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12:00 AM
@Avi I recommend you check out imslp.org
they have free sheet music that's in the public domain (so pretty much all classical and romantic composers)
But I only play anime music
Well then
and apparently Fugue no 2
I suggest you check out Ninsheet? It's not anime but video game music
I go there all the time
I tried playing Route 201 from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and proceeded to fail miserably
12:43 AM
Q: Need help with riddle

ChrisI am useful, not beautiful. Years ago I was huge, but now I can sit in a desk. I do not think, but I can help you do your school work. New models of me can play music. What am I?

1:07 AM
"Fugue no 2" -- whose fugue no 2 from what collection? (Obvious guess if I have to make one is Bach, WTC book 1, but there are a bunch of other options. It's not very anime-ish, though.)
1:24 AM
Q: I am stuck between rock and ice - What am I?

Dmitry KamenetskyI am stuck between rock and ice. I see no light of day. If you come here then you won't know what time of day it is. What am I?

1:44 AM
@GarethMcCaughan It's just a good song imo (Fugue No. 2 in C minor, Bach); my better songs that I could play (at one point or another) include "He's a Pirate" from Pirates of the Caribbean, "This Game" from No Game No Life, "Let's Get Down to Business" from Mulan, "Zen Zen Zense" from Your Name, "Only My Railgun" from A Certain Scientific Railgun, and, of course, "River Flows in You" (because it took 0 time to learn lol)
But, most songs are too boring :x
Hence why I'm here riddling instead
2:15 AM
Why no 2 in particular? (I agree it's good, assuming you mean from book 1 of the WTC, but ... so are all the others, at least if you like fugues. For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not saying you made a bad choice or anything; I'm just curious.)
Some of the preludes are gorgeous, too.
2 hours later…
4:25 AM
I played prelude no. 2 so if I get fugue no. 2 down then it will be sickkk
otherwise people will always question "why didn't you learn the other part?!"
then I'll be like "I was too bored/weak"
tfw it's harder to read notes than to actually play them on the piano
but in truth I'm getting better at reading notes and worse at playing them xD
3 hours later…
7:52 AM
Q: Lost in Translation

boboquackYou arrive on a foreign island, but upon heading to the local library, you find yourself unable to decipher the texts. You wonder what's caused this... ??????????????????????????????????? B H F K QCEI MT N UWO S OR VEGU LT R YZ ...

2 hours later…
10:19 AM
The prelude's relatively straightforward. The fugue's not hard, as fugues go, but any fugue is difficult to play well.
1 hour later…
11:35 AM
Q: This new puzzle type needs a name {3}

StivI believe I have invented** a new type of puzzle... What is its name? ** Well, 'adapted' an existing one, really... Colour-blind-friendly version available here. Those without colour-blindness may still find this link useful for differentiating between colours of different shades which a...

12:29 PM
Thanks @GarethMcCaughan for the reverse-puzzling retags - I didn't even know we had a tag for that!
You're welcome!
(Reverse-puzzling is fun. But my initial guess at what might be going on with your latest seems like investigating it requires more solving effort as a first step than I want to put in right now...)
Ha! I'll be honest - I think this one is a hard one to see through to the end. It took me a LONG time to create a version that works! But it's still entirely solvable through logical deduction... just not necessarily simple to do so...
12:51 PM
I wasn't suggesting it wouldn't be solvable. For that matter, all I have right now is a plausible guess (or maybe two guesses, but 6<7 so probably one, which is too bad because 6>3) at what the first step in solving it should be.
(Actually, the option that would involve ~half as much work looks like it's no good not only because 6<7 but more concretely because it produces unsolvable subpuzzles.)
1:08 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I thought the option which involves "~half as much work" might be the right one, although admittedly I haven't probed too deeply and might not get the chance to.
Maybe I'm wrong about it involving unsolvable subpuzzles, then. I didn't look very carefully.
I can confirm that at least one of the subpuzzles is solvable. I might try on the others later if it hasn't been solved already.
1 hour later…
2:23 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Yeah, I'm approximately halfway through the fugue and it's getting slightly tougher
2:56 PM
@Avi Ah, River Flows in You... that pretty song that's so overplayed it makes me wanna die
3:39 PM
Just got back from the MIT Mystery Hunt! It was a fantastic time, with lots of clever puzzles - you all should check them out at some point
Did you win?
you sound rather enthusiatic abut that :P It's not about winning though, is it ;)?
@Deusovi Where can I find the puzzles?
ah wait i found it
I'm very enthusiastic about not winning, because the winners have to write next year's
and my team is absolutely not prepared for that
@Stiv i s'pose the herrings changed their hue, didnt they?
@Deusovi lol XDXD
@Deusovi new found treasure... lots of ideas ... i love that site
4:02 PM
@Deusovi Hahaha
Is it the same team you use for the galactic puzzle hunt?
That team, plus about 60 other people?
At least that many.
OH okay
MITMH teams are big - we split into smaller teams for other hunts like Galactic
Test Solution, Please Ignore (plus friends)
Oh it's Test Solution, Bees Ignore now?
yep - we merged with the team Aviation Laws
4:14 PM
@OmegaKrypton If you're referencing this puzzle, y'know I'd hardly even thought about the similarities! Seems I've got a thing for coloured circles... Hmmm... now I want to play Twister for some reason...
4:40 PM
Q: In times of crisis, I am priceless

Pax LibertasIn times of crisis, I am priceless. I’m illegal, yet permissible. Enemies call me despicable.. But what is my profession? That is the question. Concealed among bureaucrats, who administer resources, diplomats. Researchers and scholars affected, distrust spreads, disconnected. My identit...

5:22 PM
@Rubio Interesting response
5:36 PM
I'm just surprised my answer fit as well as it did, at all
5:55 PM
Path to hit headlights at first (5)
6:16 PM
6:42 PM
Q: This is a Rilerdl

AviMy prefix's full of expertise My infix's in the diocese My suffix's citation missing link My whole's making a sink sync What am I? A Riley Riddle

1 hour later…
8:10 PM
"According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee
should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get
its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Ooh, black and yellow!
Let's shake it up a little."
@Deusovi What was the theme?
8:31 PM
@North yes, that is where the team name comes from
@HTM Saving an old run-down amusement park! It was a bit weird for a theme but they pulled it off really well
@Deusovi hehe
Is that claim actually true
Bee flight isn’t a question of the “laws” of aviation anyway
they don’t explain bee flight because that’s not how bees fly
Bee flight is actually a case of autopsychokinesis. They don't fly. They levitate.
oh "that claim" being the one about the laws of aviation
and not about my team name
yeah the bee flight thing is nonsense
8:49 PM
Was thinking about making a new Tense Riddle^{TM}
Infinitive past make children laugh
Past used for carpenter's craft
Present is a diocese
Present perfect 7 - 5 to be's
need a better target though
9:03 PM
@JohnDvorak Ah
From what I can tell the format isn't particularly good unless I can identify a good property of certain English words; see is more of an exception in this case
9:17 PM
@North hello!
Greetings, old friend!
How was your conference call?
Re the C4… "Sweetheart", rather than any synonym thereof, is the usual definition given for "jo". So I'm guessing "sweetheart" here clues "jo". That doesn't seem to be helping me with the rest of the clue, though.
(Should I rot-13 musings of that sort in the future?)
clearly the solution is MOJOJOJO-JO
as for why... runs without explaining
(… assuming it doesn't clue "e" as someone suggested earlier.)
9:24 PM
that's >10 letters long
MOJOJOJOJO to be precise
you only take the top ten though
adding a - ruins it
@Mithical ah, yes
(is that what you were referencing)
uh, don't know
I was thinking along the lines of this
so if that's what he said then yes, if not, then no
...so no, we weren't thinking of the same thing.
the combination of "ten" and "mojo" immediately made me think of this
9:31 PM
ah, I saw that when searching up mojo jojo
@North went well
sorry I was in and out a bit; can stay some now
in any case, some progress has been made on the latest riddle; only the name needs to be found now!
Got a puzzle in the works right now
oops...did I kill another conversation?
@Brandon_J R.I.P.
Sorry Brandon, you're under arrest. You've seriously got to get these killings under control. *shakes head* We talked about this.
9:35 PM
Hold on, it's got a pulse
actually I'm working on another puzzle too
I'll be making Vowelburgers (TM)
@Mithical is this the Mithrandir of old?
@Avi the only concrete detail for my puzzle right now is the title: Starry Knight
9:37 PM
(*) looks like holding a star above your head?
reaching for the stars? is that a rebus
I see a tomato
oh you're right
that's saturn
or the empty set rolled over
9:39 PM
noooo mithical is too powerful shies away
Did I even spell that right?
...in any case, that latest bit of ascii art should clarify what the initial response was.
@Mithical tomatoes for eyes?
@Brandon_J No. The way to spell "that" is T-H-A-T.
9:42 PM
Also, thank you, Avi.
Good luck trying to catch me to cut my hand off. I am covered in jam and too slippery.
....good night
That is oddly specific
good night
wait is it strawberry or blackberry?
now I have to know
from the eyes
PSA: if you have tomato jam coming from your eyes, please see a doctor or your local exorcist.
9:44 PM
You must be fairly rich
Apricot jam is no joke
and to keep a constant covering....
what dedication
I wonder if I even have a local exorcist.
well the conversation lived for a few minutes more.
Not the worst.
10:36 PM
@Mithical Sounds like a bad SCP
@Deusovi I’m intrigued
That’s why you use RSYNC
what's SCP and RSYNC
I was talking about this one
Oh man, now I’m wondering if anybody’s made an SCP about SCP
A bit of a stretch, but...
"It's right" = T.
"if not" = NE. (According to Wiktionary, "ne" just means "not". Maybe it really also means "if not"?)
"accompanied by" = concatenated with.
"sweetheart" = LOVE.
"to beat" = LAM (which is true, though I didn't know it until now).
"back" = reverse all that, to yield
isn't ne "not equal to"
10:39 PM
@Avi yes, also
@msh210 How’s “It’s right” = T?
in LaTeX, anyway
@HTM rightmost part of "It"
Oh, I gotcha
well, in LaTeX and HTML entities and Perl and maybe elsewhere.
10:41 PM
The NE part is probably the weakest link
Maybe “if not accompanied by” = NE?
(Just looked it up: not HTML entities. Perl yes, I know, and IIRC also LaTeX.)
@HTM how?
I dunno, just throwing things onto the wall and hoping something sticks
@msh210 Preceded by a forward slash of course
or (_T+NE+LOVE+LAM)<
@msh210 Yeah, you've got it. "Ne" has an old meaning that's roughly equivalent to "if not"; the most likely place you might have encountered it is in the old Christmas carol "Adam lay ybounden", which contains the rather strikingly odd claim: "Ne had the apple taken bene, the apple taken bene / Ne had never our Lady / a-bene heavene quene". (I may have the old spellings a bit wrong.) Which, in modern English, means: "If the apple [in the garden of Eden] had not been taken, our Lady [...ctd]
... [i.e., the Virgin Mary] would never have been queen of heaven". (Therefore, it goes on to say, it's just as well the apple was taken.)
It amuses me to have an instance of "it's" where the 's really does mean "of it".
My apologies if it was a bit too stretchy. My excuse is the usual one that I liked the way the surface worked out.
@GarethMcCaughan me too. Nice.
@GarethMcCaughan I have to admit I've never heard of that carol AFAIR.
10:53 PM
@Rubio Do you have any idea why the mathjax for this question has your name in it?
11:03 PM
CCCC: Chandler hauls a mold through Ohio, starts casting at Sixth City in the north (10)
every time i see the word mold
I'm reminded of Slime Lapse
@Avi because it’s my template. I provided it with simple user-modifiable parameters so people didn’t have to wrestle with simpler but uglier mathjax, or with images copied out of excel screenshots.
ah, I'll keep your name then :)
@GarethMcCaughan I wonder why it says the fruit was an apple. Is that a common belief in Christianity? (Genesis doesn't say what it was.) (Maybe I should ask on Christianity.)
Yeah, I would recommend not changing anything but the title parameter. There aren’t many bits in the mathjax that should be needed to be adjusted. (If your words are long compared to the title, you can made the Pad value something more than 0. Bump by 0.5 at a time until it looks nice.)
11:17 PM
I'm trying to modify the table headers
it's not reacting nicely :(
Nnnoo, no it wouldn’t.
@Avi if you want simpler markup, you can find the question I asked in the series.
basically, I'm not using \def correctly
It’s purpose-built. If you need something different, feel free to ask, but that may not be something you want to change without some healthy understatement of how it works ;)
was hoping \def\V{\textbf{VowelBurger}^{TM}} would work fine
then I could use \V elsewhere
but stuff isn't showing up
11:18 PM
Why do you need that?
making a Vowelburger (TM), of course :)
Are you not doing a “What is a ...” thing?
making a new type of riddle
but I need a table
and your template is pretty nice
Ok well yeah, that template is specifically purpose built for that use case.
Also you’re looking at an old version anyway
yeah, I don't know where I would find a newer one
11:22 PM
my questions :)
Gimme a sec to get off mobile
@msh210 namely this, @avi
the highlighting ;-;
hehe. The highlighting took me 6 versions spanning 2 1/2 years to get right.
Don’t even ask how many test attempts between those released versions ;)
@Mithical You really need to get that sarcasm-O-2000 fixed
see y'all later
11:31 PM
@avi If you want "VowelBurger" and "Not a VowelBurger" headings, you can probably use the latest template with this as the second code line:

\def\T{\Title\textbf{VowelBurger}^{\;\!™}\Pad}\def\NT{\Pad\textbf{Not a }\T\ }\displaystyle

and make the Title completely empty: \def\Title{\textbf{}}
Latest published template is at puzzling.stackexchange.com/q/83981/30633
If you do that please change the comments to indicate yours is a nonstandard version of the template and should not be reused.
oh. I see what you wanted now
11:48 PM
Q: Vowelburger$^{TM}$ Riddle

Avi(A new kind of riddle) I ordered 5 Vowelburgers$^{TM}$ with buns and meat only - help me identify each one from the description on the menu! $$ \begin{array}{|c|c|}\hline\textbf{Meat}&\textbf{Vowelburger}^{TM}\\\hline A&weak\\\hline E&cyst\\\hline I&succeed\\\hline O&secured\\\hline Y&letter\\\h...

@North Need some assistance on your latest puzzle:
Q: I'm Back........!

NorthTo: My Mods! (and the community) Note: The following is a letter enclosing the details of what's going on. It's more for "story" and humor, but does have some information that you might want. To save you time for those who'd rather not read the letter (and hurt my feelings), here is the tl;dr: ...

Like I said in the comments, I believe I have the method to extract the riddle, but things are kinda funky
I'm confused
That's not what's intended, I believe
Transcription is part of the process
Is part of it at least right? Cause it's too coherent to be a coincidence
11:54 PM
How are you deciphering it?
Oh i see
I'm double checking, it might be a mistake on my part
Okay, I think the notes got messed up during the upload process, because holy crap that's a lot of typos
Lemme fix that
You have the right idea though
OK, glad to know I'm not tripping here
I honestly don't know what happened because I double-checked it before I saved it
I did the transcription using my phone, so perhaps I misread some of the notes, I'll do it again on a bigger screen

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