Rule would apply?
Well, CLOSED can refer to final moment, which is the final moment of something before it closes. It also refers to score below standard, like when a question's score is rated below standard, it is CLOSED! Neat!
I do not see an example sentence
In my opinion you're being too loose with defs again
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica No - that's not what I had in mind... :)
11:57 PM
That is not proof
Q: 10X10 Sudoku with a specific requirement

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have a 10x10 grid. We want to create a Sudoku in which, in each row, the pairs (a+b), (c+d), (e+f), (g+h), (i+j) add to one of the following numbers: 7, 9, 11, 13, or 15. Can you construct a complete 10x10 Sudoku fulfilling this requirement? NOTE:The numbers in the grid are there for clarif...

haha - it isn't quite that unfair :)
That is "something may be a little iffy", not "neither def makes sense at all"

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