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3:47 AM
@Alconja - you make a good point about my answer to Stacks' puzzle not really being accessible. Would you recommend just scrapping it and writing a more "normal" answer? Putting a more normal answer above / below it?
The puzzle is not really accessible. I like your answer; you could post an entirely different "straight" answer and leave the other one?
Or let someone else do it.
Sure, but puzzles are "not really accessible" by design. An answer, ideally, should explain things, and I admit that the one I posted doesn't quite do that as well as it could in several places.
(And posting an entirely different answer would be seen as a rep-grab, which is why I'd like to stick to one post.)
You could CW your existing one
eh, I could, but I'm not sure if that has any benefits above just putting a more normal answer above or below the existing one
I think I'd just leave what you have, then put a <hr> and put the step by step of how you went about solving it. I.e. in logical attack order, not in question order. That way you have the question ordered overview, but also the explanation of how you got there.
4:09 AM
Sure, makes sense. I was hoping to integrate the explanation with the wrapup post, but that might not have worked out very well. (I could reorder the parts to be in logical attack order, but that might just be a patch on an answer that doesn't quite work by itself.)
Yeah. It's tricky. I like the way you presented your answer, but I'm not sure it's possible to do that and give a step by step (at least not together)...
(you better like it, took me forever fiddling in paint.net to get things to look semi-natural :P )
(and to get a screenshot of the text, I had to turn my monitor to portrait mode, without being able to physically rotate it)
@Deusovi so for a while, you had your head turned 90 degrees to the left?
also had to turn my mouse sideways to get things to line up (sort of)
Q: Has Spider Solitaire on Windows 10 become easier with latest update?

RenniePetFor many years I've been playing Spider Solitaire on Windows, always at the Easy level. A few days ago a Windows 10 update was applied, and I can see that Spider Solitaire has changed - the sound effects are slightly different, for example. But what I'm experiencing is that the game seems to hav...

4:17 AM
@Deusovi Firefox -> F12 -> [Take a screenshot of the entire page]
wait, why would you do it in paint.net? o_O sounds much easier to edit an actual SE post and screenshot that
that wouldn't give the voting buttons and score for the preview in the right position unless I actually went through with the edit
anyway, I've updated to add the actual solve path
anyone have any ideas for this puzzle?
Q: 220 black squares (but that's not the point)

H WaltersThe title technically describes this puzzle. There are, after all, four grids here outlined in black. Each is itself a square from which you can also make 4 4x4 squares, 9 3x3 squares, 16 2x2 squares, and 25 1x1 squares; for a total of (25 + 16 + 9 + 4 + 1 ) * 4 = 220. But that's not the point...

No comments :b
I suppose this takes a bit more of computer-savvyness, but...
4:30 AM
sure. you'd have to use HTML though, and I've used it maybe once in the past 3 years
(also including an image would be a bit of a pain)
type in markdown, copy the HTML rendered preview
(which is how I did that one -- I wanted to include more elements to show it but I ended up only using a header)
well, you got it to work :P
I did some editing anyway, so having the .pdn file was helpful anyway
anyway, for H Walters' puzzle, I notice that the "solution" grid has a blue dot by the d in the third row. I still have no idea what the symbol under the lower left grid is supposed to mean, since it doesn't appear anywhere else - these symbols don't happen to be part of some canonical set, do they?
If you find stray colored pixels in the grid they're a mistake... ignore them. I tried cleaning up a few in the last edit
4:37 AM
the symbols kind of look like various forms of arabic numerals, but that might just be pareidolia
(also, thanks, will keep that in mind)
4:55 AM
And thank you; found/fixed that pixel (and did a quick global scan... think I got them all)
@Deusovi can't you just edit the text
I used the live preview for the screenshot. But like I said, the voting buttons and score wouldn't be placed correctly.
@Deusovi ah.
can't you copy the HTML from the live preview then
I like how ASCII is just repeating our whole discussion
5:00 AM
:| oops
I did take a look at that square puzzle, but I have nothing
clearly Puzzling needs a userscript to do this
the obvious thing to me is that the symbols that didn't appear anywhere are somewhere in the square, but nothing to tell me where
basically what you already said above
@Alconja @Deusovi this may work?
49 mins ago, by Alconja
@Deusovi Firefox -> F12 -> [Take a screenshot of the entire page]
5:07 AM
@Alconja but firefox is bad
ooh, browser fight
I win
on a side note: Vivaldi has that builtin as well
@Alconja Hmm. It works on Quantum too right
@ffao symbols that didn't appear anywhere?
firefox uses the quantum rendering engine if that's what you mean(?)
@Alconja isn't Quantum a separate browser from old FF
5:11 AM
Same browser in name at least, they gutted the rendering engine (amongst other things). They've made a few pretty major upgrades in recent history
Rendering engine, css engine, javascript, multiprocess handling... so I guess it depends on what you mean by "separate browser from old FF"
@Alconja Well for one they completely revamped the extension system so a lot of the extensions that made FF good aren't available for Quantum (or at least took a few months to port to Quantum)
yeah, they switched to the chrome style web extensions
but yeah... that broke lots of things...
so now the extensions are as bad as chromes have always been :P
@Sphinx Doesn't this count as "Off-topic"?
@Alconja :| that's true
Or opinion based.
5:20 AM
@Sid yeah, it doesn't seem to be about puzzles at all to me
5:37 AM
Q: Here's A Clean Riddle

Karis YuenThis is my first riddle, and I kinda like Riley riddles, so here goes nothing. My beginning is a fake. My ending, faeces it means. My middle is a unit of electron flow rates. However, as a whole, I keep you clean. Please comment on how to improve on it! Thank you!

6:28 AM
Q: can someone please tell me what this says i found it in my girlfrinds phone

texs5oritpyid4rsjhoijoos5ax2rvyernpxj3kchzssteosdno0dpmcdlqsjao2bjo0dppsdxqevubixiykfjktdqsxbks1noyhbha3jni3jtscq3ts4uxhpsys16 bxtma3z5ulntktnfkljlpwrlbhgxx3jdzknhjxbiz2tkthfwbrhdoljslxe5lifuzk9mxvx3cftoqlpiptpxadzptxtrbidnovd1trbdukjvmrbbquk0oq9uahs wasjdbelmteptt2hnajfpxhhvi25mse4vlitosku3plpkrvpm...

7:01 AM
Q: find what am I Riddle?

narasimha I can be winding and I can be straight. I can be smooth and I can be rough,Sometimes both. I start out black but fade to brown the more I am used. My favorite colors are yellow and white, and I love stripes and dashed lines. What am I?

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10:10 AM
Q: Some of them would say I'm half a duck

Nank Some of them would say I'm half a duck I may be used if you want to try your luck I inspired your sweetest dreams, will say the most accurate But for only 15 of them, it was worth a rate Some of them tend to collect me Even if I'm usually just worth a few penny

2 hours later…
12:28 PM
Q: A Simple Mental Puzzle

TreaVI Kinda wasted a lot of time in it . Hope u enjoy 7 | 9 | 58 9 | 3 | ? 11 | 4 | 125 '?' Will Be a)82 b)83 c)84 d)87

1:18 PM
Q: Need little help

Q̞ī̯X̶͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇̯̯̳̳͈͈͈͆͆Note : Sorry, this puzzle almost similar with last question: Main propose of this QUESTION is: To knows what exactly types of this puzzle. It is still can be solve if i remove the most two important hint(A*D=A) and (A=19)? Example: B-C=A C+D=E B-E+D=A Hint 1 A*D=A Hint...

1:35 PM
Apologies in advance if this isn't the right place to put this thread, but I couldn't see how to contact the moderators to double check. Mods, please feel free to move/delete the thread if it's not suitable for this forum.

Basically, I'm working towards publishing an online puzzle magazine and I need test-solvers to make sure the puzzles are fair. The magazine would be about 50% cryptic crosswords and cryptic crossword variants of the sort popularised by Cox & Rathvon, 25% stand-alone word puzzles, sequence puzzles, and codes/ciphers, and 25% Treasure Hunt Puzzles.
@Nellington Nah this is a fine place to put it
It's chat, so anything goes, as long as it's not offensive
Q: Looking for test-solvers for new online puzzle magazine

NellingtonApologies in advance if this isn't the right place to put this thread, but I couldn't see how to contact the moderators to double check. Mods, please feel free to move/delete the thread if it's not suitable for this forum. Basically, I'm working towards publishing an online puzzle magazine and I...

1:54 PM
Q: Done with a guess-the-word riddle!

Karis YuenThe end of every process. Also a language spoken. The appearance you bless. If something's it, they may be broken. Please kindly improve I currently can't think of words that rhyme ackkkkk

3 hours later…
4:59 PM
@Nellington Yeah, deleting that post was the right call, but calling for test-solvers here in chat seems absolutely fine and I hope you find some.
5:15 PM
When do we begin the FTCs again?
May 18 at 14:33, by Sid
I think it's 14 days after the current one.
In all seriousness, I asked the same thing about three days ago, and Rand said we should wait another week for votes to come in.
That was when the FTCs were actually active. I wasn't around when the first one started. So, I don't really know when the first one starts.
I'm just saying, that was what you said when I asked the same question three days ago :P
Anyway, end of this week is probably a good time to call the votes, and it looks like the previous FTCs were Monday-Monday, so maybe Monday the 28th?
5:37 PM
(cc @Rubio)
6:26 PM
@ManyPinkHats FWIW, that link surprisingly goes to a secure website. Except, they want me to register before watching. duh
@Sid I think it's a phishing site, can't even think of a reason it has even got an HTTPS certificate...
the signup link isn't really a link, and "logging in" just refreshes the page, so they probably got my PII (that is, if temp-mail.org counts as such, hehe)
A: Can an HTTPS site be malicious or unsafe?

XanderNo, HTTPS does not necessarily mean that a site is not malicious. HTTPS means very little as to the security of a site. It's specifically geared to keep your communication with the site secure from eavesdroppers and tampering, but offers nothing as to the security of the site itself. Yes, a ...

7:09 PM
but the address bar was indeed green
7:38 PM
oof lost 270 rep
deleted user?
deleted q
ah, I understand
Has Eric given any hint for the C4?
i think one, "without" isn't a container indicator
7:40 PM
yesterday, by Eric Tressler
C4 hint: The food in question is specific (not, for example, "cuisine" or "sustenance")
ok two then
I think those two are it, though
At least, those are the only ones I remember seeing
(not that i would've thought without could be a container indicator anyway)
Food is probably the def there. Without Victory could mean removing "V" or "W" from a synonym of Delinquent..
Yes, these two, which were both non-hints for me, because I had already assumed what Eric clarified.
7:42 PM
'Without' is sometimes used as the inverse of 'within' in terms of containment, but yeah I was already assuming that without was a deletion indicator
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9:10 PM
Q: Everyone's OK with indirect anagrams, right?

Rupert Morrish 22nd of May turned out not so fine! (6) Oh, and did I mention topical?

9:51 PM
C4 hint: Sid's second sentence is close, but not exactly right.
1 hour later…
10:56 PM
Q: How old are Charlie's pets?

steelenetLast year at a picnic, Charlie told Julie’s daughter the sum and the product of the ages of his dog and two cats, but she guessed the ages incorrectly. This year, he gave Steve’s daughter the same information, but she guessed the ages incorrectly as well. If the sum is between 20 and 30, what are...

11:12 PM
Q: 7X7(Borrowed words Puzzle)

Q̞ī̯X̶͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇̯̯̳̳͈͈͈͆͆7X7(Borrowed words Puzzle) Note : The main purpose of this puzzle is not just for someone to answer it, but I hope someone can also Tell what types of this puzzle is exactly,as you can see i just wrote the title with (Borrowed words Puzzle).And i think this puzzle not really hard to solving. ...

11:46 PM
Q: A complex problem from Garena 2017 challenge

Unknown The problem is quite complex and I would really like to know the solution.


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