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1:47 AM
Q: The Fastest Way-A Special Positional Challenge

Rewan DemontayThis is my first “find the fastest way to this position” chess puzzle” here on PSE. However, this is not for just some random position. Let me explain. Tim Krabbe has said on his site-(Journal Entry 387)[https://timkr.home.xs4all.nl/chess2/diary.htm]-, that the record, at least in 2013 for the m...

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4:17 AM
Q: Dragons and Dragon Slayers

JonMark Perry In the Kingdom, there are 7 dragons and 7 dragon slayers. Each dragon has ($\text{index}\times10000$) hit points (i.e. $10,000\to70,000$). Each dragon slayer does ($\text{index}\times1000$) damage (i.e. $1,000\to7,000$). The local King asks the dragon slayers to slay all the dragons. Each slay...

Q: Rigorous way to solve the river crossing problem

VictorI encountered this classic brain teaser: Four people, A, B, C and D need to get across a river. The only way to cross the river is by an old bridge, which holds at most 2 people at a time. Being dark, they can't cross the bridge without a torch, of which they only have one. So each pair...

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6:12 AM
Q: Head of a Reich takes a seat

jafe A fabric is used for a pretty silk dress, an empire eventually broke under stress, a language once used one's ideas to express, a man, head of Reich long before the SS. What am I?

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7:17 AM
Q: Disembodied hand growing fangs

jafe Across 2. Puzzle expert breaks first dilemma partially (7) 9. Nobleman bandleader (4) 13. Lead singer, AC/DC's second; extremely over-the-top (5) 18. Actor Morgan and organ lying on the same line (8) 20. Region's stadium has no northern entrance (4) 22. Guide a pharaoh with n...

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8:40 AM
Q: Sum letters are not two different

ElPedroThe following letters all have something in common which may not be obvious at a first glance: A D H P No other letters share this attribute. Hint More hints may follow if the question is not answered.

8:56 AM
Q: You can see me, but you can not look at me

K2_You can see me, but you can not look at me. I can be gone or around for months at a time. I am middle-aged, but I don't hear you telling me that. In finnish, I could be yours. What am I?

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10:33 AM
Q: Time to Settle Down!

user477343Lots of puzzles on this site take some time to solve. Nothing wrong with that, but I'll try to introduce a short puzzle every now and then :) Gold is my meal; Silver, I free; My colour reveals How my counter did be. What am I? Apart from the hint in the title... Hint 1:

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1:15 PM
Q: Modified Intersection Puzzle

hexominoThis is a slightly modified version of the Intersection Puzzle introduced by user477343 here. In this case, you are given a $7 \times 8$ grid with circles and boxes provided in some of the cells. The aim is to construct a set of rectilinear paths inside the grid with the following rules: Stand...

1:54 PM
@Deusovi I've been playing Ghost Trick
Ever time I play as the main character, I get serious vibes from you
Like It's something I cannot get out of my head, and it's hilarious
I think the funniest moment is in the beginning when the character is lying down dead, and I just picture you that way and I can't stop laughing
2:10 PM
Oh, cool! It's a really good game. (And yeah, that first scene is pretty funny.)
Yeah, it's pretty good
I haven't finished lol :P
I think I'm about half-way through (?) I'm actually not sure
Which chapter?
Uhh i wasn't keeping track
I'm at the scene where [REDACTED] dies
2:35 PM
CCCC hint: There's plenty that's correct in what Alconja has posted above.
3:14 PM
@North Might want to get rid of spoilers
3:34 PM
Oh yeah hehe
i can’t delete the comment
slowly walks away
3:52 PM
I edited it for you.
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5:22 PM
Q: Find 108 by using 3,4,6

OrayAssemble a formula using the numbers $3$, $4$ and $6$ in any order to make 108. You may use the operations; $x + y$ $x - y$ $x \times y$ $x \div y$ $x!$ $\sqrt{x}$ $\sqrt[\leftroot{-2}\uproot{2}x]{y}$ $x^y$ Brackets to clarify order of operations "(",")" Concatenate two or more of the four di...

thx gareth
5:41 PM
Q: Can you cross the bridge?

SoltiusIf C = 5 N = 2 R = 4 W = 1 P = 9 How much is B?

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7:35 PM
Q: What on Mars? (A Poem-based riddle)

CStafford-14I make your hair fall Your heart begins to fall, too But I don't cut them. I can be a rock In some places, I'm some dust You won't live much more. Uranium Mines An underground toxic find I destroy your brain. What am I? Hint is in the title.

8:13 PM
Q: Maximum number of positions in a chess table with 3 pieces

CertifillLets say we have 3 chess pieces and we want to find the maximum number of positions possible on a regular 8x8 Chess board. No amount of pieces can be on the same rank or file. How can I approach this problem?

@GarethMcCaughan For the CCCC, is it BRITICISM? Alconja probably was wondering how to get BRIT from "Religious initiation," and I found through Googling that a brit milah is a Jewish religious ceremony, so could that be it?
8:33 PM
@PiIsNot3 Bingo! BRITICISM it is. (I believe "brit milah" is commonly abbreviated to "brit", though more often to "bris".)
(Of course the real point of the clue was the parallel with the previous one.)
All right! Now let's see if I can continue the theme here...
@GarethMcCaughan that's because Ashkenazi Jews have a tradition of pronouncing ת without a dot in the middle as a "s" sound, whereas others treat it the same as with a dot "t", and a certain percentage follow the ancient way and do "th". Makes things interesting.
"Two Jews, three opinions", right? :-)
@PiIsNot3 Please feel free just to make a good clue and not worry about being thematic :-).
That is indeed what they say ;)
I generally use "t" because that's what the modern language uses, but my grandparents use "s", and I think it'd be more accurate to use "th", so... *shrugs*
CCCC: Alconja partly right, got the ends to convert (5)
To make up for me stealing the answer from him :)
8:43 PM
@PiIsNot3 Solution to your CCCC is ALTER: AL(conja) + R, containing T(h)E.
@GarethMcCaughan Yep, that's it!
Didn't want to make it too hard, but I guess I made it too easy...
Not much ambiguity about the structure :-).
Q: How do I make numbers 1-100 using only the numbers 2, 0, 1, 9?

David HarwoodI'm kinda stumped on this and I'd like some help.

9:11 PM
Q: Some Rough Puzzling

Brandon_J My beginning is the beginning of glass My middle gives you a hand take one, a slang patriarch, and early college credit. I end with a downtrodden stone. What am I? As usual, please include an explanation for each line in your final answer. I'm not entirely sure if the "kn...

Ooh. General chat! Who else is on?
No one else. LOL
Chat's usually a bit asynchronous
I don't know how I pulled it off, but this is my 3rd day on here and I have 123 rep.
9:18 PM
I love solving puzzles
Especially here
9:29 PM
I've noticed that people here are moderators. Am I in the wrong place?
all the people*
not all the people... ;)
just lots of chat.SE mods frequenting this place :P
it's usually any of four mods, three of which are also Puzzling.SE mods
Have you seen this one yet?
Q: Some Rough Puzzling

Brandon_J My beginning is the beginning of glass My middle gives you a hand take one, a slang patriarch, and early college credit. I end with a downtrodden stone. What am I? As usual, please include an explanation for each line in your final answer. I'm not entirely sure if the "kn...

9:58 PM
Seen it. Not solved it yet.
I see you and I are the only ones here right now.
Oh hi
Didn't know you were still here
I'm only about half here right now (and half of my being-here-ness is going into trying to make a new cryptic clue for the CCCC -- I have something that almost works well...)
And the CCCC is...
10:08 PM
See the "CCCC is ..." thing on the star-board at the right.
10:56 PM
@CStafford-14 Hello!
Welcome to Puzzling SE
The chat fluctuates in activity, but it's not too extreme
We're by no means the chattiest room, but if you say hi or start a subject someone will probably drop by and say something
11:23 PM
@CStafford-14 Let me join the other folks in welcoming you here. It's a somewhat quiet room but it's a good place to come ask for help when posting, or to discuss a puzzle that people are trying to solve collaboratively, or just for whatever people here want to talk about
@North Hey, your comment on PAP ... I have no idea what you're trying to say.
I;m throwing suggestions
@Rubio You know the game rock-paper-scissors?
PAP wasn't from the puzzle, so interpreting it isn't something I need to do here, right?
oh. paper beats rock? is that what you mean?
Maybe "middle" is paper
and like there is more parts
because paper gives an open hand
so sandpaper (something)
maybe. thing is that there are 3 clues given for the "middle"
the last two are very unambiguous and they point to PAP
But the ending
11:28 PM
the first one maybe is PAPER, but shouldn't be
I can't find anything to with rocks or oppression for er
I mean closest thing to the technical definition of "downtrodden" is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_cypher but that's a pretty big stretch
Since queen elizabeth's royal cypher is ER, but she's not downtrodding anyone
yeah no
Maybe it's literally beginning of glass
Like G___ or GL___
my proposed answer fits the title too well to be coincidence, so I reject that possibility :)
hmm apparently your answer is really close
11:36 PM
still not getting that second line.
The Papanicolaou test (abbreviated as Pap test, also known as Pap smear, cervical smear, cervical screening or smear test) is a method of cervical screening used to detect potentially precancerous and cancerous processes in the cervix (opening of the uterus or womb). Abnormal findings are often followed up by more sensitive diagnostic procedures and if warranted, interventions that aim to prevent progression to cervical cancer. The test was independently invented by Dr. Georgios Papanikolaou and Dr. Aurel Babeș and named after Papanikolaou. A Pap smear is performed by opening the vaginal canal...
definitely not helpful
but i thought id just share
meh. pap has other meanings as well, none relevant
Hmm hand for prefix in man-
Because in French it's main
ped- means foot
So pap- in french means nipple which is definitely not the right direction
@Rubio maybe something to do papyrus?
paper would be more likely, especially given the "hand" reference and the rock-paper-scissors allusion that immediately follows. That would be pretty unsatisfying though.
yeah... i can't find anything relating to pap-...
@Rubio i think his new comment probably confirms that
or more like paper is a hand thing
11:50 PM
I gave it another go
i mean whatever. i clearly have the right answer, we're now just dithering over one line of the puzzle :)
@Brandon_J This might be easier. :)

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