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12:21 AM
@msh210 Are you still there?
oh well
here goes
so many fully checked words :(
12:43 AM
Q: Cryptic Exile by Sir Featherwait

AviJust the other day I met Sir Featherwait in the professional aviators' lounge, where he instructed me to guess his favorite anime. Unfortunately, it seems that every guess I made went further and further off the mark. In a fit of rage, Sir Featherwait banished me from the lounge, and left me with...

1 hour later…
1:43 AM
oh, it has been posted :D
2 hours later…
3:30 AM
Q: Look at me - a number sequence

Prim3numbahThis sequence goes on forever, but here is the first 7 of them. The X's are just there to hide the actual digits. Can you find all the correct digits of the 8th entry? 1024, 90X1X, 25023X, 490364, X1031X0, XX1041X4, X690XXXX, ________?

3:48 AM
Hmm, alright
going to give the check mark to the more complete answer of the two
Of course, I appreciate the pun, Deusovi :)
I think the clues this time errred more in favor of surface while maintaining some basic level of correctness
4:01 AM
I skimmed and saw few errors as well, but I'm not going to bother to comment and let a cryptic crossword master do the work instead.. maybe
but anyway
on another note, the current c4 is unsolved LOL
I can give some comments on it tomorrow, if you want feedback - would do it now but I've got a headache :/
indeed, go rest first :0
4:18 AM
Q: Wait, it is worth it?

Culver Kwan You went to a Casino, and saw a quite interesting stall. The cardboard besides the stall says: You first pay \$$5$ You have to toss the fair coin. If it lands heads, you can throw again. If it lands tails, you have to stop. You throw the coin until it lands tail. The th...

4:36 AM
@Deusovi That would be nice, but go rest first ;)
4:47 AM
I still think 12D was a clever one
1/Pi approximately equals 0.318309886...
so, "about 0.318309886..." is literally "one over pi"
recursively, that's O(PI)NE :)
I think I have a clue more evil than that lol
18A was a Shrek reference, sort of
But it's going to be in another puzzle so I won't divulge at first
aha :)
is it a standard clue?
26A was why I needed an angry bird as the setting of the crossword
@Avi I think Ximenes may not approve of it... sweats
(oh wait I just looked at jeremy dover's answer and I think it's a bit misnumbered, since the 26A you are talking about is 18A in his answer.. at least in the explanation part)
4:55 AM
some misnumbering is automatically carried out by auto-numbering system
"recursively" is very questionable to me, because you're not really assembling the answer there, but a clue to the answer. That seems to me to break one of the main rules of cryptics. (Also, I don't like "over" as a containment indicator.)
it's a neat bit of wordplay, but imo not really a cryptic clue
@Avi (oh it makes even more sense now, I just noticed that all the numbers in jeremy's answer were consecutive..)
I see, that's unfortunate
over seems to be reasonably acceptable to me, though
I don't see how - in what context does "A over B" mean "A around B"?
in my mind something over another could be simply placed on top, or covering (either is valid)
I placed the tablecloth over the table
4:58 AM
that doesn't mean it's around the table, but it's on top of it
I placed the tablecloth over the corners of the table
again, that comes across to me as you placing it on top
"covering" would be fine, because you can "cover" something by wrapping a cloth around it. That's a normal use of the word "covering". But "over" ~ "covering" ~ "around" is too indirect for me at least
I walked over the lawn?
as in, I walked around the lawn, but was on top
That's a different use of "around"
not referring to physical containment
that seems fair
Mars rover over :O
5:00 AM
it does not mean you were on two diametrically opposing points relative to the lawn - you were always on top of it
(and definitely not at two opposing points at the same time)
Though I've seen "over" used for a containment indicator at least once before, so it's not unprecedented. I just wouldn't accept it myself.
Let me check how frequently it is used
ah, it's only used in the 1 over pi thing
could there perhaps have been a cleaner way to clue that, then? (using the same construction of O(PI)NE)
"Express a small number, around pi" maybe?
could be a bit easy, but the word "around" works nicely there
~=, I see. That surface does work nicely
Ok. Is there any way to have 0.318309886 be converted into OPINE, then, or is it just too non-standard?
(let's say that one over pi is used as a containment indicator, but the rest must be achieved)
(wait, what was the intended meaning of "recursively" again @Avi )
"Reapplying the parsing process"
on the result of applying the parsing process
5:08 AM
still confused, but intrsting
On 31A, "final, undergraduate" for _E is not grammatically correct outside of cryptics
but the surface was too good to pass up
yeah, "recursively" is not a thing you can really do
21D has the same grammatical issue with "natural leader" for N_
the wordplay should assemble the precise answer string
not a clue to the answer or a synonym of the answer
or wordplay?
5:12 AM
yes, because wordplay leading to the answer is not the answer
fair enough
like I said, I think it's a neat bit of wordplay, but not really something appropriate for a cryptic clue
@Avi wait, that's invalid too?
Leader of Noobs = N_ - I'm not sure that Noob Leader is quite equivalent?
It's probably more borderline than the first, which was clearly wrong
I think that one's fine, but not great
(in both cases, it's equivalent: NATURAL / NOOB is being treated as a string of letters, not a word with semantic content, so it's a noun)
5:18 AM
Leader of Nouns :o - but I should probably go sleep
maybe i'll have 100 upvotes by the time I wake up - or I can dream, at least
night :)
@Deusovi yeah, seems fine to me
@Avi nite
(never mind about my more-evil-than-Avi's-OPINE clue, I don't think it's going to make it to my puzzle. When the opportunity comes I'll just post it as a C4 and see the reactions of the people, as a measurement of how tricky/evil/downright-unfair it is; I reckon no one has clued in that way yet.)
anyway will disappear once again for a while
5:52 AM
Q: Phone pattern security

Dmitry KamenetskyMy phone is unlocked using a security pattern. This is a path drawn through a 3x3 grid of dots with the following rules: The path can start at any dot The path visits neighbouring dots: horizontally, vertically or diagonally The path visits every dot exactly once and it cannot cross itself N...

6:39 AM
Q: Triangular pool and three swimmers

MotiGiven a triangular pool 100, 120, 140 yards and three swimmers which swims at rates of 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 yards per second - place them on the edges of the pool in such way that when they start swimming at same moment towards the other locations, 1 to 2 edge position, 2 to 3 edge position, and 3 to 1 ...

6:53 AM
have another question about cryptics
is a reversal indicator allowed to do something like BE + CU -> CU + BE?
i think you need to use another indicator for that
like before/after, followed by etc
(some of those are just BE+CU -> BECU but there are some in the list which indicate reverse order as well)
7:10 AM
2 hours later…
9:13 AM
@Avi Sorry, I wasn't :-).
9:45 AM
CCCC hint: Unlike the earlier clues ending in "Rand al'Thor", in this one no part of "Rand al'Thor" is used merely to provide letters.
2 hours later…
11:22 AM
Q: Alice and Bob invent a game

StivThe rain was still falling in Wales, and Alice and Bob were terribly bored of having to stay inside the caravan. With just a deck of cards to entertain them they had played all of the card games in their repertoire – several times over. Suddenly Alice had an idea for another game they could play...

11:46 AM
Q: It's everywhere (yes, everywhere)

titaniummorroHere are 16 words which can be divided into 4 groups of 4 each. PLASMAS HUM EPIC BENZ OBSC MUND COND HIST GRAVEST CONS EXT CAROT ARC OVERT PROF FOLDER Can you group each word into the 4 groups, and find the two-word phrase which con...

12:09 PM
Q: How do I solve this Vigenere puzzle?

Akua QuaningI have tried vigenere cipher's decoders but they don't work. This is what it is: Wutg iyr rhw xosw qeonf, "yhrtrid no stmot shsindy gsyr." Can someone please help me?

3 hours later…
2:49 PM
Some ideas for the C4, since I can't seem to solve it on my own and am hopeful that these ideas will help someone else (and/or that someone else will post what he or she's got, too): Maybe '...' clues S (Morse)??? If 'Rand al'Thor' or '(a) name for Rand al'Thor' is a unit then presumably it clues one of the character's names, but none that I can find is 13 letters or is easily included in another word. So maybe 'for Rand al'Thor' is a unit, [cont'd]
[cont'd] cluing an adjective and referring to either the character or the SEer. (I had some more ideas, but none, I think, worth writing.)
Q: Cryptic Family Reunion: Unclaimed Ignition (Fan-Made)

hexominoInspired by the Cryptic Family Reunion Series by Jeremy Dover. The answer to this puzzle is a list of seven thematically related words or proper names or phrases. Each of these is clued cryptically, and the theme is to be determined. Since the definition part of a cryptic clue may give away th...

@Sphinx That went fast.
(Though I guess once you find one/some and recognize the theme, the rest are immediate.)
3:21 PM
v fgvyy fhfcrpg bar bs gubfr crbcyr fgnegrq gur sver...
v yvxr gur fvatvat niratref irefvba
3:35 PM
15 people?? dangg
well i'm about to sleep so that's going to become 14 in a while :P
@msh210 Rand al'Thor could simply clue MOD...
4:06 PM
Q: How to understand this line in the solution to this puzzle?

2____I'm trying to understand the solution to a puzzle named "Expelled," the link to which is here. Most of the solution to the puzzle makes sense to me, except the most important part -- how to determine what the next line looks like based on the previous line! Speaking specifically, can someone plea...

4:22 PM
tag: Word
Should I ask it as question?
Just made :)
Was it good?
trying another one: Data, Knowledge, Acid, Camp, Ball, Less
i think it's pretty easy because some of the words have very few options
like -tight could only be like skin, water, air?
that i can think of
4:27 PM
hmm yes
to narow down the option i used venn bubbles
I think I am not good at puzzle. I just do it for seeking fun.
However water voles are very cute creatures.
In India, an elephant is killed by feeding firecracker-filled pinapple
What a brutal act
Some people used their craft skills for such evil purpose
I saw a water vole through one of those one way mirrors once, we were about 30cm apart :)
Nice experience
@BeastlyGerbil What is one way mirror??
I can see through it, but he couldn't see me. So he was running around up and down and had no idea I was there watching :P
4:42 PM
A one-way mirror, also called two-way mirror (or one-way glass, half-silvered mirror, and semi-transparent mirror), is a reciprocal mirror that is reflective on one side and transparent at the other. The perception of one-way transmission is achieved when one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other side is dark. This allows viewing from the darkened side but not vice versa. == History == The first US patent for a one-way mirror appeared in 1903, then named a "transparent mirror". == Principle of operation == The glass is coated with, or has encased within, a thin and almost-transparent...
i heard about dichroic mirror
It was more of a one way glass tbh
but one way mirror is a thing
Don't think the other side was reflective
@BeastlyGerbil okay
Bye for now
@AlwaysConfused That's not the whole story, btw.
4:58 PM
@BeastlyGerbil, please add a top hat to one of these water voles.
^plus a monocle
5:22 PM
yes yes
much improved
5:33 PM
Still missing something...
a name?
Sir Walter Voleman
Was thinking something more like this
@Sid I don't think he'd define by example without something indicating it's an example.
5:50 PM
the ripples are a nice touch BTW @BeastlyGerbil, nice attention to detail
@Mithical the ripples are the worst part, just ignore that theyre there :P
6:29 PM
Q: Find the equation of this surface - The Snowman

melfntHere is a surface that resembles a snowman: Its equation has the form $f(x,y,z)=0$: if a point $(x,y,z)$ satisfies that equations it is shaded, otherwise it is "left blank". Your goal is to find $f$. Some constraints: The snowman is composed of three spheres: the "body", the "head" and the ...

my goodness, that looks like a real gentlevole
6:53 PM
Q: Assessment Centre Logic test

Tim GrosskreutzI have to exercises with solutions (red) from a german assesment centre logic test which I not understand: Does anybody the logic behind them?

Q: How can this puzzle be solved without guessing?

Claire TaylorThis puzzle was given to my 8 year old from the school. My child was struggling, so I gave it a bash, but was unable. I do sudoku regularly so know most methods of solving. I gave it to my husband and he got to the exact same point as me. Just wondering if this can be solved without guessing in a...

7:17 PM
Q: Find the next number in the given sequence

John BrookfieldsI created this puzzle. Find the next number in the sequence and the logic behind it. $$2, 1536, 5, 1792, 23, 1184, 53, 1168, 113, 1048, 137, 1384, 179, 1576, 311, 1268, 431, 1234, 719, 2026, 1031, 1097, 1499$$ Look closely at each number and its properties. This will help. Hint 1: Hint 2: ...

7:41 PM
Q: Find the missing shape

David DimaHere's a grid of shapes: Which of the following shapes should go in the missing cell, and why? There is only one correct answer, and the explanation should not be very complicated.


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