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12:00 AM
> Pencil cucumbers, often for the first time were used for the first time in China, Great Plains developers, even though the first cucumbers India from Mesopotamia betigiriši other hypotheses in the valley.
> Corn and milk products were weak vinegar made from chew chewing, mixed with vinegar, sugar and spices. As the pixel freezer. Due to their popularity in the United States, Omar and Cora Fanning began selling sweets and sweets to the Irish cucumber company. Is called "Bread and Butter Faning Pixels" in 1920 (as an old man like or food). I live in the barren years without good at collecting the remainder of the purchase of the food that they sell. Flour and butter.
> Firewood wraps may be used as food. This has been done in Japan, it is called "bending rod".
@Aranlyde Pretty common, to the point where there was actually a puzzle about it in a recent puzzle hunt.
hey deus!
Which hunt was that?
Smogon Puzzle Hunt 3
archives are here
12:36 AM
@jafe nice crossword as always
any new npg logo submissions, anyone?
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1:44 AM
Q: Sorting 9 numbers with flips

Dmitry KamenetskyYou want to sort a sequence of numbers into ascending order. You can perform flips: take a sub-sequence of 4 numbers (a, b, c, d) and reverse their order to obtain (d, c, b, a). Can you sort the following sequence in 9 flips? 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

2 hours later…
3:32 AM
re: ccs take too long to make - I'm jut going to make my ATB a standard-clued crossword. I'm saving the already-make clues for later c4s, if I get any.
3:49 AM
Q: Picking up the pieces

Deepthinker101My prefix is a print My infix expresses frustration My suffix is often exclaimed My whole goes one step at a time

hmph. Three of my clues ended up referencing the Bible. I didn't mean for there to be a theme or anything.
4:14 AM
Q: Guess the word!

Deepthinker101With a - and +, I am to the left. With a switch, I am a name. With 2 I have fixed. With a -, I am 0. With 0, I run. What am I?

2 hours later…
5:58 AM
@oAlt thanks!
@bobble the correct procedure is to rewrite everything to fit the theme and act like that was the plan all along
6:44 AM
Q: Die rolling around a 6x6 grid

Dmitry KamenetskyEach side of a standard 6-sided die is painted with a different color. A 6x6 grid is drawn on paper and the die is placed in one of its corners. At each turn the die can be rolled to an adjacent cell (horizontally or vertically). As the die is rolled, the color of its bottom side is imprinted on ...

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2:14 PM
@jafe I only have vague knowledge of the Bible. As in, I read the comic-book version.
Q: What did you say? In Corsica? Really?

DrD A group of people In Corsica Carry out a chemistry measurement Which turns out to be highly acidic What is that?

@GarethMcCaughan, you still working on your CCCC?
2:58 PM
looks like it
@bobble Not to brag, but I have some pretty extensive knowledge
oh hello there North
@kristinalustig Ugh, I got put on Pretrial for mock trials
@Deusovi that big puzzle has genuinely taken over my free time. i WILL conquer it.
3:03 PM
wow, good luck
@matt Bonjour
@NorthLæraðr مرحبا
@NorthLæraðr What does that mean? We didn't have that when I did it
@kristinalustig Oh, so Pretrial is when you argue whether a piece of evidence is legally admissible
3:05 PM
Q: A Nurikabe-Kakarasu study

Jeremy DoverThis puzzle is another study for a (hopefully) upcoming puzzle, which I think has an interesting solution path. This puzzle contains a Nurikabe and a Kakarasu (see a previous puzzles for details). The connection between the two is simple: for each clue in the Nurikabe, if the corresponding square...

Not the position I wanted, though I can understand why they put me on it
North, if you want I'll give you the clues so you can Bible-fy them
I can try
okay, I'll set up something
(the files are on my personal Drive, so you would get my real name)
let's see how to avoid that
3:07 PM
@bobble good idea
Note that once you follow that link, you forfeit the right to attempt my crossword yourself
Also, some of there words are probably impossible to theme. Just do as many as you can think of.
@bobble Yeah
Hold on, I'm in English class
It's not going out for a while, take your time
@bobble Uhoh, someone already looked at the secret >:(
making another
3:15 PM
maybe next time @bobble protect it with a passcode
so the CHEATERS cannot access it since they lack the passcode
These aren't cc, are they?
I didn't think anyone would try to look - plus, how would I share the passcode secretly?
no, normal clues
3:16 PM
you can set up a similar ots
for sending back
when done
I'll send a different one later, I already closed it :P
don't think converting a bunch of clues to a biblical theme is strictly necessary
Yeah, it's a bit hard with the words given
you can do it, but three clues in a puzzle isn't that strange
I can think of one for maybe like the answer for "sighting" and maybe "mentioned"
3:24 PM
'kay, keeping them the same then
sorry North?
@bobble Up to you
I can think of some but it's alright. I can send you after I'm done and see with you think
I'm just embarrassed that I asked, now
Don't be :P
... i should really make a cryptic crossword sometime
@matt Those are HARD
3:26 PM
to make or to solve? or both?
y'all have any advice?
If you want spectacular clues, make some clue first
then fit those words into the grid
and find other words, and make clues for them
alright. need there be a theme?
I mean, themes are harder
3:29 PM
oh well then
Q: A special character

Voldemort's WrathYou and your friends are playing a computer game (numpad to move!) and need to unlock a special character! To do so, the game has given you a clue and a dialog box to enter the codeword. If you get the codeword correct, you unlock the character! Clue: 7419635 14789523 14789635 74123 Enter Codewor...

@bobble Working on a music themed one actually :P
clues or answers?
or both?
Mostly answers, but some clues as well
@bobble I got one done. I can't really think of anything else
ehh, keeping the old clues
3:35 PM
I think I may have fallen prey to my taking-sarcasm-literally problem
You were your own demise?
@bobble sounds fun~
Just make sure: is that sarcasm?
the ~ indicates sarcasm
how many words does the typical crossword have?
3:49 PM
tis a cryptic crossword
um... look at some of jafe's Fridays?
compare that with my 4
would it be harder if i didn't specify the directions?
well I'll post it here,it seems only appropriate
sorry its a bit small
4:11 PM
@bobble Yes.
hey gareth!
hey matt!
^ simple cryptic crossword, seemed only appropriate to put it here
What do yall use to make crosswords?
Google Sheets
4:14 PM
i just use puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/CrissCrossSetupForm.asp and turn it into a google slides
One set of cells is the growing grid
wdym? the link or google sheets?
the next set is a list of words and their clues
and then the final set is the empty grid with numbers inserted
I'm so confused
4:18 PM
any other npg logo submissions, anyone?
My double-marching bands Sheet, zoomed out for emphasis
the clues continue down below the screen
4:20 PM
how long did that take?!!
Once I'm satisfied, I have a "scratch paper" google doc where I format the clues
"format" meaning...?
Number them, remove the answer words, separate into groups, etc.
hm okay
@matt According to the Sheet, I started July 17. According to my eventual post, I finished September 7. You do the math
4:25 PM
that is insane
The puzzle only got 10 upvotes in the end :( And Deus sniped it, of course
aw :(
@bobble 10 upvotes is really very good!
The one before it, which took much less time to make, got 14
Oh, and @JeremyDover, I have two grammar notes on your latest puzzle which seem too small for edits. 1) It should be "see a previous puzzle for details", not "a previous puzzles" 2) The second "This Puzzle" can be replaced with "It" for a more natural (to me) feeling
4:41 PM
Ah, yes, I changed the wording on that...had originally been "one of my previous puzzles". Alas...
4:53 PM
@bobble I know the feeling...
dear.... gods.... that's big
getting the alphabet acrostics etc was a giant pain
(It took me around four months of on-and-off work to actually get it done.)
...I should really post a "making of"
5:09 PM
Personally I always want to see a 'the making of' for any puzzle which took say a week or more to make
They are always super interesting and seeing how other puzzles are made gives a lot of inspiration
Even for a "simple" crossword? (simple because its only gimmick is mixing-up the clue)
Q: My suffix is when you get paid, My infix tells you what I said

risky mysteries My prefix is a circle made My suffix is when you get paid My infix tells you what I said. My whole is a wish you made.

Depending on how difficult it was to make it, then yes!
Generally if it's somewhat obvious how the puzzle was made then theres not much point
But even if its a 'simple' idea - if the creator found it difficult to implement and invested lots of time into the creation process, then I find that very interesting and also makes me appreciate the puzzle more
The "making of" would mostly be about all the fiddling I did to make the crosswords work, with the constraint of 20-letter ccs along the diagonals
There were many false starts
5:19 PM
@bobble well I'd def be interested. It also helps new-comers see how to make better puzzles
Its one thing seeing a great puzzle and going damn thats good and not having a clue how to make something like that. Its another seeing the 'behind the scenes' and getting an insight into the creation process. I feel like perhaps a few more 'the making ofs' might make puzzles in general better quality
I mean thats rather theoretical I could be horribly wrong there :P
You've convinced me. I'll put one up for the rep demonstration of how to make a puzzle
Lol :P Thats the one thing that I think needs to be made sure of though, and it's done for the good of the community and not for rep
If I see a 'the making of' for a riley riddle I may well have to leave
For example :P
@BeastlyGerbil I mean
Rep exists to motivate posting
That is literally what it's designed to do
True, but I doubt anyone would upvote a 'the making of' for a simple puzzle anyways so thats a good thing
It's also used to gate privileges, though I don't know which came first
5:31 PM
There's a saying like "better to do it for the sake of the reward than not at all, and through doing it will come to do it for its own sake"
...written about religious studying but same principle
I agree, but at the same time I'd say theres better and quicker ways or earning rep. Wrap ups take a long time to write and think about, so generally I find they're only their because the person wants to put it out there, not because they want the rep necessarily
Another claim I've heard is that everything is selfish by definition - even stuff that benefits others is ultimately done to feel good about oneself
Oh I 100% agree with that statement. Human's are selfish by nature. Even being selfless to some degree is subconsciously selfish
6:02 PM
Q: Domatic lights - 4 colors

Joshua Taylor You must add red, green, blue and yellow light bulbs to the grid to satisfy these rules. Each white hex must contain either a red, green, blue or yellow light bulb. Light bulbs of the same color cannot be in neighboring hexes. Each white hex must be lit by all four colors of light. This includes...

3 hours later…
8:59 PM
playing Among Us in the Code Golf Discord gaming server if anyone's interested
9:49 PM
Q: Related numbers

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have the following numbers. √6, 3, 409, 11525, √7, 4661, 1082, -19 What are the relations between these numbers? From what connections have these numbers been created?

Q: My infix is what my suffix do

risky mysteries My prefix tells things that's true. My suffix if famous will have fans. My infix is what my suffix do. My whole an element of the plan.

Q: Digits count digits

humnGo ahead, count ’em:   2 2 2 1 1 9 In order, 3 instances of digit 2 are followed by 2 instances of digit 1, and 1 of digit 9. This counting would match the digits themselves if only the counting began with 2 rather than 3. These digits do match, blandly:   2 2 2 2 They may be count...

2 hours later…
11:49 PM
Physics help requested. (shouldn't take that long, no equations involved)
I failed the Witmus test
...what is that?
pun on litmus test
litmus test for what?
11:49 PM
so you're not a master wisecracker
He unwittingly failed
it left him witless
Failure was within my expectations
either of you know what equipment is found in a typical school physics laboratory?
I've never been in one, see
11:51 PM
no idea
my teacher just magicked out the instruments whenever we needed them
I've never been to school.
all i can remember is that we had a lot of pendulums
probably like 30+
did you use all the pendulums?
1 per student
was it fun?
11:56 PM
we had to do a write-up later, and I hate writing
I'm doing online labs, so instead of having little carts run across tables and timing them, I click buttons to run simulations of little carts running across tables
I wish I could do real labs :(
we had little carts and a racetrack
and magnets
one day in elementary school the science teacher didn't have a lesson plan so he just gave us magnets
it was a good day
11:59 PM
problem was that sometimes the carts would directly collide instead of applying magnetic repulsion
thus making calculations inconsistent

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