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5:54 AM
@Mith You might want to accept this answer: puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/52602/…
Got 'em, thanks.
Hey, @bobo any idea what happened to @Wen?
@Sid Still exists, saw them recently. Probably end-of-year exams, followed by the event at which I was with them.
Yeah, I figured it was something to do with exams. Mine are coming up.
6:07 AM
Oh, okay.
(My Semester exams are over. So, I am rather free for a month...)
Also, Mith's puzzle is messing with my head. I see Morse Code but it doesn't make sense. I see NATO alphabet and even that doesn't seem to make much sense...
6:22 AM
@thecoder16 , Crazy for loving you.
Meanwhile, my true love got me to watch a political show, Cornell West and Robert George.
And what did your false love get you to watch?
To see two informed persons lean into each other for 3 hours was, well, too human.
My false love got me into a heap of trouble.
It was a lonely experience, but here to tell.
I had just enough time to think of how to bail, how to pay emergency room fees, how to say goodbye, and at the last moment, how to avoid all that.
If you haven't figured out how to trade foot skin for face skin for finger skin, you haven't lived.
(All those skins were mine. Again, it was a lonely moment spurred by emotion.)
But to see others more informed than I guck up the airwaves is better than Romeo and Juliet.
It was on "CSPAN In depth."
(And spurred by cable snap. Never again will I claim that all you need is a front brake.)
6:41 AM
Well, my true love and false love were superposed. They wanted to get me a cat, but I got a box instead, with the instructions to never open it.
Ohohoho, we'll never know!
Do one?
@thecoder16, Eb Bb Cm Ab Adim Eb/Bb Cb(!?) Db(!!?!!) ? Any chance of making a midi of that? Many options.
@MikeQ , a certain individual has learned to tap on the windows, and I've learned to tap back. But when I open the door there's no predictability who'll enter.
Play that doghouse music!
Tailgate it.
Life's just a mystery. One clue after another.
Sometimes the same clue after itself, until we get a clue.
(subtext: My true love has spent lifetimes and taught lifetimes without anyone but me, perhaps, recogniszing how she understands more than anyone else. Then she said the same of me.)
That's what happens when you grow up in unenlightened times.
As now!
Praemonitus retempii.
To repeat, again:
Again: "He loved to breathe fresh air, but he wen't outside anyway."
(Trying to be punk, during a quite pleasant interlude. Balance.)
Saw a nice one recently:
(Also played, and sang both parts, on demand, for another special not yet mentioned directly.)
(Life is both too short and too long to not share, and blare.)
In my next life I'll be Lesley Garrett. Until then:
Nothing more sonorous than overdub.
Why am I the only one at the moment making a fool of myself?
Join the fun and make a fool of myself too.
One of these days I'll get that trombone back.
'til then, I'm more than happy with a euphonium.
To blather on, possibly to repeat, if you haven't arranged music you haven't solved a puzzle.
If you haven't composed, you haven't puzzled.
One thing leads to another. I enjoy arranging more than composing, though, because I'm impressionable.
I enjoy having a glimmer of what someone else tries to get across. Sound familiar?
That's why, to home back, is why the puzzle behind any puzzle is what the puzzler had in mind originally.
Often it takes two tries, on all sides.
One night the DJ at a local radio station passed out at the controls. On the way out, they called me instead of the other way around.
I had a valid license and got there before the current song was over.
They survived and went on to a marvelous career in physics. I went on to one night of radio play.
This was that song:
^ that wasn't a good link.
v this might be better.
That was normal at the time.
(Some other things were normal too, less pleasantly.)
The theme was to figure out something/anything that made sense.
Think nowadays are puzzling times as well? I agree.
To repeat, and again, to repeat, just try and drum along:
^ best song (without words) ever.
Took half a year to transcribe it.
Took pre-Amazon recruits to get a copy.
Took a lawyer to keep out jail.
Took an anonymous salesperson to bring it forth.
And now the neighbs are taking to their phones.
After almost 30 years I'm still learning to whistle it.
Took midnight adventure to get to a live performance.
Someone asked me for my money or my life.
Fortunately I had 5 bucks. And a ticket! For which they didn't ask.
They got the short end of the deal.
"This is a dangerous place." (And that's a true story. The times I've cheated death could fill a hospital. Once or twice they did at that.)
(Really, you'd think severe brain injury would prevent what you see. Sometimes it liberates it.)
(I'm not making this up. A few times the last thing I saw was blood pooling. That's one reason I champion others who are lucky enough to be alive and kicking.)
(champion = edit, in this context)
(And the scars have added up. Had to. Now I'm gliding. Live so long.)
And please post another song that makes me think while the thinking's good.
(Don't worry, I'll keep thinking. Just without warranty.)
This really does feel like that night when someone handed the air-reins to me. Next thing you know I'll try to blow a piece of fluff off of the record before the needle gets to it.
The needle jumped.
(pardon the ads!)
"I tried not looking at it, for a whole day! And then I tried looking at it. Just to see if I still liked it. I did!"
When I went to that concert (elsewhere) I purposely said that some contraband is hidden who-knows-where, only because another enterer was listening. See how that works?
The listener got searched, not me.
And that wasn't how it was meant to work.
I was trying to tell them to be careful.
One never, ever, knows, do one?
I try to help. As others are sifted.
It just ain't fair.
Yes, most often I try to elevate, not just safety-net. Always worth a try.
. . .
(I've played every song I know.)
(Time to start playing some I never heard.)
(oh yuck! better try again)
It takes a worried man . . .
"I'm worried now but I won't be worried long."
"The things I do for Big Entertainment."
"One. Two. One two three go!"
(Again, I'm trying to make things look easy. In a silly way, just so that others jump in, safely.)
Don't make me look dangerous. (But, also, it's all for looks, whether silly, safe or dangerous.)
Here's a repeat silly/dangerous:
Is this a Rorschach? I go out almost daily/nightly, barefoot and barefaced. Ready to listen to anyone who has a story, ready to run away from anyone who has another need, and ready to kick the [redacted] from anyone whom I can't escape.
I'm here hoping for the story, not the escape and certainly not the last option.
Please be vulnerable. And ready to run. And ready to kick back.
And creative.
(Those were the days. Everyone made their way through grit. Perhaps these days are just the same.)
(I knew someone like that dancer/singer. I showed her this video and she got it. Then she showed me her fantasy collection. This was 30 years ago.)
Enjoy the time machine!:
"Who needs the beat when your feet just go?"
"If you see him, please release him. My lucky boyfriend."
Skip ad:
"We got five days to go now, working for the next day. [Repeat to 0.] Every day is work."
"We can make it work."
That's what I sang everyday at work.
"Work in the midday sun. Work until the day is done."
Don't make me play every Marleysterpiece!
Jump aboard the train (and skip ad):
(ding ding!)
"oh where there's a will there's always a way"
(While utterly irreligious, I embrace every trace of others' inspiration.)
(Yeah, I got to play that chart. With all my heart.)
(Trombone part.)
Makes me wonder. Who here is in the swamps I was? Never know where the next step leads.
(Still am. But by now it's familiar.)
That's why I sometimes say, "get used to it."
And, over and again, "it just ain't fair."
(some of the same [redacted] who managed to disavail Beatles songs did so to Hendrix as well/badly.)
Am I the only one speaking English here? Don't make me go native.
10:41 AM
You probably came here for some other reason, but wanna plop a voltube while at it?
erm, frankly i haven't been following this, is this music videos?
(Doesn't have to be good.)
Serve your first purpose first. But, then, a video.
well my first purpose was lurking. i decided to go through some of my liked videos the other day, this was one of them
The neigbhrs abide.
10:52 AM
for those that like a more modern flavour of music?
And they went physicochemical!
Get me started on the relationship between randomness and harmony.
They're almost the same. As good as.
Spoken/typed by someone who has struggled with disharmony.
And by someone who understands orthogonality.
In other words, thank you. Relistening.
Also from someone who understands "scale."
From someone whose whiteboard was an invitation to everyone who wanted to depict scale.
What goes around.
These moments are why I defy mortality. Thank you.
I'm still trying to puzzle an example of how ones and minus-ones can store any information.
It's about to be published, by another, but here is where open minds can put the pieces together.
Hint: some of those ones and minus-ones are actually twos and minus-twos. But that's as far as they need to go.
As if it weren't obvious, what is avoided are zeroes.
I'm telling this because there are two protagonists who are willing to share, for different reasons.
Both would love someone to ride along.
If you know Fourier/Hilbert/wavelet transforms, you know what orthogonality can do.
Turns out that it's easier than that.
Details in the making, join in! Random vectors work just as well.
11:19 AM
Q: Can a chess player promote all pawns to queens?

TenMinJoeIn standard chess rules, a pawn is promoted if it reaches the far side of the board. Usually, the pawn's owner chooses to promote it to a queen. Is it possible for one player to eventually promote all their pawns to queens, in a legal game of chess? Assume the opposing player plays "perfectly ba...

My contribution, as yet, has been to combine empirical with crystalliszed information.
My uncontribution, as yet, has been to point out how information storage cannot keep up with information accumulation.
No matter how it's done.
How fun to be on both teams!
Like I said, join in. Computation is undergoing more than is apparent. By actors so old they don't mind newcomers.
We've figured out how uncertainty is welcome. Statistically.
Not for the first time. Duh.
Just for this time. It's so exciting!
And, like I said, one way or another, the players aren't show ponies. Everyone welcome.
FR / USR: don't tick the message counter in the chat window title if it's user#187246 who made the message
you can ignore user#187246... but then you wouldn't see their messages at all
11:35 AM
^two minds who can understand what I'm displaying.
well, no, the point is I don't
Lack of message on this end. Do you undertand otrhogonality? Think so.
Random vectors are just as independent as organiszed ones.
Once you have independence, most of the good things happen.
@John Dvorak, you have an organiszed presence.
It's only a sidestep to order that is less so.
In 100000000s of dimensions, everything separates easily.
This is an invitation.
That was extremely idiomatic. What is your language? Mine is Suomi but I fake English.
(I also fake Suomi)
(I don't have a langue)
(No need to answer.)
Ohohoh, I just gave away the future of information science and all I want is to put up another music video.
Or the same one.
"love is simple as one two three"
"But if you are really smart, you'll know what to do."
12:02 PM
@lauir don't you ever feel tired with all your musical messages?
Can't help it!
(Typo. Sorry)
You struck correctly.
More than once.
I remember. Barely.
Take that literally.
Don't think I will ever understand what humn lauir talks about
12:08 PM
@Mithrandir bang bang bang
@Sid , you saw through me before I was see-thru.
@GarethMcCaughan , video? Genesis?
Or Nancy Sinatra?
Got it, thank you.
Never knew that was by Metallica!
Learn something new every day, on a good day.
Now I know everything.
Believe that and you've got another thing to learn.
In other/same words, thank you again.
That's a version and a half. Really, thank you for another capture.
When it rains it purrs.
@Mithrandir, ever arranged music? You have an ear (or two) that make(s) me wonder.
It takes more than an ear, or two.
I composed a (very) small piece, but aside from that, no
Same here.
It begins similar to some familiar pieces.
Walking melody, up to a point.
After a hundred pieces I've arranged, there's only one I've composed.
It tries to put together an obvious lead-up with a gentle follow-through.
Finished off with hell on earth.
Been done before.
(My version is different, but, well, can't improve.)
My version sounds more like:
The interplay between individual notes/letters and tone/detail screams in joy.
Anyone who wants to juggle me, the password is "music lover," but not in those letters.
12:59 PM
@lauir I prefer the studio version
Made me jump.
(= dance)
(Part of) what I love about this place is that people figure out what is meant as much as what is said.
Neighbrs have grown accustomed to it too.
@JohnDvorak , I love the pickups. Every phrase begins with uptone.
Gotta go there, again, begin at 3:01. Your ears will never be the same.
To hear arpeggia where the top note stays the same.
And they picked a horn sound for it.
Even though it's lightened.
I'm giving away all my secrets.
(Not the first time. It's kinda fun.)
(But please do listen from 3:odd again.)
Just realiszed, I'm a sucker for instrumentality.
Who'd've guessed.
That's it, please listen from 3'alsecond again and again. The piece is more than apiece.
^that was for you @Rand al'moment.
How those notes interlace!
Either there are no other music lovers in the audience or you're as mesmeriszed as I.
See you in the future.
1:54 PM
Travelling into the future? You may want to use this.
2:07 PM
^ a Yes song I didn't appreciate until Mom, of all people, split it.
At 4:03 and then again some time later.
@Ankoganit , thank you.
The future is now.
What was the future is what heppened seconds past.
(I fell asleep years ago. But the keyboard remains connected.)
2:25 PM
this has been stuck in my head youtu.be/iOOK_sw9d7Y?t=35s
^I want to be you next time. Nice find!
(I really did phase out for what seemed like eternity and woke up to what seems like a dream.)
(This is what keeps me up all night. On a good day.)
And merci.
(Playing to an international audience, better versed than I, don't be insulted.)
(It was well intentioned.)
BTW, this is now on the HNQ:
Q: How many tries to roll a 6?

Gareth McCaughanSuppose you roll a (fair, 6-sided, perfectly ordinary) die repeatedly until you roll a 6. As is well known, the expected (i.e., long-term average over many trials) number of rolls required is 6. Now suppose we ask this question conditional on never having rolled any odd numbers. That is, suppose...

2:41 PM
And it got undeleted?!?
Well... sort of.
Gareth asked it as a new question, and merged the old one into it.
So as not to give extra Meaningless Internet Points to the OP of the old question.
Life's sweet mysteries.
(And the new one is CW, so as not to give extra Meaningless Internet Points to me.)
It was only after hatching the Cunning Plan to make a new question and merge that I realised it would mean <sobs> actually asking a PSE question. :-)
2:46 PM
on an unrelated note, A♭
On what instrument?
baby grand
On an even more unrelated note, I'm surprised my puzzle has lasted this long ;)
What you mentioned keyboardwise was quite a grasp.
What you mentioned puzzlewise requires a link.
'twas intended to be slightly in jest, seeing as it's less than a day old
but with folks such as Deus and Gareth around...
Know what you mean, plus @Rand and @MO.
And my favored, @boboquack ohoho.
Et tu.
(Not in that way.)
(Purely literal.)
(In that way)
Okay, time for mop up.
2:57 PM
@Mithrandir sill stuck on your puzzle since one houre, need a break now
I may need to go through it again and make some fixes, though, because you apparently can't italicize aperiod
@Skyvask o_O
@Mithrandir, member since 4 days, just watching puzzling since one month, don't consider me as a reference :')
Welcome! :D
@Mithrandir, weren't I involved with too many others I'd slide a ticket and come hug you.
Thanks, just hope there is no implicit meaning, because i can't getting none of them >_<
3:07 PM
You're on the right track, just SE&I messed up that part.
@lauir ^_O
Safety first.
@Skyvask I've edited, to hopefully fix any mistakes (although you probably still need a good set of eyes).
Don't worry, I'm only susceptible to older women. And how.
And it's not a mommy crush. She stopped being an older woman scores ago. Poor gal.
I just love seasoning.
3:23 PM
We oughta go pell mell sometime, @Rand al'I get it.
Hell's bells!
Well, well.
Tell, don't spell.
The cell fell from the table.
Sprinkle a touch of tinkle.
The love stories that cross here are almost too much to bear.
The bear stories that cross here are surely too much to love.
3:33 PM
Your references have rekindled more than.
My former wife almost wants to see me again.
I don't think she could handle it.
That's why I escape here.
Every puzzle I pose is a lame entreaty to her.
Every solution is more difficult to bear than the last.
And she doesn't even have a wwwconnection.
If you feel that love, thank her.
I do, every day. And we revolved so many times.
@Mithrandir am I on the right track with CAFE?
You started out correctly but went too far
Okay, CAF then...
Or CA if we only have to take the bold thingy..
Oh, I see it has been solved...
and I definitely see all the clues there..
3:53 PM
(Beside the point, @Rand al'pointe, the music hit target.)
Vivaldi's Four Seasons is one of those pieces that never really gets old.
Or maybe that's just me. It was among the first classical music I was introduced to.
Very grateful.
My future love loves this music. Now I do too. Perhaps in anti....
And, don't tell anyone, I'm not super crazy about strings. Just sub crazy.
Crazed nonetheless.
Mas musica!
(Ps. That putdown wasn't true. I'm wild for strings that go beyond stretchy.)
. . . see you tomorrow, whenever that is . . . here it's many hours past my bedtime. Yawwwwn, and snorrrrre.
4:10 PM
4:41 PM
Q: 5555=? Which Alphabet will get place of question mark.?

user6433464I have found this puzzle on internet but I didn't got any answer yet as reference. so help me out to get answer. For rules see the given image. here you can either give clues or may explain your answer.

5:28 PM
Q: Compound word cousins

TomFind a single word answer with the property that compound words formed from the answer have a word in common with compound words formed from each of the following : Text version: BERRY BOTTLE CRYSTAL CUSHION FLY HIGH HIKE INDEX KETTLE MARKET MUSTARD PLAYER POT RE...

5:41 PM
Q: What's cold and hard and doesn't bend?

Rand al'Thor It's cold and hard and doesn't bend, Can bring a life to a speedy end: It's neither cruel nor kind nor nice. The answer, friend, is here: _____ Your faults and you it judges well: Too much and you can go to hell; If not, on it you'll cross the abyss. The answer, friend, is her...

6:24 PM
Q: What cipher uses alchemist, zodiac, and planetary symbols?

Rafael LoudThere is this puzzle I've come across and i can not find a solution Any help will be greatly appreciated! -Contact me: ok.loud@mail.ru

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