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2:04 AM
@Rubio , thank youbio! I'll try to behave. Here.
2:28 AM
Q: Why has a chess game viewer, such as the one in the Chess Stack Exchange, not been implemented into the Puzzling Stack Exchanhe yet?

Rewan DemontayI know that not all puzzles on the PSE are that of chess, but I feel that a chess board viewer, such as that on the Chess Stack Exchange, should be put in for the benefit of us here that do do chess puzzles. My question is this: Why hasn’t it been done yet? I don’t think that it would be to har...

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8:39 AM
Q: How many cookies does someone need to grab to be certain to obtain a flavor?

Chris Steinbeck BellI often found this riddle in many exams but I got often confused on how to tackle it. While it involves maths. I wonder if there is a subtle or a more layman method to obtain an answer using common sense?. The problem which I'm about to describe isn't a specific homework problem. Is just a situa...

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9:56 AM
Q: Watcher's of the Word Wall

AnnoszThe guards group near the campfire. None of them wants to leave the warm flames, yet someone has to go to make the patrol along the border. Of course, in this situation, the youngest of them is the one that must do the duty. He picks up a torch and leaves the others behind. Nearly a half league ...

10:15 AM
Q: Which gate leads to heaven?

Kajal RawalYou are standing before two doors. One of the path leads to heaven and the other one leads to hell. There are two guardians, one by each door. You know one of them always tells the truth and the other always lies, but you don’t know who is the honest one and who is the liar. You can only ask one...

10:53 AM
Q: Modern day Chaucer

ChowzenIf you lok, you will fid: There's an empty place Whee the laws of the wld are cmpletely disgraced. {2} In th spring, in this and, the hunting dries out; And y midsummer's day Hunter's nowhere abou. {4} In the fall, just 'fore dan, he again pokes aound (Though it' soon that he finds that n hun...

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3:18 PM
Q: Superhero words!

SlowMagicQuietly walking among us are words which are actually superheroes in disguise! Just as Diana Prince spins around to become Wonder Woman, some seemingly ordinary words can spin around to reveal their super identities! For example, STRESSED turns into DESSERTS just when you need it, and REVILED c...

4:13 PM
Q: Take Ryanair out of the vent

Gordon K My children A problem With a drink I can clean Not left to investors Is at Wimbledon seen? Question: What am I?

5:10 PM
Q: A known event to a history junkie

DomosedI rhyme with a word that could stand for a country - A known event to a history junkie, A weird relation to modern computers I share beginning with angry refuters. What am I?

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6:59 PM
Q: On watercrafts I was on board. What am I?

KGMA part of me's mechanical. The other is electrical. I'm named after an ancient word. On watercrafts I was on board. - My weaknesses helped to kill some men. Thus I am remembered now and then. My weakness not only demanded some blood. It changed history to the good. - All in all I am qui...

Q: Perfect riffle shuffles

Dr XorileTake a deck of cards (with indexed position from 1 (top) to 52 (bottom)) and perform a perfect riffle shuffle, such that the top card (1) is still on top and the bottom (52) is still on the bottom. Amazingly, if you perform 8 such riffle shuffles you will return to where you started. Obviously,...

@Sphinx resists from brute-forcing
Hint: modular arithmetic
hint 2: 1 = 52 = 0
hint: I've solved it
don't be discouraged, my solution is still the boring unposted version :P
I'm trying to make it more... interesting
7:12 PM
Are you saying... that I should answer? Hm...
well... I don't have the non-brute-force way yet, and I don't feel like the brute force deserves to win :P
that's why I "resisted" above
(also, "modular arithmetic" is meh)
wait, no, don't answer
somebody ninja'd you
2 hours later…
9:42 PM
Q: Part pokemon am I

Sensoray Part pokemon am I, or perhaps two, But not to belie, what I think of you. I’m often confused, with low ‘r camping Or expressly used, when overbar adding. What am I?

2 hours later…
11:17 PM
C4 hint: Rubio's initial guess was partially correct
11:55 PM
codenames anyone?

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