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1:37 AM
Q: Working For Chocolate

John S.NEW JOB! Congratulations on your new job. Times are tough in the economy, so you agree to be paid in chocolate. Compensation Package Each week the boss buys a chocolate bar, evenly split into 7 pieces, to cover your salary. |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| For each day's work, you will be pa...

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4:06 AM
Alconja Reviews Stuff #2: I've done three (of over a dozen) installments in the Exit: The Game series and have been really impressed. You can get them anywhere you'd normally get board games, but they're basically a one-shot "escape room in a box" and take 1 to 2 hours each (either solo, or in a small group).
Positives: A) Lots of unique puzzles and always a few good "Aha!" moments. B) Being very vague to avoid spoilers, but there's some clever ideas that will really make you smile (even the easy ones are still enjoyable). C) Creative use of components with cutting/folding/drawing that leads to interesting and non-standard puzzles.
Negatives: D) They're truly single use as you fold/tear/draw on stuff as you go. E) Arguably pricey, but $20 for 2hrs is comparable to movie tickets or many other consumable crafts/activities.
Uniqueness/Fun: A++. Puzzles: Ranging from "pretty good" to "excellent!" with the occassional "HA!". Difficulty: They're rated between 2 & 4.5 stars of difficulty and I've only done 2/2.5 star ones (been doing them with non-puzzlers), and in my experience the ratings are fair (every puzzle has hints/solutions if you need them). Overall: 8/10.
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7:56 AM
Q: Nurikabe: Hindsight in 2020

jafeThis is a Nurikabe puzzle. The goal is to shade some cells so that the resulting grid satisfies the following rules.1 Numbered cells are unshaded. Unshaded cells are divided into regions, all of which contain exactly one number. The number indicates how many unshaded cells there are in that reg...

8:34 AM
Q: Mising number in the circle

Santosh Pandit Please solve this as fast as you can or is it wrong ?

8:53 AM
Q: Another UNESCO World Heritage riddle

UnidentifiedXThis puzzle was inspired by this β›΅πŸ˜±$-$p 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 πŸ˜‚Long πŸ‘‘a⚽u Akβž• πŸ”΄πŸŒ²$-$πŸƒ πŸ’ of πŸ‘¦dπŸ§„ $-$ πŸ˜‹ β„οΈπŸ‘€ 🏰$-$ πŸ‘ $+$ C

9:50 AM
Q: Used technique to solve web interface permutation used in linked answer

IgnisI would love to get to know how the user 'phenomist' came to his solution (Link) from a technical point of view. Of course I did tried it on my own. I used an interceptor to catch the HTTP request sent to the server modified it fired it against the API. I got results but nothing of use. I did thi...

@phenomist This question relates directly to one of your answers to another question - you may wish to address it yourself :)
10:17 AM
@Stiv The question it refers to (the 2018 one) should probably be closed as an ongoing competition with prizes, no?
10:39 AM
@msh210 I hadn't spotted the comment beneath the checkmarked answer saying people had won prizes for solving. Do we know that it is still being treated as an ongoing competition or has the author's prize giveaway finished?
Q: The Russian machine has a flaw

classicalMpkThe year is 1969. You, Robert James Fischer, are invited in a secret Russian basement to 'play a chess game against a strong opponent'. When you finally meet your opponent, a Russian bald guy who is more than twice as high than you, you quickly realize something : his brain has been modified by ...

Q: Triangular conundrum

JMPPlace any three numbers on the vertices of a triangle: 5 / \ / \ / \ 8-------4 Calculate their differences, going one way: 5 / \ -3 / \ -1 / \ 8-------4 4 Place another number inside the triangle: ...

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12:03 PM
Q: Fun with Flags part 6: left right left

sarsaparillaWe are looking for the name of a country leader. Other puzzles of this type: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

12:41 PM
Q: Triple Riley Riddle

hexominoBelow we have three Riley riddles. The trick here is that the three answers are anagrams of each other. Can you find all three? I In all, I am a soldier, My prefix can be found on a plane, My suffix is at the edge, My infix is an island, in Spain. II In all, I am a mockery, ...

Q: Numbers with vowels used twice

DEEMThis question is linked to Numbers in series If you write out the numbers the British way (using "and") What is the smallest number that has all the vowels used exactly twice. What is the largest 6 digit number that has the same property? Bonus Question How high you have to go t...

12:53 PM
@Stiv I haven't the foggiest.
whatever the prize is i assume it's already been claimed by everyone and their mother
Q: Brain Test of Maths

Saqlain Abbas Can you guess the answer of this question related to Maths Brain Quiz

considering that the solution has been available online for over a year
1:38 PM
Q: Word Pyramids Up and Down

DETIVAUsing the letters complete the puzzle so that A seven letter word A five letter word A four letter word 3x 3 letter words are created

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7:39 PM
Q: I steal the light... what am I?

DaveRainbowin I take the light Turn it into my own Then at day Turn to stone What am I?

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10:48 PM
Q: Find Relation between the following numbers

amir bahadoryIf: $23Γ—3=76$ $13Γ—3=26$ $3Γ—3=9$ $33Γ—3=70$ Find $43Γ—3=?$

11:07 PM
Q: Murder Mystery - Murder at The StackO Ave Tavern

John S.Murder at The StackO Ave Tavern Each Saturday Night the local bar, "The StackO Ave Tavern", hosted a Poker Party. And each week, me and three of my buddies attended the event. Until this week, it's been a great time. This night, however, one of my buddies got up from his chair and screamed, "...


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