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1:47 AM
Q: Area of the square

Dmitry KamenetskyCan you find the area of the following square given the known lengths? Good luck!

2:07 AM
Q: Help solving Sliding Tiles Puzzle 2x3

BurnedPSo, I'm playing a game (The Da Vinci Code) and are really stuck on a 2x3 tile sliding puzzle. It looks something like this 1 - 5 - 4 2 - x - 3 and it has to look like this: 1 - 4 - 5 2 - 3 - x if anyone has any idea how to solve it I would appreciate it.

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4:51 AM
Q: Quadrilateral with sides, diagonals and area that are distinct integers

Dmitry KamenetskyCan you find a convex quadrilateral such that all its sides, diagonals and area are distinct integers? Note that a polygon is convex if all its internal angles are smaller than 180 degrees. Good luck!

5:30 AM
Okay, Sphinxters, i had another near death encounter and can't wait to share the results of that life puzzle.
The result, so far, is !
When you are posed a similar trouble i truly, truly, TRULY! hope your solution is similar.
And i promise to pose a crossword puzzle when my fingers function. Repeated preview:
Sep 13 at 8:37, by humn
user image
As said on homeless sidewalks: Solve it, delve it, soil it, foil it. rock it, sock it, along with other verses Ccoal and other crawlers would delete. It.
6:31 AM
Q: Dear Fellow PSE Users,

LukeThis puzzle is dedicated to all of you! Instructions There are 8 anagram questions below. In each question, you can rearrange the letters to find an answer, which is 2 English words that describe a type of PSE users. These "types of PSE users" are related to the Q&A activity and other feature...

7:15 AM
1999 helpful flags.
I just raised another flag, so let's see what happens :-P
Disappointed that Gareth's starred joke didn't lead to a continuation of nerdy tooth puns.
7:28 AM
@Randal'Thor It managed to extract one from me.
I left that comment as bait, so I'm glad someone bit.
8:11 AM
Q: Twelve Minesweeper mines that make twelve 4s

Dmitry KamenetskyCan you place twelve mines on a Minesweeper grid such that they create twelve 4s? The size of the grid can be arbitrary. The mines may create numbers other than 4s, but those are irrelevant. Good luck!

9:11 AM
Q: * Playtest feedback request* Puzzle 3

MobileGlickYou find the following four images (they are not in any particular order). Your solution is a street name (it will be well known to the players but might not to someone trying the puzzle here).

9:31 AM
Q: Quick Kurodoko Puzzle: Threes and Triples

athin Kurodoko (taken from Nikoli) Colour cells black according to the following rules. The numbers on the board show the number of white cells from the number to the nearest black cell or to the frame of the board (horizontal + vertical). The cells with numbers cannot be black, they a...

9:51 AM
Q: Fun time! Guess what I am!

CMSnoobI enjoy a symmetry and my motion is oscillatory From the tip of your hand I spiral down to the end I am graceful and sinuous but to use me is not arduous You probably used me What could I be?

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10:51 AM
Q: Arrange 20 counters and remove 6 form them and not a single square can be indicated?

Sayed Mohd AliArrange 20 counters in the form of a PLUS(+), as you can see in the image. Now, how many different ways are there in which four counters will form a perfect square if considered alone? Thus the four counters composing each arm of the PLUS(+), and also there is four in the center of it, form squ...

2 hours later…
12:51 PM
Q: Dead or alive (First time)

SinhFirst time ever make a riddle. Forward, I will lead the way. Backward, freedom you shall have. Keep going, I'll hold them back. Take my sword, do what you must. Dead or alive, our rights are just. Who/what am I?

1 hour later…
2:10 PM
@Randal'Thor @msh210 what kinda fish are you?
If only the name of your species had an "e" instead of "o"
Q: All Aboard the Factorio Train to Far Harad

Joshua BizleyIt’s been a while since you started up your Factorio game and you are trying to remember what you had done with your four trains. Use the clues below to work out which deposit each train is collecting from and how large the deposits are. You will need access to a Tolkien book to complete this, al...

Q: Which room has the money

Sandeep To find which room has money . And how

@Adam eh?
@OmegaKrypton This conversation boars me, I can bearly handle it!
homo sapiens -> heme sapiens...
let's see what happens if we change all vowels into 'e'
2:14 PM
Wow you must have amnesia or something if you have forgotten your species
helle edem
This jeke is efficially dead new
my specees es Ses screfe
I teek this when yeu weren't leeking
lel frem my prefele pege
e jest knew et
2:18 PM
OK, can we please switch back to English?
ep te yee
lbh unir hfrq gbb zhpu pvcuref!
never tee mech
Theught I ceuld slip that ene in witheut anyene neticing!
slep thet ene en!
2:25 PM
Gurhtug V prhyq fyvc gung rar va jvgurhg nalrar argvpvat
@Adam "Th$\circ$ught I c$\circ$uld slip that $\circ$ne in with$\circ$ut any$\circ$ne n$\circ$ticing!"
@TheSimpliFire nece
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4:32 PM
Q: Flying pigs arrive

Mariia MykhailovaYou’ve built pens for flying pigs. Being, well, flying pigs, they pick their own accommodation in full accordance to their preferences. Can you figure out what creature joined them? Pigs only occupy designated pens (marked with gray squares). There is a total of 7 pigs. The first pig arrived ...

4 hours later…
8:33 PM
Q: An Ancient Beauty

Brandon_J My initials are "Y" My initial parts make a ditty sound My first's first is once round My second's middle is blue My whole is blue, too I'm in a pharaoh's gilded mask Putting me there was no easy task I ask you, who am I?

2 hours later…
10:14 PM
Q: The 100 soldier problem

John FoleyI saw this problem many years ago. I am sure many puzzlers will know its original name. I was reminded of it when reading about Conquering of Regions problem. A Strategy Game Involving Conquering of Regions Wellington and Napolean each have an army of 100 soldiers. Each army is divided into 10 p...

10:34 PM
Q: The music of the heavens

CR DrostA monastery has a curious practice: they call it the music of the heavens. The monks cycle through a cave with cups, to a stalactite at the center, which drips water. But this is not a steady stream: every few seconds there is a burst of several drops, then a pause, then another burst of drops...


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