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12:10 AM
@Adam congrats!
@OmegaKrypton Thanks but I'm sad now because it has been broken :(
keep it up for 1000 :)
12:36 AM
Q: When is the truth spoken?

Mike KarterA thief speaks truth two days a week alternatively ( T F T ). The days are the same for each week. The thief gives these statements on 3 consecutive days : D1 : I lie on Monday and Tuesday. D2 : It's Thursday, Saturday or Sunday today. D3 : I lie on Wednesday or Friday. Now, you being a detect...

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5:22 AM
Q: I make billions (#2)

JS1 I make billions (#2) At 9, I met my best friend, At 12, I lived my life outdoors, At 13, I broke my arm right before camp, At 15, I worked my first corporate job, At 17, I was separated from my father, At 18, I changed my name to keep my identity private, At 20,...

5:42 AM
Q: All The King's Men-Selfmate In 14?

Rewan DemontayI call this "All The King's Men" because all of White's 16 pieces are needed in this selfmate, as far as I can tell. It was somewhat of an accident actually, but it is a still a pretty position in my opinion. I am not including a no-computers tag this time because I'm not sure whether or not thi...

6:00 AM
The last few days have been quite busy in chat and I've lost track of progress in solving Rubio's C4, so I hope I don't re-answer what has already been solved, but ...
@Rubio It's S(CAT)HE + (ruine)D
(Whose negative form unscathed is much better known and not marked as "archaic" in the dictionary.)
nice... never would have gotten that
Neither would I hadn't you pointed out that "ruined tail" could be D.
And I'm sure my moral support was vital as well. Yay team work!
I must admit I got stuck on ruined being an anagrind
Sure. But you knew that already, so I thought it didnt't need extra highlighting. :)
I first thought that "pet with ruined tail" would mean a pet with the last two letters swapped or something like that.
that would make a nice construction... (fair warning for when I make my next C4)
6:14 AM
how to format mathjax to set color text? thanks!
$\color{#FF0000}{\textsf{this is red}}$ I think...
or just \text if you want serif font
@MOehm ✔️
I admit “ruined” was a last moment choice to add exactly that confusion (“damaged” was my original word there)
thanks @Alconja
Common color names work too
yep i know thanks
6:28 AM
#FF0000 is a common colour name
"the woman in the #FF0000 dress"
Also short hand and alpha channels work the same as css too (#f00, #ff000099)
Weirdly, Google says Scathed is an archaic word. I have seen Unscathed like millions of times. Unscathed is not archaic but Scathed is archaic.
English is a weird language.
@Sid I'm used to seeing unscathed and my first thought was that scathed could be a back formation. But "scathed" just seems to have disappeared from common use. I don't think that any of that is particular to English.
@Rubio Thanks. (I'll need a bit to post a follow-up. Sorry.)
6:52 AM
Actually “scathing” is plenty common too ... I’m actually surprised “scathed” is archaic but I guess I can see that
My next C4 will use “ruthful”, the long forgotten counterpart of “ruthless”.
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8:10 AM
CCCC: Setting a bit on a pet with ruined tail is something that makes your blood pressure go up (9)
Not great, but it has a pet! With a ruined tail!!
8:24 AM
Q: Kill me or I kill you first!

Shinjo How many mates possible under 10 moves? Rule: Mate can go both ways. Under 10 moves. Feel free to let White or Black move first. Board diagram: Apronus PGN Viewer board for white taking the first move. Apronus PGN Viewer board for black taking the first move. My first puzzle here. H...

9:05 AM
poor pets :(
9:20 AM
Q: Generalist Countdown

BassSince we are a relatively young site in the Stack Exchange network, we haven't been able to enjoy any Generalist badges at all. It's not that we don't have people that would qualify (we do), but that particular badge has an added stipulation that the top 40 tags on the site must have at least 20...

@MOehm I see that your follow-up did indeed "need a bit", right near the start of the clue.
Yes, that's the awkward part. (And I see that you want to leave writing the next one to someone else ...)
No, haven't solved it yet -- I was just commenting on the wording of the clue and the fact that you'd said "need a bit" presumably meaning something entirely different.
Oh, I see. (It's hot today and I'm a bit slow.)
10:06 AM
Q: Mathematical Series

Akash JainI was just going through some series and came across one which I wasn’t able to solve. The first 8 numbers of the series are: 1,3,7,19,53,153,449,1331,... Can anyone tell me a mathematical formula for this series?

10:26 AM
Q: Primes from the Pan Digital

UvcPan Digital Number is the smallest with all the digits 1 to 9 with no repeats. When looking forwards or backwards, eleven Primes can be extracted from that number preserving the same sequence. Among the eleven primes, one of each 4 digit, 5 digit, 8 digit ones exist. Rest are single and double ...

@Gareth, I've lost sleep over this for years by now after misattributing: Is it McCauan? McCoan? McCawn? McCown? An inquiring mind wants to know and is too lazy to roll through the transcript.
Apr 28 at 18:27, by Gareth McCaughan
The "ug" in my surname is silent.
Thank you for breaking the silence!
I like the guitar string pluck notification sfx
@Adam , sfx = sound effects?
10:37 AM
@humn Yea
What instrument(s) do you play? Mine are keyboards and brass
I dont lol
I play the computer keyboard
The computer is the keyboard!
as a percussion instrument, i assume
@Jafe, I still type as if the keyboard were manual. You can hear it for blocks.
10:39 AM
I am a man of culture, I play the triangle
@Adam, I hear you! But if you were truly cultured i'd eat you.
. . . back to Troll
11:13 AM
@humn jafe is correct. It's pronounced as if it were "McCahan" or maybe better "McCah'n" -- the last vowel is a schwa.
More exactly, that's how I pronounce it and how my parents pronounce it. If you go back a few generations you're in rural Northern Ireland and the pronunciation would be (to English or American ears) stranger.
@GarethMcCaughan , Thank you! Two of my surnames are "O Donnell" and "Gordon," along with "Kanerva." Pretty sure they're from the lowlands.
(And yes, @Gareth, your phonetics are not lost on this linguistic editor.)
12:07 PM
Q: Simple logic puzzle

MattiWe think of an island inhabited by rogues and knights. Rogues are always lying, knights always speak the truth. One day 12 islanders come together among which is at least one knight and at least one rogue. 2 of them say: "Exactly 2 of us 12 are rogues". 4 of the remaining one...

Q: Traversing Eurasia: A Cryptic Journey

jafeEarlier parts in the series: Africa, US & Canada, Oceania, Latin America & Caribbean. Each answer is a place, landmark or attraction in Eurasia, one per country. The answers traverse all countries by crossing land or maritime borders. (In some cases, it's necessary to pass through a previous c...

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1:08 PM
Q: Find me from this cluster

Ak19 I lie between a tennis ball and a soccer ball, I agree that I'm small. I am at the bottom but at first, Sometimes, I may even burst. My prefix rhymes with an app, I'm in Earth, but not in its map! Find me from a cluster, Can you, mister?

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2:09 PM
Q: Robots in a spaceship

MattiXerxes has 6, 7 and 8-arm robots in his spaceship. Unfortunately, the 7-arm robots are misprogrammed and everything they say is a lie. The other robots are fine, they always speak the truth. Once Xerxes hears a conversation from 4 robots, but without seeing them. They talk about their arms: ...

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3:10 PM
Q: The Football Squad

Bernardo Recamán SantosThe sixteen players of a football squad, wearing shirts numbered 1 to 16, have arrived in town for a tournament. At their hotel, they are assigned 16 rooms consecutively numbered. Moreover, each of them is assigned a room with a number different from her shirt number, though a multiple of it. W...

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4:51 PM
Q: A Retrospective Captor [Part 2]

NordiiTrevor woke up suddenly. He found himself in some sort of office, though it looked like it had been abandoned for sometime. It was relatively clean, however. Apart from the desks and computers, there was a single door marked exit. Trevor looked around, and made for the door. Locked. Suddenly a sm...

Q: All Aboard..Hop onto the Power Train to reach Destination Unity

UvcYour goal is to reach the destination unity. starting from $3462$ with three intermediate stops. You are allowed to use only 2 mathematical operations..multiplication and Exponentiation. All the digits from the previous step have to be used only once in the same order they appear. $A$. $3462...

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6:53 PM
Q: Square Spin #2: Climb the Mountain!

AdamSquare Spin History: #1>#2 New Rules This puzzle introduces two new square types: Unmovable squares (Un) Replaceable squares (Re) Plus the concept of ambiguity! Ambiguity of squares Certain square types are defined as being ambiguous. When a square typ...

7:34 PM
Q: Cup and Trade: The Perfect Nutmeg Soup

COTOYour package from Orinoco has finally arrived! It's the Master Chef's Environmentally-Friendly Measuring Cup Set. It comes with 64 measuring cups having a volume of 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup, ..., all the way down to 1/64 cup. Because these are master chef's cups, they have master featur...

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11:57 PM
Q: Cryptic, Crossword, Clues

Omega KryptonAnswer is one word. {1}{2}{3}{4} (6) {1} [a] (7) {2} [b][c][d][e] (6) {3} [f] (3) {4} [g][h][i] (6) [a] Bonding family in cod (7) [b] Container fight (3) [c] Considering primarily ferocity of rhinoceros (3) [d] I lie in a turf (on the back) of crop (5) [e] Just un...

Q: Word Web - A Hard One

Omega Krypton Disclaimer: "Hard" here is not a difficulty indicator. Please do not edit the title. This is a Word Web. Divide the 16 words into four groups of four such that they can collocate with one same word. Then find the answer that collocates with the four derived word. (-ed) means the derived word...

Q: Not Just Black and White

Omega KryptonAnswer for this puzzle is one word. Have fun!

Q: Omni-Riley-Rebuses

Omega Krypton Partially inspired by MetaZen’s Four Directions Series :) North: East: South: West:

Q: Snakes and Ladders

Omega KryptonThings are getting a bit puzzly... Reveal the Ladder and solve the clues to form a Word Ladder. Find the word that fits in the clue “???”. One fake clue is here to ruin your day [laughs wickedly] $\color{white}{\textsf{3}}$S$\color{white}{\textsf{1}}$N$\color{white}{\textsf{T}}$A$\color{...

Q: Nono-Cube: Approach at Your Own Risk

Omega Krypton Inspired by jafe's 3D nonograms :) Answer is one word.

Q: Mono-Tonic Crpytic-Clues

Omega KryptonAnswer for this puzzle is one word. All of the following clues have the same enumeration, but I am hiding it from you ;) $500 note (?) You ended up turning around (?) Gas emitted through removing online games from personal profile (?) Gas? Initially, no (?) One brown liquid (?) Unif...

Q: Ooohh, it all makes sense now! :D

Omega Krypton"Ooohh, it all makes sense now! :D" ~ Mr Pie Or does it? Answer is a two-digit number. 1) Cryptic, Crossword, Clues 2) Word Web - A Hard One 3) Not Just Black and White 4) Omni-Riley-Rebuses 5) Snakes and Ladders 6) Nono-Cube: Approach at Your Own Risk 7) Mono-T...


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