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12:43 AM
Admittedly this ain't the place, but please venture to chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/39978/the-troll and feed my mind.
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2:29 AM
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus lemme see
3:09 AM
Q: Little CTF question I created. Good luck :)


Q: Sudokus and combinatorics

Vassilis ParassidisConsidering your suggestions, I have redrawn the 12 X 12 Sudoku so that the twelve rectangles are now visible. The question remains the same: Can someone construct a 12 X 12 Sudoku with the following rules? Choose any number on the grid, e.g. A. Then count six numbers horizontally and vertically...

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5:10 AM
Q: Random IQ Matrix question

Patrick Spalding Found this picture in a random Whatsapp group. Someone said it's from one of the free online Mensa tests. Exact source unknown.

6:10 AM
Q: Bake and share Fair and square

TSLF The chef ask each of the 4 judges to make one single slice on the whole round cake, so they'll all have a 1/5th piece to take. How the judges do it for fairness sake?

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10:58 AM
Mornin' @Gareth :)
11:10 AM
Q: How do you make 29 only using the numbers 1 2 3 4

mit patelHow do you make 29 with only using the numbers 1 2 3 4? I have tried a lot of solutions and please remember that you can't use the number 5

Hail to thee, O @Rubio!
Well, aren't we formal today!
11:29 AM
It could be worse: I could reply to you / In verse, in couplets. That's what I should do.
Q: 2 IQ questions - what is the logic?

rapolI was taking the test in the following link: https://testyourself.psychtests.com/bin/transfer But I am not really sure what is the answer and the logic behind them in the following questions: Do you have any idea on how to solve this?

ugh, can't we just declare questions from online IQ tests off topic and be done with it?
That is hardly worse.
In fact, it would be awesome.
Please keep doing that.
A couplet a day / Keeps the Rubio away
But using more than one / Is most certainly fun
No one wants to be 'hounded' by Rubio
11:33 AM
Mithrandir's "haiku" / Counts syllables correctly / But where's the season?
Good Rubio, your couplets rhyme for sure / But I'd intended something rather more: / Blank verse, with five iambic feet per line. / Milton and Shakespeare thought it rather fine.
There once was a kid in the Lair
Who liked to amuse the folks there
Composing a poem
Would surely then show 'em
But the haiku wasn't played fair.
(Of course those IQ questions aren't off topic here, / so we just have to put up with them all, I fear.)
I think that I shall never see / an answer to my bad 4C
Do you know Ogden Nash's riff on the poem you're alluding to?
Apparently not
11:38 AM
I think that I shall never see / A billboard lovely as a tree. / In fact, unless the billboards fall / I'll never see a tree at all.
Nice :)
For those whose clues were made obscure / Should expect to wait for sure
As for your clue, it's annoying me. There are two obvious parsings (insect + ate, or ate in sect) but I can't get it to work out either way.
why not ate+slate = insect?
oh, yeah, sorry, that's the third
11:42 AM
As for the clue, / it's made me blue. / The way is clear, / but the answer's not near
I like the idea of doing something like ET in CULT = CULETT but while there's a word "culet" it doesn't seem to be spellable with a double T and doesn't mean slate in any of that word's senses
I wonder whether there's some much cleverer parsing of the clue that I'm just blind to.
The fact that there are so many common letters between the words of the clue is suggestive (but I think probably coincidence).
(AFK for a bit shortly.)
Yeah that would be coincidence more than design
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1:06 PM
It seems I missed some fun today: / The Lair became a place so gay. / With rhymes this place became alive, / And sadly I did not arrive.
(In keeping with the archaism of some of Gareth's rhymes, I've used "gay" in the somewhat dated sense of "happy, carefree".)
@Rand Well whilst your pals are all away, / I still remain with this to say. / At times where night has reached the Lair, / in this dank air to speak we dare.
To speak we dare!
@Rubio Gotta wonder if your "insect" is along the same lines as my inch and inseminate ...
1:30 PM
Q: I am not a pleasant sight

Zoir My prefix is mostly white My suffix is found in mines My infix is to say "right" I usually am an ugly sight What/Who am I?

1:57 PM
@Randal'Thor I'm way ahead of you.
(but not far enough ahead to have, y'know, actually solved the clue or anything)
2:13 PM
slate, alas, has so many disparate senses
2:43 PM
oh, I thought of yet another parsing, though I think this one is quite improper as well as highly implausible: the def could be "in" and the wordplay could have sect eating slate.
I don't know what's worse - a sect eating slate, or a sect-eating slate.
OTOH, if "slate" does refer to the turkey, then a sect that eats it wouldn't be so bad.
Well, maybe. Those birds do cost a fortune.
if you're using "in" as not an indicator, then it could as well be "ins" and "ECT" or "SL" and "ate". I should add that I doubt any of these is likely.
Or -- here's one -- it could be an insect containing S, with def "late".
could "ate" be an anagrind?
@JohnDvorak I suppose it could. I don't see how that helps.
Could it be a reversal of its usual meaning -- so (for example) late is an insect minus S ?
3:08 PM
wait... &lit ??
@OmegaKrypton that's usually a "!" rather than a "?". "?" usually indicates an unusual meaning, a pun, or the like
But, hey, maybe it's an unmarked &lit. I don't see what the def could be referring to then....
3:27 PM
@GarethMcCaughan That surprises me not.
4:20 PM
This is why I prefer ordinary crosswords
slate can be made from shale
or schist
and schist, this is difficult
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5:30 PM
Q: Finish the sequence

CMSnoob1 $\to$ 4 $\to$ 6 2 $\to$ 3 $\to$ 7 19 $\to$ 16 $\to$ 11 8 $\to$ 14 $\to$ 12 15 $\to$ 17 $\to$ 19 18 $\to$ 13 $\to$ __

6:20 PM
Well, "to eat" and the possessive can be synonyms in cryptic clues, both referring to containment (A has B, A eats B), so: in SECT is ate=HIS yields SCHIST, from which the E ran away because it was scared of being stung by the insect. Another beautiful CCCC solution brought to you by yours truly.
Ooh, it could be "at E", with "at" an indicator.
6:38 PM
In sec: Tate's late
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8:10 PM
Q: One-digit products in a row of numbers

ThomasLThe digits from 1 to 9 can be arranged in a row, such that any two neighbouring digits in this row is the product of two one-digit numbers. Arrangement: Is it possible to do such an arrangement using hexadecimal digits 1-9 and A-F? Here the row has 15 digits and all numbers are treated as h...

8:47 PM
What if it's PD?
9:06 PM
I don't think it's in any way legit to give a PD clue without saying it is (or at least might be) PD.
@GarethMcCaughan Perhaps not. But perhaps the unusual combination of words (not, perhaps, as unusual as PD usually is, but still unusual) plus the "?" were considered by the setter to suffice?
9:24 PM
I'd be very surprised.
nooby question - what's a PD clue?
"printer's devilry", an unorthodox sort of clue where the clue has had a word removed (and possibly spaces, punctuation, etc., rearranged) and the solution is the word that was removed
e.g., an old one from a Torquemada crossword many years ago: "Since he split tracts, Mrs Amin" has had ANTHERIDIA removed from "Since he's pliant, her Idi attracts Mrs Amin".
The "original" is generally meant to make more sense than the modified version that forms the actual clue.
you'll never (I hope) see one of these slipped in among the ordinary cryptic clues in e.g. a newspaper crossword, but sometimes you get a whole crossword made out of them, or one where (say) 15 of the clues are PD rather than ordinary clues and the solver has to figure out which ones
a crossword of that sort on PSE: puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/84023/…
9:39 PM
holy heck, just when I thought cryptic puzzles couldn't get any harder...
10:09 PM
in sector ate, dates late

(in the sector devoted to eating, the shipment of dates and other assorted fruits are behind schedule) :P
Q: An impressive body of work

JS1To commemorate the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards being held today, here is a short and simple puzzle involving TV roles: Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones Alexander Grayson, Dracula (2013) Bob Lee Swagger, Shooter Douglas Brackman Jr, L.A. Law Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr, Rosewood Norma Louise Bates,...


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