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1:29 AM
C4: I’ve tweaked a word to one that is, I think, more correct. Sorry
3 hours later…
4:50 AM
@Rubio RUBI(C)O + _N
which apparently is one way to win in a card game called piquet
5:25 AM
5:42 AM
Well... using our own username in a C4 solution is a theme that's going to suck for some of us. :P
But it explains why it always takes so long to think of a good user name ...
not if you're willing to stoop to indirect anagrams :P
And just to preempt, the answer to jafe's incoming C4 is JACKKNIFE
there's always track #2 here
LP3 is the third studio album (or third LP) by Ratatat, released on July 8, 2008. It contains the single "Shiller" originally released on 7" vinyl. The duo experimented with different genres as well as synthesizer patches, percussion instruments, sound effects, and samples. Unlike the albums Ratatat and Classics, LP3 was recorded in a few weeks. == Track listing == "Shiller" – 4:18 "Falcon Jab" – 3:55 "Mi Viejo" – 2:40 "Mirando" – 3:52 "Flynn" – 1:56 "Bird Priest" – 3:07 "Shempi" – 3:58 "Imperials" – 3:34 "Dura" – 3:08 "Bruleé" – 3:43 "Mumtaz Khan" – 2:38 "Gipsy Threat" – 1:38 "Black Heroes" –...
i was just going to say that that's the one option i'd have :)
with knick* in the middle, no less
@Alconja when's your next puzzle?
5:52 AM
You won't notice -- it will be posted under a better user name ...
@MOehm :D Yep. Time to scrap everything and start fresh for the sweet C4 glory
@OmegaKrypton soon still :P
:) i need it for some purpose ;)
...but "soon" is measured on alconja time scales (unfortunately)
Since this chat room is becoming my accountability partner, here's my current progress:
@Alconja ALCONJA(soon) = 1 ms
5:57 AM
Part 1: Done. Part 2: Done. Part 3: Puzzle @70%, Text @70%, Illustrations @50%. Part 4: Puzzle @90%, Text @70%, Illustrations Done. Part 5: Puzzle @70%, Text Done, Illustrations @50%. Part 6: Puzzle Done, Text @90%, Illustrations @0%. Part 7: Done.
Ahhh :)
ooh, interesting
Now someone give me a deadline for something. :)
you have 10 minutes to finish, go
5:59 AM
for something, not the whole puzzle, deus
Any advances on 10 minutes? Do I hear a 10 days?
the whole puzzle is technically "something"
@Alconja you have 1 day to finish the whole puzzle
"I'm bored, make me an Alconja puzzle, quick ..." :)
10 minutes to finish part 3
@Deusovi but not everything is a puzzle
Quote: "Everything is a puzzle"
6:00 AM
I also need to get to work on a new puzzle project -- currently don't really have much inspiration
Part 3 puzzle is the current blocking wall... if I get through that, parts 3 & 4 will fall fairly quickly.
@Deusovi A diagramless nonogram+cryptic crossword. Go.
lack of inspiration...
@Alconja this sounds like one of those in @jafe's Gladys's...
6:15 AM
and once that's finished, a statue view in 3d :P
oh no, that sounds like a nightmare both to make and solve
The American-style crosswords that hunm talked about (at length) yesterday are already the first step towards a nonogram-crossword hybrid, no?
Or maybe it's time for part II...?
2 hours later…
8:32 AM
hmmm... @Alconja
9:15 AM
@jafe your C4?
9:31 AM
waiting for confirmation
Q: Hit the Bulls Eye with T in the Center

UvcThere are 3 Rings with “T” in the center. In each ring, letters are distinctly different - 16 in the outer, 8 in the middle, 4 in the inner rings. Hit the Bulls Eye by making sixteen different four letter words ending in “T”. As an example, 2 are filled... $UNIT$, $KNIT$. Complete the rest.

9:57 AM
Q: See me once, See me Twice #12

Kaspar Scherrer See me once, I'm watching your every move Thanks for your visit, I know you were there I see what you did there in my lair Look for my acronym and you'll have your proof. See me twice, almost glorious, a pretty cat thousands of reasons for hiding my hand Maybe it's time for my o...

10:27 AM
@Sphinx this is just EXCELLENT
It may be a nice idea in theory, but in practice, it's a write-in, no?
yep but very innovative
But not much fun with the first and last letters given. Perhaps this would be better with an initially empty grid and clues.
11:11 AM
@jafe confirmed - sorry for the delay :)
CCCC: John can head the facilities (6)
11:37 AM
Q: Find the “X “in the Box

UvcInterlocked Rings shown in the picture share a common sum of 28. The numbers to be filled vary from 1 to 12 and do not repeat. Already four numbers..8, 9, 10, 11 are placed. Fill the X s with rest of numbers such that they all add upto 28 around each ring.

Q: Numbers received by SMS

CryptiaAny clue to decode this following problem ? 24 9 15 33 17 82 80 71 86 88 62 56 9 9 40 60 68 2 33 25 9 16 23 32 83 3 No hint to resolve that.

11:57 AM
@jafe Quad def for TOILET, I assume?
Paging Thomas Crapper
This is missing a throne reference to make it a Royal Flush.
@MOehm Oof
I hope that means that I'm bad a toilet hunour ...
Almost as bad as you are at typing?
I've given up to improve on my typing.
12:09 PM
@Rubio correct!
@Rubio quad def?
Quadruple definition. A double double def, if you will.
(I thought about it, too, but didn't know that "head" can mean toilet. "John" and "can" come up quite a bit in cryptic clues.)
and to think I thought this was about me...
12:27 PM
(One sec)
Care to enumerate?
Oh sorry it’s 9
Editing on mobile on web is a butt
For the record I am gleefully unapologetic for this clue. :)
thanks @MOehm
@JohnDvorak I gave your name several seconds of deliberation too hehe
Q: What number should replace a question mark

Akash sharma Please let me know What number should replace the question mark

12:38 PM
CCCC is Cryptic Clue Chat Chains! Latest clue is ⤴ there! Join the fun! See Deusovi's Cryptic Clue Guide and GPR's Archive & Statistics of past clues.
CCCC: Diagram to explain how natural gas explosion came about: inadequate carbon and hydrogen? (9)
That feeling when you can’t fix the arrow on mobile so instead you just repost the C4. Heh
Modern problems require modern solutions.jpg
@Rubio That was actually a big hint. Ho, ho!
1:12 PM
I thought double-defs (or n-tuple defs) are supposed to be different meanings of the same word, not just different words for the same meaning of some word?
(sorry for the nit-pick)
@MOehm Agreed. Aren't you going to post the answer?
(I won't because clearly you got there long before I did.)
Oh, I can, sure. But I wanted to have something ready before I answered.
@MOehm keepin’ it classy. ;)
@Ankoganit ah, i see... didn't realize that
thanks for the correction
1:28 PM
I still like that clue, fwiw
Just that idt that's how double defs usually work
@Rubio Okay, so it's F (LOW + C + H) ART
Ahhh lol
1:47 PM
Of course :)
Surface worked amusingly well
also, yeah, the problem with using n-tuple defs with the same etymology is that it can be ambiguous (couldn't THRONE also be the answer to jafe's clue?)
and even when it's unambiguous, it's often not fair, because instead of two paths to the answer it's just one. "Classify group (10)" isn't really any more gettable than the quick crossword clue "Classify" would be
Q: Is the following topology puzzle impossible to solve?

tuskiomiThere was a problem I was introduced to in grade school which my teacher claimed that not even his graduate level students could solve, and it went a little like this. You have a set of boxes in a brick-like pattern which looks like so: your challenge is to draw a single line which intersects a...

2:20 PM
@MOehm your C4 please... :)
@Randal'Thor , a teleactive sample awaits you at chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/39978/the-troll
Och, Omega. I'd have known it's my turn without your nudge ...
:) take your time
be patient, OK -- people are often busy, and it takes time to come up with a good clue
yep, just afraid they forget
smart people tend to think a lot
therefore forgetting a lot :P
2:26 PM
CCCC: Criticize emphasized part of exposé that covers a business degree (8)
So now I have to try not to forget that it's time to leave the office. :)
where the emphasized part of exposé is the "LAST E"
ahhh nice!!
2:48 PM
ha, cute
3:30 PM
Cute for sure, but in what sense is the last e the "emphasized part"? I guess it's very literally the accented part! But it's not e.g. the syllable with the most stress on it, at least not for me, nor the most important bit of the word in any sense I can see.
Q: Oops!!! Dropped it again!

Ak19I have dropped my laptop twice in the past and luckily nothing went wrong. Today while getting ready for college, I dropped it again - for the third time. This time, something is wrong. When I switched it on, it just displayed the below text. Can you find what does it say ?

Really? That's pretty clearly where the stress is for me -- it's /ˌɛks.poʊz.ˈe(ɪ)/, no?
Wiktionary seems to agree. en.wiktionary.org/wiki/expos%C3%A9
OED says /ɛkˈspəʊzeɪ/ which is how I say it.
4:00 PM
@hexomino Yes, that's it.
@GarethMcCaughan Yes, I saw that, too, and was surprised that the stress wasn't on the é. I wanted to use "accentuated", but didn't know how good that would fit figuratively, i.e. to describe something that is merely highlighted without a physical accent.
So I went with emphasized. Pity C4's don't have editors except after publication.
CCCC: John, who has nothing, encounters another John making Latin music (8)
4:18 PM
Q: Is this 3d Sudoku possible?

JonMark PerryI was looking at images of 3d Sudoku's on Bing, because I was looking for a $9\times9\times9$ Sudoku, where each horizontal, vertical left-right and vertical top-bottom plane was also a Sudoku. Is this possible (and how many givens would be needed)? The closest I found was , (supposedly fro...

1 hour later…
5:20 PM
@Rubio "Natural Gas explosion" - Genius
@Sid gleefully unapologetic :)
5:38 PM
Q: Express 50 to 100 with constituent digits only...my 100th pzl on 50th day

UvcUsing the following rules only, Express the numbers from 50 to 100 using only digits in the number. Concise with minimum number of characters is preferred. No concatenation of numbers allowed. Only, plus, minus, division, multiplication(use dot), exponentiation, factorial, brackets where needed...

6:18 PM
Q: Can White Castle?

shoopiThis is the first chess puzzle I composed in the retrograde genre. I originally posted this in a chess dedicated forum. Hope you like it! In the following position, is it possible that White could still castle? To prove it's possible, all you have to do is provide a legal game. If you believ...

6:38 PM
Q: Savage Road Signs (Part 3)

Dark ThunderYou only need to have read Part 1 to understand this question, reading Part 2 will only help understanding the epic storyline. Your daughter refuses to talk to you even though you have (once more) replaced the numbered stickers you took from her. Another outgoing highway is being built, leading...

Q: Use 0 1 2 3 4 to make the numbers 331, 333, 435, 452, 455, 458, 461, 469, 470

ThomasL You must use all 5 digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 each exactly once. You can make multi-digit numbers out of the numbers, e.g. 120 or 42. The square function may NOT be used. Nor may the cube, raise to a fourth power, or any other function that raises a number to a specific power. You may use the ^ oper...

2 hours later…
8:20 PM
Q: Find the counterfeit coin

student28We are given ten stacks of three coins. All the three coins in one of the stacks are counterfeit. A true coin weights a whole number of grams. A false coin differs in weight from a true coin by less than 3.6 grams. We have a digital scale. How can you identify the counterfeit stack with two weig...

9:20 PM
Q: Find the Missing Members of this Family

UvcWho are the Missing Members? $?$, $V$, $U$, $?$, $S$, $?$, $P$, $O$, $N$, $?$, $H$, $F$, $?$, $B$

Q: Walk a Crooked Path

Jaap ScherphuisHere is a $7\times7$ board with three squares removed. You walk a path from square to square (adjacent horizontally or vertically), without visiting any square more than once. What is the most crooked path you could walk? You may start on any square and end on any square. You do not need to ...

1 hour later…
10:21 PM
Q: A Magical Compass

Brandon_JOn a walk through the Aelordern forest, a young man found a small brass compass on the ground next to the overgrown forest trail he was strolling on. He opened it eagerly and admired the elaborate engravings on the lid, only to notice that the compass point was spinning. It would turn to one of t...

1 hour later…
11:33 PM
@hexomino we’re keeping the toilet humor going I see. Or should I say, toilet humour. BO(O)G + A LOO = Latin music

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