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12:32 AM
Q: A married couple

Deep_In_TigerThere is a couple that is married for 10 years, it all started when the male wrote to the female this: 91 21 62 62 21 23 63 61 32 82 71 33 63 73 21 23 63 33 33 32 32 ? The answer suppose to be in English.

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2:49 AM
Q: Find this cartoon

Ak19From the pictures below, can you find the cartoon character? EDIT: Edited the 3rd picture for clarity A small hint:

I'm wondering if this is too broad or not.
3:12 AM
Q: Find the three digit Prime number P from the given unusual relationships

Uvc$Given:$ P is a 3 digit prime number Q,R,S,T are distinct digits( 0 to 9 ) QRS is a concatenated number $Relationships:$ $P$ = $QRS + T$ = Reverse of $( QRS * T)$ Find P using just deductive reasoning.

1 hour later…
4:33 AM
@Brandon_J Seems like it to me.
2 hours later…
6:54 AM
Q: Lady G's amazing mazings

jafeThis puzzle is part 20 of Gladys' journey across the globe. Each part can be solved independently. Nevertheless, if you are new to the series, feel free to start at the beginning: Introducing Gladys. Dear Puzzling, My passport keeps filling up with new stamps. Hopefully I ...

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9:53 AM
Q: A fortified nonogram

jafeThis puzzle is part 21 of Gladys' journey across the globe. Each part can be solved independently. Nevertheless, if you are new to the series, feel free to start at the beginning: Introducing Gladys. Dear Puzzling, Today I went to see a royal palace, a Hindu temple, and so...

10:32 AM
Q: Number sequence puzzle; 2, 10, 44

tomPredict the next three members of the sequence below and explain what the relationship is. 2, 10, 44, 1012, 248, Hints will follow if required. This number sequence does not appear in the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

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12:12 PM
Q: Pirate democracy at its finest

Thomas BlueWith our pirate crew becoming too big, the captain grew very concerned about splitting all the treasure - we continued to split it equally, but, of course, each crew member got less and less with the time. When the captain got sick of it, he gathered all the crew and made an announcement: Pi...

1:07 PM
@Deusovi OK I'm going to go ahead and VTC.
Q: One word riddle, and spent more time trying to make title "quality"

George MenoutisI went to paint in the nature. Alas, I got a nasty infection. I did recover by medication.

2 hours later…
2:50 PM
Q: Word Transformations

Brandon_J I am a gap Rearranged, an accelerator Take one and rearrange, an animal Rearrange that, a skin condition. I am a gap Take one and rearrange, a garden tool Take one again and rearrange, a boat. I am a gap Take one and I'm a type of mouth. ...

3:01 PM
@Brandon_J I think that is premature, personally (and commented on it as such).
Q: A very basic number sequence puzzle

SynnPredict the next members of the sequence below and explain what the relationship is. 2, 10, 101, 1211, 14321, ...

3:20 PM
@Rubio I'm torn...
Nice to meet you torn, I'm keming.
I gave the answerer on my Useful Words™ a pretty huge hint. their answer rule is correct (so can be given the bounty) - I'd like them to solve the title before I award the checkmark
1 hour later…
4:48 PM
@Rubio OK, I'll probably award the bounty soon.
5:36 PM
@Rubio Are we deleting program-based answers to puzzles now? Because program-based answers have long been a pet peeve of mine, so I'll flag a bunch if so :-)
@Randal'Thor I'm not going to go looking for them, and would prefer you not do so either. If they're encountered organically, and are flagged as NaA to the puzzle as stated, then (speaking for myself) I'll delete them as such.
Hmm, it seems there's actually not many program-based answers to puzzles specifically tagged .
Lots of program-based answers in general, but I'll keep that pet peeve to myself :-P
Aaaand the site's "offline for maintenance".
I actually don't recall noticing any, but have not gone through anything resembling an exhaustive search. If it's not forbidden by the question tagging, I see nothing wrong with answers found programmatically. (And indeed have answered a few myself that way.)
@Randal'Thor Wait, what?
Site looks fine to me
@Rubio Sure, nothing wrong with it if the OP doesn't forbid. I don't downvote such answers, but I never upvote them either. Mostly because I don't understand them :-)
@Brandon_J Never mind. Seems to have been a split-second thing.
5:41 PM
Oh, ok
@Randal'Thor In many cases, the answer's correctness is self-evident. The solution path may not be, when it's enshrined in an algorithm. But ideally the answerer does more than belch out some code and a final answer, and actually explains the method the code follows. In cases like that, I'd have no problem upvoting, and I seem to remember encountering a decent number of answers that do just that.
I've seen a lot of answers which are totally incomprehensible to non-programmers like me. In fact I don't recall ever seeing one that explains the code rather than just providing it (unless maybe that explanation is also done in some way that only coders can understand).
I've seen examples of code just brute-force exhausting a search space. There's nothing interesting about the code or the method; it's just using a computer to do what you could otherwise do by hand. I have zero problem upvoting an answer derived that way, with no explanation needed. Of course I do code, so I can and usually do scan through the program to see if it's doing anything unexpected. But if the problem lends itself readily to brute force, I won't deny someone a vote for doing so.
6:02 PM
@Randal'Thor how deep do you want the explanation to be?
just curious
"Want"? I'm not asking anyone to do anything.
er my bad. I thought that you thought that "totally incomprehensible to non-programmers" was a problem for you
and that you hoped for an explanation
It's a problem in that I don't care for such answers and don't read or upvote them.
But non-mathematicians would probably say the same about a lot of answers involving advanced maths.
It's not like I'm trying to encourage some sort of change.
6:29 PM
Q: what 3D shape can be used to make any 3D shape when combined With itself?

JeffLooking to create a puzzle / representation of any 3D shape using smaller 3D shape. Is there some sort of shape / ultimate 3D shape that can make any other 3D shape. Like a pyramid or sphere or cube or something?

7:09 PM
Q: Sequence of close numbers

TheDudeI just came up with the following sequence of numbers. 25 26 27 28 30 30 ... They all seem to be very close to one another... but what is the next number in the sequence?

4 hours later…
11:29 PM
@Rubio BR([-k]IL[-l] + L[oathsome])IG, BRILLIG
11:44 PM
(and sneaky, Rubio)

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