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1:07 AM
wow very low activity in pse today
haven't used a single flag today, that's a first
Well, that's actually that's a good thing but usually with higher activity your bound to raise a couple
1:59 AM
@humn Since when do you behave? ;)
2:29 AM
Q: Your magic is very sketchy

Jason_Your magic is very sketchy... When I'm put under pressure my insides fall out The lower I fall the darker my snout I own a magic hat that makes things disappear As I shed my skin, abracadabra I reappear What am I?

2 hours later…
4:19 AM
@North , behaving is always worth a try. Misbehavin' is successful at The Troll
Of course, like always. What else is new?
@North , eat me. Then vomit. Then eat me again.
I'm a tree, I eat sunlight
@North, i'll climb your limbs and get sap on my hands and bare feet.
No, my blood!
Would your hands be bare too?
4:24 AM
Oh, no, i wear shoes on my hands.
And undies on my knees.
Sounds quite fashionable indeed
Gotta see it to believe it!
I'm not sure I would want to....
Not worth the dime, i admit.
Nonetheless, @North, if you're in the mood for banter i suggest The Troll. I've been slapped more than once is enough here.
I'll pass this time ;)
I need to sleep soon anyways
4:28 AM
Good night to you then, good sir
also yeah trees sleep
6 hours later…
10:52 AM
Q: Find the next number in this sequence

Rémi HenryFind the next number in the sequence : 1; 5; 33; 25; 2; 16; 14; 12; 11; ? What is the next number and why ?

11:39 AM
Q: Go Pregnant or Go Home

ChowzenA love story: First, we met on the dance floor at this place playing loud music. Soon after we were madly in love! Before I knew it, we were engaged to be married. Now, here I am in the backyard turning over soil for her garden instead of playing cards with my friends or enjoying the multitudes ...

12:11 PM
Q: The Riley Riddle Mine

Brandon_J My prefix is a doctor. My suffix isn't feeling well. My infix is myself. From earth to enamel, what am I? As usual, please supplement final answers with explanations for each line. This Riley Riddle is my first. Feedback welcome.

2 hours later…
2:35 PM
Don't edit posts that are low quality, just raise the flag for it and maybe put in a comment, but editting causes some problems with like deletion and stuff
It knocks it out of the review queue
2:51 PM
TIL, source?
It only knocks it out of the queue if you edit it directly from the queue.
But in general, yeah, it's kind of a waste of time to edit deletable content that isn't salvageable.
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.
3:38 PM
Q: There is only s̶i̶x̶t̶y one place he can be

Arnaud MortierThis puzzle is not mine, although I don't have any reference as to where it originated from. I discovered it when I was a student, some fifteen years ago. It has been among my favourite chess puzzles since then. Could be very well known or a duplicate, but I couldn't find it in the database. The...

1 hour later…
4:41 PM
Q: A strange message full of dice came in my mail

Joe-You-KnowSo I got a package today that contained the strangest contents. It was a set of dice, each of them numbered in one of the corners. Arranged, this is what numbers or characters displayed on each dice, 111122 011111 222222 223333 ------ 111222 000001 222223 333334 333344 333444 000111 222221 2...

4:58 PM
Mar 5 at 1:01, by Rubio
Hey - quick comment for you (and for @Hugh if they ever pop in here) - not sure if you're aware but, if you edit a really bad post you can actually knock it out of the review queue so it doesn't end up being closed or deleted or whatever when it otherwise would (/should) have
Hey @Deusovi
I got one puzzle solved ;)
I'm working with my friend later on in the day though for the GPH
Congrats again, btw. That was so quick
5:20 PM
Oh, nice!
Which one?
Cross Lines :P
I saw that you've solved it in like 13 minutes
How'd you finish the entire GPH so early? You almost beat the second place team by like two days
@Mithrandir Ahahaha no worries :P
Looking at "Reunited" now.

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