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12:05 AM
@Sphinx I don't know if I should feel good or bad about the asker providing a link to the very page that answers their question
12:16 AM
Q: Idioms, Idioms, and wait..... More Idioms!

QuantumTwinkie For this puzzle you have to find the English idiom in the rebus puzzles. I was inspired my this cool one about jokes, here!

Q: I am NOT a Taxi or Uber Driver!

CrozierWho can solve this riddle the fastest? I am of Greek descent. I have four siblings who are also famous. I was born in the ER. I may not be big, but I have a big job to do. I am not fat, but my friends are. I am not a taxi or Uber driver… I like juice. (These cl...

12:48 AM
Q: Tile a square with five rectangles with 10 distinct edges

theonetruepathThe baby brother of: Cutting a square into seven rectangles Tile a square with five rectangles. Select the lengths of the edges of the rectangles from the set $1$ through $10$, with no length repeated. Find all possible tilings.

Q: The bear in underwear can stand over there!

Erik GecasI am an anti-gravity device, I want to protect you from it’s flattening pull. I do not have potatoes, Those are for my siamese twins. What am I?

2 hours later…
2:20 AM
hey @deusovi can i use you in my puzzle?
Go for it.
not finished yet - but finally been making progress on it instead of just puttinf it off n_n
pff, I know that feeling
we should probably make a record for most cameo appearances in puzzles and hand it to Deusovi
2:58 AM
re deceptive diagramless: is the answer thematic because something about double-crossing?
yup, "double-crossing"
3:54 AM
My puzzle ends in 48 hours! Check the puzzle — big hints have been added
4:21 AM
Q: https://skincaresfreetrial.com/lumineri-skin/

RokyitwikLumineri Skin This is your link to have people locate YOU while they are researching your opportunity, just like you uncovered this article. This anti aging article presents the complete information about this contextlinks solution and how you too can benefit from it. If you have an aloe plant ...

4:52 AM
@North Your puzzle ends?
5:26 AM
Q: Basic Cryptography Puzzle

Think WittyQuestion : lima..india...bravo..romeo..xray...golf..hotel..foxtrot..romeo..golf..hotel...whiskey..kilo..lima..victor...foxtrol..romeo..golf..hotel...whiskey..kilo..delta..whiskey...papa..hotel..delta..quebac..victor...bravo..romeo..xray...delta..uniform..hotel...victor..romeo...victor..papa.....

@Sphinx "I am so smart to have decoded that puzzle".
5:58 AM
@Sphinx uggh, this got deleted? I had just finished solving it...
I didn't see it in time. Was it a connect-the-spots puzzle?
It got deleted because it was a solution posted as a question.
Has Gareth given any hint for the C4?
14 hours ago, by Gareth McCaughan
24h C4 clue: The definition is a little unfair.
Huh... I haven't solved a C4 in months... :/
6:19 AM
Here's your chance, @Sid: A C4 from Gareth where the definition is only "a little" unfair.
Yeah. I totally know the answer, but figured I'd leave some easier ones for the rest of you.
hahaha M Oehm
7:40 AM
Q: What's the password process?

CENTURIONthe hex is 03009ad94a3749107f710935fda47dd4 047c65857d187c29e0953ea745ba6c75 2fa9 the password is 'weatherstone812' what's the process?

2 hours later…
9:36 AM
Q: How can i move forward (kenken)

R Stig I can't seem to find a next step to logically come to without guesswork. Any ideas on how to move forward?

9:53 AM
Q: The "One" Rebus

u_ndefinedHere is a rebus. Can you solve it?

@GarethMcCaughan Your CCCC is TRI (b → NO MIN) AL, or having three names.
10:10 AM
Q: Should I Take the Bus or Refill My Bottle First?

athinThis is a real-life puzzle encountered by one of my friend. I want to arrive early to my class today. Exactly every $7$ minutes, there is a bus arrive at the station near my dorm and will bring me to my school. In addition, I also want to fully refill my bottle with dispenser's mineral water....

I should have expected when Gareth said it was slightly unfair that I would consider it to be very much so
Well, one man's TS Eliot poems are the another man's Anime references.
which I never made in any C4 clues for that exact reason
No offence.
none taken
10:21 AM
I must admit that the thing about the three different names of cats emerged very slowly from an obscure corner of my mind. I didn't know that it was Eliot, but the phrase "a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES" was buried somewhere, even including the emphasis.
I first thought about TRI(LATER)AL, but couldn't see why cats would have three sides. (With "later" as in "Clean up your room!" -- "No time / later!")
@MOehm Yes! Congratulations.
(I was inspired -- and hoped that some others might subconsciously have had their brains pushed in the right direction -- by Rubio's comment on the starboard about "the naming of the fads". You know: "The naming of fads is a difficult matter...".)
10:38 AM
Very good! I read Rubio's comment, but didn't make the leap from fads to cats, so I had to unearth the solution the laborious way.
And, in my own defence, these are very much T S Eliot's least-fancily-obscure poems.
Granted, if even I knew about it.
I've now found out where I know it from: The beginning of a poem was used as a vignette at the start of a chapter about parsing nouns in Inform, a text-adventure (or "interactive fiction", as the aficionados prefer) design system.
Ah! Well, Graham Nelson is a professional poet as well as (by training) a mathematician.
10:58 AM
So do you know Graham Nelson? As poet? Or as mathematician?
I'm not really well read in poetry, but I still seem to remember some of these quotations from the Inform Design Manual. (Trying to approach poerty from out-of-context excerpts is like trying to learn Latin with Asterix, I guess.)
11:15 AM
He and I "overlapped" at university. I have one book with some of his poetry in it, but I know him more as a mathematician and IF guy than as a poet. I wholeheartedly approve of learning Latin from Asterix. Alea iacta est!
11:26 AM
That's interesting. Obviously, I know him only as IF guy. I used to be involved with the (very small) German IF scene and I have written a German translation for Inform (deform), but I've lost touch with IF.
The Inform Design Manual is an outstandingly good piece of documentation. But of course you'd kinda expect that, given what it's documentation for and therefore the sort of person who'd be writing it and the sort of audience who'd want it.
Yes. I still have the printed version of the DM4, but it's falling apart now from repeated heavy browsing. It's a joy to read and also typeset in a very elegant fashion.
11:44 AM
Did you ever make the leap to Inform 7?
(Lest I give the wrong impression, I should make it clear that I'm no IF expert. I have never written a work of IF myself, and my solving abilities aren't anything to write home about.)
Not really. I've looked at it, of course, and it is impressive. It's not only the natural language syntax -- where I6 had a C-like edit-compile-run cycle, I7 is an integrated development system where you can write and test conveniently from within the GUI.
I can see how this makes writing IF more accessible to writers. I'm not so convinced it works, though. My impression is that with a "real" programming language, you can get more control over your work at the cost of having to learn more syntax and library functions. That's at least how I see it. When I played with I7, I often found myself trying to translate stuff from I6.
But that's probably my problem, not I7's. But I also think that I7 was built on clay feet (?) by making it a transcompiler to I6. The I6 language was too close to the original Z machine and the I6 library was too close to Graham's first big work, Curses. In my opinion, I7 could be more powerful if some of I6's design limitations has been scrapped.
But as I said, I've lost touch. There were talks of reworking the parser and I7 has probably changed since I last looked at it.
There were also discussions about making IF easier to translate. That would be a good thing, I think. But the idea went further: One should also be able to write in any language, and not just the IF's text, but also the natural language in which the rules of the language are written. That strikes me as a bit too ambitious.
12:07 PM
Can't disagree with any of that. (Though, again: not actually an expert.)
CCCC: Monarch is gentle around fashion week (8)
@MOehm that's cute too
@GarethMcCaughan I hadn't even read that comment. I have that guy on ignore.
butterfly.... too long
Q: Riddle me this - What am I?

StenderWhat am I? You don't want to be near me, You'll get chills if you hear me. You use me as entertainment, of that I'm sure But in person I am hard to endure. Many will argue that it's a Crime But you'll follow my path, if your out of time

Q: Riddle - Who am I? ( DIFFICULT )

Colea I saw you once. I killed you twice. I asked you thrice. You deny all the time. You say nothing, I say all. You deny my existence, in the end. You view me as less, time to get you dressed. Pay me a dime, and I will check your time. None left, come with me...

12:20 PM
My puzzle! ( HARD )
Does anyone else feel like this (SUPER HARD) stuff is basically clickbait?
^ gah. getting tired of this.
I feel like I've seen a meta about this at some point but i'm too lazy to look for it
(There's this one weird trick to figuring out this puzzle that you'll never guess)
if someone wants free Rubio Thinks I'm Cool Points™ you can find me a relevant meta
@Sphinx Apparently, it's killed me twice. I am not solving that, then.
perfect. thank you.
Once I'm done eradicating the "This is my first [type of] puzzle" nonsense, I'll set my sights on these too
> Please do not include your assessment of a puzzle's difficulty in its title. This community does not want things like (very hard), (difficult), and (easy) in titles and so it has been edited out. (This message will self destruct.)
Rubio Thinks I'm Cool Points™ (DIFFICULT TO RECEIVE)
I hereby award @EricTressler with 50... no, 52, coveted Rubio Thinks I'm Cool Points™ for service to the realm. You'll get a flyer in the mail telling you how to redeem them for valuable reputation prizes.
12:39 PM
@Rubio :) no problem, happy to help
(fair notice: I'm waiting for North's puzzle to be solved before posting, uh... something else (it's probably not what you expect))
What? North has been kidnapped?
he probably deserved it
wrong track @MOehm :P
@Mithrandir Yeah, I mean, who dares to kidnap the mods and hopes to get away with it? :P
12:54 PM
Okay, then. I'll wait and see.
@thecoder16 let me guess, another puzzle where I'm kidnapped
that would be too boring and unoriginal wouldn't it
Can't be that anyway, he doesn't have 10k rep. ;)
(creates accounts on 70 diffferente SE sites)
there, 10k rep
site rep, not chat rep
Don't blame me, I don't make the rules
12:59 PM
When has that ever gotten in the way of a good lynching?
> (This message will self destruct.)
please don't identify yourself in the comments, your username is right next to them :P
@thecoder16 doesn't work like that.
it indeed does. i'm a trusted user, i get 100 rep bonuses :)
so do u
the 100 rep bonus doesn't affect your chat rep (I'm proof of that)
I have accounts on every site (maybe I missed a few new ones)
My chat rep isn't >17k
It's 5.6k
You need to get 200 rep in a site before it adds up to your chat rep
1:14 PM
However, there is a glitch where the default single rep (can) also apply to your chat rep.
either a bug or a feature depending how you look at it
Q: Won, two, fore, what is the next score?

Michael dWon plus won is two. Two plus Two is four. Fore plus fore is? Hint: FSQ

Q: A middle length riddle

Jon.G You wouldn't be here without me I am feared by many and obsessed over by some I can purify you by shocking you with an ordeal People might call me amicable but you should stay away from me I end your friendships I can be your end and your eternity If your roots run deep you may...

1:30 PM
@Mithrandir a "glitch" :D
2:21 PM
Q: Imprisoned with a note

Lionclaw49Once upon a time, a man was imprisoned by a corrupt leader in a cellar. Every day, a servant would come by and give him a singular piece of bread. One day, he was given a note. On the note, there was written a line of letters: ANNWOSLBUT•AOTO••OA•I•THTPO•OIT•YCMO•ERDR What happened, and what ...

2 hours later…
4:41 PM
So, like ...
25 people have answered this question as of this point, the vast majority of which did so after an answer was already accepted. You're obviously not trying to find the correct solution, you're trying to find other clever or unusual answers which are Not Wrong for the puzzle as written. Why? Yes, it's fun, but almost every answer beyond the accepted one is either a dup, ignores part of the question, or is so illogical that the explanation for the action stretches credulity beyond all reason. lateral-thinking is not code for "anything goes". Please, don't answer just to answer. — Rubio ♦ 1 min ago
Just gonna throw that out there, and ask our regulars to not be part of the problem. Not that anyone was here, that's a general request. :)
25 answers? :o
The nice thing about PPCG is that 25 answers is Perfectly Fine.
...but this is not PPCG.
@GentlePurpleRain Hey! Been a long time since you were here...
4:57 PM
There are some perfectly valid alternate answers:
- bought a bag of chips, threw them out because they weren't vegetarian
- needed to use the restroom: the item didn't have any value to him other than getting around the customers-only policy
- bought a "top-up card" for a cell phone, threw it away because he only needed the code
I think it's worth a "too broad" closure at this point (though I'm open to arguments to the contrary).
I did say "almost all". There are a few that work, yes. And because of that I too think it's too broad.
@Sid I lurk; just don't say much...
@GentlePurpleRain Are you free from that arch yet?
+1 too broad
5:32 PM
Q: 1993 (Title must be at least 15 characters)

MorbidRaccoonThe date is 1993 and a poor citizen walking through the streets of Berlin picks up a note. The note reads. Hello there young sir or madam, you have been gifted an incredible opportunity. The line of text below will lead you to a location in which you will find no less than a million dollars lo...

I also think it's too broad, but since you only need 5 people to close and 5 people to reopen, can the question be closed/reopened indefinitely?
5:50 PM
Q: Ways of hiding information in a piece of text based on the number of words per line

carrdellingI am trying to solve a riddle where someone has hidden information in a piece of text. The riddle is composed of 4 paragraphs of otherwise normal text (plain english, contents look fine, there are no spelling mistakes, no words with weird capitals... ). I am also almost sure that there is no steg...

Q: Python Money Puzzle

Jay GoldstonPython Puzzle Create a program that will keep track of purchases and returns. You will create a list of (minimum 10) tuples that contains the items and associated cost. As a consumer, you have $50 to spend on the items. Do not over spend. So the consumer is informed, provide a list of items ...

@ffao In theory, yes.
In practice we'd probably lock it if it kept seesawing
@Sphinx Um.. this is a puzzle?
It's a puzzle as to why it was posted here, yes. Beyond that, not so much.
@Rubio Haven't checked. ...am I?
@GentlePurpleRain I think you might be. In any case, our captor must now be ...
your arch-enemy
I'll show myself out.
6:03 PM
perfectly plausible pun.
@thecoder16 and admirably accurate alliteration
@Rubio 11/10
@North *bow and flourish*
Standing ovation
6:10 PM
"DoMyProgrammingHomework.stackexchange.com." - LOL.
@Sid I support that
Yeah a little harsh, but then if you don't bother to check if your question is even tangentially related to the site you're posting it on, perhaps a little harsh is what you need... :)
Hey, if you're going to do that, and then try to cover by titling it "Python Money Puzzle", I'm not inclined to show much mercy.
Might as well hang a sign on it that says "I know this isn't right but I don't care".
No disagreement here.
6:14 PM
Also, I'm hungry. I get cranky when I haven't eaten :)
Oooh Rubio hasnt been fed
3 large Diet Cokes with Lime, please, and a tub of kibble.
Order coming right up
Sorry about the cheese, Rubio. :P
I'm apparently missing something :)
6:19 PM
Apr 19 at 22:03, by Rubio
It bothers me that today someone moved my cheese. I blame @Jon even though that blame is thoroughly misplaced.
Apr 19 at 22:08, by Rubio
@JonEricson I was going to just blame this troublemaker who usually turns out to be involved somehow
Never mind
Caught by the classic redirect of a URL.
I thought that was actually linking to my profile.
The cheese was tasty, though... :P
Actual blame falls on the new responsive titlebar not working with my userscript that I was using to shift the bar elements around to where I like 'em. So now they're all widdershins.
2 hours later…
8:11 PM
I really wish I thought to look this up earlier, but there's a few rot13 Chrome extensions that will decipher the text in place. This one sticks the option in the context menu, so you just select, right click, and decipher (and doesn't ask for any elevated permissions). Pretty nifty—thought you guys might want to check it out. (There are several out there, so I'm not necessarily promoting any specific one.)
@maxathousand that's pretty cool.
Although I simply use rot13.com
@Sid Yeah, I used to as well, but it got annoying having to open a new page every time. Just thought it might be useful to others as well.
8:26 PM
If you can install it for Chrome on Android, I'm sold. (I doubt it, though...)
8:36 PM
how did I ever live without this
that's more of Google's fault if anything, since there are no extensions on Chrome for Android.
I use Firefox on Android and it supports extensions, but I don't know if you have to make separate codes for mobile
@Rubio My apologies, but we are out of Diet Coke. Would you like Pepsi?
1 hour later…
10:11 PM
Q: What's the word?

DragonTake my prefix and it's a god. Say that aloud and it's someplace people go. The last two letters are quite popular among the youth. But my last letter is something everyone needs to do, especially the elderly. What word am I?


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