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12:00 AM
@Rubio Holy cow
extremely clever
@Rubio yep. Nicely done! I expected that one to last longer.
12:15 AM
Oh wow I was actually way closer than I thought
2 hours later…
2:12 AM
That's a very clever clue.
I'm not sure Perth is quite so definitive. Isn't Honolulu (by a large margin) even more isolated?
I guess Perth is quite a bit larger.
2:30 AM
Yeah, I was under the impression that Perth was the winner when considering a "city" to be places with population greater than a million, but googling shows that isn't the case either (Auckland - Sydney apparently beats it by about 25kms).
I'm sure you can easily come up with some definition that makes Perth the leader. I'm guessing it's the most isolated city when defining city as "population greater than a million" and isolation as "distance to a population greater than 100k".
(either way, absolutely a clever clue - and certainly fair enough for this context)
2 hours later…
4:27 AM
Thanks. I tried to give enough info in the clue to make it easier than usual, considering the unusual wordplay — so "city" alone wouldn't cut it, for example. But "Australian city", besides making it too easy, would also make for a very strange surface. So I went with "isolated city", which Perth is known for being.
4:58 AM
CCCC: Public leader and/or USA’s last First Lady? (7)
5:48 AM
@Rubio P_ and/or _A, the first human woman
@msh210 aye
Figured that’d be quick :)
CCCC: Data arranged into rows and columns (11)
6:29 AM
@Rubio yep. Well, a charade really, but whatever.
6:42 AM
CCCC: Stop a leak with fingers; problem is, this is a bad thing to do. (4 8)
This is probably a terrible clue. I’m sorry in advance hehe
Q: A Knitted Puzzle

HTMAll handmade! Answer is a thematic word.

7:09 AM
@PiIsNot3 are you suddenly HTM :o
2 hours later…
9:18 AM
@Rubio great surface though. :)
9:40 AM
why do people downvote to post...
I mean if you think the question is dumb or easy dude than answer it.
9:52 AM
@Alconja yeah, it's nice!
10:38 AM
Q: What am I ? any guess?

Ms DesignerTake away my first letter, then take away my second letter. Then take away the rest of my letters, yet I remain the same. What am I?

2 hours later…
12:52 PM
@Sphinx Woo, got to use my gold badge :-)
1:23 PM
Q: The Newest Cycle

Rewan DemontayA wonderful new chess problem has appeared lately that is most wonderful. I am here to share it with the world today. But you must solve it in order know about it’s glory! It’s White to move and mate in four. Peter Hoffmann, berlinthema.com, 12/8/19 May you solve it first and appreciate it’...

@Randal'Thor Nice :)
1:44 PM
Q: find the lowest floor from which Venus eggs break

melfntVenus gave you two eggs because she wants to test their strength. She lives in a 100 floor building and she wants to find the first floor above which the eggs break when thrown out of the window. More formally, there exist exactly one so-called critical floor such that: - if you climb up to the c...

2:25 PM
Q: Tile-laying for beginners

postmortesColdport is celebrating having a new town hall by laying a tiled design in the public square in front of the building. The design is also square: $5\times 5$ tiles square, in fact, and features three interlocking paths in three colours. The coloured squares around the edges of the grid indicate...

3:09 PM
3:48 PM
Added a big hint to my puzzle here puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/91714/…
Basically gave the whole thing away, though theres still a bit left to figure out before the hint can be applied.
posted on December 09, 2019 by user64274

I destroyed you though you need me?Find the answer even i don't know. Please any one know ,answer it down.Thank you. Done.?.........................^8^#__|&|*'|%/'+|+'|+'&%|&|+%|+%|'%{'×'×%'₹|%*|%*₹^×₹^*₹×-:-÷:-÷×₹^|~%!~~&$~&??+~%||×:-(-:*+-|^$'÷++÷-'-|₹~?~÷₹÷--×|"+'÷:÷/'-×:×♂℅∆[♂®®♀€¡°℃[¶™¶●™[♂®【♂®™ππππππππΠ™[♂™[♂♂【【♂【♂℅♂°℅∆®¡】™€】¿¥£【¡€°¶℃【¢¥•♀¶°●♂℅∆

wtf even is that
1 hour later…
4:51 PM
Q: Twelve Labours - Conclusion

StivThis puzzle is the FINAL part of the ‘Twelve Labours’ series, and contains spoilers for previous instalments, which can be found here: Prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 With all twelve labours finally completed, Hercules slunk back home, exhausted. His mothe...

5:12 PM
I want to clue "indicatrix", but I failed :(
was thinking "Nearly show" for INDICAT(-e) and "an imaginary surface" for the definition
5:24 PM
@Avi Imaginary surface made from cannabis - it's for kids (10)
Do we ever discuss riddles we cant figure out in here?
@ThomasMarkov Of course! That's what chat rooms were used for in the days of yore actually, to discuss specific puzzles
This one's really gettin my goat.
Q: What's the girl's name?

ArchipelagoHere is what happened: He sailed along 25 reefs, passing 1 chameleon, in order to see her sweet bosoms. What's her name? Hint:

I've got three answers on there already. At this point I'd like to consult some group think, tho Archipelago has not yet responded to my latest attempt.
5:41 PM
Frankly, that riddle is ill specified
unless there's an extremely clever solution that everybody goes "oh!" after knowing
it's astounding that it got so many upvotes
Yeah, I think the upvotes on the riddle probably have to do with how quickly I added my first answer
There's been several clever answers on there.
and the fact that it was plausibly clever
I liked the one that looked up reefs on wikipedia or something
@HTM thanks :)
There's been some pretty stupid ones too. One answer got deleted was something like "Her name is Priscilla cuz I like that name"
it happens
if the CCCC wasn't (4 8), I'd really think it was Hans Brinker
or the nameless character sometimes associated with that name that actually plugged a levee with his own hands
maybe 4 8 is "Dike plugging"
whereas really I believe
"this is a bad thing to do" is the def
"stop a leak with fingers" means "fingers" is placed at the end of "a leak"
so "a leak", "fingers", "problem" = "this is a bad thing to do"
5:58 PM
looks like we got a "ongoing contest" post
checking it out
looks like an ongoing contest to me
Q: ARG puzzle, please help me with this

ZaxI know, this is going to look, and sound very confusing, but I'm participating in an ARG. The ARG, includes very difficult puzzles, and riddles that I cannot solve. I need your help, I will provide as much details of the arg as possible. Heres a picture of a puzzle that includes a code within ...

6:13 PM
Archipelego added a new hint under my answer
2 hours later…
8:20 PM
could be some bra company idk
or a goddess with flower dress
even though goddesses have been explicitly disconfirmed...
8:56 PM
and, rip another potential answer
9:13 PM
Yeah, the number of seemingly well though out answers I think is a testimony to how lame the real answer is going to be.
9:36 PM
congratulations to @Randal'Thor for being first to reach 90k rep on puzzling!
@jafe Thank you! :-D
Problem with the question rep being raised to 10 is that it makes it harder to hit exact milestones. I'm on 90,005, and not feeling inclined to go hunting for 5 answers to downvote.
@Randal'Thor Good luck on your quest to 100k!
Let's see if I can beat the mods to get there :-P
Oh, you're @PiIsNot3?
Nice avatar.
Yep, decided to change things up a bit for the holidays
May or may not be permanent ;-)
@Randal'Thor Thanks! IIRC I got it from a quick Google search of a term from geometry. Use it on quite a few sites
9:46 PM
I'm hoping you actually know the purpose and terminology for all those different lines and circles.
@Randal'Thor Indeed I do
It was actually quite surprising when I first learned about it, never would've thought that those points in particular would be special
@HTM what do you study at Berkeley?
Yeah, there's some fairly amazing stuff going on with the geometry of triangles.
@ThomasMarkov I'm probably gonna do mathematics plus some applied science field, maybe data science, maybe computer science
Still have a semester to figure out exactly what I want to study
go data science. Ive got two degrees in pure math and do data science now. Would have made more science to do more applied stats with my masters.
made more sense, tho sceince work there.
9:50 PM
@HTM You may appreciate the Encyclopedia of Triangle Centres, listing over 35,000 different possible centres of a triangle.
(Yes, thirty-five thousand.)
@Randal'Thor Yep, I knew about it before, it's amazing just how much you can do with some lines and circles on a triangle :)
my thesis is on coadjoint orbits of the unitary group, now I do stats for a chicken factory
Sounds like someone sold out to the Dark Side ;-)
definitely felt like that.
But I had two kids while in school and the chicken industry is mostly in the dark ages when it ocmes to analytics so it was an easy in.
Im probably one of less than ten people in the country doing what I do, and Im gonna try to get a job with the other ten.
"one of less than ten" ... "with the other ten"
My inner pedant must object.
9:57 PM
youve basically already got 100k rep :p
It turns out the Dark Side has the money.
At least, more of it for more people.
its all good, I ended up hating research.
@GarethMcCaughan I bet you can figure out my cipher puzzle with the latest hint.
basically gave away the mechanics of it.
What do you think of the narrative theme of it? Im thinking of doing more puzzles with that idea and hopefully improving upon that actual puzzle bits.
10:42 PM
(sorry, was AFK)
I think what I think of the narrative theme will depend on how well it actually fits with the puzzle itself, which obviously I don't know yet.
11:24 PM
There's certainly a plausible family of guesses about the mechanics. Unfortunately it seems like there are several details that could go multiple ways, and possibly hundreds of slightly different things we need to do to get the answer...
(Integration could be enciphering or deciphering. A1Z26 or A0Z25 or something else. TLSBF meaning reverse letters, reverse words, move one letter from end to start -- and apply as either part of enciphering or part of deciphering. Polynomial coefficients lowest to highest or highest to lowest. Apply process to message as a whole, to each line, or to each word. If either of the first two, ignore spaces or treat as zeros. If the latter, presumably work mod 27 not mod 26.)
Or of course I could have completely the wrong end of the stick.
I think that makes 240 variants to try.
(Ignoring the possibility that actually what we need to do is something entirely different.)
It looks as if parity/"trinity" considerations make it possible to rule out some possibilities.
Specifically, ones that require "integration" as part of the deciphering process seem impossible because there will be (mod 26) places where we need to divide an odd number by an even or (mod 27) places where we need to divide a non-multiple-of-3 by a multiple of 3, no matter what decisions we make about all the other things. I think.
(Integration also has the problem that about half the time its result is not unique, at least in the mod 26 case: e.g., 2/2 could be either 1 or 14. But differentiation has a different problem: it implies that enciphering is integration, which means that many many messages are not encipherable, which seems like a fatal problem for a cipher. So maybe indeed I have completely the wrong end of the stick.)
Of course there's a different way to apply the ideas of integration/differentiation to sequences of numbers, namely taking cumulative sums / differences. But hint 2 seems to point pretty decisively to the other way of thinking about it.

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