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4:51 AM
Q: Attacking queens

Dmitry KamenetskyCan you place 3 queens on a 6x6 chess board such that they can attack every square? Good luck!

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6:11 AM
Q: What number should be in the place of "?"

No nameI'm trying to solve this puzzle. Numbers are at triangle, and I have to solve ?-mark: 5 6 1 7 2 5 ? 7 5 Based on solutions it should be ?=7. But I don't understand the reason for this I also put pic of it.

6:52 AM
Q: Missing number in a 5x5 table

D.K.I'm trying to find a solution for the following puzzle. A friend sent it to me and I know that he didn't create it and that's about it for the original source; I tried to find it on the net but I couldn't make it. Here it goes: I tried with sums, differences, products, ratio and a difference...

7:08 AM
@msh210 Correct. (I was hoping "heads" as a red herring for initial letters meant it would take longer to solve :-P )
@Deusovi I don't really understand what strategy the guests are taking. VTC as unclear (which actually I thought I'd already done when I saw it yesterday).
Q: Missing number in the table

user62540This is my 3x3 grid: $$\begin{matrix} 2 & 6 & 8 \\ 3 & 7 & 3 \\ 6 & 4 & x \end{matrix}$$ Here x should be replaced with some number. Based on the solutions it should be x=1. Can anyone explain the logic?

Lots of "missing number" questions coming in today. Made me think they might all be from some ongoing contest, but two of them seem to already know what the answer should be, just not why, so that seems unlikely.
7:32 AM
CCCC: Fight some sort of lamp (7)
@Randal'Thor I actually looked at removing H before looking at removing initial letters. (H as in heads/tails, H/T)
8:32 AM
Q: Attacking queens revisited

Dmitry KamenetskyCan you place 5 queens on a 11x11 chess board such that they can attack every square? Good luck with this!

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9:47 AM
Q: Google Earth Challenges - Should we keep them?

Omega KryptonBackground Welp, @Conifers have come up with a great idea: Google Earth Challenge. It received pretty good feedback, and therefore the OP went on to post more of them. @athin went on to post a puzzle with seven of them, with a slight twist. @Randal'Thor then posted his puzzle, and it was that...

Q: A Pixelated Sequence - Find the Continuation

Omega KryptonA late question inspired by Finger sequence – find the continuation How should the grid above the '10' be coloured?

10:47 AM
Friends, you can know that i'm into problems. Here's one that can't be posted per se at PSE.
At a hum(a)n development workshop once the topic was: "What do you treasure most?"
Among the usual answers of "family" and "friends," my only unique answer was "universal tolerance or, at least, sympathy."
Can we solve that one?
I see a virtual Zodiac of stellars tapped in here. Please, someone with more influence than mine, think and/or solve something about this.
Q: A big cat roams through the middle of this Google Earth hunt

hdsdvThis puzzle is based on Where is it? - The Google Earth Challenge series started by Conifers, :D Don't get sidetracked - this is probably Denver's first. Name the cartoon bear that loved honey. Do you remember him, or at least where he likes to sleep? In the woods! Of course.

@Sphinx thanks, now I have "Take Me Home, Country Roads" in my head :-)
(not that that was his first)
John Denver, composer of that piece, was a shining example of tolerance and sympathy. Don't know if he ever solved a newspaper puzzle though.
Hello @msh210 ! I'm an occasional traveler and banned-er here and love soulful music.
I don't think I've ever listened to the original, but I do like Peter Hollens's version...
@Mithrandir! You always come through, so many channels.
11:02 AM
You almost need a remote control to keep track of all of them.
While you're here, @Mithrandir, please help me make headway on the puzzle of universal tolerance or, at least, sympathy. In due time.
It's certainly one of the more difficult ones that exist.
I know you, @Mithrandir, well enough by now to know that you understand.
And i've been working on it since 1962 with no solution in sight. Just hope mixed with humo(u)r and helpful gestures on buses and sidewalks.
Two days ago i gave my bus pass to someone at a stop who might not live long enough to use up the buck$. Always worth a try toward a partial solution.
(Yes, i walked, feeling like i'd earned another K of reputation at half the price.)
Four days ago i emptied a cash machine and then refreshed refilled pockets to spill to and buy goods for sidewalk friends whom few would approach.
Everyone around here (Milpitas, CA, USA), including medicos, cops and, most imporant, homeless, know me. I've been all those except cop but play music with one officer.
It's all, i hope upon hope, part of the solution.
11:19 AM
It's 4:20 in the morning there, then... shouldn't you be asleep?
@humn Music is always part of a solution.
@Mithrandir , i've been battling a sleeping sickness for the last week and a half and finally feel on top of it. Thank you for caring! And, yes music is.
Ah. I didn't get to sleep until 3AM last night, so I'm no stranger to odd hours, but still.
Gotta love YouTube's auto-generated lyrics: [music]. Thank you, YouTube.
@JohnDvorak , link?
11:23 AM
Or are you typing in general about the sometimes-accurate speech recognition?
@JohnDvorak , thank you.
Gotta speak up for handwriting recognition, though. It was perfected two decades ago and now is touted as something new.
Remember when Microsoft introduced a tablet back then, and the only reaction was from insects? And then some random fruit vendor introduced their own version, and people flocked in like sheep?
Not sure which random fruit vendor you are citing, @John D, but i'm steeped in Silicon Valley and saw some such.
I think they specialized in ... apples?
plus he was a job recruiter as a side gig, or something like that.
11:30 AM
My younger brother, who learned more from me than i've ever known, is working on a next generation of speech recognition but can't yet tell me. For someone named 'ogle.
oh, you mean 1e100?
or 1e1e2 for short?
I am not allowed to say what i've heard beyond the preceding, but you know i'll ask Brother when i see him tomorrow.
@John D, you might know more than i.
And, @John D, if you are truly interested in information, what my brother's father is up to is in the public domain and beyond anything Fourier or Hilbert transforms have reached.
It's called "hyperdimensional computing" but the dog, my dad too, is still working up to a web presence.
Apples in silicon?
Doesn't sound too tasty.
@JohnDvorak Thought this was hexadecimal at first, before the penny dropped.
@Rand al'Tasty! You are my favo(u)rite rebel nowadays. That's includes a long line of scholars and felons.
I might be one but not both.
11:40 AM
I won't rat on you. But i knew about you when someone else did.
A cross between, we'd call a schelon. Soon to be a skeleton, perchance.
If was a bum rap.
Or a bum (w)rap, also known as pants.
Put a flap in, and you've got a dwarf ready to go.
11:41 AM
(which is to say, message received)
Good. I'd hate for it to come up short.
I'm panting for more puns here.
Enough about underwear, unless you wanna go Latin. Have you heard?:
11:43 AM
(Double puns FTW. ;))
@Randal'Thor Oh, pal, we've got more just waiting for you.
Semper uber sub uber.
Uber subs? Now that's an idea.
> I don't care if you're panting for Ponting of Ponting Punting! By keeping carping and blaming your flaming flim-flamming on our failing filing, you're heading for a hiding, Starling old darling!
(Always wear underwear)
@humn Super!
11:45 AM
@Randal'Thor , now you're rhyming sidewalk! Stumpin' humpin' rumpin' sumthin'.
@humn Not I, 'tis the Two Ronnies of wordplay fame.
Maybe that's where i was infected!
I can quote large chunks of that from memory.
The only part that still stumps me is wee Ronnie rattling on about "hopping and skipping through Chipping and Epping" etc.
Sorry to admit, @Rand al'Across, i pegged you at younger and myself at older. As long as we're both typing and relaying, though, here we are.
No age was mentioned.
If I'd an age, I'd live it.
If I'd a page, I'd read it.
There I go like Emily and Freda again.
11:50 AM
I still watch silents. And wish i hadn't brought age up. Everyone, at best, is ageless!
(While i've seen friends work through senile dementia . . .)
. . .
(looking up Emily and Freda)
(not finding)
. . .
@Randal'Thor , looking further
Found it! Reminds a little of "City of Gold and Lead."
I am so intrigued by science fiction, having been weaned on some of the classics,
Sep 11 at 8:38, by Rand al'Thor
Or basically anything by Cliff McNish, if you like kids/YA fantasy, full stop.
Not on my list of all-time greats or absolute personal favourites, but a very solid writer.
I skip over battle passages while relishing the fantastic imaginations.
12:06 PM
Imagination rules the world.
(You should hear my unverbed agreement.)
If unverbed, are you antiverb?
Though, of course, when helping another being, reality takes precedence.
Could make a proverb out of that.
@Mithrandir never heard that one IIRC, and I can't right now
12:10 PM
@Rand al'Al, if you and i sat on the same streetwalk we'd collect everything from everyone and solve every problem.
Collect in order to give.
As you do.
Did i mention that i gave away a professional-quality guitar to a homeless busker?
Every time i see him i empty mo pockets and say "nice guitar!"
. . . I hate money . . .
. . . and will regret that attitude someday . . .
. . . and spent years penniless before selling my house . . .
Truly, puzzles faced by real persons are too real.
. . .
In the meanwhile i create and solve, here and there, whimsical puzzles that enrich minds but not bellies.
. . .
Bye again, hoping for a more productive day after another half of sleep. With love and quizzicality -- yours
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2:34 PM
Q: Where is it? - The Google Earth Challenge Ep. 4

ConifersYeh I still can't give out the first hint... Bring it on! :D This puzzle will provide a screenshot in somewhere on Google Earth, please try your best to identify where the location is. The reasons to find out the location should be part of your answer. Will give a zoom-out image as the next...

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4:35 PM
Q: 6+8=71 move two matches

Ryan Bush It's in a game smart puzzle's it's called matches there are about 13 different games in it

1 hour later…
5:35 PM
Q: 6+8=71 move two matches asked previously

Ryan Bush This problem I just asked a few minutes ago just adding additional pictures

2 hours later…
7:36 PM
Q: Variation of Monty Hall problem for gambling on who is the champion soccer team

太極者無極而生So let's say, if you can guess who the champion team is for soccer, such as in World Cup, then you win a car. Otherwise, you win a goat. There are 4 teams left. Country A, B, C, and D. And country A will play country B, to go into Final match. Country C will play country D, and go into Final ma...

8:16 PM
Q: Talk about Grandpa's weird talk: Who are these folks?

DEEM"These guys are strange" exclaimed Grandpa "Why?" I opened my mouth. Too late. "They constantly talk about only one country and only one sport-- boring sport if you ask me, and, get this, only one drink!" "who?" I shouldn't have. "and why in the world would you discuss only one mon...

4 hours later…
11:58 PM
Q: Missing lattes and mutually mistrustful words

SlowMagicIt's always amusing to watch two kids who don't trust each other swap baseball cards by exchanging them at exactly the same moment. Words can be equally mistrustful about trading their letters. Watch this: SOLVER SLIDER | | | | · ...


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