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1:46 AM
Q: Function that is the same out put for every number besides 0

user59959I am currently trying to find a way to have (1/0) not be undefined, but some incredibly large number. (1 / (0+( 10^(-100) * (This unkown equation) )))

2:39 AM
Q: Best puzzles of 2019 Q1 (January - March)?

AlconjaThis question is part of the best-puzzle award series. What are your nominations for the best puzzles, here on Puzzling.SE, of the first quarter ( January / February / March ) 2019? Suggested guidelines for nomination: Nominate each individual puzzle in a separate answer, so they can be...

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4:54 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Migration. Warmer in the south.
Q: On what object around a house would you find a "punt"?

PuzzlierzSomeone asked me the other day "On what object around a house would you find a punt?"

3 hours later…
7:59 AM
@Alconja Your C4 is TOWEL = O(u)T< + WEL(l), I think.
What does the "completely" do then?
It's the synonym to "well" that Alconja mentioned in the hint. "The victory was completely/well deserved."
So: TOWEL = to dry = O(u)T (Overturned and emptied out) + WEL(l) (completely, left out)
1 hour later…
9:30 AM
@MOehm That's the one (though I intended the def to be just "dry", with <word play> to <def>). And yes completely = well as in "add the milk to the flour and mix well/completely".
I'm kinda iffy on both "dry = towel" and "well = completely"
Fair enough. I thought it didn't hurt to include the "to" here, because it is a verb.
Well, to towel is to dry with a towel.
CCCC: Figure in Eastern philosophy replaces central character of chapter (7)
10:16 AM
Q: Game of Life meets Chaos Theory

JonMark PerryI was wondering if anyone had any examples of Chaos Theory in John Conway's Game of Life, i.e. a position which is stable, but change just one cell and the population becomes extinct.

10:36 AM
@Sphinx I'm not sure this is on-topic? I don't see how this is puzzle-related.
Isn't it a (not very difficult) puzzle in its own right?
In the sense that "Solve 1+x=2" is...
10:52 AM
It's explicitly posed as a reference request, so it should be a question about puzzles rather than a puzzle itself. But Conway's Game of Life isn't inherently a puzzle-related topic.
11:18 AM
That's fair, though the "reference-request" tag's description doesn't make it perfectly clear that it's intended for questions about puzzles. (Perhaps because it dates back to the old days when everything on PSE was intended to be questions about puzzles, rather than actual puzzles.)
11:34 AM
Q: Looking for a Logical Puzzle with Scalability

nl003I hope I am in the right place to be asking a question like this! That being said, I am experimentalist in need of a 'good' logical puzzle. There are aspects of the puzzle I would like and other aspects I am trying to avoid due to too many potential confounding factors. Below is a list of these ...

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1:31 PM
Q: Groundhog Puzzle

Jeff BehA groundhog has made an infinite number of holes one metre apart in a straight line in both directions on an infinite plane. Every day it travels a fixed number of holes in one direction. A farmer would like to catch the groundhog by shining a torch into one of the holes at midnight when it is as...

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9:56 PM
Q: A Warm Riley Riddle

Brandon_J My infix has been removed. My suffix is this. If you can read this, you're on my prefix. If you read this in the morning, you might guess me sooner - what am I? The usual. Please have an explanation for each line and the title.

10:54 PM
Q: Pawninos-44 Checks In A Row

Rewan DemontayHere’s a fun one! I call it Pawninos because the pawns, like dominos, all fall into a cycle! Start with an 8x8 chess board. Give black his king on h4 and no other material. Give white all of his 8 pawns and his king, and nothing else. Put all available white pieces on their original squares. Thi...

11:33 PM
Q: I’ve officially counted to infinity!

PerpetualJIt’s been a while since my last post since school, work, and family have kept me incredibly busy. I have another puzzle though and as always I wish you the best of luck. Sarah called me today and explained that she had counted to infinity. I shrugged and said it was impossible. She said that ...


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