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12:36 AM
(x-7)^2 = (x+3)^2
x-7 = x+3
-7 = 3
wtf happened here
12:57 AM
@matt Equality of squares can mean two things: either they're equal, or one is the negative of the other.
(Or, in this case, just expand both sides and simplify the equation to get a linear equation.)
5 hours later…
6:16 AM
Oh come on. I submitted an edit but I overlooked another typographical error -_-
If anyone could approve the edit then override it with their own by changing "personnalities" to "personalities", or simply override/reject my edit and just notice and change the errors themselves, that would be great
1 hour later…
7:29 AM
Q: Equations in sentences?

00xxqhxx00Some simple mathematic equations are converted into these sentences. What are they? Candice's land (in $m^2$) is equal to the total area of Albert's land and Betty's land (in $m^2$). On March 14$^{th}$, the frequency of the radiation waves is exponentially higher. The price of a litre of water ...

2 hours later…
9:33 AM
Q: Gladys's Double-Letter Cryptic

jafeThis is part 8 of the puzzle series. Part 1 is here. Dear Puzzling, Today I'm enjoying some quiet time after a long flight. As you know I'm at least as much a fan of places of worship as the next traveller, and the one I saw today is certainly worth the visit. Some cells in the grid can contain...

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10:47 AM
Q: Rhyming Riley Riddle!

Deepthinker101My prefix expresses the profound, My suffix is found in bread, My infix is the cosmic sound, My whole is mourning for the dead.

Give a "G", say. 4 letters.
2 hours later…
12:41 PM
Q: Can include answerer's content in my question when he has given some permission?

user2617804How to edit my maze question to improve understandability? How can this three dimensional ball maze be solved? I just want to include the maze without his answer and correct it- can I do that? I was really hoping Graylocke would respond with the desired content. He has basically said yes since h...

2 hours later…
3:01 PM
Is this answer NAA because it's just a "hint" with a pattern that doesn't actually hold for more than 2 squares?
3:18 PM
hints can still be useful.
There's already an accepted answer
And it isn't really a useful hint because the pattern it notes doesn't hold for the rest of the sqaures
2 hours later…
5:04 PM
@oAlt Reviewers have the option to "improve edit."
5:23 PM
Q: poor designed clock problem

mikii tried to solve the next problem: the hour and the minute hand of a clock are indistinguishable, can you find those hours and minutes that are indistinguishable? i've tried to solve that with the following python code, but failed. can someone help me how can i find those hours? python code: pair...

6:12 PM
Q: Crypted Gobbledygook, Decrypted Obvious

JKHAWhen it is crypted, it is gobbledygook, when it is decrypted everyone who reads it understands! zorrqpxj gzu fuebmtvbkexjt gzu baq Happing decoding :)

6:26 PM
@Deusovi How might you clue DERELICT from RELIC, or vice versa? It's almost an uncovering, but not quite
7:02 PM
Q: The QWERTY-shortest word

JKHAFor this puzzle, I define the distance between two letters as the shortest way on a QWERTY keyboard to go from a letter to another with a path. Examples: Q and W are seperated by a distance of 1. 2 for E and T. 2 for I and N going through J. 9 for Z and P. The average number of letters in the ...

7:51 PM
Q: 1000 gold coins to share with the knight

risky mysteriesNote: This riddle is similar to this riddle: 1000 gold coins to share with the king, except now YOU are the king, and the rules are switched up a bit. And the situation is wackier... You are the King of a great kingdom in an unknown world. You sent a knight to a dungeon and he killed the dragon a...

8:16 PM
Q: A river crossing puzzle

Falk HüffnerHere is a puzzle I came up with. Ali and Billie are approaching a river from one side, and Casey and Devin from the other side. Ali shouts: "Do you two also want to cross?" Casey shouts back: "Yes! This should be no problem, there is plenty of boats on each side, and it takes just one minute to c...

9:05 PM
Q: Logic Sign Puzzle

Squareoot"Bad" Design is on purpose. Your task would be to fill the two empty spaces with the correct sign.

9:23 PM
Holy Shit, BmyGuest is back
Hello, BmyGuest. You must be important to merit a "Holy Shit" :)
Hi, thanks!
Well, I've been a very regular for quite some time, but simply haven't had any real-life time to follow along for a long time.
But today I got one of those ideas in my head that simply don't let you rest... so I better put them in a puzzle.
Is it a good idea?
Q: The mage's safe

BmyGuestAfter fighting hordes of undead, slaying several gargoyles and finally dispatching of the evil necromancer himself, the adventuring party finds itself in the treasure vault beneath the mage's tower. There is plenty of gold around, but the one thing the adventurers came for - the magical Sword of ...

Well, only time will tell. It certainly kept me entertained for a few hours building the puzzle.
9:30 PM
Puzzle looks cool!
Those things are always a bit border-line. If it's too easy than it's now fun, but sometimes "too hard" simply means "not a good puzzle". I hope not, but we'll see. I'll definitely will not give hints for at least a week.
(Thanks bobble)
9:47 PM
@bobble whatever happened to your no-swearing rule? :p
Oct 12 at 19:57, by bobble
One of the exceptions to my no-swearing rule is quotes
yyyyeah that's what i linked to
and I was quoting Lukas
.... forget i said anything
uh anyway
have i missed any bobblie updates, @sciborg?
(I can't not ask)
"Last seen 56 mins ago"
9:55 PM
Q: Particular Diophantine equation

Display mathsThere are four natural numbers $a$, $b$, $c$ and $d$ such that $a<b<c<d$. They satisfy the following equation: $a^2$+$b^2$+$c^2$+$d^2$= $abcd$ What is the smallest possible value of $d$? This is a math puzzle, so please solve it without computers.

plugs a^2+b^2+c^2+d^2=abcd into wolfram alpha
thank you, wolfram alpha
@bobble sadness
10:59 PM
hi north
comment ça va
euh ça va bien
Qu'est-ce que tu fais maintenant?
I think you're the only remaining bobblied avatars
11:02 PM
Well, this crown stays on
I love my profile pic
@Voldemort'sWrath I was trying to think of a response, but I stop taking French after this year soooo
what level of french?
French 2 lol
oh im in french 3 rn but I speak, read, and listen at a higher level than 3
11:03 PM
google translate word reference!
Maintenent, je parle avec toi
@Voldemort'sWrath use 3 - on either side
I think that was the correct grammar. Oh well
oh lol
btw it should be "parle" not "parles"
11:04 PM
like this
thats for the "tu" conjugation
Oh I had it right lol
i see thx bobble
my teacher hates google translate
as im sure every other language teacher does
I put "parle" and then I'm like "je" has "s" so I put "parles". French 2 LMAO
Que feras-tu plus tard?
11:05 PM
@Voldemort'sWrath Yeah, I think that's universal
or, as the french say: mdr
^ morte de rire
@Voldemort'sWrath Ooh fancy future tense.
I would double-check my Japanese paragraphs with Translate
japanese would be a cool language to learn, i imagine
11:08 PM
That's how I can tell you're in French 3 lmaoo. We learned a bit of the other future in French 2, but pretty much everybody goes with "Je vais ...."
Futur simple? I forgot the terms
what about je _____ai?
like je ferai
The definitive future past?
That was French 1. Along with L'imperfect
Japanese only really has 4 tenses, and words all conjugate predictably... except for a few exceptions, and the fact that the conjugation rules are stupid complicated and vary based on how formal you're being
11:09 PM
l'imparfait :):)
I like passe compose better
well it depends on the situation
passé composé isn't always correct
like for "i was sick" you would say
j'étais malade
But I just like it better. It's very straightforward. "I killed him." "He died." "
11:10 PM
not j'ai été malade
je lui ai tué
il est mort
also you wouldnt say il a mouru
@Voldemort'sWrath My french 1 teacher explained l'imperfect as "...used to"
@Voldemort'sWrath Yup! We learned that in French 2
idk about used to tho
It worked well in French 2
11:12 PM
this is a french chat now
"I used to be sick", "I used to eat humans", etc.
désolé c'est notre tchat maintenant
i would say more like
j'ai eu = i have had
j'avais = i had
stupid chat cooldown :C
"I used to have", I definitely had
do you just wanna ad lib a conversation?
11:14 PM
ok lol
My French sucks
i'm sure you're not that bad
Je parle terrible at Francais
ok nvm :):) jk
11:15 PM
je parle terriblement français
Mon francais est terrifique :D
As demonstrated by above
so what's new?
Oh I didn't even see :P
now you have something to do!
that upvote just now better have been you, @PrinceNorthLæraðr
(votes are anonymous and thus I voted for you)
11:18 PM
uhhhh huhhhh
k gtg
nice talking to you!
Ooh, Japanese
(I spoke a little Japanese)
11:20 PM
Our school only offers Spanish, French, and Chinese. Hmph
I wanted to take Latin
Also note the past tense - I remembered the sentence structure & conjugations but had to look up both "a little" and "spoke"
And no one would ever write just kana - that sentence would have some kanji in it
All in all I'm not great at Japanese :)
As someone who knows no Japanese, that looked completely normal
If you want to pronounce it, "wa-ta-shi wa chi-(short pause)-toe ni-hone-go o hah-nash-ta"
or, translated literally: "I little Japanese spoke"
where "wa" and "o" are grammar markers
11:42 PM
evil duolingo bird appears
11:59 PM
Q: Besides our we sometimes use

Prim3numbahThere is something special about these three numbers. Many other numbers fit this list but these three should be the most common ones. $2$ $1666$ $18364758544493064720$ What is the hidden rule behind the creation of these numbers?


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