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1:45 AM
Q: Room 7: Bits and pieces of Chinese history

XcoderYou have just woken up. You recall the night before, being driven from your home to a luxurious hotel by some people of a company or organization or something-The Ofgelenkt Institute something or other. They requested you to be part of their testing program-with a reward of up to 500,000 dollars!...

8 hours later…
10:04 AM
I'm going to get myself in trouble and say that women are better than men at escape rooms.
why? @Mithrandir
That's been my experience running escape rooms.
oh ;)
Q: Piece de Resistance - Five Flowers with One Missing

Omega KryptonFive - Flowers with One Missing This puzzle is part of the "Piece de Resistance" series. Go back to Part 1 (Ace) for the story.Ace Two Three Four Five ... Removing the silver matter, you see this handwritten text: To the West is of conquer, of victory, To the North is for leather laundry....

anyone trying this??
i'd imagine it varies a lot depending on what kind of problems there are in a certain room
ooh hello!
10:07 AM
still in square 1 in that one (approximately)
@jafe added another hint...
hi @jafe how's your cryptic?
@jafe There's a Facebook group for escape room owners, I'm not alone in thinking this :P
well i'm sure you guys know what you're talking about
i've been in one boys v girls escape room and the ladies destroyed us...
but our excuse is that there were 3 women and only 2 men :P
nice word choice: EXCUSE
Excuses, excuses...
A: Room 7: Bits and pieces of Chinese history

Omega KryptonAnswer: 1) The Logo: 2) The Trifold: 3) The Bookshelf: (WITH LOGO) 3.1) The Books: 3.1.1) Top Shelf: 3.1.2) Middle Shelf: 3.1.3) Bottom Shelf: 3.2) The Numbers with the Logo: 4) The Map: (WITH LOGO) 4.1) Product Shipping Code: 4.2) Pinned Countries: 4.3) Backside: ...

hopefully there's not much more to this...
10:32 AM
@OmegaKrypton You're pairing up the four doors with the five books? Incidentally, one of your transcriptions is wrong (the second word is an actual word) and the correct transcription seems more likely to relate to its context.
(I'm not saying you're wrong, btw, but if the puzzle depends on matching up four passages labelled with numbers with five books you just happened to find on the floor in a particular order then I will be very disappointed with it. Likewise if it really consists almost entirely of red herrings.)
10:55 AM
welp. yep. sorry. will think for some more first
2 hours later…
1:00 PM
Q: The sound of thunder's like a whip

jafe The sound of thunder's like a whip, one takes a stab and makes a quip; uncaps a bottle, lights a pipe, accessing files of private type; a mental crisis, break of dawn, can experts solve what's going on?

7 hours later…
8:15 PM
I didn't think this CCCC would take this long. Should I give another hint?
8:28 PM
Up to you. I'll summarize my (rather few) thoughts in case it helps to clarify what it is that we're all missing. (Though of course other people might be missing other things.)
I really want it to be FEE VERTE (def.: "absinthe") but so far as I can tell there is literally no part of the wordplay that would contribute anything useful to that.
"Cocktail" might be K, or might actually indicate something to do with an actual cocktail (alcoholic, Molotov, or whatever).
"7-" seems like it ought to indicate sept(a) or hept(a) or something of the kind, but nothing of the kind seems like it's going to fit into a (3,5) in a useful way, whether forwards or ("up") backwards.
Not clear what the def actually is. Might be "absinthe" or "hint of absinthe" or something of the sort (if not, obvious guess is that "hint of absinthe" is A). Or maybe there's some term for "some homemade presents"?! (e.g., maybe part of some sort of religious ceremony?)
Maybe "some homemade" could be an anagram of SOME. Hard to see how to put that at the start of a (3,5) and get anything usable, but maybe "up" applies to everything and so SOME* goes at the end.
"Presents" could be gifts, present-moments, or (verb) makes available for people's attention. None of these seems easy to use.
Def could just be "some", I guess, but that then seems like it wants "homemade presents" to be a thing (def, anag of PRESENTS, or whatever) and again it seems hard to find anything that can fit the available space.
"Some" could be a substring indicator but I don't see a good way to use it that way in this clue.
That's about it. None of it seems terribly useful, though maybe there's some single thing I'm missing that would make everything click.
Again, other (non-)solvers may have entirely different sets of thoughts. Or maybe everyone else is just away on holiday or something.
@GarethMcCaughan You're absolutely right. About some of what you said.
In fact, you have almost everything.
Hint 2: The third letter is X.
9:16 PM
Q: The economy of trapping

Rewan DemontayA queen on the center of the board has 27 possible moves. Sometimes a queen can be trapped, like in the position below. Note: This is just an example of a what a trap should be like-every possible square is covered. This is not meant to conform to all of my rules. If a queen is on a central s...

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11:15 PM
Q: Natural Pattern

FlanManOnce, while I was traveling on a vehicle in the Caribbean, I watched a pattern form over the course of about 30 minutes. The rendering below is an approximation of that pattern from memory. The gray color is true, and represents an entire surface that’s visible from the interior of the vehicle. ...


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