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12:14 AM
@Avi That's how I have so much rep
I was like I swear I had only 2.5 k
@Avi "That's annoying" Tom declared, irritated
@Randal'Thor When you said I missed a pun on my post what pun were you thinking of
1 hour later…
1:48 AM
@North Not really getting the wordplay here, mind explaining?
@Avi annoy ---> irritate
2:18 AM
That's not really punny enough to be a proper Tom Swifty. The fun in a swifty comes from having the manner of Tom's speaking be non-standardly appropriate for what he's saying, in a way that involves some wordplay. E.g., the one Avi quoted from Scott Alexander's page earlier: “My karate instructor died,” Tom said, desensitized. To make it appropriate you have to read that last word as de-sensei-tized.
With annoying/irritated there's no wordplay. It's perfectly reasonable descriptive prose but it's not a Tom Swifty.
hm ic
more examples?
there needs to be more wordplay, you're saying?
Yes. I gave a couple of hopefully-useful links earlier, one to the Wikipedia article about swifties and one to a few posts on the Slate Star Codex blog that are full of (mostly excellent) swifties.
aight i'll look at them
Explanations of some of mine above (not because I think they're especially excellent but because it's my own that I most clearly have the right to ruin by explaining them :-)): aspiringly = [grade] A spire (-ingly); aspirationally = aspie rational (-ly); slowly = slow [Robert E] Lee; pathetically = Pathé-tic (-ally); reprovingly = re-proving (-ly); articulately = Art-ICU-late (-ly); eirenically = Eire nickel (-ly).
3 hours later…
5:22 AM
@msh210 "for two it is, Li"
@GarethMcCaughan And then the best ones also work "straight". I mean, that it makes perfectly good sense without being a pun. Like
@GarethMcCaughan this one.
6:06 AM
@hexomino no, sorry, this isn't it
2 hours later…
7:46 AM
@North Something about "post" in the sense of a wooden post, similar to a tree. You used "tree" and "post" almost together in your question; it seemed like a glorious missed opportunity.
8:01 AM
@msh210 Yup. But the wordplay is the requirement.
1 hour later…
9:20 AM
2 hours later…
10:58 AM
(and, to be clear, the fact that the "ungratefully" one works "straight" as well was entirely deliberate. "Reprovingly" too, but that one is less satisfactory because the straight and wordplay-y meanings are too closely related.)
2 hours later…
1:24 PM
Or in other words, @jafe, I think it's a+Gr.+A_
@msh210 that's correct
and i only got the pun now
CCCC: Only feeble rhythms constituting a Pete Seeger song (3,5,2,7)
Nice find!
@msh210 CCCC solution is THE BELLS OF RHYMNEY (anag., of course).
1:42 PM
yes, indeed
1:56 PM
and it wasn't such a nice find. I stuck the song title into an anagrammer just to see what popped out, and that was the first result. :-)
But thanks.
1 hour later…
3:26 PM
"They just cancelled the meeting I had scheduled" said Tom disappointedly
3:42 PM
nicely done, now I am responsible for coming up with one
"It would've been nice if you hadn't stirred up that nest," Tom said, waspishly
@Avi nice
Thanks :)
4:16 PM
So I was browsing a thread on Reddit and found this nice wordplay
I'm mildly offended as a Texan, but ehhhhh who cares
The wordplay was: y'all Qaeda
but now that I look it up it's apparently a meme so I'm not going to have anything to do with this x.x
"I downloaded Minecraft when my parents weren't home," Tom said, craftily
4:31 PM
"I had a Catalan architect decorate my home," Tom said, gaudily
"Every Sunday, I have difficulty walking," Tom said, weakly
"Furrows are in fashion," Tom said, groovily
"I've been monitoring the effects of exercise on my stomach muscles," Tom said, abstractly
"My teammates are toxic," Tom said, acidically
The "abstractly" one is the best of those.
"The genetic experiments at my workplace have been giving me a lot of white hair lately," said Tom sheepishly.
@GarethMcCaughan Huh, I thought it was the acidically one
maybe I should change it to "My friends play League of Legends," Tom said, acidically
although that would probably be offensive to non-toxic LoL players
"I run every day, which makes me happy," Tom said, dashingly
resolutely -> re solute
"I regret not inviting any women to this dinner," Tom said, lamentably
although I don't believe that lamentably is a good way to describe the way you speak - it should be "lamented"
..." Tom lamented.
and, that destroys the meaning
"I've been kicked out!" Tom exclaimed excitedly
"My pieces control the open file," Tom said, crookedly
"I bought God at an auction," Tom said, rabidly
"I cleaned my crockery until it vanished," Tom said, spotlessly
@GarethMcCaughan do the adjectives at the end have to end with 'ly'?
5:01 PM
No, I don't think they need to end -ly.
"I learned a lesson from Tangled," Tom said, deadpan.
"I get all the details backwards," Tom said, elated
"I lost my job as a magician," Tom said, disillusioned
"My compiler groans at me when I give it input," Tom said, parsimoniously
"My fortune-teller quit her job to go work for the Devil," Tom said, sincerely
can somebody do a tom swiftie out of "Electrified"?
Q: How do I solve this logic puzzle?

Brandon JI am trying to improve my logical thinking and I came across this puzzle problem. I need some help solving the puzzle below. Two weeks ago, four enthusiasts made sightings of objects in the sky in their neighborhood. Each of the four reported his or her sightings on a different day. The FBI c...

@Brandon_J Is this your sock? :-P
uhhhh who are you asking
that user doesn't seem to have been very active w.r.t that question
"It was I who put the wiring wrong way around. So what," said Tom, shocking everyone.
@Avi Look at the OP's name.
5:12 PM
They were last seen Mar 12 '17 at 2:27
Where can I find medium level sudokus that involve the xwing technique
such that I can be confused and ask a question about , because I don't know the xwing technique
Seems like you're putting the cart before the horse.
seems like 11 more questions are necessary for sudoku to reach 200 questions :P
"I suffer from wind," said Tom airily.
"I enjoy this site," said Tom, puzzlingly
"I jump a lot," said Tom, aboundingly
"We just got married in the registry office," Tom announced unceremoniously.
5:17 PM
I like that one :)
Aboundingly? Is that even a word?
don't know, probably
abounding = plentiful though
so plentifully
See, the challenge is to find a word (or phrase) that can naturally describe either the verb "said" or the thing he's saying.
"I don't like trees," Tom opined. "Only dunces don't like trees," needled his friend.
5:18 PM
You don't say something plentifully - that makes no sense. And there's no connection in meaning between jumping and abounding - it's just a bad pun.
Compare with John Dvorak's example: "shocking everyone" could naturally refer either to what he said or to the electric shock he gave them.
"bounding' = jumping
@Avi Yes, but not abounding.
aren't we allowed to extract subparts
Allowed? I dunno if there are strict rules governing this. I'm just opining (thanks Mith) what makes a good one.
maybe the first parts of the word are needed to fit well, and the latter parts may be elided?
5:20 PM
I'm just in it for the bad puns.
@Mithical this is really good though
"This cushion is now shaped like my bottom," said Tom comfidently.
comfy dent
I'll be here all week.
(And by the way... dunce caps are in the shape of cones.)
x.x what is this word even
"I aspire to upload my brain to the Internet," Tom said, ambitiously
oh my god
I can't really understand the accent sometimes, but these are hilarious
If you want brilliant wordplay comedy, the Two Ronnies is where it's at.
^ I can quote most of this by heart
I think my brain stopped computing
When your computing's in need of booting, you could try routing to scooting, or even shooting for fluting.
Who's Boo Tingyu?
6:25 PM
CCCC: It's right, if not accompanied by sweetheart, to beat back evil (10)
I want "sweetheart" to be wordplay for "e" or "wee".
6:51 PM
@Randal'Thor wait what sock?
oh lol that's not me
Hi btw, long time no see.
same to you
I poke around occasionally, but all the good ones have been solved/are too time consuming
Everything going OK?
yes and no
lost my scholarship first semester of college, but things are moving forward again
will be on a conference call with work in about 7 mins
6:54 PM
Good luck!
@Brandon_J Same old, busy busy.
Also popping in when I can.
I think I managed to solve a few-weeks-old open riddle today, which was nice.
It's rare that I can crack something if nobody else has for weeks. I'm no McMagister.
as in Gareth?
As in McMagister, an absolutely brilliant user who developed a reputation for breezing in to solve riddles that had stumped the community for weeks or months.
It should be noted that even though this answer was posted almost 3 months after I posted the puzzle, McMagister had been inactive and hadn't seen the puzzle until I contacted him on another forum on August 12. It took him only one hour to solve this puzzle! — pacoverflow May 11 '16 at 22:44
cya around
have a great day!
God how damn frustrating that puzzle was, and how neat it looked when everything slotted into place with the correct answer.
@Brandon_J You too! Good to catch up.
7:50 PM
"Look! A sunbeam!" said Tom, racily.
8:06 PM
"I'm going sightseeing in St. Louis!" said Tom, archly.
8:54 PM
@GarethMcCaughan how do these actually work?
9:18 PM
yesterday, by Gareth McCaughan
A Tom Swifty (or Tom Swiftie) is a phrase in which a quoted sentence is linked by a pun to the manner in which it is attributed. Tom Swifties may be considered a type of wellerism. The standard syntax is for the quoted sentence to be first, followed by the description of the act of speaking. The hypothetical speaker is usually, by convention, called "Tom" (or "he" or "she"). == Origins == The name comes from the Tom Swift series of books (1910–present), similar in many ways to the better-known Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series, and, like them, produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate. In this series...
then how are they CCs? @msh210
9:35 PM
most aren't, but msh210's posted two that work as cryptic clues as well
1 hour later…
10:56 PM
@Randal'Thor ah I see
@Brandon_J Hi!!!!
Long time no see!
@Rubio That's a good one :P
But did GPR like the view from up there? ;)
If I write
"Stop howling!" Rubio barked
Does that work?
I think the two meanings of "bark" are too close to one another to make that a good pun. Just mho.
@msh210 ic
idk Rubio being a dog might've also made it a pun?
But I'm no expert or anything
11:07 PM
"I'm on fire!" Tom said, lightly
"'You have such rough skin, North!' Tom barked." works, I think.
I was trying to do something with like lit, but I went with light
"I'm on fire!" Tom said, on fire
@North lol
idk I think things are funnier when you don't have to think so much
"I'm on a roll," said Tom, tumbling over sushi
How's that?
6 hours ago, by Rand al'Thor
See, the challenge is to find a word (or phrase) that can naturally describe either the verb "said" or the thing he's saying.
11:15 PM
"I'm on a roll" said a tumbleweed
"I farted," excreted Tom
@North messy. And I wouldn't want to eat the sushi after that.
I'm not sure anyone would
" 'This is my handle, and ...' Oh, I can't remember what comes next!" spouted Tom.
@North probably your best attempt so far, though more in terms of hilarity
sp outed?
They needn't be cryptic-ish wordplay, they can just be punny
11:20 PM
but what's the pun? spout?
"Crap," Tom farted
@Avi Mozart couldn't Handel that one either
See, it was Hadyn in plain sight
Q: An army marches

JohnsonThis is my first riddle - I think it is probably quite an easy one. I'm interested to see how quickly it gets solved. There is an overall theme with four elements to be identified. The Red Army marches All throughout the land Distributing their supplies So that their lord may stand ...

okay then
Did msh just leave after he saw my mozart comment
I mean, it's quite the Lizst if you ask me
By the way, I heard Beethoven is Chopin over at Walmart
I think your jokes just fall flat
Perhaps they're not as sharp as you think they are
I'd say I'm in tune with my surroundings
What did the C say to the D?
Will you be my second?
"I heard nothing," Beethoven deftly replied
11:27 PM
okay that one's good
I think
yeah it's good
"At least you have money," Schubert broke down
now time to go look in the dictionary for riley riddle time
@North Don't fret, your riddles don't treble me
@Avi I'd say you're pretty bassic then
Tremolo and fear me
Bow down on the up beat
You can't keep this up, @north. this kind of wordplay fun doesn't scale.
@Rubio My arsenal of music theory in paired with my terrible humor makes me infinitely more powerful
It's quite my forte
Though not quite my tempo
11:32 PM
I raid the high C's - the only one scaring me is yo-yo ma
Okay I like that one
Why did the violin kick the viola?
Because they were a viola
i feel that
I'm sad, because they told me I was a minor
What's a genius? Just A# minor
ahh that took a while
11:35 PM
Is that music? No it's just twentieth century music
oh my god you didn't
but I understand
How do you play a fugue? Grow another hand
cry, I'm learning a fugue right now
Well I'm missing a branch, so I can't play most songs on piano
11:37 PM
inspired by this video
What happens if you don't play wooden instruments? You miss out on an entire branch of music
That's quite brassy
Like actually though :P
What happens when you don't have wooden instruments? Then it's John Williams music
does he only use triangles or something
Steven Spielberg: So what instruments do you want for this next movie, John?"
John Williams: "Yes"
@Avi No he's like the most iconic score composer ever
well yes he did star wars
Known for his grand brass fanfares
11:41 PM
but what about wooden instruments
maybe I can't hear the difference
I can tell piano/drums/guitar apart from most other instruments, but beyond that it's a little bit blurry
Though he usually juxtaposes his fanfares with quiet string/woodwind sections, reminiscent of Romantic music
@Avi Ahh. Being in a band helps with that
Along with listening to bunch of music
fair enough
LMAO found this joke online: "How do you keep your violin from being stolen?
Put it in a viola case."
I don't understand the hate on violas but I'll bandwagon anyways
That sounds like a TwoSet joke
I can see that
@Avi It's because they're not violins :P. Violas have a reputatiation of being out of tune and bad, especially in lower levels
11:52 PM
Sounds like me on the violin
I prefer to brute force my way through piano songs over violin
mostly because vibrato is impossible
Piano: Insanely easy to play, insanely hard to play (TM)
it gets easier with more practice
the hard part is finding interesting sheets
@Avi Cries in Chopin
seeing as I don't have perfect pitch nor the time to use relative pitch to transcribe

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